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  1. The fuss over the stadium at Salford shows that unfortunately Rugby fans are, shall we say, creatures of habit
  2. It is at the moment but wont corporates be built into the new north stand. That would make more sense - share the kitchens with cricket
  3. They are trading on the ignorance of the average Rugby fan (all on this board excepted of course) judging by the posts urging them on. I doubt if most fans could tell you who owns the rules or indeed the World Cup Hate to say it but union fans would spot a fraudulent organisation like this in 2 seconds flat.
  4. The brick building in the right hand corner, north stand and Carnegie stand, is covered in scafolding. Is that going too? Are the corners being left open (fill in if needed?)
  5. 2018 Series v NZ

    Because they wouldnt fill a stadium in the north? Same as us not filling one in the south I guess
  6. 2018 Series v NZ

    England union never moves out of Twickenham. What's the problem?
  7. 2018 Series v NZ

    Thank god! This thread was beginning to generate a bit of interest and optimism. You've saved me from having to put my head under the tap
  8. Reverse SL-era rule changes

    I watched under unlimited tackles in winter rules. Admittedly the pitches are far superior today and would stand up in winter but as fitness increased unlimited tackles just became a monumental slog fest. Presumably you get rid of the 10M rule as well so a slog fest is what we'd return to. No thanks
  9. Now you know why he was rejected by England despite the outcry by fans. Coaches always know far more about players than anyone else
  10. Try sending it to the i. All mail, comment, letters, stories go to same address. They like somethng a bit different
  11. I wonder why this is. Given that the north is the one side where a stand can be built free of any housing problems why not keep the capacity?
  12. Probably only the top set. If you jam your arm in someone's mouth and press it in with your leg the bottom teeth will cut
  13. World Cup Crowds

    When she was an RFL employee they offered her (with permission I hope!!) to the Australians to organise theirs Turned down obviously but what a complete waste of experience and talent.