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  1. Quite a thread below this tweet -
  2. This is from last October - This from March -
  3. Froch fought at wembley?
  4. The polls on this have been quite (remarkably) consistent, the last one shows a slight move but as you say its in the errors -
  5. Is that the party where all the estate tenants were told to go to?
  6. Can we try leading from the start, and carry on leading all game? Maybe for a game? Just to try it? Great comeback though.
  7. My emphasis. Rest of the article is pretty good too.
  8. True but he also gained support from the evangelicals, who have tended to be quite 'hot' on such issues previously.
  9. Nuttall to run in Boston & Skegness. Wonder when he moves house?
  10. Hey you know that growing issue of North Korea? The one where the president said a war might happen? Well, who thinks its a great time to tell the South Koreans that their free trade deal is rubbish and threaten to terminate it?
  11. Major and Cameron were in a fight, she isn't, they had to get out there. They may be saying there is a risk that the 'coalition of chaos' might get in so vote tory, but their actions say they know they will win. If May changes tack, then maybe the private polling is shifting, but I can't see that happening.