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  1. Any examples of these best leaders dealing with austerity? I’m all ears.
  2. The current mayor isn't to blame for austerity. The current mayor shouldn't be subjected to racist tweets either, smiley face.
  3. Hard to blame him for that, he was on holiday and refused to come home for 3 days... oh....
  4. It is perfectly possible to leave the EU. It' is however, impossible to leave without consequences.
  5. Amusing to think that someone who was very much about taking back control for our sovereign parliament, now favours the candidate who is floating the idea of shutting down parliament completely for a few months.
  6. Hit the 143's today. Then promptly went on a binge. I think I need a psychologist more than a dietician!
  7. And we can do that right now, it's not part of the 'brexit dividend'. Like lots of things we seem to moan about we can do it right now, part of the EU, they won't stop us. Mentioning it as an opportunity is very disingenuous.
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