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  1. Severus

    Upcoming gigs

    Almost forgot I'm seeing the Manic Street Preachers on Thursday. I have form when it comes to forgetting to go to gigs. Bought the missus and I a couple of tickets to see Steel Panther and totally forgot the gig was on. I don't like the way that tickets go on sale long before the gig.
  2. Severus


    You alright John?
  3. Severus

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Good of your dentist to open up late.
  4. Severus

    The TV Thread

    Problem is with Bullard is that he would've been used to an environment where banter and general mickey taking is the norm. I don't think he was vicious or nasty in his banter but Jake was simply out of his league.
  5. Severus

    The TV Thread

    Ex premiership footballer and
  6. Severus

    The TV Thread

    Can't be bothered with 'sleb anymore since Bullard and Forde got voted off.
  7. Severus

    UKIPpery Green Party membership increasing but still way below UKIP. Didn't realise how many members UKIP had, makes me sad.
  8. Severus


    Ho ho ho, pot kettle and black come to mind Perhaps the reason they haven't got a Bethnel Green Branch is because some of those in UKIP may know how to spell properly.
  9. Severus


    Well I never. Obviously these two missed the memo.
  10. Severus

    Ed Miliband

    That implies that she actually thinks about what she says.
  11. Severus


    Not the brightest bunch are they.
  12. Severus

    The TV Thread

    She's not coming over very well on IACGMOOH. Had a bit of a barney with another contestant and she was very condescending and patronising.
  13. Severus


    The only thing I can think of is that the reaction to UKIP might be a good thing.