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  1. PMQs - Andrea Jenkins - Ouch!
  2. In light of Ian Ian Paisley jnrs 30 Sitting Days of suspension from Parliament, I presume we'll not be seeing much government business done between now and the 22nd November, will the Tory whips be spending there summer holidays reading up on further time stalling tactics I wonder?
  3. It should be a straight up vote between the Governments fully agreed white paper on how Brexit will look and remaining. If there should then be a further referendum it should be between the ammendend Government white paper, fully agreed with the EU and remaining. What we have no is a leap into the dark. Didn't the SNP have to produce a 600+ page white paper ahead of the Scottish Independence vote? Why the previous government did not have to do the same, despite there remain views, I have no idea. Instead all we have is brexit means brexit, despite not having an agreed position 2 years in that carries the support of all the Conservative party, let alone the nation as a whole and a brexit built on lies, law breaking and now political skullduggary as MPs "forget" they've been paired.
  4. Once Parliament breaks for summer and the political theatrics are over for a few weeks, I wonder just how further discredited the referendum result will be by the time there sitting again!
  5. Rubbish he forgot. They have form, they did it in the last days of Majors Government in the 90's and there doing it again now. Desperate stuff from a bunch of untrustworthy spivs.
  6. Have you read this thread? Sorry if its been posted before, but in the context of Gordon Browns days in office I thought the idea" Tory whips, with loanshark grins" would raise a smile in the Saintslass household!
  7. We'll see there's lots of if buts and may be's, has anyone checked to make sure the likes of Cable and Farron can be bothered to turn up. I believe a government defeat when it actually happens, we seem to have been about to have one for weeks, political fatigue has kicked in and the cynic in me seems to think there's lots earning a living making stories like this seem far more likely than they actually are. Please can someone on the board pass me a virtual cloth to wipe the virtual egg of my face when the government is not inevitably defeated this evening! But thats my point, time wasting shouldn't be an available ploy, if I and I'm sure many others here dragged our heals all day at work we'd seen get called out, MPs shouldn't be any different.
  8. Firstly I doubt the government will be defeated, but time will tell. Secondly, my point is more, if there's a vote to be had, running out of time should not be an issue for it not to happen, I don't care of the issue, it just strikes me as being game playing, just as I'm sure there are many other areas of Parliament that needs reform.
  9. Not sure what thread this should go in, but seeing as it relates to the Brexit votes I'll start here! But its this sort of political gaming that needs to be stopped, I don't care what the vote is on, but is there's a vote to be had then blummin well stay there till your done, the rest of us have to in our work life!
  10. If they withdraw the whip can he still run for leader?
  11. shrek

    Tommy Robinson

    I like Theo Usherwood, always struck me as a credible young man cutting his teeth as a political correspondent, if he can get undersome one's skin so easily, there's no excuse for more experienced journalists doing the same!
  12. shrek

    Lib Dems

    Do the Lib Dems engage in pairing? They were cheated by the Tories in the 90's when the Torys paired the same 3 MPs with 3 of theres, having already paired them with Labour MPs!
  13. Say what, lets declare it null and void and agree among ourselves that a re-run wouldn't be in anyones interests!
  14. I forget the fancy name for it, is it the Horseshoe Theory? The far left and the far right are probably closer to each other than they are the center point, I can see why they both want it Brexit, different reasons same disaster for the rest of us
  15. Don't forget all the other manifesto promises they've got to implement. I would have thought they need every day they can get in Parliament! Brexiteers are going to be up in arms if they miss any, they seem to have a real bee in there bonnet about them!