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  1. Two refs apart, seeing as these rules are just about fetching us in line with the NRL then it surely follows that there will be no need for International rules. Unless the NRL rewrite another half dozen themselves.
  2. Arn't most of these already in use in the NRL? My own personal bug bare is teams being piggy backed down field on the back of often dubious calls. I'd let them restart the tackle count from the point of the penalty or boot it out but don't restart the count. Make teams work for field positiom.
  3. London played Widnes at Aberavon,
  4. Widnes home. http://www.widnesvikings.co.uk/news/article/51287/-home-kit
  5. Not six players per team in a nine's scrum.
  6. I'm pretty sure that Widnes would have been more than happy to avoid the middle eights. However from memory they played Leeds at home in round 2 (Leeds lost in round 1 by two points and missed a late pen, you should remember that) and put near 60 points on them. We then played Leeds at Headingley late in the season, I believe its the only game Leeds have lost in about seven. When would you have liked us to play them? Regards Huddersfield we battered them at their gaff early on though they were struggling then. At home we played them the week after they had flogged Saints at Newcastle, give them a 16 point start and still beat them. We've probably had it as tough as anyone against those sides this year though "the likes of us" should be relieved.
  7. Hope these late points Leigh are conceding don't come back to bite them.
  8. Don't think it was that wide out Spidey, looked like he was bang in front when he kicked it. Probably his only worthwhile contribution was the 40:20 he kicked which they scored off the back of.
  9. Is Alf Macklin available?
  10. In over 50 years watching I can't remember ever conceding a try like we did to Danny Brough, That said, well pleased to get the monkey off our backs. Oh, and its not even my birthday.
  11. Tony Myler and Peter Sterling.
  12. Its a much broader B&W stripe this year.
  13. Fred Lindop comes to mind.
  14. Gibson accelerates into the Ah van tackle. Ah van hit him perfectly with a shoulder in the midriff which stopped in dead in his tracks. It was Gibsons own momentum that ended up putting him in a dangerous position as his upper body went back and his legs came off the floor. No doubt he ended up in a dangerous position and it didn't look good but this was not an intentional lift up and dump spear tackle. As regards Cobb's performance, it was up there with the worst I've witnessed.
  15. Good news. Always seems to score against us.