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  1. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Who would buy that?!

    Geometry sets I'm led to believe.
  2. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Losing and Gaining Weight

    I remember during my schooldays I would have done anything to put on weight. On leaving school I was about 5' 4'' tall and six and a half stone wet through. Left school and a growth spurt took me to 6' and ten and a half stone. I remained at this weight till I gave up active sport in my early thirties and at that point my weight went up to just over 14 stone. I've remained at this weight ever since. By and large I eat what I want but I've never really been a nibbler between meals. Happy with my weight now be being a skinny kid back in the seventies wasn't much fun.
  3. Jill Halfpenny fan

    The day Jonathan Davies joined Widnes

    Yep. We've had some decent back rowers. Les Gorley, Emosi Koloto and now McGraff. Its frightening.
  4. Jill Halfpenny fan

    The day Jonathan Davies joined Widnes

    That Widnes team would have physically monstered the team that took the field last season.
  5. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Which NRL team will you follow in 2019?

    Would have been Balmain for me back then. North Queensland these days.
  6. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Have we given up on Russia

    Think the score was something like 22 all.
  7. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Have we given up on Russia

    Also saw Tiraspol play Wigan 'A' at Central Park
  8. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    Same with me. I watched Norths play Illawarra and the media condemned it as one of the worst matches ever played.
  9. Jill Halfpenny fan


    Its a start.
  10. Jill Halfpenny fan


    Nothing surprises me anymore where Widnes are concerned.
  11. Jill Halfpenny fan

    2019 Predictions

  12. Jill Halfpenny fan

    BBC Sports site - Rugby League.

    Had a look at the BBC site after reading this. Vichy is a guy I've seen on twitter. He has not one but two accounts that he use's to continually denounce rugby league. Tends to repeat himself ad nauseam. Its really very sad. Claims to be a fan of "International Sport" but reak's of being a bitter rah rah. Will probably turn up on here before too long.
  13. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Steve Rogers

    I was at that game. For good measure Ste O'Neill also broke a leg.
  14. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Henderson to Widnes

    I'd much prefer both.