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  1. 23%in the last poll i saw.
  2. Plenty of left wingers support brexit... Corbyn, McDonnell...
  3. This thread was started in October last year, 4.5 years before any expected election and consisted of polls showing how distrust labour are... And now Labour are trusted more (on the same measure as the thread started on), we are not allowed to have fun with it?
  4. I'll just assume you made the same comment about all the polls on the first 8 pages...
  5. I seem to remember plenty of experts on here telling us that the RFL should dump Sky and go with premier. Now any deal with Premier appears to be lunacy.
  6. We may import it. Ireland won't want it crossing the border. Irish farmers won't want cheap american chicken and beef crossing the open border with no checks or restrictions. Only way to stop products of lower standards entering from the UK is a hard border. Is it that difficult to see such a scenario?
  7. The chicken is a proxy for various other things, and a symbol of what giving back control means.
  8. Say what? Jake! Elwood!
  9. If i remember, touch in Australia was affiliated with the RU, but the NRL spent a lot of time and money to woo them back under the RL banner. (and only in 2013, so pretty recent)
  10. Does the RFL need to take a long hard look at itself? Yes. Are they sorely at fault and to blame? No. There are multiple factors at play, from the rise of the gym culture, other sports such as triathlon, obstacle races, etc. Lack of money meaning we have sacked development officers when we need them most, a game divided (its not under total RFL control), all sections blaming each other, short term vision, etc. Solutions? No idea. Other sports have increased participation by starting social or short forms of the game, 5 a side, park run, 20-20, etc. The other rugbys participation figures are boosted by growing social (touch) and women rugby, but some ask how does that help produce SL standard players. We try tag and touch, yet I've seen people say thats a waste of money. We could try and get the international game sorted, as this brings in money and attention, yet again thats derided as a waste of money. SL is the cash crop, the only real cash crop, of course they will get the attention and money. No solution will please everyone is a simple answer.