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  1. Relegation is still too close to call, although I agree that the losers of the London - HKR game will have problems here. Saints still look like favourites for the LLS and unless Cas and the Cats start winning again soon Wigan and Salford will overtake them. I reckon that we're looking at a Saints - Wire Grand Final at the moment, but there's still a way to go.
  2. Increasingly weird and very enjoyable season in the lower reaches of the table (well done HKR, by the way).
  3. I'll say London by 6, but the way we're playing it could just as easily be Cats by 30!
  4. Toronto, Toulouse, Halifax, Sheffield, York., games at Fev and Leigh too close to call.
  5. As they're staring on some of the work for the new ground, things are looking hopeful. I was wondering whether the football club's relegation would stymie things .
  6. Mine's just popped through the letter box, surely that's a bit early.
  7. Could it be that he was acting against instructions from the editor by trying to get into the ground?
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