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  1. Surprised he's packing it in mid season rather than after the Grand Final but good luck to him. Not everyone's cup of tea granted but what commentator is? Can't deny his enthusiasm for the game.
  2. Been over half a dozen times and stayed at the Mondial every time but one. Never had any problems.
  3. Wouldn't touch food inside rugby (or football) grounds with a bargepole. Luckily most have a nearby hostelry where you can actually get something edible.
  4. Do we really need anything else to stop the clock for? Can't remember the last time a game finished less than 2 hours after it started.
  5. I'm definitely up for it being held at Villa Park. Largely because I'd be able to get home while it's light! ?
  6. Yes, if it's on the Sunday I can now get to it. Not excusing the decision though, at this late stage.
  7. Anyone else in the final and I'd be there cheering on the Dragons a la 2007. So yes I hope we win but couldn't begrudge Catalans if they pull it off. TBH I have a bad feeling about this game. Head says we should win but it is the 20th anniversary of Sheffield pulling it off! (Not that that means anything granted!)
  8. The extra home game is a reward for finidy higher in the table surely.
  9. Runs the risk of the team finishing 8th becoming champions. No more than a top 4 playoff for mine.
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