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  1. Jill Halfpenny fan

    20 Jul: SL: Leeds Rhinos v Widnes Vikings KO 8pm

    We are usually quite accommodating when playing teams on long losing runs so I expect Leeds to win by a dozen or so.
  2. Yesterday I witnessed a miracle. Widnes awarded a penalty just inside the HKR half, Danny Tickle jogs over to where the penalties awarded and collapses in a heap. Generally, he's ignored, Widnes hoof the ball into touch and move down field to take the resulting penalty. At which point Tickle miraculously recovers and sprints back to the defensive line. Forget Lourdes, Widnes' magic carpet has now moved to curing players.
  3. Our record would suggest otherwise.
  4. As things stand we will struggle to make the MPG.
  5. I gave up worrying weeks ago, I'm now at the point of beyond caring.
  6. You'll be all right. We will probably replace him with Leuluai.
  7. Game of the round. Expect Salford to take the points in a tight one.
  8. Jill Halfpenny fan

    RL Viewing figures

    Not a single one. No interest in it whatsoever.
  9. Wigan need to appoint Denis Betts ASAP. At least then they will score in one half.
  10. It was Bamber and it happened in Widnes.
  11. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Super League Crowds

    To be fair to Widnes, I reckon any club would struggle being fed the diet of dross we've had to put up with these last few seasons.
  12. I've already give up going away Rob, I just burn £30 - £60 instead depending on where we are playing. The suffering is over a lot quicker that way. Will see out this season at home but only because I am a ticket holder. After that, if nothing changes that's it for me. I am no longer willing to chuck good money after bad.
  13. We are utterly dreadful, the side that took the field last night would struggle in the championship. Whoever thought this squad could be competitive in this league is deluded. Far too small across the board, no one with any speed, no one with any nous. We struggle with the absolute basics, passing, handling, tackling, even playing the ball. Yet nothing changes, nor is it likely to under the current regime. Last night was the clubs lowest ever Super league attendance. It will only last one game. The only thing that kept me there till the end last night was I wanted to boo them off. We are a joke!!
  14. Not expecting much tbh. Think Wakefield will be too big, too fast and too strong.
  15. Jill Halfpenny fan

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    Talking about apples and oranges here. Never thought of Edwards being that creative tbh, comparing him to someone like Tony Myler is like comparing Kevin Keegan to Maradona. But Edwards was a very intelligent player, made the most of what he had. And I suspect its intelligence rather than rugby ability that would enable him to crack it.