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  1. got semi and final tickets
  2. toronto skolars wales doncaster hunslet worky york
  3. just thought it looked old and warn and markings looked like 15 different sports played on it. however i suspect over time they will get top class facilities.
  4. i think barrow will be more focused on playing rugby hopefully. also ref was poor tonight as well i thought. when there was repeated oxford penalties early he should have binned one then. too much niggle need to sort that pitch out as well
  5. yes if no NRL based should be even more competitive. come on RFL give us the game. doncaster and 15k again pls
  6. thought the game was a poor advert for our game. oxford went looking for a fight and trapped TW into it. looked messy and rubbish imo
  7. home & away i reckon. could be a great way to develop talent & a deeper squad
  8. i think a mid season test and then a back end of season test v France just using SL players now makes sense. starts to give 2 or 3 regular games. gets NRL based involved and then gives SL players a chance to step up before season end tournaments. also better french players appearing and only playing SL players should even it out a bit. also those french games are always set up last minute but always draw a crowd. france will never get bigger as a sport if we dont back them we all want more international football so RLIF give it to us
  9. I'm sure we are all wanting to know how many fans signed up and paid for the game. could this be a game changer for RL?
  10. got to grind this out and score points later on like an aussie team would do. lots of control needed
  11. really think this is a smart move by RFL. be really interesting to know viewing figures and revenues after. good luck i say may free our sport.
  12. dont forget if you want to watch the Samoa v England game live and for free tomorrow you can watch it at skolars 1995 bar. opens at 10. beer & bacon butties