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  1. Wide loads on the motorway taking up 2 lanes. Should be banned until late nights when its quiet.
  2. Well seeing as the US hasn't actually requested his extradition, Sweden has, I'm guessing its a low chance.
  3. Simon should be long gone after going for a night out (and tweeting) while the town flooded. The guys an idiot.
  4. Stick a red jacket on them and ride a horse and you can call it a countryside tradition.
  5. We operate a 24/7/365 shift with 5 people. We do 12 hour shifts, and there aren't any months were overtime isn't required to cover everything. Just had 1 guy off for 6 weeks with a broken arm. Doing it with 5 leaves no contingency, relies on good will to cover leave and involves overtime at time and half or double. It certainly isn't a cheap option.
  6. Nice background on him here -
  7. I wonder how Europe are viewing this?
  8. Can we try and stick to the 1 thread on Bradford on here?
  9. The Jewish press were also reporting that the CIA had warned Mossad to be careful with what they share from now on.
  10. I think it depends on the tweet! (I've seen 35% in relation to mexico... so not sure if there is a settled figure!!!)
  11. If you don't think that MI5 and MI6 have contacts in the press and vice versa, then you have led a sheltered life.
  12. From the Sunday Times -
  13. Are we? She said we are completely leaving the single market whilst also saying some industries would stay? She said we were leaving the customs union whilst also saying we could have associate membership for some industries? She said we won't be paying into the EU apart from the bits will will pay for? We will be leaving the restrictive rules and regulations but keeping many of them to aid business? We will be leaving completely but having a transition.
  14. User Actions Follow Donald J. TrumpVerified account‏@realDonaldTrump The same people who did the phony election polls, and were so wrong, are now doing approval rating polls. They are rigged just like before.