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  1. London rioting, looting and shops burning to the ground under his stewardship never get mentioned!
  2. Ha - she's many things, working class isn't one of them! Plenty worse than her mate, got so bad my wife ended up joining up to keep her mum company, I think the rock bottom was going to one fund raiser when someone raised a glass to the passing of my father in law, "another remainer less" or words to such effect. Toxic isn't the word, short memories, seeing as he was someone who'd won elections as a Tory and spent large chunks of his life fighting off the Lib Dem front of the South West.
  3. Its a problem that won't go away, they can't carry on flip flopping. Even when we've left, there'll be a party like the Lib Dems having re-joining in there manifesto come every election, not sure how Labour counter that without falling down on one side of the debate now.
  4. This hits the nail on the head. Clearly there's a large portion of the Tory membership who don't get it, but they'll have plenty of time to look back and reflect when Johnson takes them over the edge and into oblivion. He can't out Farage, Farage, no matter what happens with Brexit, I'm fairly sure Farage will find another bandwagon to jump on and keep his career going further chipping away at the Tory vote, while the remainers also find somewhere else to cast there vote. I find it interesting when I listen to my mother in laws opinion, she's a life long Tory member, one of the door knocking, conference attending, fund raiser hosting variety, who'd argue Thatcher was our finest ever prime minster until the cows came home. She's voting Stewart, but there's plenty of johnny come latelys who'd label her a leftie!
  5. Ha - remember that, perhaps they came to an out of court settlement!
  6. If he makes the final two he's got my mother in laws vote and the wifes. Should he not make the final two, the mother in law is voting anyone but Johnson and my wife is sending back a spoiled paper, or so she says, but I suspect she to will be anyone but Johnson also, although she doesn't have many good words to say about any of the others!
  7. Boris has had his house on the market for a month now! I bet those walls could tell some stories..............!!!
  8. It wasn't live radio, it was pre-recorded.
  9. Remember it well, was sat in the stand on the 18th with Riversiderontour, formally of this parish - nearly missed our train back home thanks to the subsequent play-off!
  10. Whats changed Boris? Brown's looking for a Scottish ally
  11. For me its not a question of who will win, but how long will Boris last as PM? Can't imagine it being a long reign, unless in the inevitable general election he really can pull the wool over peoples eyes beyond the Tory party membership.
  12. Advisory being the key word, giving the Electoral Commission much less power to hold the likes of Johnson and Co to account for there words and actions.
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