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  1. The giants are not skint by a long shot. They are however extremely good at throwing money away, as you will know from previous antics over the years. Regards Brierley, I repeat, Huddersfield was the worst team he could have joined.
  2. Brierley will be a very good player with the right team, Giants are the worst club he could have gone to. He will never be a George Williams but he will get a lot of tries behind any pack with half an idea about offloading and support play.
  3. I agree, hence my post about not winning if we were the only team on the pitch. But R Stone is the head coach and as far as i can see he is another P Anderson, what we need is a S wane, or better still A Murphy back.
  4. Scoreline flattered Giants, They were absolute garbage, they would have lost that game if the Dragons had not turned up. Why would anyone feel sorry for Rick stone, he is there to do a job and getting well paid to do it, We can't even play basic rugby.
  5. You just don't like Saints do you.
  6. There are going to be some Highlights ?
  7. If Wigan get their men back and hit their straps, They will bury Leeds. Leeds are better than last season and seem to be improving but they are nothing like a match for a on form Wigan Still It's all to play for and they will both at least start with the same numbers. I'd like Leeds to win this just to keep things a bit more competitive, I just don't see it.
  8. What Wakefield need is a Miracle in the shape of a very very wealthy man, Going on the posts of Trin fans, the council have stuffed them, or failed to help them in any way depending on your view. I don't know this but i suspect if you polled the population of Wakey, the vast majority would say , the Council have far greater priorities than League. If this wealthy man is about somewhere, why would he not take on Bradford before Wakey , There does at least seem to be some interest from the Council there, and there are schemes being discussed.
  9. Leeds looked a poor side last week and they were still a lot better than us, so who knows what Cas are capable of doing. Always a chance but we will have to have a massive change in performance. Last season we were the worst side in the league and yet about 4 times we played like a very very good side, Thats what I'm hoping for at Cas.
  10. Oh i agree with you, and Ablett is obviously one of the best, It's just you don't see many who take as many punches as him, still he must think it's worth it, so Hey Ho.
  11. I would say you put a lot more weight on what results on the field count for, It's about money, if you want a prime eg look at Fartown over the S league era. I don't think there will be that much difference between the fan base of Cas and wakefield, when they are doing comparable on the field, The difference is that Cas seem to have found a way to go forward, and all power to them. Wakey sadly seem destined to go the other way, If they hit a real purple patch that lasted a season, won the league and the CC, it wouldn't build them a ground. I feel that If and when Cas get their new ground it could well sound the death Nell for Wakey as any sort of force in S league ever again, I hope not but you have to think that if they move out of Wakey it is the start of the slippery slope. Comparing League clubs to soccer clubs is like comparing a wheel barrow to a Bentley. League can go one of two ways for me, It can plod on as it has for over a hundred years , bumping along the bottom with 3/4 clubs winning everything, or it can drag it's self into the 21st centuary, merging clubs that make sense and creating less clubs in a competitive league. The only thing keeping league afloat is Sky money, they call all the shots because they know we are desperate, We need to change that too us being in control and it ain't the Wakeys and Faxes that are going to do it, Not because they don't deserve it but because they are skint in terms of modern day sport, Eventually the money men at clubs are going to want take controll " I hope".
  12. It's just a matter of time Padge, There is still a lot of " I'll pack up watching first " before we get there.
  13. The man who retaliates is always the man who cops it, everyone knows that but not everyone can resist whatever was done to them, Not that Ablett would have done anything of course, It's just other players seem to like to hit him, apparently for no reason, and he seems happy to take the shots.
  14. Totally agree Leeds the better side in a game that never got above poor, Giants are in No mans land, Leeds half way there. Ablett is a strange guy, He obviously sets out to get people off or Binned, with some success, Brough hit him 3/4 times last night and he never even tried to defend himself, Reminded me of Wardle landing some crackers on him a few years ago, Just the same never threw a punch, just takes them.
  15. I could believe this except I remember he went to Hull about this time last year, Can't remember where he went the year before.