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  1. News to me, if I ever meet one I'll be sure to ask though!
  2. I've never had tofu, is it nice?
  3. I mean't more from the point of view we aimed the thing at Africa and it launched in the direction of the USA, bloody thing could go anywhere if launched in anger. Thought Mays interview this morning was disappointing, a yes a no answer, new PM, same old waffle around the issues. If 2016 taught us anything it was the people want straight answers, but none of them at the top of any of the parties have twigged.
  4. Probably not, its like russian roulette, if we get nuked, someone else is getting nuked and it might not be those that nuked us! It'll be sold as incentive for leaders across the world to keep the peace.
  5. A more than suitable costume for the modern day Mad Hatters tea party!
  6. Stop being mean, for all we know, as part of the settlment for John not sueing her last year, she may be obliged to like a set number of his posts a day! Either way, its nice to see peace restored and alliances formed!
  7. Are you going to invent it, manufacture it and brand, bringing in untold riches to the country or will it go the same way as the iPod?
  8. Its almost as if all posts that can't be answered with empty rhetoric or cheap putdowns just get ignored!
  9. Nothing to do with the media, I'm asking a question to which I don't know the answer in the hope that you do, seeing as you seem so adament on the issue, so let me try again. When you say the economy is going to be rebalanced, what sort of jobs do you have in mind to replace those that are being lost in the rebalance? Where is the labour going to come from, if these jobs are lower paying than the ones you are replacing and you need a bigger workforce to avoid the economy shrinking? If say, we replace 1 100k financial sector job with 4 30k* jobs in other sectors, the income tax paid would drop from one person paying £29,200 to those 4 people paying a combined total of £15,200, who's going to make up the short fall or where would you propose further cuts in public spending be made? Obviously if you replace the one financial job with 10 minimum wage jobs then the income tax take drops further. You'll have to take me af face value, when I say this is independent thinking on my part, but if you don't have the answers don't feel obliged to make something up! *30k plucked from thin air, average UK salary at the end of 5th April 2015 was £27,600 so I rounded up to make sure I wasn't undercooking the numbers!
  10. Thats great, what are we going to rebalance it with? I presume the replacement jobs will be lower paying than those in the financial sector, so won't we need more of them to keep the rebalance, well, balanced - were are we going to get the workers from to fill these roles?
  11. What about the right wing commentators, right wing commmentators who it has to be said had partied the night away with Mr Farage the night before, calling it "divisive" and "disgraceful", then going on to say;
  12. Blummin heck, he's plagurised his speach!
  13. No, no, no! Its going to be awesome, we is going to be minted, we don't need them Europeans, we got America! From the man himself.............
  14. Man ruled 'fit for work' dies from heart attack on way home from Jobcentre.
  15. Fear monger! Someone will be along in a minute to tell you they were the wrong sort of jobs and we didn't want them here anyway!