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  1. should have won. lads turned a corner
  2. IM2

    London Skolars

    hi mate email 0208 888 8488
  3. think you have forgot bev risman, hector mcneil & Julian founded it. Lionel came later
  5. decent result for both teams imo. Think skolars have actually scored more than anyone at Odsal this season as well. Plus they had 10 players injured at the moment
  6. the idea wasnt a return of county games. its about towns and cities playing for a bit of extra pride in a normal SL round and matching teams who are from ancient lancashire and ancient yorkshire
  7. whats stereo typing about town and city clubs having pride in their counties. giving something extra to play for and encourage the fans to turn up. you could build it up during the week with history & nostalgia events during the week at schools and in the towns etc
  8. didnt get any interest before. to me this is a better version than "Magic". Club can sort off themselves as well don't need RFL
  9. yes its real matches. its a theme that gain traction over time like the Anzac, or indigenous day NRL round etc.
  10. they dont in the same way that the union double headers dont include everyone.
  11. A thread earlier talked about creating events and i believe thats the way forward. Union did with double headers on st georges day and paddys day at London Irish. Perhaps we can have a double header annually perhaps at the start of the season where Yorkshire clubs play Lancashire clubs and call it "War of the Roses". Have it at bigger football stadiums and push hard on sales. Anfield could host - St Helens v Hull & Warrington v Castleford & Elland rd or Hillsborough could host Leeds v Wigan and Hull KR v Widnes/Salford The next year it can be reversed. Think it would be a great way to build a start to the season and build crowds.
  12. whats better new players in our game in a new area or M62 rejects representing a development area team.