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  1. From what I have read in the paper union has banned every and all contact with the head (or at least made it a red card offence) What seems to have got the pundits in a tizzy is that they are saying it's impossible to avoid in the clearing out of the ruck or whatever they do when everyone is bent over (?) Fortunately that's one problem Rugby doesn't have
  2. Rules are just words on a bit of paper until someone tests them in court. Maybe someone has been whispering in his ear to give it a go
  3. There's a fair rew Rugby playing countries there. Nines might suit them very well
  4. When I was heavily involved with running an amateur club we did just that. It was on the membership application form when the player paid his subs. I'm suprised you are suggestion pro clubs don't. I don't know.
  5. You may struggle to get 26 in. It's had a lot of money spent on it recently and it's very nice. The downside is there are only a few private rooms with 8 bed dorms the norm.
  6. It's everywhere. If you have the time glyphosate is the only real answer, you will never remove all the rhizomes manually. Ignore the scare stories about it being poisonous. That only would apply if you are chlorophyll based.
  7. Prev and Next working fine for me now. Still not happy with all the white, wasted space and lack of contrast on a phone but that's probably me being fogyish!
  8. I wondered who this was
  9. Little bit too much blank space wasted on a mobile for my taste. I'm sure I'll get used to it HOWEVER the prev and next buttons don't work for me
  10. I prefer to think of myself as a realist, open minded and liberal with a small l. That certainly doesn't make me a Tory but I also happen to be a monarchist (within limits). That is simply on the grounds that from what I see in the world the alternative is far worse. However I also think that many of the royal hangers on should be shed and if a royal is patron of something they should do some work for it.
  11. A shame the i couldn't be bothered to mention. Do keep us up to date with activities 'Ullman. Especially any Rugby themed ones. We will be making a long overdue pilgrimage sometime in the Spring - both our boys were born there.
  12. I turned part of our garden into an "allotment". The soil is high clay so I set out half a dozen raised beds, employed the no dig method by adding lots of compost and letting the worms do the work. It's been a great success. Last year I tried sweet corn to huge acclaim so I'll repeat it this year. If you are just starting out Duke I recommend garlic (as long as you like it
  13. Add to that the daily harassment and denial of livelihood. Israeli settlements in the west bank are on hilltops. From here snipers enjoy taking pot shots at farmers at harvest time, send armed thugs to destroy irrigation systems and pour raw sewage into water sources. A relative bought me an olive tree in Palestine for Christmas. This is to try and replace over 30000 grubber up by the bulldozers. Not to mention the orange groves and other crops deliberately destroyed. The government build the stllements and turn a blind eye to what happens next. The settlers, many from the US, then wage low level war against the locals.
  14. My paper this morning reports the opening ceremony that had 25K people, fireworks, and projected images of Amy Johnson, the blitz and scenes from the city's footballing history. Far be it for any rag to tell the country people actually play Rugby, but does anyone know if our game got a look in? Also are there any plans, either by the city or the clubs to promote the game to visitors?
  15. From memory HMQ gave up being patron of over 20 organisations and handed them to Harry. The press of course made it sound personal, I very much doubt this happened. The Queens PA will have suggested it and handed it to Harry's flunky. My money would be on HMQ not caring about what she has lost and Harry having little idea of what he's gained.