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  1. Last ever super league game in France ?

    My mind boggles at the thought of what this forum will look like this time next week if the Catalans beat Leigh (especially if it depends on a 50-50 ref's call). As a London supporter who gets his live fix with the Cru, my sympathies in this are too obvious to need stating (posted he in hope rather than expectation!).
  2. Well done Wakey, good end to the season on all fronts there! The sight of Wane actually grinning with Wigan getting beaten was one of the creepier things that I've seen in my life, perhaps he reckons that the P45's on its way.
  3. Heart wants Newcastle and York, head says 'don't be a pr*t, it's Barrow and Whitehaven'.
  4. 22nd/23rd/24th Sept : Super 8s - The Qualifiers Match thread

    Agreed. Also, can the naysayers here explain how we in London can get our own ground in a city where building land can cost over £2 million an acre!
  5. Toulouse and Sheffield (just to be awkward).
  6. Wakey to stay at Belle Vue, redevelopment plans

    With the council's involvement I wouldn't be surprised if the relevant paperwork went through at a speed that would make Usain Bolt look like a pensioner with a zimmer frame!
  7. Wakey to stay at Belle Vue, redevelopment plans

    And staying at Belle Vue means that supporters won't have to change their pre and post match watering holes (got to get our priorities right, you know!).
  8. Catalan v Widnes

    If Catalans play as they did in the last 10 minutes last week, Widnes haven't a chance - but that's a BIG if.