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  1. Given the Leeds team, Wigan by 18. I don't imagine that Sky are overwhelmed with joy at Leeds' 'injury' list.
  2. Toulouse, Bradford, Dewsbury, HKR, London, Oldham.
  3. What occurs to me is whether, if the Catalans go down, whether M. Guasch would just shut them down and walk away. I've often wondered if he's really committed to the game or whether this is just a massive ego trip for him.
  4. At the start of the season I said that if, after all the close season goings on, the Cru finished on a point a game and eighth at the end of the first part of the season that would do me, and that's about what happened (equal eighth and missed out on the play-offs due to points difference) so I'm a happy camper. Now lets see if we can win the Shield.
  5. Anyone know the date that the fixtures are going to be announced for both the Super 8 and Plate (it'd be just my luck for the Cru to have a home game on 13th. August, when I'm away).
  6. Batley, Fev, HKR, Sheffield, Dewsbury, London.
  7. Hull by 6.
  8. Cas by 8 (perhaps).
  9. Saints by 12.