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  1. Don't visit that site it's full of malware pop-up's!
  2. An interview with the legendary Vince "the Wild Bull of the Pampas" Karalius
  3. Rangi Chase has signed a 2 year contract, and Danny Walker signs a 4 year contract.
  4. I thought it was minimum 10,000 capacity with 6,000 under cover?
  5. Did he elbow any young Cas players before going off?
  6. But to be fair, English fans have a "once-a-year" trip to pay for, Catalans fans have 13!
  7. Another Vikings victory on the horizon.....
  8. I think our problems started last season. We started off like a house on fire, winning 6 of our first 7 games. We then lost something like 8 out of the next 9, just scraping into the play-offs in 7th place, although that’s our highest ever finish in SL. In the close season there was a real lack of investment, and we only signed 2 Championship players, when really we needed 3 or 4 SL quality players to kick on towards the top 4. Then Brown left and wasn’t replaced. This lack of investment apparently has led to a percentage of our season ticket holders not renewing their tickets, leaving less money in the pot for next season. Our injuries haven’t helped either, but some of the young lads have really stepped up. I know it’s easy to say, but I think when we’re on form we’re too good to go down, but only time will tell. Although I’d much prefer to end up 9th or 10th to get the extra home game.
  9. That was a great 50th Birthday present Widnes gave me! Although I don't think I've ever witnessed a more biased set of supporters in my life. Everything we did was wrong, and everything Leeds did was fine. They were giving the Ref plenty of stick also....
  10. Can anyone see a Widnes win? If Widnes win it will be the biggest upset of all time. Even bigger than Sheffield Vs Wigan!
  11. Hull FC have no players we'd want!
  12. Widnes to win with the help of Chevy Chase!
  13. We're ALL desperate!
  14. I hope today's TV game isn't as one sided as yesterdays....i'd hate to embarrass Wire on national TV!