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  1. UKIPpery

    Perhaps Nigels new movement hopes to become to the Conservative party what Momentum is to the Labour Party!
  2. mergers

    If clubs do or don't merge is a decision for them and there fans, but I wonder how many fans who are adamant they shouldn't merge, support clubs who only exist as a result of mergers in there history?
  3. UKIPpery

    Heard him being interviewed by Farage, interesting there are claims now that at least one of the texts was altered by a 3rd party and he got into the depth of showing taxi information to try and prove she'd only been back to his house after dinner to collect some personal items. Although I'm sure alot can happen in 20 minutes! Given he only won the election with 30% of the vote really not sure were he's going to look for any sort of commanding support in the party, he's best off walking, unless he really is an agent from the Lib Dems sent to finish off UKIP!
  4. Bradford Rumors

    Well I for one miss Bradford in there pomp, always a decent game with a good following.
  5. UKIPpery

    Strikes me as somewhat ironic that without the PR system of European Elections he's next to no chance of getting any sort of traction with a new party under first past the post! Presuming of course he gets fed up that after the initial blaze of publicity for the new "movement" he is sidelined in the debate and needs to fight elections to remain in any sort of spotlight.
  6. UKIPpery

    So its probably safe to say the two main parties can get on and do what they want with Brexit without having to worry about losing votes to UKIP!
  7. Which is may or may not be the answer, I'm not qualified to say, but I don't see it being proposed as an option but stand to be corrected. Strikes me we seem to be doing an awful lot of shrugging that we may lose this that and the other, with regard to small numbers granted, but these things add up, I just don't have any confidence in those currently in office to make it work, hence being more than happy to carry on remoaning. If they cock it up its the kids and the vulnerable that will suffer once more.
  8. Hangover cures

    Swear by them! Clear your bad head, get rid of any after taste in your throat and really do work, well for me anyway! Never come back from a night out without a pack, thats my motto!
  9. Hangover cures

    Full packet of Black Lockets - don't knock it till you've tried it! Works a treat!
  10. Is there an economic plan to replace the tax take of those jobs, even if it turns out to be only in the hundreds? My beer mat calculations lead me to believe your average City work is on £72,500 according to roles advertised on CW Jobs in December 2017. People on that salary will pay £17,696 in Income Tax in 17/18 and £4,974 in National Insurance, according to the money saving expert tax calculator. To recoup the lost tax of just 1 of these jobs, and assuming you'd replaced them with jobs earning the national annual average salary which according to the Office for National Statistics in 2017 was £28,600. People on that salary will pay £3,418 in Income Tax in 17/18 and £2,452 in National Insurance. £22,670 v £5,870 - so for every job lost in the City, we need to find nearly 4 new ones paying the national average, or suffer a hit in revenue for the tax man. How we going to do that?
  11. As the closest TRL representative to the Channel can you not just take the kids down the beach this weekend and crack on with this here bridge and stop it with the #projectfear?
  12. They are very good at the look, look, look over there technique of distraction and diversion, its stood them well on immigration and benefits for years so you can see why they'd carry on with it for Brexit!
  13. You seem to be forgetting the last bridge Boris had a hand in!