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  1. When I first read this I thought you were mad. Delighted that your not!!
  2. Expecting a loss. Agree with Chuffer. Would make a nice change for the game not to be over by half time.
  3. One of the following the following to happen: Denis Betts produces a tactical coaching masterclass were the Leeds attack struggles to penetrate a water tight Widnes defence. The dominant Widnes pack lays the platform for a succession of rapier like attacks that reduces Leeds to a disorganised rabble and Widnes proceed to a comfortable victory. Or We get dicked, My moneys on option 2.
  4. Sorry mate but the answers no. I suspect that I'd get more pleasure undergoing unnecessary root canal surgery than watching Widnes atm. We are truly dreadful.
  5. As things currently stand I wouldn't back Widnes to even make this game.
  6. As a Widnes season ticket holder it saddens me to say my enthusiasm to attend this fixture is virtually nil. I expect us to lose as I do Leeds on Monday and Saints the following Friday. Do I expect anything to change? No. The powers that be seem to be unwilling or unable to make changes. So we continue doing the same thing hoping for a different result. The parallels with the Endacott season when we went down seem frighteningly similar.
  7. Probably end up recording all of it.
  8. So normal service resumed then. We are now in our rightful position in the league. Over Easter we can consolidate this.
  9. It wouldn't shock me if they score at a point a minute for the first half hour. They will come out fired up, we are likely to roll over.
  10. I don't. Leigh by 40.
  11. Recorded it as I always do and no problem with the Thursday or Friday games. However all I got on Saturday and Sunday was a blue screen. Anyone else had this problem or is it my sky box?
  12. Tony, I doubt that anyone is being disrespectful to Salford. You absolutely battered us. This wasn't a case of Salford winning because we played poorly. It was a case of us being a poor side and Salford being decent. Salford did what most sides 30-0 up at half time and took their foot off the gas. Salford looked like a well drilled side, Widnes looked like a disinterested rabble unable to perform the basics. Yes, we've a few out injured but I'm not holding out for a massive improvement when they return. As things stand there's only one way that this season is going to end.
  13. My expectations are fairly low which should minimise my disappointment. Salford by around 20.