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  1. You think British farmers want cheaper beef and chicken imports?
  2. Yup the NFU were up front in saying the only way to guarantee/protect subsidies was to stay in the EU.
  3. Not sure he was particular trusted him at the election... he just performed adequately whilst May collapsed in every measure.
  4. From statements in the (fake news) press, farmers want- To keep subsidies at EU levels To keep cheap migrant labour at EU levels To keep barriers to inferior foreign produce Sell our stuff abroad with no barriers
  5. Says the guy who sulked from this part of the forum for a month. Its great that you are back by the way!
  6. Where are the polls? Why have you stopped posting them? They were the proof that no one trusts labour? Why have you stopped?
  8. No bothering with any polls?
  9. And again much like last week it doesn't say/ask/demand a black or diverse judge.
  10. Please copy and paste the bit i'm missing and what I obviously do not understand.