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  1. How much has been spent on "preparations for Brexit"? How many civil servants are now employed working solely on Brexit? How much did the tens of thousands of man hours that went into negotiating Mays rejected deal cost? How much has Matt Hancock spent on fridges that would not have otherwise been required? How much has Chris Grayling spent on ferries? Off the top of my head, would look rubbish down the side of a bus I'll give you that.
  2. shrek

    where was prince philip going?

    I'd love to have been a fly on the wall for the phone call were the first police officer on the scene phoned there boss to give them a heads up!
  3. It does still however beg the question of if not now when? Its hardly like we have an age left before we leave with no deal as things stand.
  4. To be honest I've no idea how long it does or doesn't take to organise and legislate these things, but a couple of interesting bits of food for thought below I've spotted tonight;
  5. Just another excuse for him to do nothing, delay things, run the clock down, he's seemingly happy to offer no sort of actual leadership.
  6. Aye thats true, perhaps thats why he's so keen on another election, needs some new MPs who can be promoted to the shadow cabinet who haven't already resigned once!
  7. I wasn't going into that level of detail, I mean't the two broad coalitions that are the Labour and Conservative parties. Both seem full of people wanting wildly different outcomes.
  8. I simply don't understand why the "broad coalitions" that form the two major parties don't just do the grown up thing and go there separate ways!
  9. Proper made me laugh, need to ring him later, shall nickname him the Liberal from this day forth!
  10. Once again the useful idiot is seemingly out manoeuvred by a PM boxed into a corner with seemingly no where to go. Not sure its a great look for Corbyn to refuse to meet May considering some of the company he has kept in the past;
  11. Could change everything in 4 weeks with a snap general election, or 12 months to vote on a single issue, democracy in action!
  12. Credible death threats preventing MPs from partaking in the democratic process, stay classy.
  13. Just for context on the rationale your seemingly applying to 17+ million people. My father voted leave because "theres to many blacks filling up the country" - a pathetic and disgusting position to take, before you even get into the logic!
  14. An immigration policy that said EU Nationals wishing to stay here for longer than 3 months either have to have a job or the means by which to support themselves for two years would to me seem like the grown up compromise around free movement. I'm not sure its a policy thats ever been put to the people, much to the shame of politicians across the board given we could implement this whilst being members of the EU. Of course it won't please extremists on either side, but then its a negotiation, I'd like to think extremists on all sides are probably going to be disappointed!