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  1. Play World of Warcraft. Not now classic is out, who doesn't want to go back 15 years in there gaming experiences!
  2. I've long liked the Blackedge Brewary bar in Horwich, well worth a visit if your ever near by. Across the way there's one called the Tap and Cork, which was always offered up as an option after a few in the Blackedge Bar when out with my good lady, one of these goldfish bowl G&T places. But plays the crowd by having a decent choice of canned and bottle ale, I normally object to paying pub prices for something in a can, but can tolerate it for one or two and the choice is normally decent! The Ale house which was and I think still is part of the Bank Top chain is also mean't to be worth a visit, but never get that far up the road!
  3. If we live in a world were a tenner is the difference between you getting back on your feet and not, I'll lend it you if the DWP don't.
  4. I'm one of the 2001 johnny come latelys, only signed up when I moved to London, so a bloody expansionist as well, something for all the haters!
  5. Don't go mentioning anything controversial like monkeys v penguins!
  6. I'm confused, its a rugby league forum and we're all mean't to be agreeable? Wasn't like this in the old days let me tell thee!
  7. I enjoy the races, but its not something I do more than a couple of times a year, enjoyed a couple of Race/Gig Friday nights, so probably puts me in the crowd the hardcore race goers could do with out! I don't go more often because of the choice on offer from other activities, factor in weekends camping away with the kids, watching football, rugby league, cricket, futsal, ice hockey and music gigs there's just so much choice that none get attended week in week out as there just isn't time. Got involved with a betting syndicate a few years ago, that was good fun, but fell apart as to many of the lads couldn't help but bet on things left right and centre so they never turned a profit, rather than following just the syndicate bets that turned a decent profit month in month out.
  8. Warrington, anything south of Warrington is, well, the south!
  9. Unbelievable to think that Jofra Archer is taking wickets in a world cup semi final, 4 years ago to the day - 11th July 2015, he took 5-15 opening the bowling for Middleton, an amateur club in the Sussex League. Some journey that!
  10. Not my thing, but met someone through work who turned up with the reg plate, 36DD. It was either ironic or aspirational I didn't like to ask!
  11. Not sure on pricing, but we visited a place in northern Spain a few years ago called Tamariu, it was perfect for families, lovely beach town, no package holidays, wide range of types of accommodation, places to eat, buses to other local resorts, well worth a look.
  12. It wasn't live radio, it was pre-recorded.
  13. "If you can't respect the person, respect the position." Advice given to me on my first ever day at work by a direct manager who hated every person above him and boy at British Aerospace the was a lot of people above him in the pecking order to hate!
  14. Yes I have. I used to vote Tory - now I don't. Not sure who should take the most credit for that, Trojan and Co in the 2010 General Election thread, who proved to be right, or pretty much everything political Saintslass has posted since. (The later obviously in jest! ).
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