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  1. But don't fear, technology is going to save the day at the boarders!
  2. So I see, complete shambles. Also seen this;
  3. Does Wiki rate above or below "My Mate Mark" in the reliable source league table, asking for future reference!
  4. Yes, it appeared on the Wigan Evening Post website, every now on a survey pops up before you can read an article, giving you the option to either answer the question(s) or scroll down and find the skip option. Looks like they did it across there full range of publications to put the survey sample together.

    Football matches that would last all day and well into the night, with roughly equal teams, only ended when the mum of the kid who's ball it was shouted him in for bed, then in a blind panic, caution was thrown to the wind as both teams chased that elusive, "last goal winner" because nobody ever kept score!
  6. Have Nissan announced any job losses in Spain this week to counter the Europe wide slow down quoted above? Had a google and can't see any, they seem to make a number of vans and 4x4's there from what I can see, I'd expect them to be equally as hard hit as Sunderland.
  7. Out of interest, and this is in no way intended to be confrontational to any Brexiteers on the board, but how long does that acceptance last? Given how long it took to trigger article 50, followed by the potential for an extended negotiation/transition period, is the will of the people in 2016 indefinite if say we've not left by 2021?
  8. We only have the choice of the 3 main parties this time around, only Labour have so far bothered to put a leaflet through the door. I'm voting Liberal Democrat this time. On the basis that I always vote and I'm so strongly opposed currently to the two other parties on national issues I'll not be sticking my cross in there box. I'd also not vote Labour on a number of local issues that are tedious in the extreme to be of interest to anyone outside of Wigan! Plus Labour are very much the dominant party in the town hall, its not healthy for debate or good local government in my opinion so very keen to vote for one of the alternatives.
  9. Whilst agreeing with very few of his politics I do find his radio show to be a good listen. Unlike some on his side of the Tory, Brexiteer debate he does seem to respect the journalism bringing the Windrush story to light, rather than accusing them of being in the gutter; On his May interview, not sure which one you refer, but I heard one on his radio show, and even then, with softball questions, he managed to trip her up simply by asking her which way she'd vote if there was an EU referendum today, can understand why she wouldn't want to be part of anything that wasn't "vomit inducing"!
  10. Gambling I'd agree 100% with you, the current situation panders to the big bookies at the expense of people trapped in a cycle. Drinking, I'm not so sure, has the loosening of licensing laws had a dramatic impact? I rarely go out these days so out of the loop, but when I do "pre-loading" on cheep supermarket booze and drugs seem far more prevalent than they were in years gone by and perhaps lead to some of the issues you raise.
  11. As an outsider looking in random musings are; - How can the current leadership of the Labour party can be viewed as anything other than an abject failure given they lost to the worst winning General Election campaign I can remember. - How Corbyn can be viewed as anything but a liability in a parliamentary setting is beyond me given the number of open goals he's missed during his time in the job especially at PMQs. - How the current leadership of the Labour party can be viewed as anything other than an abject failure given there total inability to deal with and eradicate the antisemitism problem is beyond me. It speaks volumes for the state of the party, the job appears to be Corbyns as long as he wants at and its all set up for a carefully chosen replacement.
  12. Perhaps May should have given it more thought at the time!
  13. Tragic - when looking at numbers calling the new Windrush task force, we'd do well to remember those who can no longer pick up the phone.