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  1. England quite comfortably in the end after a close first half (and I've NEVER been inside a McDonalds and have no intention of ever so doing!).
  2. Hassle free training run for Australia.
  3. 2018 Series v NZ

    Knowing the RFL, it'll probably be Dewsbury, Blyth Spartans and Dulwich Hamlet.
  4. Nigel Woods vacations timing ?

    Ah, so you've been to Oslo by Ryanair as well!
  5. Nigel Woods vacations timing ?

    The concept of NW dancing naked has put me right off my mid-morning choccie bikkie!
  6. London Broncos announce new head coach

    Could it also be that David Hughes doesn't have sufficient funds to take the club to the next level, but enough to keep us where we are? And before people start saying 'bring someone else in the help', we've tried that and no-one was interested!
  7. 2018 fixtures

    Super League ko 13 weeks today. Just thought I'd remind everyone.
  8. League 1 Fixture Delay

    Not sure what Toronto's to do with L1 next season as they're not in it. Anyhow, what was to stop the RFL simply compiling two sets of fixtures, one with Oxford and Gloucester in it and one without and just release whichever applied? That, incidentally, was a rhetorical question - we all know the answer!
  9. No - in fact they were cricket WC finalists in (I think)2013, the game being played in India where both sets of supporters and the players behaved immaculately, a highlight for me being the sight of the two country's presidents being icily polite when it was fairly obvious that they'd rather have been trying to throttle each other!
  10. 24hrs to go - predictions!

    Noon: - England win leads to grumpfest on this forum because we've nothing to moan about.
  11. Yes, that really was a dodgy part of the world! It was said that you could get a woman, a gun, a fix and a Cup Final ticket standing in the same queue
  12. The question for me is what is a reasonable commercial rent? Bear in mind that Wigan apparently pay £400k/year for use of the DW.
  13. To veer off topic for a second or two, given the job market in West Yorkshire I'd imagine that a lot of the staff will have little choice but to do the commute - which won't be that good for the environment and West Yorkshire's carbon footprint!
  14. That RLWC TV deal with Premier Sports

    Something else to ponder - would Sky show all the games or just the ones on Fox (another Murdoch channel).