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  1. Loving Vincent

    Every frame is a a hand painted oil pic. Remarkable just for that!
  2. Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Just bumping the thread as Cookey couldn’t find it.
  3. Those nice tories

    Good to see you still haven’t learnt how to use threads. The labour one is over there, where you will find many critics of comrade corbyn.
  4. Podcasts

    Thanks, I never knew about using the URL!
  5. Podcasts

    Trying to find The League One show on overcast app, can't find it so far.
  6. Our new position in the EU

    CEO of Goldman Sachs.
  7. Podcasts

    As podcasts seem to of come back into fashion, any recommendations? So far I have League Express, 5 Live Rugby League and Brian Moore's Full Contact (mostly RU but token RL contributions). Any more?
  8. What would our ancestors make of us?

    There was abortion in the 1920's, just that the mother would have a decent chance of dying too.
  9. Our new position in the EU

    Consensus doesn't exist in climate change debates according to them so why should brexit be different?
  10. Our new position in the EU

    Owen Paterson was touring the TV/radio studios this morning. They are really pushing hard for 'no deal' which seems to be their first choice to begin with.
  11. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Whats the squad looking like in terms of positions?
  12. Club Logo

    I like that new social logo, but I can imagine its hard to work from for the rest of the branding. We don't have an easy nickname!
  13. Our new position in the EU

    Open letter going around from Lawson, Lilley, Redwood, Paterson, Stringer and Hoey telling the PM to go for WTO and forget a deal. Is it significant that at least 4 of them are members of the GWPF climate change denial group?
  14. Those nice tories

    I can understand why May went for the election, Labour were perceived as weak and she also had issues with the 80+ members of the hard brexit Legatum backed ERG (European Research Group) tories. She didn't have the numbers to go against them. The election was partly to give her a much better chance of doing what she wanted without pandering to them. As it stands she is now caught between the emboldened ERG lot and the Greive/Soubry wing. She pretty much can't do anything with out support from both sides. She could be the greatest PM/man manager of all time but she can't change the math.
  15. New Badge

    Yup have to agree, its the tree that just seems out of place.