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  1. Just a small point and I'm sure you know this. But just in case others don't the decision was forced on the RFL by Sport England. Funds going to Scotland had to be stopped as they have their own funding body.
  2. While others pointlessly argue about names for organisations you have hit the nail on the head. They claim to be talking to Sport Accord with some success. This cannot be true as they are not recognised by anyone. What it will do however is delay, perhaps for ever, the recognition of Rugby by SA. They sound more like saboteurs than a useful organisation.
  3. I'm sure you will be pleased to know that the RFL were delighted to announce that the queen sent a message of support to the English students in the FOWC.
  4. The only thing I would object to here is the word often. It's the working class that keeps royalty going.
  5. OJX has already told us that all the English clubs had their highest gate of the season for the visit of Toronto. No figures given but it's easy enough to quantify if you want to
  6. My lad lives in Bournemouth now. He says it wouldn't surprise him if the Echo had a page every day entitled "What Harry did today"
  7. That is simply a genetic impossibility in some Rugby supporters
  8. One of the gripes was that the Queen, who was patron for decades, ignored us. Not only did she not join in a training session at Wigan but couldn't be bothered to go to the Cup a final. (Since the 50's ?) Most people on here, including me I have to say, expected him to do the same. Good to see I was wrong.
  9. Despite the scepticism of most of this board, Prince Harry is about to fulfil his first official engagement. In Leeds of course 😉
  10. I hope the CCTV helps
  11. Ice Hockey has quite a complex code of biff unavailable to us e.g. gloves on/off etc.
  12. Toronto v York is on Premier at 09.00 Sunday morning for anyone looking
  13. This is good news. I expect Harry will get stuck in too and this could make it to TV. I'm ever the optimist
  14. Stevo. He must be missing the chant of Sumo by now
  15. Why be abusive? Child had a good game