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  1. And I take it that's there's a better chance of me turning out at quarterback for the Packers at the weekend than the questions ever being answered.
  2. There's always daft rumours of that sort circulating in these circumstances in any line of business - I'd ignore it until there's definite proof. What interests me is what coaching experience Henry Paul has in RL.
  3. Certainly this thread's better than Corrie or Eastenders.
  4. Not too bothered about the result, as it's a first hit-up with a new coach and several new players - it's match time that matters at the moment. What is encouraging is that the club website's giving the gate as 312, which for a friendly at this level in the cold and damp isn't bad.
  5. It's the forum's equivalent of the momentum rule.
  6. Anyone know the result? Wasn't able to make the game.
  7. Boring as it might seem, as Futtocks says, all we can do now is wait and see what happens and find something else to ramble on about in the meantime. Like speculating on which three SL clubs Martyn Sadler said 1947 pages back were in potentially serious trouble - which should generate posts that'll take JD's mind off Bradford's problems!
  8. I suspect that I'm not the only one (in fact probably a small part of a very large crowd!) that fears that this is just going to end up as another bodge job by the RFL and we'll all be back again, if not with Bradford then someone else, within the year. Martyn Sadler has said on this thread that there are three SL clubs who are not in exactly the best of financial health (and has quite rightly not named them, before anyone says anything). I think that it will take one, or possibly two, of them to go spectacularly belly up mid-season (close season the RFL can always go 'on the bodge' again) before the RFL starts to seriously address the problems of financing at club level.
  9. Thanks.
  10. Soccer, by the way, is Eton slang for association (this from the Alan Hart-Davis series on the Victorians, and as he's an Old Etonian he would know).
  11. Apologies if this has ben raised before, but at 75 pages I'm beginning to lose track. If there's no club playing at Odsal next season, does this breach the conditions of the RFL's lease, meaning that the council can just repossess the ground without compensation?
  12. Agreed - looking forward to the new CC1 season at Queensway, plus the rest - the big question is can we win the WC? I'm currently reduced to watching re-runs of last season's NRL games on Premier Sports!
  13. Sounds just like Shropshire Unitary Council - as a local Green Party activist I could go on (and on, and on.......) about this, with only one councillor in a rock solid Tory area it's a bit like whistling into the wind that's full of dark brown organic soil supplement. Your suggestion would fit the bill quite nicely, in my opinion - now try to convince the council to do it - it'll make trying to get Saint Toppy to see sense seem easy.
  14. Something's just occurred to me about Odsal. If the council do take it back and then sell it on, any money they get will be what's known as section 106 money which has quite strict conditions on what it's spent on. This is necessary to stop councils selling off assets to use the cash as effectively an election bribe by reducing things like council tax. Here in Oswestry, we've £4 million from the sale of the old livestock market in the bank that we're trying to find a use for.
  15. One thought and a niggle. The thought: Surely the Blackpool Summer Bash is part of the Sky contract. If so, cancelling it would upset Sky, and given that they are apparently reviewing their sports' portfolio this might not be a very good idea- without Sky it wouldn't just be Bradford in deep do-do. Niggle: I wish that people here would stop equating N.W. Crusaders with the original club, which folded and was then liquidated. They are completely separate entities.