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  1. Bomb Jack

    What now for Toronto?

    Not surprising, but I hope he has a stinker and cries his heart out. Not that I'll be watching of course.
  2. Bomb Jack

    What now for Toronto?

    I feel sorry for a certain poster on here, who said that TWP would win every game in the play-off's, and earn automatic promotion to SL. That same poster had several digs at my team Widnes, calling them bottom feeders etc. Well mate, that's karma for you. We may have been relegated, which we deserved, but you never won promotion either, which you obviously didn't deserve!
  3. One of the worst decisions ever! Along with getting rid of Betts when they did, putting Cummings in charge as Interim Coach, and signing Grandad Liam Finn!
  4. So are there no minimum standards any longer, eg Ground Capacity? We had 4 years of no relegation for Huddersfield as Hunslet's and Dewsbury's grounds didn't meet the criteria.
  5. We couldn't win enough games to secure our SL status, and keep £1.8 million a season, so why would we throw a game for £250,000? It beggars belief!
  6. Bomb Jack

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    At least I won't have a squeaky bum fixture this Sunday. 😭 Silver Clouds and all that. 😜
  7. Bomb Jack

    Widnes relegated

    I know the parachute payment comes from SL directly, so slightly different. But Widnes have pumped loads of money over the last 8 years into their Academy team/structure, when clubs like Salford don't even have one, so all available money goes into their first team. Surely that can't be right?
  8. Bomb Jack

    Widnes relegated

    They are singing the Chelsea Ranger song, but changed to Widnes Ranger. You need to Google the lyrics to the song and see if you still think it's still a positive.
  9. Bomb Jack

    Widnes relegated

    Then they should have stayed in the Hotel in a private function room, not be in a public bar with club colours on.
  10. I know the show starts at 9.30am UK time, but what time is KO UK time please?
  11. That was Widnes Vs Cas if I remember correctly? Two fairly big teams. If it was Leigh Vs Halifax for instance, they'd struggle to get 7,000 in my opinion.
  12. I'm a Widnes fan and I'm not confident of winning any more games. We beat Fax at home yesterday with an unconvincing performance. I don't understand how people have us to win both when we haven't won away since last year.
  13. Bomb Jack

    Million £ game venue?

    I'll be shouting for anyone but Toronto! 😋
  14. Bomb Jack

    Million £ game venue?

    It will take place at the home ground of the team that finishes in 4th place.