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  1. He seems to have an unhealthy mix of anger and arrogance.
  2. UKIP launch went well - https://www.channel4.com/news/ukip-launch-eu-election-campaign-amid-candidate-controversy
  3. Trump ordered that Mueller be fired more than once. It only didn't happen because subordinates disobeyed the order (probably saving the President from obstruction offences). He made the decision and asked for Comey to be fired before Rosensteins letter. Despite saying repeatedly he had nothing to hide and wanted to be interviewed, he refused to go and would only give written answers on part of the investigation and refused to answer questions on other bits.
  4. Sarah Sanders admitted to Mueller that she lied to the press. Not a good look for a press secretary.
  5. Lots of good stuff in it. Confirms lots of the stories repeatedly denied by Trump and his team.
  6. Curious timing on the release of the redacted Mueller report, Barr is doing a press conference, some reports that Trump will then give one, followed by the actual release. Which is hard copy only. For something that vindicates him 100%, they are sure going round the houses to make it awkward.
  7. 149.4 Kgs. Knees have been sore the last few days. Need to get off the tarmac I think.
  8. Well those media commentators keep saying it wasn't about immigration or race. Prominent leave leaders keep saying it wasn't about immigration or race. Leavers on this forum keep saying it wasn't about immigration or race. Yet here we are.
  9. Leave.EU targeted far right groups with Facebook adverts. The BBC had the story, but allowed Banks to bully them into not running the story. Banks knew the story was true. Robbie Gibb was involved too.
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