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  1. And you had to drink it out of old Maxwell House jars
  2. I never really classed that as a brown ale. Maybe I'm wrong but it was a bit sweet and not as "nutty" as the brown I remember and occasionally drank at college. Proper brown and mild was made with this
  3. Shouldn't they be women though?
  4. You could always try a brown and mild. Or can you, is bottled brown ale still a thing?
  5. I lived in north Birmingham decades ago and I'm delighted to see that my all time favourite Bathams Bitter is still going strong. Sunday wasn't Sunday in summer without a trip out to Chaddesley Corbet for a couple and a walk in the little known and deserted nature reserve.
  6. The French RL obviously think it has potential too. I booked a weeks holiday there in 2016 to take in the women's international England v France. It got a good crowd. Rather a bizarre poster though:
  7. Just reiterating what the people involved have said. Are you accusing them of lying?
  8. It only ended up on Twitter because when confronted with what he said at the time Argyle tried to laugh it off as a joke. The RFL also did nothing until the storm was raised. It's a very sad day, but if an immediate and sincere apology had been offered at the time we'd never have heard about it. And for all those on their high horse, go and read what what he said and then imagine hearing this directed at you every single day, in words, in print, on social media, on the terraces etc etc
  9. Sort of game I like. Had my adrenaline flowing with the amount of possession Wakey had
  10. Taking two penalties so close to the line isn't going to win this game I'm afraid Leeds
  11. Not confident in this one at all. If it stays as wet as it is here in the Derbyshire Dales I can't see Leeds enjoying a slug fest
  12. You mean like the Leeds Cricket, Football and Athletics Co. Ltd.
  13. I stated my source in the post. He was quoted in an interview in the i. The i is a newspaper (not my fault it has a silly name, sorry). I couldn't easily find it in the online version
  14. Rhodri Jones, the chief commercial officer for SL is predicting a record Magic crowd in the i. Unfortunately it's a record low crowd. I take no pleasure in saying that and it's the first time we haven't been. I went to Anfield for the NZ series and it's not something I want to repeat for many small niggling reasons.
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