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  1. funny i cant go to the semi this weekend but am going to the final. i paid $61 per ticket and sold for £56 a ticket last night. sign there is demand.
  2. anyone got any news. hope the aussies can redeem themselves in the final 3 games.
  3. World Cup Crowds

    what were the last round crowds i cant find them anywhere?
  4. England need more games. How & away v France makes sense with just SL players. Once a year against one off Samoa Tonga or PNG. Then add in 4 nations or tours & WC thats a coherent calendar for me. If we wont play a team we just beat 36 - 6 then Ireland wouldn't play SA at union after yesterdays result. Also we should encourage those 3 to tour as well. International game gets way more profile than anything else but we need to set it down and have faith in it. England needs games & a focus for the squad.
  5. World Cup Crowds

    I've also no doubt that PNG stadium will be extended to 20k minimum probably 25k loads of room for growth
  6. World Cup Crowds

    and brisbane
  7. World Cup Crowds

    i just think the aussies outside brisbane only turn up when it means something i.e. gets to the business end of the tournament
  8. so what does the quarters look like now and who is likely to play who & where & should all sell out?
  9. be interesting to see if this one makes any money and if so how much. has a chance with the pick up in results after this weekend. you have to feel it should be sell outs from qtr final onwards now. if they do make decent money they need to prioritise tournaments & tours for the next 5 or 6 after the top 3 eng nz & oz. has to be 3 or 4 southern hempishere and 2 or 3 northern. on present form has to look at ireland and france & fiji, png and tonga maybe samoa as well.
  10. ok but if soccer the worlds most dominant sport has mostly heritage players at their WC & the tournaments why does it matter? tell me that any of those tongans or samoans didn't believe they are what they are. they only choose to play for NZ & Oz as there is more money in it and more prestige cos we dis the international game so much.
  11. wow couldnt disagree more. these lads all qualify in the same as any other major sport soccer union etc. in the last soccer WC something ridiculous like only 50% of players were born in the country they play for. also if these sorts of platforms and results dont inspire a generation of players nowt will. Tonga could make the final now imagine that. maybe even win it
  12. big mistake imo doesn't engender confidence
  13. my major concern is that the USA team has gone backwards massively at this WC. They needed to show up strong to show that they had a long term plan to compete in 2025. Without a strong USA team in 2025 forget it being a success.
  14. Clearly the 4 sides above are emerging as great RL playing nations. To get better they need more tournament rugby & tournaments that are stable and can develop and make money. a 4 or 5 nations every 2 years in the odd years of a world cup cycle would be massive for the game & break a reliance on the aussies. we finally have a chance to create a pathway for RL to develop a deeper bench of international teams. England need to play all 5 more often & have to invest in France and perhaps Ireland. Invest not in terms of money but playing them more. Especially if we only used SL players for the England team it would help even things up a lot. We can bring the NRL players in if we play mid season v samoa or similar. seems obvious to me this is the way forward. if we stuck at this for 2 or 3 WCC cycles we would have potentially 8 or 9 quality league teams emerging.
  15. World Cup Crowds

    no i am not. we keep using the union WC as comparisons and the reality is tens of thousands of british fans go to their WC so why is it not a valid comp to ask why those who are complaining dont go as well?