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  1. Bradford Bulls and RFL settle dispute

    Tetley's in the North, Fuller's 'London Pride in the South and Guiness in Ireland - that's all I need to know.
  2. challenge cup

    In your (our!) dreams!
  3. Why do RL clubs fold?

    And it leaves out at least five near misses in London Also, I take your point Adeybull, your notion of a simplified statement would probably be the best way to go, not that it'll happen - but as a Green Party activist I'm used to shooting at windmills!
  4. Who misses professional winter rugby

    That's right, they were talking about it at least a decade before it came in. Contrary to popular belief it wasn't a condition of the original Sky contract.
  5. Why do RL clubs fold?

    Sometimes wonder if clubs should be compelled to include the previous season's full accounts as a supplement in the first programme of the new season and as separate handouts at the club shop and offices. I think that far from causing trouble, seeing what was involved on running the club might lead to a greater appreciation of the problems that the board and/or owners have in keeping things going. I'm a great believer in being as open and truthful as possible about things - it solves far more problems than it creates!
  6. Rugby League World - New Season Launch Issue imminent!

    The reason he's keeping quiet is that the new editor's Mick Gledhill.
  7. Why do RL clubs fold?

    That about sums up my view. One of the reasons for me that we had to take Murdoch's tainted shilling was that other clubs tried to keep up with Wigan, who were run by someone who understood money and (as a bookie) risk taking, instead of just leaving Wigan to get on with it and concentrating on staying solvent - like soccer clubs in Scotland that don't try to emulate Celtic and Rangers. Over ambitious management could have been the start of the Bull's troubles, people forget that the club LOST money in the Bullmania glory days (which they were).
  8. Rochdale v Crusaders

    Match called off - waterlogged pitch. Not a surprise as the soccer was postponed today for the same reason.
  9. 2018 Admission prices

    £28 to watch League 1 is bizarre - I was wondering whether to go to Odsal in June or Cougar Park at the end of September and that about decides it in favour of Keighley!
  10. Bradford Bulls and RFL settle dispute

    Hopefully that's that and the Bulls can now move on. Like Adeybull, I doubt if we'll ever know what the settlement is, accountants are very good at burying things in the fiscal undergrowth -when I worked for the Post Office (as it was then) back in the pre-Thatcher days, to stop the Treasury getting its sticky paws on our money we used to rig the accounts in the telephone side's capital depreciation. Now, about Odsal, Horsfall and the Sports Centre...............
  11. Definitely looking forward to it, more so than in recent years - only being an ankle tap from a WC win and the Cru now looking stable and properly organised may have helped here
  12. Hock

    Hock's a bit like some players years back - highly talented, but cursed with a short fuse. Fifty years ago his behaviour probably wouldn't have been noticed (can you imagine what one of the real hard men like Cliff Watson would have done to him?).
  13. Rochdale Hornets

    Shows how out of touch I get in the close season!
  14. Rochdale Hornets

    Can we have Rob Massam and Jono Smith back, please?
  15. Super League clubs to compete with Rugby Union

    Bye-bye heartlands?