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  1. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Hull FC announce the signing of....

    You obviously need a signing that will fire the imagination of your fans. How does McGraff Leuluai sound?
  2. Ah well, thank God thats over.
  3. 30 - 0 Hall misses the conversion. A turning point?
  4. We are the club that keeps on giving,
  5. Its not that they don't want "to put up a decent fight". They are incapable of putting up a decent fight.
  6. I disagree. I believe we aspire to be rubbish. We are far worse than that. Anyhow, Leuluia's just come back on so the fightback begins.
  7. Its not been a good look all season tbh.
  8. Not sure whether listening to our ineptitude is better or worse than actually witnessing it.
  9. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Widnes's £250k incentive to lose on Sunday

    Irrespective of the money, with all the possible permutations available, the RFL should have made all the games kick off at the same time. What the hell are Widnes supposed to do if they are awarded a last minute penalty under Hull KR's sticks when trailing by 14 points?
  10. Me too, though non of them seem to be Widnes fans. We invariably struggle in East Hull. Cannot see Sunday being any different.
  11. Jill Halfpenny fan

    I make Widnes favouites.....

    Someone on the Widnes board said that we'd be the first superleague club that would need to strengthen for the championship and he's dead right. There's hardly anyone I would be bothered about leaving though the track record of those in charge gives me no confidence whatsoever that they would be capable of identifying suitable replacements.
  12. Would be very interested to hear what any attending Hull KR fans thought of this performance.
  13. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    In that case I'd advise them all to prepare for disappointment.
  14. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    It doesn't matter how deep we dig we are simply not good enough.