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  1. John Rhino

    Fouad Yaha back at Catalan

    I thought he played union/came from union to the Dragons. May be wrong but good to see him back any way
  2. John Rhino

    Ray French retires from Commentary

    Spot on. He came to watch Derby City in our first few seasons and would give our ground, the Asterdale, a plug in his column just to tease people. Lovely man and a great asset to the game. Happy retirement, Ray
  3. John Rhino

    Delaney retires

    A braver player would be hard to find. He put his body through the mangle for Leeds and I've nothing but respect for him. I just hope he's not too broken to enjoy a long and happy retirement.
  4. John Rhino

    Ancestry DNA

    Yes but who were the Vikings? And don't forget the Normans came from Scandinavia. It's not as simple as the ancestry companies make out. I'll dig out my references this weekend and post them. They are highly technical but go right to the heart of the matter
  5. John Rhino

    The worst imports to great britain

    Can I wait until the end of the season? I might have a couple of winners
  6. John Rhino

    The shot clock.

    Don't promote the idea that union scrums are a fair competition for the ball. The feeding is as bad as it was in Rugby from five years ago - ie before we decided to roll it straight to the loose.
  7. John Rhino

    Ancestry DNA

    I gave a talk on DNA testing to our local history group so did a lot of research on this. Basically they make hollow promises. There is lots wrong with the methodology. Simply put, the foreign data base is far too small to be meaningful. It may tell you that you have something in common with people who live in a country NOW, but are they the same as the people who invaded or migrated here generations ago? Highly unlikely. Populations are far more mobile, even going back to Neolithic times, than people commonly think. Oh, and never believe family trees posted by Americans without very careful verification. They are desperate for long roots. According to one that must have taken years to do I'm related to king Ethelberger but they had to invent a son of a minor German ruler who it turned out only had three daughters.
  8. Why do we insist on paying a fortune for Aussie superstars who just can't cope with the pace and skill of Super League?
  9. John Rhino

    World Cup venues announcement

    Not too displeased with this as Sheffield, Donny and Coventry are only an hour away and many are easily reachable but a great shame that there is nothing at all in the West Country. Bristol was the highlight of the last one for me.
  10. John Rhino

    Challenge Cup

    A rather popular tweet at the momement: Things rugby league fans have been upset about this week: - Zak Hardaker in the press - Betting shop sponsors - The Yorkshire Cup Things rugby League fans were upset about last week: - Lack of press - Lack of sponsors - Lack of smart event marketing
  11. I got the chance to ask the new head of the RLEF, Chris Thair what they were hoping to do about the situation in Greece. They are not forgotton: "There is alot of work taking place behind the scenes by the RLIF who are leading on getting this resolved and the RLEF. We expect the matter to be resolved in 2019. Some of the recent announcements by the Greek RL Federation are a few months old as they went for a more public approach in trying to resolve the issue when their behind the scenes diplomacy wasn't rectifying matters. I'm new to the situation but some of my colleagues, people in the RLIF and RLEF Board members have been dealing with it alot longer. Having tried a few ways to resolve the issue they/we are now exploring other options. There is a small triangular group of individuals in Greece, Italy and the UK that are facilitating rebel activity and clearly we cannot allow that to continue. The situation will only get more high profile around the time of Greece playing in this year's World Cup qualifying game or games if they go further. We all want this matter resolved"
  12. John Rhino

    RL community fund

    It seems to be a peculiar British thing. People don't apply for benefits they are entitled to (at least before universal credit) and the EU complains bitterly that we leave millions in grants untouched
  13. Thats the money question. The players stated (from memory) that they had no confidence in the RFL being able to take the game forward. I've not seen an RFL response to this although it would be much more interesting than drugs
  14. John Rhino

    Lights go out at HKR

    And they all ran out and said in unison 'er nerr'