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  1. Le Pen steps aside as leader of National Front. She's no longer a fascist now so its ok to vote for her!
  3. There are no monsters that you need to club to death...
  4. Now you need a nice LED torch/headlamp. Massively brighter than the magnate and much lighter.
  5. Oh, oh, oh tell me why?
  6. UKIP moaned about postal votes at the Oldham By-election, but didn't put in a single complaint to police or returning officer?
  7. Because the non-fraudulent postal voters are generally older thus more likely to vote tory?
  8. You mean the 1500 votes they got across 9 seats won't help power Corbyn to victory?
  9. Bob didn't like Mondays either.
  10. A 'national day' is.
  11. We have never had a 'first strike' policy have we? Partly because we don't have a adequate first strike capability over our nuclear 'rivals'.
  12. They are important issues, and as such are already legislated against, however I would suggest that UKIP's interests are more towards the dogwhistle factor.