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  1. Still circulating memos - bless!
  2. Raab on LBC now. 38 minutes of soft ball conversation with Iain Dale - Raab succeeded Dale as David Davis Chief of Staff, first question, from an actual business person, with a successful business, with a straight forward question and Raab crumbles into a gibbering wreck.
  3. Whilst I agree, I did hear Farage waxing lyrical on his radio show last night about an American insurance company taking over a UK company yesterday which did make me wonder if they were positioning themselves for some sort of post Brexit health care arrangement. Lots of conclusions there, appreciated, I've just grown to be cautious of anything that man things is an upside of Brexit!
  4. Kids have gone to school dressed as pirates today, got abit unruly around the breakfast table, had to threaten them with walking the plank. God help the teachers!
  5. Be interesting to know what percentage of the staff normally take annual leave during the summer shut down and how it fits in there sale cycle, I presume to shut down for a month they have to ensure they have plenty of units to hand to meet sales. I'd certainly want a view on that before taking the knee jerk reaction of many Brexiteers who seem to have dismissed it as a non-story with seemingly no first hand knowledge of the industry.
  6. So we having a peoples vote or a 3rd general election in as many years? Come on Mrs May, if your telling the Germans you can tell us!
  7. Wonder if this means we may have a leader of the opposition capable of opposing the government in the foreseeable?
  8. I'll raise your Lamont with a Lord Lawson, who I believe lives in France now and sounds like he may have had a glass or two of wine with lunch today!
  9. shrek

    Bowlers stats

    Bob - if you listen to TMS on Radio 4/Radio 5 Live Extra, you'll hear Andrew Sampson being able to answer pretty much any stat related question the commentators fire at him over the course of a 5 day test match. As said above, there seems to be stats on everything in Cricket!
  10. What a clown. I don't care what side of the debate your on, its depressing that idiots like Jenkins are the given a mouth piece.
  11. You must be fuming at the relentless "spouting" heading towards Mrs May from her own mps!
  12. He isn't, obviously still very much in the clique though given his ability to get interviews with many of the senior members of party including the PM. I like Dale, I have to confess, whilst disagreeing with him on many things I tend to find his opinion to be considered and well made rather than "spouting".
  13. Another shake of the magic money tree? BREXIT BONUS: Give every adult CASH HANDOUT when UK leaves EU, says Grayling