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  1. What I don't get, and don't think I'll ever understand is why I can't find a single Leaver in favour of another referendum, given all who I know these days still cheerleading Leave want to do so with no deal, rather than Mays deal or any of the other variations that get mentioned. The only way for this to happen would be to take back control and put it to another vote, this time, no ifs, no buts, no suggesting you can leave the EU but stay in the Single Market, a straight stay v leave with no deal. None seem short on confidence that this is what the 17.4 million voted for the first time, so why not hammer it home a 2nd time and give the political classes no choice?
  2. Watching tonights debate - wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of Lisa Nandy!
  3. In further Brexit, you couldn't make it up news.........
  4. Wonder if he'll still be a minster come the end of the week!
  5. A 64 year old having a belated mid-life crisis, Rees-Mogg exploiting his kids for a photo op (has nanny got the day off?) and Boris driving without a seat belt, our future's safe.............
  6. I wonder if may can hold on for 3 months, or if they can pad it out for 3 months with a caretaker. If they can this could be 25 quid well spent......... JOIN TODAY AND HELP US SHAPE BRITAIN’S FUTURE Sign up and vote for the remain candidate, wouldn't take to many petition signers/marchers to make a difference!
  7. I don't know! My contacts arn't a patch on Tim Shipman, perhaps they left Grayling in charge of booking the men in grey suits!
  8. Interesting Sunday Papers tomorrow, "May to be gone in 10 days", Liddington, Gove and Hunt in the frame to take over as (possibly caretaker) PM, ERG opposed to Gove and Liddington - another captivating week in Westminster awaits!
  9. I was amused to see Vine tweet there was no leavers there as they'd get lynched, followed shortly by her Mail colleague Charlotte Gill tweeting to promote her article in tomorrows Mail on Sunday of how a Brexiteer faired on the march - spoiler alert, she didn't get lynched!
  10. Another Tory MP called in this week when the discussion was about homosexuality, but I can't for the life of me remember who it was, but he did say he mainly listened to see "what the other side of the Brexit debate were thinking"!
  11. I posted it earlier in the week, but this film is worth a watch for anyone that's not seen it. They'd probably fall in catogory c) on your list, but I'd group them under d) It can't get any worse than what we have now, if I vote remain I get what I've got now, if I vote leave, then it might be better, I don't know it will, but it can't be any worse.
  12. Shock horror, people from outside the UK have signed the petition, perhaps there Brits working abroad, there's a fair few of them........... According to the ONS there are 784,900 Brits living in the EU, excluding Ireland. There are also a million plus in Australia, over 1.3 million in North America and a good smattering all round the rest of the globe, all detailed in the excellent spreadsheet available here.
  13. After Raab had a pop at O'Brien on Iain Dales cross questions earlier this week, I have a feeling this could run and run, I doubt Raab will be sticking his hand up to make an appearance on LBC between 10am and 1pm any time soon!
  14. Not sure why the mods are in the firing line. I've always taken the view, its rugby forum, moderated by volunteers who's primary role is to make sure one of us idiots doesn't post anything stupid that lands League Express in hot water, then stepping in when it gets over personal, beyond that, if I didn't like it'd take my pointless ramblings on various subjects to another corner of the internet.