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  1. Boris will come out in favour of a peoples vote, the majority will jump in the lifeboat this offers, we'll go round the block again and still end up in a bitter and divided place further down the line!
  2. How much money are we taking back control off? What percentage of government spending does this represent? What percentage of government spending is now being spent to facilitate Brexit that wouldn't otherwise have needed to be spent? Whats the net benefit? This is nothing to do with fighting the referendum, we've facts now, infrastructure that needs replacing, EU institutions we presumably need to mirror, trade deals to negotiate, thousands of hours of public servants time to pay for negotiating withdrawal agreements. Be nice to know what the net benefit will be. Putting aside the lie about Sovereignty of course.
  3. My honest opinion would be, few, if any of us are qualified to read, digest and fully understand a 585 legal document! Here it is though, perhaps there should be a TRL prize for the first one to read all 585 pages!
  4. We are already a sovereign nation, we already have control over borders and choose not to use all the tools at our disposal and what money are we taking control off? How much of the money currently spent on EU contributions (after the rebate) are we indeed now spending on bulking up customs, technology, portaloos on the M20, stockpiling medicine, civil servants etc etc etc. Are we saving or spending more than we would, to have what we wouldn't have needed had we stayed?
  5. The 8% refers to wanting a referendum on if the draft Brexit deal should be accepted, thats a very different question to having another full on referendum, perhaps explaining why the figure jumps to 42% in favour v 38% against in the Survation poll linked above. I don't think it holds true there are three Brexiteer positions either, sure I heard Ken Clarke suggesting in one interview today he may well vote in favour of the current draft, so there may well be some remainers in there. Hard to break down.
  6. Erm you appear to be 18% short.....
  7. Its a tough slog this one, there were 7 responses to question 6 were the 8% figure you quoted I presumed had come from, so the 4 other responses are; 8% - There should be a referendum on whether or not to accept the draft Brexit deal 28% - Britain should stop Brexit and remain in the EU afterall 2% - Something else 16% - Don't Know
  8. Indeed, and ignores the other 4 responses to the question! Perhaps a straight up Yes/No poll would help? I wonder if Survation was one of the pollsters Farage used on the eve of the last referendum, perhaps thats what him and Johnson were discussing last night, going around the block again would certainly help keep them relevent for a little while longer! Anyhow, this Daily Mail commissioned poll shows 42% in favour of a peoples vote, 38% against, not sure whats going on in the heads of the 20% who can't decide on a yes/no question!
  9. Hey look, we know you don't let the truth come between you and your leave believes, but try reading the question again, and then perhaps once more! Interesting that staying in the EU with no mention of a referendum is the runaway leader in response to the question!
  10. I believe that to be rubbish. There is a YouGov poll out today, perhaps its the one below, and you'd like to take a little time to read it over again?
  11. Just wait till Boris comes out for a peoples vote, heads will explode!
  12. I think its nailed on they won't get the 100 plus I've heard talked about today to move her on, seems there struggling to get to the 48 never mind, but if they do get to the 48 I think its nailed on she'll take it to the members, thats the point I was jumping to, she's to stubborn to walk away. Agreed the ERG seem to be taking a hit, I'm rather hopping Mogg will be left out on a limb, perhaps he could defect to UKIP!
  13. To be fair sounds like Hamilton was at least 3rd choice behind Gove and Cox;
  14. We're only two Brexit Secretaries away from Christmas! Doesn't seem all are happy about it though!
  15. Its not 100% certain she was talking about the ginger one but thats the rumour!