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  1. I think what the RFL set out to achieve is slowly arriving. Having watched all the broadcast games this year which are easier to analyse than live it looks like the team with the right attitude wins. When you want it more than the opposition (well done huddersfield) you get the points. It's now up to the teams to learn to cope with the intensity and come out on top form every single week. No dropping off after cup games etc. Injuries shouldn't be allowed to affect the game. It's up to the staff to ensure the replacements are up to the job. Wigan have shown how this can be done with at times half the first choices missing. Hard to do, but we have the potential now to be the most entertaining league of any sport in the world. I really believe that.
  2. If you go to the RFL website they have a "clubfinder" tab with map. You can find all clubs within a user specified radius and last time I looked it was up to date and accurate.
  3. Just got to watch it and quite enjoyed it. All good publicity. Shame he didn't get to use his gavel 😉
  4. I'm not accusing you of sour grapes!! You have not accused a whole team of being dirty.
  5. Sorry Gary I should have explained myself better. There are two types of 'discipline'. By all accounts Toronto lost their game plan and defence when they went behind and had to play catchup. Teams that can keep it together in adversity are generally the most successful. It's very hard to do. This is the test of a top class coach - can he instill this in a team. I try not to comment on accusations of a team being collectively dirty because I don't think any at this level are. It's either coincidence or sour grapes.
  6. Hope he does another on the Newcastle accent. Can have a lot of fun with that and it'll help us visitors!
  7. The loss will do them good. They have now tasted the standard they have to achieve so hope Rowley gives them a right rollicking over lack of discipline. One of the hardest things to achieve in our sport
  8. Wilkin moved of the mark twice for that penalty. Blatant cheating, should have been sent off
  9. Doesn't matter. Barristers can sit as judges, where they are refered to as recorders (as opposed to real recorders which are appointed by the crown). They may do this as a one off or on a semi permanent basis as a circuit judge. Anyway hope he's good. I've set the recorder 😉
  10. There was a big piece on drugs on East Midlands news last night. All the body builders and even the gym owners were saying if you want to compete at the top level you have to do drugs. I would think the situation is similar in Russia, once it becomes endemic and there is no social opprobrium it is almost impossible to remove. At least without a huge government effort and resources.
  11. I wasn't sure if they trained at the stadium or not. Many teams don't. Still I'm suprised they people to film. Maybe I'm over suspicious but that could so easily be abused
  12. I know: hence the winking smiley 😉
  13. Is he a proper judge. With a gavel! 😉
  14. An acknowledgement that I'd spent my hard earned with them like all other sellers in the world do. That's all 😊
  15. When they win promotion. How would you do it if you were running the RFL?