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  1. What was built on the old York ground at Wigginton Rd, Clarence Street?
  2. How would you improve the game

    Don't like seeing teams being piggy backed down the field on the back of what appear to be little more than guesses by the officials. Give the team the choice, kick for touch but don't restart the tackle count or restart the tackle count from the position of the penalty. Never know, it may actually benefit us if players have to work their way down the field instead of it being handed to them on a plate.
  3. Harsh........but fair.
  4. Drop kicked conversion

    Didn't Chris Thorman do this for Huddersfield a couple of years ago and it was disallowed?
  5. SL Attendances (After 9 rounds)

    It was hotter than that mate. 36 degrees when we got the in the taxi back to the airport at 6:30pm. It was draining just standing watching it, which come to think of it was what most of the Widnes players did.
  6. Just caught up with last weeks offering. Thought Derek Beaumont was excellent. Came across well.
  7. Looks like not going was one of my better decisions. Coincidently the only game that I can remember attending that got abandoned was also at Wakefield, that time due to fog.
  8. First half summed up when Gilmore missed the penalty from next to the sticks. An utterly shambolic effort from Widnes. Expected Huddersfield to completely embarrass us when they got to 24-0. We got off lightly.
  9. 2 Mar: SL: Wigan Warriors v Widnes Vikings KO 8pm

    Second half we had no ball, no field position and for good measure O'Loughlin giving Hicks the benefit of his advice. Bigger surprise was that we were actually 16 points up after 39 mins with the team we had out. On a side note I now know what it feels like to be a penguin on South Georgia.
  10. postponements

    Hull on a Wednesday night. Snowing when I left home, still snowing at North Cave where I turned round after hearing it was off. Got back home 4am Thursday.
  11. 25 Feb: SL: Widnes Vikings v Leeds Rhinos KO 3pm

    Thought it was a messy game tbh. Knew Widnes were going to be depleted so pretty happy when I saw the Leeds team. Very happy to take the two points.
  12. It was absolutely freezing, the wind was swirling and the pitch was heavy. Thought we deserved something tbh. Defended pretty well and the effort couldn't be faulted. With regards the dropouts Canterbury did it a lot in the NRL last season. There's always the chance to get the ball back and they reckoned they could defend the goal line if they didn't . They seemed to abandon it late in the season though.
  13. For missing a few kicks? That's a little harsh.
  14. Used to seeing teams held scoreless in the second half at Widnes, but not so used to it not being us. Intend to enjoy this evening.