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  1. All the best to him, hope things go well. A great player who was a joy to watch, I still rate the 85 cup final as the best game i have seen.
  2. What strikes me most about a lot of the posts on the various TWT's ,is the readiness to start throwing ridicule about like confetti, some of which borders on insulting. People have a right to their opinions, Myself i would love to see the game take off in Canada, but i also see that a lot of what Parksider is saying is what i imagine the SL bosses are thinking. As has been said Sky have made SL what it is, A long way from where we would all like it to be but a damned site better than it was before Sky came along, I don't believe the chairmen of these clubs will gamble any of this on Talk and promises. I'm not saying they would necessarily be gambling anything, and they may well be losing out on something but they will certainly be looking back at some of the moves of the past that have looked like winners before flopping. Many people are so desperate to see League blossom and grow because it is their chosen sport and it has been bumping along the bottom for so long now. But the posters on here are not the ones who will make the decisions, "great as some of the visions and ideas are ". TWP have discovered League and have taken to it big style, that is great to see and their enthusiasm does them credit, they have ideas that they think will transform the fortunes of the sport " and maybe it will in time " But the reality of things is Money and i believe the decisions men will not see much in it for them short term and will will do whats best for their club, whether it is best for the sport we can only hope. Posters who are putting the anti-WP side of things , I don't believe are putting it because that's what they want, but they are trying to see it the way the SL clubs will see it, That's how i feel , I would desperately love to see TWP play a massive part in S League, but i have very strong doubts if they will in the near future because of all the reasons Parksider puts forward. I am an expansionist, and i have for a long time thought that League has been let down badly by a long line of administrators who have not been of the right quality, A game as good as League should not have been as hard to spread as it has proved to be in years gone by " another story " On the face of it Toronto looks the golden chance, I hope we take it, If it goes wrong , well we have been there before often enough and survived, but if we don't keep trying we will be bumping along the bottom forever.
  3. This is one fixture where you can never really tell what's going to happen, Hull have given us some tubbings and we have given them some, but more often than not it is a hard grind. I don't think they will be taking things lightly because of the CC, they will still have hopes for both comps , or should have. They will be managing their squad like the rest i expect, With a bit of luck they will take us a bit too lightly and that may just give us a better chance, Certainly we are a lot better that a couple of months ago, Hull will certainly be favorites but you never know.
  4. What it says " as far as i can see is " league is a poorly supported minority sport that is nowhere near popular enough for It,s own chanell
  5. Good article i recon and very honest as far as i can see. Regarding his time at the Giants, He certainly played his part in keeping us in S L last year, Myself i think Rick Stone knew he wasn't the player for us long term because his game didn't suit the style of football the Giants were playing " and play most of the time". We needed a play maker to take some weight of Brough, Brierley is strictly a poacher, he supports extremely well and will score many tries for Toronto i think, He has pace and a very good eye for a chance. Good luck to him and Toronto i hope he goes really well for them.
  6. I see all the points in that argument, because it is about convincing the S league chairman to admit them, You cant expect a TV company to spend millions on a fledgling enterprise but you have to start somewhere, I don't know if TWP will be invited in, and i can see the difficulties as well as the possible gains, But if they are invited in , it won't be the daftest thing League has done by a long chalk. They may not swell the SL coffers at all but it's hard to see anyone else doing that either, But the exposure for the game over there could be invaluable in years to come.
  7. You couldn't really knock Leigh's effort last night, I thought they defended well for most of the game " as did the Giants " It was a good effort from the fans as well when you consider there was little at stake for them. Referee , It's all been said many times, nothing changes.
  8. There are plenty of people on here with many years watching and supporting the game over decades, and so it's totally understandable that they are not backward at coming forward when it comes to saying how the game should be run. What we need to remember is that it is the S league chairmen Via Sky that keep the game going, some of these have put many Millions into S league and interesting though it is to read threads like this, They are the ones who are going to decide which way the game goes, Lets just remember without them we would very soon have no game at any kind of level. The reality is we have to accept what they want whether we like it or not,( we can always choose to invest a few million to give us some say ) Regards TWP i think everyone wants league to succeed over there ( I know i do ) but i don't see SL allowing them in to our comp on what they are offering at the moment, That may be a mistake if it happens but the decision won't be ours.
  9. That's a good point of view, very well put, and nothing is sorted yet. lets hope it all has a good outcome. We don't really know the benefits Toronto could bring to SL, we only know the obvious stuff, same for France except we have some experience there. but we can be sure the people who matter will be weighing things very carefully, Lets hope they get it right first time. Thanks for your response mate.
  10. I think we are in for a turbulent time in Rugby league. I have to say that i favor the SL chairmen over the RFL, I take this view because imo the RFL have for a long time sold the game short and i don't see how SL could do any worse. It is just an opinion but i feel the game has to get onto a different level at the top end , and i don't believe the present TV revenue is good enough to fund the whole game, " the same view as the chairmen i believe ". I know this will be a very unpopular view but i think it is a realistic one, In truth money is what makes the RL wheel go round, for proof look no further than the Giants, who would not even be here without KD. Whatever comes to pass it would be great to see Toronto bring all they have to the game, Just at the moment i don't think SL will consider it enough but who knows a couple of months in RL is a long time, there may be some jockeying to do and some allies to be wooed.
  11. If you get to visit Huddersfield" which i hope you do" you will be made very welcome mate " as you will at any ground you visit I'm sure ". My moniker is not really about pigs but about life. you do get surprises now and then, but 9 times out of 10 you will get the obvious. But you knew that didn't you. From one intrepid daredevil Golfer, May your Kayak float high in the water.
  12. I have been able to see your points from the start of the thread, and the reason i think they have a lot of merit is that, With the power being wrested away from the RFL by the super league chairman there is going to be a far different mind set about S L. These men are business men who will see their job starting and ending with S league. I believe they will see the RFLs job as looking after the game below that, Their primary concern will be maximizing the income for SL and the prime target will be increased TV revenue, " which is what powers our game". SL needs more money to be able to up the standard of players " or the player pool " and also to be able to fight off Union's poaching, this i believe being the way to start to get close to the Aussie standard and be able to have a genuinely competitive international game again, which is what would really help the game leap forward. This is stating what everyone knows i am aware, but the real crux is what you have touched on, Canada or Europe, The tried attempts in Europe have had good results if short lived in some cases, With a different set of people with different goals and only SL to worry about that may well change, France has history in our game and really should be the natural place to expand and build up. Canada is a whole different kettle of fish i feel, It would seem to hold massive potential if the problems that are there can be overcome, and it would be great to see the game thriving over there, anyone who loves League will feel this way but not necessarily at the expense of their own club. I respect everyone who posts on here's views and opinions, and that's all mine are, At the end of the day we are not the ones who control things , There are people who have/are putting lots of their own money into the sport , and it seems " quite understandably to me " that they are now wanting more say in the way the sport is going. Who knows whats coming, It would be fantastic if in a few years we had 3/4 teams in Canada and the same in France.
  13. Whoever wins the playoffs deserves to win the GF. Cas are probably my second team and it would be great to see them win it, They will finish top of the pile at the split and thoroughly deserved it and it would be nice to have a new name on the trophy. I would be more than happy to see Cas and Wakey in the final, but the so called big clubs have a habit of coming good when needed, Wigan for example have had a poor season by their standards but you can bet they will be in the mix when the time comes, and Leeds have won it from 5th, I will be rooting for Cas though, Unless the Giants come through on a blinding streak then it will be B****r Cas.
  14. Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire No disrespect Wolves.
  15. I don't know Kayakman, But i think it's a fair assumption that the men who now control the game have less time than the likes of you and me to spend on forums. I hope things go well for you , I want League to do well wherever in the world it is played. Whether Toronto can be a success in Super league or not i don't know, " i hope so". I am just saying that the powers that be will be more interested in whats good for Super league than whats good for Toronto. Maybe it will be good for both eventually.