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  1. Our national anthems have the same tune!
  2. Proper made me laugh that, thank you.
  3. There was plenty did that, saw lots up and down the M6 and around the lakes. But slightly more scientific than my anecdotal evidence; 58% of Farmers Weekly Readers wanted to leave. At the time of of writing 20% of NFU members wanted to leave. Farmers Regrexit.
  4. TalkTalk get a lot of bed press but I'm more than happy with my current offering from them, lots of neighbours seem to have opted for Virgin instead and get endless amounts of grief with there connections. The only time I've had an issue with TalkTalk they bounced me from India to Scotland as soon as I said I was going to look to move to another provider.
  5. Lets hope the mantra "no deal is better than a bad deal" also applies to trade deals!
  6. Heard him being interviewd by Farage last night, he seems to think that he can wear a badge of honour for never having changed a nappy on any of his 6 children, thats what nannys are for apparently. His voting record indicates what a charmer he is, unless your gay, female, dependent on the state or keen for the government to be held account on overseas wars!
  7. Quite - like I say smoke and mirrors! I'd imagine a fair few of the big stars will be having a word and setting up there own production companies.
  8. Smoke and mirrors! Not having it they can get him to travel to the glamour spots of Britian every Thursday without giving him a fair whack one way or another!
  9. Cod

    Thats brave, every Finnish man I've met reminisces about there time doing national service, camping in the woods, beer of an evening, chocolate and no women! My ex sister in law was Finnish, not sure what my brother in law saw in here, mad as a box of frogs!
  10. I look forward to see how angry the anti-BBC mob get when they study the list and realise there's a good few names missing, David Dimbleby springs to mind, I imagine he'll be getting a few asking for advise before next years list is published!
  11. Peadog! Hot dog bun, substitute hot dog for with mushy peas - don't knock it till you've tried it!
  12. Doubt I'll be able to afford to retire at 70 never mind 68 so not sure it'll make any difference, presuming I make it that far down the path!
  13. I remain amazed inflation is so low, be a shock to some come the 2nd half of the year if the stock my wife is buying in is anything to go by, like for like products 24.5% up on average, bye bye profit margins!
  14. I don't beleive we do, but its at the risk of repeating myself! We could insist EU Nationals leave after 3 months if they are not employed or have sufficient needs to support themselve. But then we'd need to monitor who was here and when they came and I presume that comes at great cost, as I'm sure we'll find out post Brexit.
  15. Thats a real shame, its only as my only children progress through the school years I fully appreciate the benefits of continuity in the teaching staff at there Primary School.