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  1. Heard a few pieces on the radio about this yesterday, I think this goes beyond competence and into potential corruption. Was interesting to hear that only one of the 3 architects bidding for the project got told it was going to be a garden bridge and the winning bidder had only built one bridge previously, which was described as more of a folly than a bridge. Still they scored higher than one of there rivals who'd successfully delivered 25+ bridge projects when it came to scoring relevent experience as part of the process. Still I'm sure bullet proof Boris will live to fight another day.
  2. Good job we've had mass immigration to keep pushing up those GDP figures!
  3. Nice to see this game get a mention on the BBC's live text coverage of United v City, thanks to Gareth Southgate being at rugby tonight.
  4. Farage was interesting on his show tonight, claims he phoned Johnson and pleaded with Gove face to face about the £350 million, and especially £350 million to the NHS claim, but didn't go public at the time as he didn't want to "shoot his own army in the back"
  5. Heard Boris banging on about the £350 million again this morning, can't bring himself to say, no of course its not going to the NHS you idiots!
  6. Very anecdotal, but talking to my father-in-law today, who's a card carrying Tory member, but also the biggest Europhile I've ever met, he's met and decided he'll be voting for his hard Brexit supporting Tory MP, rather than vote Lib Dem, who down were he is in the South West either win or come 2nd. Got me thinking if the Lib Dems can't secure his vote, or at least get him to be giving serious consideration as the campaign unfolds, then there in for a struggle!
  7. Are the Tories pushing them, or are UKIP pulling the Tories right? Heard Nuttell on the radio yesterday, reckons his UKIP policies are 10 years ahead of the other parties, I'd normally dismiss him as a crank, but then I look back 10 years and compare to now and I'm not so sure!
  8. Along with not having to worry about the implications of all/any of the potential 30 MPs in the ranks being up on fraud charges!
  9. I love bank holidays, speaking as a self employed person who chose to work Good Friday and Easter Monday this year, I got to have Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday off which is an improvement over most weekends!
  10. If your standing a candidate in Wigan, let them know they'll have my vote (73% Plaid), presuming the SNP don't have a candidate (77%). Lib Dems in 3rd with 69% and amazingly Labour in 4th on 65%, I didn't know they had any policies to measure against
  11. No John, not the gullible, just those with life experience seeminly different to yours. I voted Conservative in 2010, wasn't a fan of my local Labour MP, didn't much like Brown either and thought the time for change had come. But my son was born in November 2010 and through no fault of his own has been shafted by unrelenting and at times seemingly cruel cuts to a number of services, the older he's got the more austerity seems to kick in. First hand experience of how this government has chosen to tackle austerity means I see no way back to voting Conservative now or at any point in the future. Its also been noted as a pointy elbowed parent who's gone into bat with various organisations over the last 7 years that the excuses have matured over the years, it started off with the excuse of no we can't do that, budget cuts, which could never be evidenced to simply cutting budgets by stealth, such as leaving budgets unspent by not filling vacancies in professions like Speach Therapy. Its an interesting conversation I have with my retired mother who thinks the government is wonderful then lists all the things she now gets for "free" as an OAP, sat in her million pound house, with decent pension, the irony is often lost on her! Not that any of the other parties feel like a natural fit. Found myself voting Green in 2015, simply because the lad locally put his heart and soul into his campaign and I admire that so rather hoped he'd get enough votes to get his deposit back. Was a hypocrital vote mind, turning up to vote in a 110 Defender, but I've never been a fan of spoiling the ballot paper so duty done and all that.
  12. You blummin champagne socialist!
  13. Utter madness. She should move to Wigan you can commit assualt here and be nearly three times over the legal limit and still only get a suspended sentance!
  14. I think there's some merit in that so long as there looking for a new leader come June 9th and have anyone left with a bit of talent!
  15. Seeing as she's got form with U turns, be interesting to see if the media can get her to perform one on the leadership debates, win win for them, get her on and get a programme with decent ratings, don't get her on and they create there own news story that'll rumble on for a few weeks and then still end up potentially with a programme that'll get decent ratings, even if one of the lecterns is empty!