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  1. The betting story is getting the headlines as its a good yarn with a shred of believeability. But for me I thinking it comes down to the share price of the original holding company, International Entertainment Corp, seem to have done ok since overloading the club and the volumes of trades around the time of the sale seem to have shot up. So there was a bet, just more likely to be on the stock market rather than the betting exchanges.
  2. 4 weeks since the last takeover, stinks. Thankfully the assets are all still in place.
  3. My two went back to school this week, Year 3 and Year 6. Can't praise the school enough, been amazing, at the beginning we had teething problems and frustrations, but got there in the end with home schooling. The run up to re-opening was fluid, but loads of communication from the school, initially should have been a 15th June opening, then pushed back to the 22nd, then brought back to the 15th with a few days notice. Re-opening has been smooth and well organised, kids seem to have enjoyed it. Plenty seem keen to point the blame at unions and teachers, in my daughters Year 6 class of 30, only 18 came in Monday, 2 have subsequently dropped out not liking there bubble and seeing mates have not come back in. Parents seem more of an issue anecdotally at our kids school. The youngest in Year 3 has an EHCP, so in theory could have been in throughout, but we've worked with school to ensure that he wasn't a burden in a small primary school, plus at home he could be taught during lock down with two of us here, rather than "managed" in a mixed age group at school. But they told us this week he could come back in with his normal teaching assistant ready to get back to it. But they've been amazing with him throughout, gone way beyond just setting work for him, had all sorts of videos, facetime and quizzes to keep his spirits up. Bit of a ramble, sorry, got a new found respect for teachers based on our experiences throughout this.
  4. Stemming from that conversation on my side, my brother in law dug out this photo with his granddad which I thought was splendid, Sunday service on HMS Mauritius with band and all the trimmings!
  5. This one of Rommel, 1943 in North Africa with my grandads handwritten notes has also been found today.
  6. Kids have made some home made bunting and done a few other bits to get there cubs and scouts VE badge. Then we spent the afternoon doing some school topic work, so looked up my Grandads WW2 record and researched his medals and what they were for. Found some lovely telegrams he sent my Grandma. From there ended up sharing with cousins and getting some lovely ones back.
  7. I've read them, but probably should re-visit. Without breaching any confidences, only found out this morning the youngest's class teacher is working from home for the foreseeable as she's in the at risk group, so not sure if she's waiting on something happening to set this up or if there's more to it, but she's out until the school re-opens on the 4th May. Sounds like other kids have all been farmed out to other schools in the academy trust - only reliable method of contact is twitter, which bizarrely gets a reply far quicker than e-mails seemingly do! Been better today, although we're off piste, will see he we go. Thanks for the offer of help, will take you up on that if we struggle, youngest is in mainstream but his diagnosis is hard to explain.
  8. Its hard - the EHCP has worked well for him, he has an amazing teaching assistant for 19 hours a week and the progress he's made with her help has been amazing. Not wanting to be the reason he stalls or goes backwards. We're sticking to the timetable, but he's not able to do the standard work set for class which is all we have access to at the moment, diving into BBC Bytesize once the 9-10am fresh air and exercise part of the timetable is over! Good luck with the dentist distractions!
  9. He's a nice guy and has been great over the years, but it feels like running to the head at the first sign of homeschooling trouble, if the SENCO had been anyone else would have been much easier I feel to get there advice and help. We were told the youngest could keep coming to school but it wouldn't be his school, it could have been any in the academy trust and he wouldn't be taught, he'd be "managed", so kept safe, but basically sat in a corner and occupied. I knew we'd made the right choice when the teaching assistant broke down crying and that she'd not been able to sleep worrying about him. Glad to hear you sound like your making progress in the right direction. I was despondent yesterday, especially at the thought of no help until the 4th May which feels a lifetime away if every day is like yesterday! Appreciate teachers have there own issues, some will have there own children to home teach etc but some support would be nice.
  10. Plan tomorrow is to use BBC Bitesize for the youngest, but with a grand sum of two weeks teaching experience behind us its hard knowing where to pitch, so we'll try, the work pack we did have was very specific and things went like a dream in the run up to the Easter break. The SENCO is also the school Head, which is far from ideal - not e-mailed them yet pondering it now, but because he is also the head we thought we'd give them a couple of days to get back to our follow up e-mail.
  11. Skype, Whatsapp video call, facetime anything would be better than whats currently on offer.
  12. First day back home schooling two primary school children today, had a couple of issues needed help/advise/guidance on, e-mailed school, the two teachers and two teaching assistants who could have helped are all off now until 4th May - no-one is stepping in to help in there absence. In the time between the initial shutdown and start of the Easter Holidays both children had paper packs to work through and it was easy to structure and worked really well. Today all we had was a link to a website thats been down all Easter, so was hoping to catch up today on Easter homework and todays lessons, but ran into a couple of issues, especially with the youngest who has an EHCP so really needs a tailored learning pack. Looks like tomorrow if nobody from school gets back to help we'll do our best with the wider online offering and hope we get it about the right level to help progress the youngest. Not sure how other schools are going on, but amazed at the total lack of technology being used to keep in touch with the kids, would have thought Zoom and the likes would have been ideal, but seemingly not. Hard work this teaching lark, no wonder they need so many holidays! Running out of hair to turn grey!
  13. Seeing a few posts that the official guidance has been updated, not sure when as its not time stamped so sorry if this is old news, but just for info for anyone that its relevant to who might have missed it;
  14. I had this e-mail through on the evening of 26th March, but had nothing since;
  15. Whoops - only seen it today - never clicked on all the links above, just a few! ?
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