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  1. Just rewatched it Pointless answers: Batley, Leigh, Liversedge, Stockport, Brighouse Rangers, Broughton Rangers and Tyldesley. 1 pointers: Manningham, Runcorn and Oldham.
  2. Just caught the very end of Pointless on Monday night and heard them mention Rochdale Hornets. So I re-watched it on catch up yesterday. Turned out that one of the options for the final question was "pioneering rugby teams" which they went for. Question was: Any of the original 22 founder members of the rugby leaage, the 10 founder members of the Welsh rugby union or something about womens rugby union. They went for rl and gave Rochdale Hornets, Hunslet and Swinton as answers. Also mentioned Batley and disregarded Widnes because we are too famous (Top couple) Anyway, they took the money with Rochdale, Hunslet scored 1 point and Swinton was a wrong answer. Batley would also have won the money. Think there were seven pointless answers in total and they were right to disregard Widnes. Wigan were the most popular anwer.
  3. Thanks for all the advice. Decided to stop over in the end.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, how busy are these likely to be on an Easter bank holiday?
  5. Anyone tell me the best place for parking near the Bootham Crescent ground.
  6. I reckon the play offs will be a step to far this season. Having a club to support and avoiding relegation will do me.
  7. I reckon some of them would be happier if we'd just rolled over and died.
  8. Stay grounded mate, seem to recall my lot winning 3 of the first 7 last season and didn't win another. Mind you, we were seriously s****.
  9. Potential banana skin negotiated. Heavy pitch, freezing cold and blowing a gale. Well pleased with this result.
  10. Sometimes you go with your heart mate. Anyway. I have passed them on to the club now so if anyone wants them contact Widnes RL.
  11. Hope John doesn't mind me posting this. Desperate times require desperate measures so I have decided to auction off some memorabilia I have acquired. I posted the following items on twitter last night and all proceeds will go to the viqi fund. Kurt Sorensons 1990 premiership final shirt Kurts Sorensons shell suit One of Richie Eyres playing shirts. Alternatively anyone wishing to view the items before making a bid is welcome, send me a contact number in a message to my twitter account (@vikingdave12) or to this account. Should there be any interest I will update this thread with the leading bids tonight and tomorrow evening. 8pm Tuesday is the closing date.
  12. Neither Everton or Liverpool ladies football teams play at the Halton Stadium.
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