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  1. And most them made in this country too I guess.
  2. Always remember one thing. Players were not being paid for playing rugby, that would have made them professional. They were being compensated for missing a shift at work. There is a huge difference. The NFU were as strict about players being amateur as the RU were. Anyone believed to be making his living from playing was banned. Union chaps of course could receive expenses as this wouldn't pollute a real gentleman This therefore wasn't political, just very pragmatic
  3. Did you study twisting people's words to mean something completely different to what was intended or does it come naturally?
  4. Rugby has invested nothing in Toronto as you say. I said projects meaning things other than Toronto. However if union pick up the pieces from Toronto (as suggested by another poster) then we won't really care about the difference. I count myself as a massive fan of Toronto and when they play the Rhinos in Canada I'll be first on the plane. OK?
  5. What never fails to surprise me is the number of times Rugby has invested time and money in a project only to let union reap the benefits
  6. This stinks. I met my Mrs in Liverpool and we had booked a short holiday taking in the test match. For the first time in my life I booked a hotel on the cheaper "no cancel" option. As we have to leave on the Sunday morning I can't go to the match nor can I get my money back. I'm pleased for those who now find they can go but after what the RFL have done to the sport in the Midlands This is the last straw
  7. John Rhino

    CC Media Watch

    Be interesting to see what the press make of the CC tomorrow and Monday. BBC main news had it as top sporting event with another good piece. And the i gave it a double page spread this morning with Mike Rylance heavily featured with the Vichy story and Rugby in French schools. This is why expansion and the international game are so important
  8. You won't be disappointed- lovely supporters. If you can spend a few days there, so much to see, especially Carcassonne
  9. John Rhino

    Tries or Try’s or Trys

    I don't see a problem with maths as a quick abbreviation. It's people in this country that use math: they should be burnt at the stake along with those who spell defence with an s. And for the wrong use of the apostrophe, a pub down the road had a sandwich board outside with "Dog's Welcome" As I value my crotch we went to the pub over the road
  10. John Rhino

    Tries or Try’s or Trys

    What fractions occur when you dissect the winger and the full back?
  11. John Rhino

    Pitch markings at Lamport Stadium

    I understand all that, you missed my point completely Why is metrication a "dead hand"?
  12. John Rhino

    Pitch markings at Lamport Stadium

    Why is it the dead hand of metrication? It's what we use now. Would you prefer the RFL to release the fixtures according to the Julian Calendar?