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  1. Adobe. If any of you have a subscription with Adobe for Photoshop etc you can log in to Creative Cloud and get two months free.
  2. Seems a selfish move on his part moving to Scotland - wonder how many people he's come into unnecessary contact with as a result of relocating and what pressure his presence puts on medical services outside of London.
  3. Appreciate there franchises, but heard good things about Costa, Nandos and Cafe Nero going the extra mile locally to make sure there fresh stock didn't go to waste. Locally we have an Italian restaurant in the village I live that has spent all day making sure its fresh stock got to local OAPs and anyone in isolation, that'll be fondly remembered, plenty bought from there takeaway offering as a result and bought gift vouchers to show support.
  4. Agreed - it was across the board, I'm a regular user of Starbucks and McDonalds as temporary office space between appointments, business has been dropping off for weeks, both were empty last week.
  5. There's plenty of stupid going on. A cousins wife has spent all weekend posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about the stupidity of folk in tourist hot spots. She also posted a video of her sons 5th birthday on Saturday, candles blown out by the potentially toxic child, portions handed out to all 4 grandparents who were present. No words!
  6. I read that, from memory there was a case of two people on a bus, sitting a few rows back that led to the 4.5m claim in China, but I haven't seen it widely reported.
  7. Quite - but I'm sat back inside so they can have there windows open - going to be a long old summer if they don't get the message soon.
  8. At home all day today after having a massive job cancel. Suns out, so wondered out into the garden with a coffee to have a read and listen to the radio, my backside hadn't hit the seat before our neighbours in there 70's had closed all the doors, shut there windows and sent me a text asking me to let them know when I'd gone back in. They are currently in good health but staying at home, I have no symptoms, they know I have none as we'd been talking by text to see if and what shopping they needed. There was 20 meters from were I was sat to there house. Clearer information is needed either on there part or mine.
  9. Having wondered into Tesco earlier, I left with pretty much everything I intended to - 1 bottle of whisky, two packs of dish clothes, a 4 pack of soap, three tins of chill, two backs of tortillas and some grated cheese. (yes its a very lazy tea!!!). But we tend to buy for no more than a couple of days at a time and haven't changed that habit yet. But couldn't help but observe, there was no loo roll, no tissues, no nappies, no kitchen roll and forget it down the tinned food aisle unless you wanted chilli or tinned curry. What surprised me most though was my usual pondering of what whisky we'll tackle next was limited to either Balvennie, Talisker or blummin Bells, who the chuff is stock piling scottish whisky?
  10. We ended up staying for Sunday dinner in our local yesterday, was empty, normally heaving especially on a Sunday - its going to be a long hard road as it feels this is going to last for months. My business is vulnerable, I think I can cope if its an across the board slow down, it'll be hard, but just about survivable, I'd been saving up for a dip in business for Brexit uncertainty but that's not kicked in for me personally so that money is there. What would see me off is having to spend a couple of weeks in isolation while others cherry picked my customers, if those lost customers never came back then I'm not sure if it'd ever recover.
  11. Well that escalated quickly, for years the school Whatsapp group has been used by panicking parents to stupid/lazy to look up holiday dates on the school website, or in the kids bags for notes about non-uniform dates. Now we have indepth and dare I say ill informed discussions around the Departments of Healths, Impact of School Closures on an Influenza Pandemic paper!
  12. Does the fact (I think) its now a notifiable disease not help get a refund or help with travel insurance claims?
  13. A cousin, who is the driest, least reactionary person I know and a GP, just shared this; Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now
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