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  1. what was the story with the red card and did it make the difference. good performance with so many injuries and travel for skolars
  2. you name me a better canadian artist mate? bieber dion?
  3. to play before and after the Skolars v Toronto game tomorrow at 2.30
  4. 1350 ish i think. friday night lights eve of challenge cup match. i suspect around that figure hopefully more
  5. dont think there will be much choice with that mate have to face the GS at new river
  6. also france holland and germany and many more
  7. funny enough there is a few from canada
  8. London Skolars’s opening Kingstone Press League 1 fixture of 2017 is set to break records as pre sales of tickets for the event surpass previous records. Speaking of sale of ticket, Skolars General Manager Jac Davies said: “The level of pre sales thus far have exceeded previous records, that’s some going when you consider the type of events that London Skolars are famed for hosting such as Capital Challenge and Friday Night Lights. We hope that as well as the spectacle of Toronto, fans are interested in what Skolars are bringing to the table this year, especially given it’s investment in facilities at New River” It is hoped that the crowd will pack out the grand stand at New River as well as draw a global television audience giving both Skolars and Toronto some well deserved exposure. “This event shows that League 1 can compete on the global market of sporting events, given the recent success of BBC Sport streaming early rounds of the Challenge Cup, there is certainly an appetite for more coverage of Rugby League beyond the hold of Super League clubs.” said Jac Davies. Tickets are still available via this link:
  9. thats this weekend
  10. there is no doubt they have caused a stir and people are intrigued. lets hope they dont get the show on the road until the week after!