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  1. John Rhino

    Travelling to Perpignan

    I've done it four times now. One piece of info you didn't supply is how long you want to be in France. We have always combined it with a holiday from a week to a long weekend. We flew into Carcassonne which is a small relaxed air port. Carcassonne itself is a brilliant place to visit and for the longer holidays we hired a car and visited the villages around and received a wonderful French welcome and discovered some gems. We then drove to Perpignan and took in the Orgues at Ille sur Tet one time and Fort de Salses another on the way. Unforgettable. The trains appear frequent and quick although I've never used them. Sorry if it sounds like an ad for French travel but it's a fascinating area. Oh and the Cathar castles and the sea bathing at Narbonne are superb!
  2. John Rhino

    Golden Point

    No, I don't like the golden point. The one point for a draw can be very important at the end of the season. Also a draw is a fair result for two evenly matched teams. A drop goal-athon is just a daft and undignified way of ending a game. It's mostly down to luck
  3. I stopped reading when I saw the mail can't spell licence
  4. John Rhino

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    I spent nearly a week in Liverpool around the Kiwi test and loved it. I met my Mrs there and we haven't been back since. Couldn't believe what they've achieved with the revived dock area especially Albert Dock. It's amazing, bars, pubs restaurants, hotels etc. It was half term and warm and the place was really buzzing. Don't knock it till you've tried it
  5. John Rhino

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    I thought they paid us!?
  6. John Rhino

    Magic Weekend Clash?

    Well it's happened, Magic with a marathon running past. . .
  7. John Rhino

    RLIF Meeting

    Maybe he thought changing the day after everyone had booked hotels and travel was a stroke of marketing genius and could be added permanently to the international calendar as well.
  8. Not absolutely sure that Magic has been confirmed for Liverpool but if they keep the same dates I've seen it reported the North West marathon runs past Anfield . . .
  9. John Rhino

    Anfield parking

    Gillmoss on the East Lancs Road is dead easy to find and a short bus ride to Anfield. Used it for four nations no bother
  10. John Rhino

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I agree. Holidayed in Iceland a few years ago. Met a guy who with 23 mates chartered a plane and flew over for EVERY Liverpool home game. Football just inhabits a different universe so there's no point comparing
  11. John Rhino

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    They might have got a few more at Leeds, including me, if they hadn't picked the 100 year commemoration of the armistice. I have commitments at where I volunteer
  12. John Rhino

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Yes that didn't go down too well either. At least it was easy to extend the hotel booking and Sunday night is comparatively cheap. Hull tickets arrived on Wednesday I'm pleased to say but it's still a ridiculously close to the event
  13. John Rhino

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    They are posting them out now the man said. If the sweary filter wasn't on I'll tell you what I think about that. I'm taking friends from Hull (who are mainly union) and staying with them on Friday. They've got 3 days to deliver. We are also staying the week after in Liverpool as a present for the wife as it's where we met. If they cock that up that's me finished with the game for good. It shouldn't stress me out but it is.
  14. John Rhino

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Haven't received my tickets for the first test yet and starting to get a bit nervous. The RFL can expect a call in the morning
  15. John Rhino

    Brett Delaney Leaving Leeds

    You only had to look at the tackling stats to see what this guy meant to Leeds. How he kept going at times I can't imagine so I hope he gets the send off he deserves.