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  1. Derby cathedral has had peregrins nesting there for years. A good place to watch them is here
  2. Commonly Misunderstood Rules

    Momentum rule is a ridiculous name when it's simple physics. If you jump off a train straight out doing 60mph then as you leave you'll be doing 60mph. If you jump out over an embankment you'll travel a long way forward relative to the ground before you hit it. You will never travel forward relative to the train. Think then what happens to the ball when passed completely flat from a player running at top speed. If it crosses a line on the pitch it looks forward but isn't. There was a nice little video (from the NZ union) a while ago that illustrated this perfectly. I can't find it now
  3. Fan's that are coming to Magic Weekend

    Might just do that.
  4. TRL Helpdesk

    As said above Waze is very good. It is community run and very responsive to changes. They added a new post code I had applied for in days whereas Google said they were doing it. Four months later. . . I would still recommend the proper kit though. Check out the latest Which review. You can buy the review you want for just £1. A good investment as you'll be spending a lot more on the sat nav.
  5. TRL Helpdesk

    If you connect to WiFi frequently and are a patient sort then you can turn off data altogether. Phone calls and texts still work as long as you don't send pictures (mms). All your other stuff will go out and come in when you reconnect. If this works for you then go with the cheapest contract you can find which will have minimal data. If you already have a phone you like then buy a SIM only contract. Then only turn on the data in an "emergency"
  6. the birds in your garden

    "A crow in a crowd is a rook, a rook on his own is a crow" is how it goes here. It refers to how they feed on the ground rather than nesting colonies. It generally holds true
  7. the birds in your garden

    This fella has been a frequent visitor. He's up there keeping an eye on the frogs in my pond
  8. It' a shame he didn' stay. But I guess you can only throw away so much money. As he admits if only he listened to a few wiser heads when he started instead of buying anything that could still run he might still be in the game running a successful club
  9. RFL to move to Etihad Campus?

    What' the difference?
  10. RFL to move to Etihad Campus?

    What's the difference? Especially these days
  11. Still pretty nippy for a rugby match
  12. Yep I've removed it!! But I bet it looked similar
  13. Oops. Not the M62. Someone 0laying the fool
  14. Is it David Davis? He was really good at detailed reports that existed and then didn't