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  1. Leeds to continue their losing streak, and Widnes to end theirs!
  2. Bomb Jack

    Championship run-in : irony alert

    I wouldn't bet on that just yet.
  3. HKR's No 8 also did this, he was going down like Neymar as soon as Widnes got on a roll!
  4. 18 year old Olly Ashall-Bott threw the ball into the first 2/3 empty rows behind the sticks, after scoring his first try for the first team. HKR fans didn't like it, started shouting abuse and one numpty threw a half-drank bottle of beer at the celebrating Widnes players. Later on, after Owen Buckley also scored the first of his two tries, he threw the ball high into the air. It landed in the front row where no one was sat.
  5. Bomb Jack

    Jackson Hastings.

    That's one of the problems the middle 8's causes, clubs go all out to strengthen, for short term gain. They obviously think it's worth it to stay in SL.
  6. In my opinion, if Licensing were brought back in, Widnes would be assured a place above plenty of others, due to our Academy structure (which is Grade A, the highest that can be attained), and Stadium/facilities. It's true we are struggling on the pitch, and that is down to a horrific injury list over the last 2 seasons, plus admittedly lack of investment in the first team. The board simply won't spend above its means, and sign all and sundry, without having that money to invest in the first place. Whether that costs us our place in SL has yet to be determined.
  7. Bomb Jack

    Widnes sign Gelling

    After Wigan, Widnes are his second club, one he admires from afar. Why is it so surprising he's signed for us?
  8. Bomb Jack

    Widnes sign Gelling

    One of the best in John Geddes Cycles. Chris who runs it will see him alreet!
  9. Bomb Jack

    Widnes sign Gelling

    He's currently playing 80 minutes each week for NZW, so can't see them letting him leave....
  10. Widnes have signed Anthony Gelling on a 2 year contract, from 2019. Now we just have to secure our Super League status this year!
  11. We currently can't beat an egg!
  12. Chris Houston has received a 2 match ban. I know he shouldn't have clapped the Ref, but 2 games seems OTT to me....
  13. It's a lot easier when you have a backer with bottomless pockets....
  14. It's really depressing being a Widnes fan at the moment. The team seem clueless and I reckon Betts may have "lost" the dressing room. It's ok raising your game for Leeds and Saints, and losing, but we can't raise our game against similar opposition, which matters more. Our new signings over the last couple of years have been uninspiring, Inu apart. We have a Club who's sole purpose seems to be running as a business, not a Sports Club. You have to speculate to accumulate, but our Directors are unwilling to do it. I fear the worst, and if we're relegated we'll never get back in with Clubs like Toronto on the horizon.