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  1. Widnes.....feast of attacking Rugby this year? You cannot be serious!
  2. Connolly maybe, but the other two?
  3. We've not had a quality English/GB Centre since Paul Newlove!
  4. And with Leeds away on Monday then Saints at home on Friday, it get's no easier!
  5. Parky, you do make me laugh. Once Toulouse get promoted then you can come on here gloating. Until then move along, there's nothing to see.
  6. The problem we have is no proper investment was made after last season. We should have added 2 or 3 quality players, to take us to the next level. Instead we signed 2 Championship players and Brown left. Plus we lost Mellor and then a few more to injury, and hey presto, we can't beat an egg! The crowds won't come to see a team getting beat week after week.....
  7. With at least 6 or 7 players missing, can see nothing but a heavy defeat i'm afraid!
  8. Looks like Agent Brown is working his magic!
  9. I fear for us in this one......
  10. Salford scored in the last minute, and the player grounded/bounced the ball. Salford would have won had the Ref given it, but it was disallowed. A TV replay would have been easier to decide if the ball was grounded properly or not.
  11. I suppose I should have typed "We've never won away against Catalans!" Or "We've never won in France in the Super League era!"
  12. We've never won in France, and I can't see it happening this year!