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  1. Chronicler of Chiswick

    Female pundits

    #MeToo seems somehow to have passed you by.
  2. Chronicler of Chiswick

    Sun 24 Feb: SL: Wigan Warriors v Hull FC KO 3pm

    My outlier of the week - Hull by 6.
  3. Unfortunately I've got to let my head rule my heart - Cas by 20.
  4. Chronicler of Chiswick

    24 Feb: The Betfred Championship Match Thread

    Barrow, Batley, Bradford, Toronto, Toulouse and Sheffield - like Krzzystuff I'd normally have said Widnes but in view of what's happening the Eagles get an unexpected bonus win.
  5. Chronicler of Chiswick

    23-24 Feb: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Skolars, Newcastle, Donny, Oldham, Cru (cough, cough).
  6. Chronicler of Chiswick

    Sun 17 Feb: WCC: Wigan Warriors v Sydney Roosters KO 7pm

    I'll be optimistic and go for Wigan by between 7 and 12. Oh, and any Aussie who reckons we're a talentless void can't have watched Parramatta lately!
  7. Chronicler of Chiswick

    15-17 Feb: The Betfred Championship Match Thread

    All home wins with the exception of Bradford at Sheffield, but Toronto - Widnes should be close. Incidentally, the people of Green Bay must think that Canadians are a load of wimps switching the match to Blighty - the Packers have sold out games when it's -20 and snowing!
  8. Got to be realistic - HKR by 6.
  9. Chronicler of Chiswick

    16-17 Feb: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Workington the only away winners. Apparently the Cru were due to play at Skolars this weekend but it's been switched to May 11 (6th. round of CC day) for some reason.
  10. Chronicler of Chiswick


  11. Chronicler of Chiswick

    R2 Attendances

    I make the average for the first two rounds to be 8999, which given that Leeds have yet to play at home and the weather doesn't seem too bad.