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  1. That's a tad harsh but probably a grain of truth. Hasn't Lowes been the coach at the Carnegie Cuckoos for a good while. Presumably that gave GH time to assess his qualities. And GH himself deserves some praise. I know quite a lot of people on here dislike him, but it takes guts to admit you aren't getting it right anymore and appoint someone to do your own job
  2. John Rhino

    Super League Takeover

    The proposal is SL1 and 2 not being decided. The statement that the RFL will no longer run the game is categorical
  3. From the Keighly statement. Sounds pretty definite "As a club we need to bear in mind that from 2021 that the Super League will be taking over Rugby League and the proposal is that there will be 20/24 clubs forming a Super League and a Super League 2 with those not involved being moved to the National Conference League as an amateur club."
  4. John Rhino

    Shaun Edwards to coach Wigan in 2020

    Using niggly, borderline legal tactics to win rather than using the immense talent they undoutably have to win and thrill perhaps?
  5. John Rhino

    New online England store

    I always try to be positive about Rugby but a new England kit six days before a game is really not on. I'd have loved a polo shirt for my holidays . . . but I fly out on Wednesday. Not good enough
  6. Well done James Childe. You've gone right up in my estimation
  7. John Rhino

    Why are the RFL Clueless

    The Cup is an RFL competition. The league games are run by Super League. Go figure
  8. We stayed in Bezier for a week once and found it very dull once you've seen the locks!! Lovely surrounding places to visit though and Leeds beat Cats that year too
  9. John Rhino

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I'm sure it is, I've nothing against America. Just sad that out of all Europe it's only UK people dissatisfied with their own country
  10. John Rhino

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Rather sad to see UK only country in Europe with a colour.
  11. John Rhino

    Super League Crowds

    Only the high street going bust. Plenty spent online. Anyway nothing to do with rugby. People are probably sated. We had enough to keep us going for a while in Newcastle
  12. You lucky man. We have combined it with a trip/or stay in Carcassonne. Love it over there, food, wine, history and really nice people
  13. John Rhino


    That's sailing close to the bigotry we spent over a century criticising in union. Its now a free jobs market and any attempt at discrimination would be illegal
  14. Sounds like Derby City. We ran juniors and regularly saw people like Julia Lee helping us with negotiations with the council etc. When it stopped we stopped all our junior teams Fortunately our senior team is thriving with over 20 at pre-season training
  15. John Rhino

    Magic Weekend - Who's going doon the Toon?

    Yes, we are going and have been to most. We are staying in Durham because we love it there!