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  1. Chronicler of Chiswick

    23 Sept: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Oldham, Hunslet, Newcastle, Doncaster, Crusaders (my one away game this season), York, Bradford.
  2. Chronicler of Chiswick

    22 Sept: Super 8s: Hull FC v Catalans Dragons KO 5pm

    I'll say Cats by 6, but with no real confidence.
  3. Chronicler of Chiswick

    New league structure revealed

    11 home games not enough? My heart really bleeds for the poor little souls. 11 is all we're getting next season in L1 and there's apparently not going to be a return of the Cup competition as they couldn't find a sponsor!
  4. Chronicler of Chiswick

    15-16 Sept: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    The nasty thought that occurred to me on the way home was that, given the RL's predilection for moving the P&R goalposts during the season, we all may only have two seasons to get the <naughty word> out of this division before all the clubs in it are consigned to the outer darkness.
  5. Chronicler of Chiswick

    15-16 Sept: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    A deeply uninspiring end to the home season for the Cru. Although we were able to match Donny for several periods in the game the usual besetting sins of unforced errors and dropped balls in crucial positions (there was one long range Donny try where the scorer probably still can't believe his luck!) did for us. All credit to Donny's players, who when they saw a chance leapt on it like a hungry lion on a wilderbeest (disgusting analogy of the week). 296 of us there on a rather humid afternoon, I make this year's average gate to be 378, 9.6% up on last season with the highest being (surprise, surprise) Bradford at 886 and the lowest Hemel at 215. Hope we can do better at Keighley next week as I'm probably going to be there.
  6. Basically, the working class were paid, the middle and upper class received 'expenses'. There was one season at the back end of the nineteenth century when cricket reported that Dr. W. G. Grace's expenses had been £6000, the equivalent of over half a million now.
  7. Which, of course , in the absence of a video ref is what the ref had to do. I also seem to remember that at one time the rule was benefit of the doubt to the attacking side, although I don't know if that still applies.