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  1. Is that a record half-time score in RL?
  2. Jimmy Keinhorst goes on loan to Widnes..

    Let's hope that's at Widnes.
  3. I fear for us tonight. Our main problem for the last couple of years has been the ability to break down the opposition goal-line defence. We can have 18 tackles in their 20, and still not score! Defence has been reasonable so far this season, but with at least 9 players missing it's going to be a long night. Just compare both three-quarter lines. Widnes Hanbury Runciman Whitley Chamberlain Ince Hull Shaul Faraimo Griffin Tuimavave Talanoa
  4. Sam Tomkins to Catalans?

    They need more than one new player at Cats, even if it is Tomkins.
  5. Get those excuses in early eh mate? If we beat Saints it will be a miracle. If we get beat by less than 20 we've done a decent job considering how many players we have missing.
  6. Rick Stone leaves Hudds

    I hope you're not including Dennis Betts in that statement?
  7. Saints look like Champs

    Round 9, Saints stunned!
  8. Huddersfield's tin can/cowbell

    Believe it or not, I don't read every word of every post, I sometimes skim through. If you would have quoted the poster you were talking to that would have helped, as I would have seen his original error.
  9. Huddersfield's tin can/cowbell

    So does correct spelling! It's there, not their. Oh, and the tin can bugged me last Friday night, and It's even worse when your team is getting beat!
  10. So Stanton is both good enough, and fit enough to play for PNG at the World Cup, but not good enough to play for us when we are decimated with injuries?
  11. As we are twinned with Crusaders we can basically use them as an A team. Betts obviously doesn't think Stanton is either fit enough or good enough, so he's playing for them for now. Crazy when we have Dudson and Gerrard out injured.
  12. Gareth O’Brien off to Toronto

    Out of curiosity, who are the 10 Parky?
  13. The same 3 as Chuffer. But I think we'll end up higher!
  14. Widnes to get back to winning ways, 34 - 12.
  15. Wire ban 4 fans

    Only 1 banned from both home and away, the other 3 home only.