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  1. Essex Scimitars

    A few years back I remember watching Essex Scimitars at the "Chester Sevens" From memory they had some decent players. Anyone know what happened to them?
  2. Old RL paper

    I seem to remember we had a glut of publications appear at one point. "Touchdown" and "Thirteen" seem to come to mind. Anyone else remember these?
  3. What happened to Carlisle RL club?

    I watched Widnes at both Brunton Park and Gillford Park. Pretty sure there was over 5,000 at Brunton Park.
  4. 2018 Kits

    Read it again Chuffer.
  5. Premier Sports cancellation

    I cancelled it on 15th November so it should get switched off next week. Offered me a cheap deal but there's nothing on there that I'm bothered about now.
  6. Why no mention of Ryan Atkins

    Reckon Percival didn't do himself any favours when Cooper Cronk ran straight through him at the Olympic Stadium last year.
  7. Premier not showing England v Tonga?

    Last time I looked they had it down on Sunday.
  8. Why does Adam Blair wear different socks?
  9. BBC RLWC2017 Quiz!

    Another one who managed 7/10
  10. England, Wales, France and Isle of Man with Widnes. Australia with GB.
  11. Who is your favorite player of all time?

    Tony Myler Honourable mention for Peter Sterling. Remember him giving a masterclass in a cup quarter final replay for Hull at Naughton Park. Don't think we laid a hand on him all night.
  12. crowd for opener

    I was at Princes Park that night. Think the attendance was 32,000 ish. I do not recall banks of empty seats. It seemed pretty rammed actually.
  13. Homes Under The Hammer

    Seen and heard rugby league mentioned directly and indirectly on Huth a couple of times. Lucy was in Warrington for one episode and the Wolves got a mention with a clip of the stadium shown. Another time I spotted a bloke in a South Sydney shirt at an auction. Probably be better if it is a repeat tbh, never been the same since Lucy left.
  14. Wigan 8-2 Manly 30 years ago

    Another who witnessed it live. Last 30 years have flown by.