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  1. RIP Dave, legend of the game and all round nice guy. Enjoyed his work and was lucky enough to share a training pitch with him a few times many moons ago in deepest darkest Bolton where he fancied himself as a stand-off!
  2. Tragic news, far to young. RIP Inga. Such a nice fella, used to go in the pub I frequented as a teenager and sit there nursing a pint of water. Had dozens of Wigan shirts over the years, Ingas the only one I kept, legend.
  3. Classic FA Cup tie at the DW this afternoon, at 3pm, both sets of fans pretty much agreed in being non-fussed, promotions the priority, don't need any more of a fixture pile up etc etc. 89th minute - Blackburn equalise to make it 2-2, away end goes mental. 94th minute - Aasgaard scores a screamer to win it for Wigan, home end goes mental. Who cares if there are now not enough free mid weeks between now and the end of the season to fit all the matches in.............!!!
  4. Well done Sam Kerr, can't believe she got a yellow for it! Video safe for work - the sound however is not!
  5. Yes - but I'm fairly sure that was only named after he'd long since gone as manager.
  6. Quite - or moves on of his own accord, he did used to play for Bolton, that would be an especially awkward appointment!
  7. The word "hero" gets banded about to easily, but blimey, to have a player credit you with saving his life is some going. Charlie Wyke Nice touch to see the South Stand get renamed, the chairman doesn't hang about - can't be many managers at clubs playing out of stadiums with stands named after them!
  8. I did it a few years back, an interesting process but would gladly never do it again. As has been said take a good book. I'd also suggest when you retire to consider the verdict suggest to whoever has put them forward to be chair that you take a vote before the discussion starts to see where the land lies otherwise you'll end up going off on a talking shop for hours when you may already all agree. Don't be afraid to take notes during the trial, will be useful both for your own reference as the trial unfolds if its over a few days and when your in the jury room, will depend on the complexities of the trial. On the case I was selected for we must have been in and out of the court room 4 or 5 times a day while legal points were discussed behind closed doors so there wasn't much continuity, so over the course of 5 days the notes came into there own. It is worth taking food and drink supplies if you can, we found that if we got sent out we had to stay in the waiting room, but sometimes you couldn't get a brew as they'd shut up shop. Hardest part of I found, was it was a case around a sexual assault on an underage girl, details where harrowing in places, so worth bearing in mind you can't talk about it so I found walking helped, parked further away from court than I needed and just had a walk to clear the head.
  9. Tragic news, cracking player, fond memories of his time at Wigan especially. RIP young man, thoughts with family and friends.
  10. Appreciate Wigan won't appeal to all, but be a cracking atmosphere if we can get anything like a sell out crowd on, looking forward to it personally.
  11. Really miss Sportspages in Manchester, great shop. Still can't walk past anyone selling a fanzine these days and not buy one, don't care on the sport or club, they always make for an interesting read, but becoming increasingly rare these days even outside grounds on match days.
  12. Based on what? If your using the Salary Cap as a guide it was scrapped in Leagues 1 and 2 earlier this year.
  13. I'm fairly certain that the ownership was placed with Wigan Athletic because it had an on paper value of £27.9 million in the last set of accounts and Whelan was desperate to sell up so needed to include the assets. Nobody would take the football club without it. That 27.9 million wasn't so accurate when they came to test the market though!
  14. Has the operating company that runs the stadium ever made a profit? I know in the last set of accounts before administration there was a loss of around £1.5 million and in the year before it was a loss of around £750k. There may well have been some clever accounting going on there I'm not ever going to pretend to be clever enough to understand the mechanics of it. But as a fan, they look to me like deal breaking losses in the scope of Super League clubs annual budget. Bearing in mind, without the stadium there's no guarantee Latics would have found a buyers, leaving Lenagan with something of a white elephant stadium. Even if a buyer had been found at least one had talked about LSV as a potential home. Personally I think Lenagan did the right thing, plenty will disagree, but the figures just don't add up to me. I'm also not sure how easy the administrators where to deal with, there was a bizarre story where the parents of Wigan Athletics club captain Jamie Jones, tried to buy the training facility at Euxton. But the administrators didn't entertain the idea and instead sold it to Preston where there was a very strong ex Leeds United connection.
  15. Exactly. Complete none story, stand renamed for Football fixtures only, which presumably means nothing more than a bit of signage and it appearing on printed tickets as means for the new owners to get a few quid in to the club coffers. Only ever heard it as being referred to as the East Stand by Latics or Warriors stands. Same with the West Stand, not heard anyone refer to that as the Springfield Stand. Presume the ground will also be renamed soon since I believe Whelan stopped paying for naming rights in 2018. With large parts of the town still referring to it as "the JJB" not sure that'll make a great deal of difference to anyone's lives either, but Wigan being Wigan someone will have a moan!
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