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  1. Companies like Nissan export a lot more cars than they sell here. Plus the British built cars, are that, British built, not British made. The parts move all over.
  2. I think after winning the second 'revolt' leadership election, Corbyn would be 'safe' even if he loses both. His supporters will just say its a blairite plot to undermine him. No one inside the party will stand up after last time. Its now up to him.
  3. The event was organised by Tönissteiner Kreis, -
  4. People voted for Donald to reduce immigration too. A cynic might suggest its where the immigrants come from not that there is immigration. I certainly wouldn't suggest such a connection....
  5. Its their missiles at the end of the day...
  6. Michael Fallon was on his feet in parliament saying the government won't confirm or deny the failure, citing security. At the same time CNN are quoting US defence officials are confirming the failure.
  7. Huffiest reporting the tories are giving up (they will run token candidate) on Stoke and are going all in on Copeland. Stoke is a big test for UKIP, Nuttal has chickened out of standing a few times in the past but as his strategy is to target labour seats he has had to back it with himself. Both seats are a test for labour and would of usually been classed as pretty safe? Going for a local, NHS worker with husband in nuclear supply chain candidate was a smart move by the CLP as you have to feel going 'local' is their best chance.
  8. The idea that Germans businesses will force Merkel into giving us a great deal looks great...
  9. RIP Gorden Kaye of Allo, Allo fame.
  10. Sand dunes, wind farm on horizon... so east coast?
  11. True, it was Mays reaction that fuelled the story. Without that it would be peripheral.
  12. The more Trump speaks the better it does. Silver linings!
  13. Trump has upset Iraq by suggesting the USA might get a second chance to take the oil. Did he mean it? A joke? Poor choice of words? Its sloppy language like that, that gets people hurt.
  14. The WTO still has rules (covering direct compensation and more creative accounting) and countries can seek a ruling from the WTO (but thats a higher court than the UK government...). They can also retaliate by increasing tariffs. This was all discussed in detail in the press when the Nissan letter was revealed. It was suggested way back then that one way to help Nissan would be to fund the research into electric cars. Obviously being outside the customs union could increase Nissans (And Toyota, Ford, etc) costs, so its not surprising that the taxpayer will be paying out more.
  15. Because you don't want the 'enemy' to know that there is a possibility that a lot of your weapons could malfunction.