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  1. How is it worth millions to the RFL, they can only use it for League, which as i stated at the start , they need a team to put in there who can afford to pay the maintainance, or it falls to them to pay. The only people it's worth millions too are the Council, who are the only ones who are ever going to be able to sell it, As far as i can see the only way the RFL can get anything from Odsal is from a league club paying rent before it busts them again.
  2. I could well be wrong but i am sure i have read on this thread somewhere that , Odsal is owned by the Council, the RFL own the lease providing that League is played there ( or at least it can not be used for any other purpose ) so as has been stated, either someone plays there and maintains it or the RFL maintains it , or gives up the lease and the council sell it.
  3. Me too, and what's more i like Trin, I think with the resources they have had available in recent time they acquit themselves quite respectably , I think they are going to have a decent season, good luck to them.
  4. I understand that if no rugby league is played there , the lease reverts back to the Council ( if i have that right )
  5. Lack of it guarantees failure
  6. The worrying thing for me about all this is that, there still seems to be no really wealthy person coming forward to start the new club. I agree with Padge that i think a deal will have been done, But lets face it the RFL need some one to play at Odsal or they lose the whole bag of mashings to the Council ( if i have that right ) It's a bit ironic that the very thing that the RFL need is what keeps ruining People who own Bradford , among st other things of course, but unless the New man " whoever he is " and there will be one, is very rich and prepared to spend heavily, then Odsal will inevitably drain the coffers. Much better Bradford start afresh playing elsewhere " no matter how lowly" they can come back ( they have done it successfully before ) and if the RFL lose Odsal, well tough, they got into that situ all on there own.
  7. A lot of this is above my head , so a few honest questions if someone could oblige. 1 what has Green done so wrong in the past to make him such a hated man. 2 Why does he get any say in who 's bid gets accepted. 3 Where is the money coming from to pay the administrators.
  8. Yes i would agree with that, I think some of our youngsters will get their chance, and some of them will make the grade. There is definitely a different style of thinking going on at the Giants, that's fairly obvious from the players who have been moved on, All of which were reasonable players, but all of which we can improve on. I agree we need to fill Wardle's place " maybe with a youngster " and Murphy is always there as back up. Also their is going to be some competition in the halves " unheard of at Huddersfield in Eon's" We may even see Brough going to Hooker at some point, He has all the nessesary to do it. We shall at last have a bit of pace in the side.
  9. Giants are not going to win any silverware this season but they are going to surprise a few teams, We look to me to have at least some forwards who are capable of giving some reasonably talented backs half a chance. For once everything will not depend on Brough , which should be good for his game as well.
  10. Point 1. I never said anything about the Bradford deal was in any way the fault of the RFL, I said they are not going out of their way to help them. Point 2 I believe that super league chairmen could be a big improvement on what we have now. It will take a lot more money than RL is ever likely to get to make everything right. A fair few of the owners obviously know how to run a business, and they would only have 12 or so clubs to worry about, One of which may well not be Fartown.
  11. That's a very good point and i suspect one that not many can answer. We can only hope that Sky will eventually force the issue and the SL will break away from the RFL. That won't help Bradford at the moment of course, but then the RFL are not going out of their way to help them,. A bit further down the line we could have a sport run in a professional manner and attaining higher standards on the field as well.
  12. Never really hit his straps for us, and had some poor luck while at the club, He was very good when he was at Cas and i wouldn't be at all surprised to see him get back to that sort of form again. I hope he does and goes well for Trinity, His offloading game was coached out of him at Huddersfield, he could well get that back.
  13. If i were a betting man i would hazard a Groat or two on Wakey surprising a few yet again, Not saying they will set the league on fire, but i would bet on them not finishing bottom, Where most are forecasting them , I think they are putting together a respectable squad, much will depend on Chester of course.
  14. I really, really hope it is some one with real money, they may even be able to get out of Odsal.
  15. They are quite simply better in every position on the field. They are a lot better paid and therefor know they have to keep the standard up or be replaced from a seemingly endless pool of young talent. The underlying problem with our game is, It is operating on peanuts, and unfortunately i feel that is set to continue for the foreseeable future. I don't have any answers or even suggestions " other than SL breaking away from RFL which may help a little short term " It's just a recognition of facts that are staring us in the face. The worst thing is that without a good international game League has little chance of improving it's self, The Aussies i feel just treat it as a stroll in the park, They can survive quite well without it and they are not responsible for the shambolic state our game is in.