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  1. I noticed that. I assumed they'd all knocked off early for the Easter holidays. Came back after a couple of hours. But still not good enough
  2. Can we expect a fresh union push in North America to ensure we don't succeed? I would not be surprised
  3. Kept checking back to see if it was up yet. Really missed it. Well done John, efforts appreciated
  4. I know about these things at a community level. Buy a very very long spoon
  5. Yes they sat in the dark . .only kids. . . hence the phrase 'not worth the candle'. Just the rats for company ugh!
  6. Talking to a chap sat next to me in the south stand. He'd been allocated a temporary seat in there until he moves across the ground in early May Wigan is worrying. It's well known that United going back into the Prem will hit Headingly crowds but Wigan football not doing at all well at the moment
  7. Are the rumours true - Wayne to Newcastle Thunder? Has he fallen out with union already or is it the other way round?
  8. I've been on here for a long time and the "terraces" before then. People have always said that or something similar for as long as I can remember
  9. Agree. If it happens there will be some very disappointed lads. Some may even have the talent to step up to Rugby
  10. Ain't gonna happen but it's great to see rumours like this. All good publicity for Rugby
  11. What a silly comment. If you want P&R that's what happens. We tried a closed shop and fans didn't like that either. But then Rugby fans don't like very much TBH
  12. I take it culture is not your thing! If so you're missing out big time in Carcassonne and the land of the Cathars Most bars in Carcassonne are decent but you have to work a bit harder to lose the tourists or you pay top dollar. The food is good everywhere but look in the back streets of the old town, not in the main squares
  13. I hate to criticise players in my own team but for me Ferres is a liability. His stupid leg pull on the tackled player led directly to a try and put Saints on a roll that took them to victory. Time to move him on, it's not the first time he's done this.
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