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  1. The Revolutionary Code

    Yes but it could include other payments. What articles like this fail to mention (probably because they don't know) and union have failed to acknowledge ever since is that Rugby absolutely banned professionalism. In other words you had to have a proper job and not make a living from Rugby. This was strictly enforced and there was a large list of jobs that were deemed proper and a list not deemed proper such as snooker cue chalker.
  2. ** MEGA COMPETITION ** Batchelors Mushy Peas have linked up with Rugby AM to give you the chance to win a signed England RL shirt, a pair of tickets to both days of Magic Weekend, Challenge Cup Final, Grand Final and England vs NZ match at Hull FC. UK, 18+ only, excludes ROI. 1 entry per person.
  3. Kato Ottio

    I couldn't belive it when I saw the news but that link is truly shocking. Poor man, so young and with such a bright future. My thoughts are with family and friends
  4. I'm sure they'd be capable of picking out the nice bits. Like Trump and Fox News, I'd have Rhino News 😁
  5. When I'm head of the RFL I'll have someone read this forum for me 😊 In the meantime I'm sure Sally would do the same
  6. We all hailed her efforts at the 2013 World Cup so she has organisational skills. The RFL offered her to help with the last WC but was rebuffed (a monumental error as it turned out) and so she moved on. It's a very well paid job Finally maybe she is passionate about the game and would like nothing better than to be able to run it
  7. New Years Honours

    There are "clubman of the year" type competitions run by the RFL every year. Maybe the winner was nominated; we will never know
  8. New Rules

    You need to direct your question to the NRL. They won't have told the RFL what rules we are using in 2018 yet
  9. World Club Challenge

    Just as I thought. Nobody knows, even the organisers
  10. World Club Challenge

    Serious question. Is the WCC a RFL or a Super League thing? Just case the blame is going to the wrong place
  11. murdoch sells Sky share to Disney

    Ive also seen it reported that the Fox bid for the 61% of Sky would continue unaltered. The interesting thing would be the influence of the Disney bid on the regulatory approval i.e all the hoo haa over Fox news and Murdoch not being a fit and proper owner along with all the competition issues disappears. If the panel now know that in fact Sky would be 100% owned by Disney they are likely to wave it through
  12. New Super League Board structure

    Barwick is non-exec chairman. If he has no executive role then it's possible Wood doesnt report to him. All very Byzantine
  13. Interesting figures on UK sports

    Why would it? Wigan have a nice modern ground so it's not unpleasant to visit. Do Wigan sell out these games already? Are people fighting for tickets and a move to the Etihad would satisfy them. I think you are extrapolating from the unionistas love of an event rather than the game
  14. Interesting figures on UK sports

    They do seem to be improving, fair doos