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  1. Reckon every referee is hated by some fans somewhere. So lets sack them all then......er but then we'll have no games. If what is reported is true, then someone at the RFL should be suspended immediately. And suspect Joe Cobb will have some solid evidence given his profession.
  2. I remember the Scarborough game as it was a midweek game and I watched it on Britsh Aerospace (?) Tv who televised it. Pretty sure Eddie Rombo scored with his first touch and then scored a solo humdinger to win it and a true Dewsbury legend was born.
  3. Remember him coaching at a kids rugby course back in the 1970s which I went on. Good bloke.
  4. Spot on. The current funding incentivises some clubs to go for broke, make the Middle 8s as Fev did and your quids in, miss it as Bradford did and financial disaster. The Fev v Bradford game was probably a £0.5m game, had Fev lost where would they have been? And the Championship Prizemoney funding is nowhere near enough to get to SL standard. You still need a Derek Beaumont to put the same in again.
  5. I am a bit less optimistic, as Trinity had 12 u19 players and they still won. Kain needs to be more precise, still passes going astray. Hemingway is still slow passing, he needs to pass from the floor, not pick it up and then pass, just makes it easier for our opponents. His defence is lightweight and he hardly runs with the ball. At the end of last season he was a different player, looked like he was playing for a contract. Ward shows what a good hooker can do. Defensively we just dont seem to be able to get players to the floor. Trinity madeva lot of easy metres with 2/3 Rams hanging off them. And our goal line defence gifted easy tries by various players just running out of the defensive line. And all our tries came from Sykes, lets hope he stays fit. So yes it was an enjoyable game, but we were beaten by a team of mostly Academy players.
  6. https://wakefieldtrinity.com/chester-names-squad-trip-dewsbury/ Trinity bringing a mixed side, given our squad size, reckon we will be near full strength, so expect we should win.
  7. Pretty sure my club Dewsbury and many others in Championship will miss their large travelling support and some cracking matches over the last couple of seasons.
  8. Not heard anything yet, does anyone know?
  9. He was a player ahead of his time, dynamic running, try scoring hooker, selected for GB despite playing for Dewsbur, won a World Cup scoring the other try to Clive Sullivan, proved himself in Australia. Didnt like his commentary, but as a player and supporter of the game, a well deserved honour.
  10. Pretty sure Mark Sawyer and Kevin Nicholas have it sorted between them. But would be interested to know the attendance, looked like 1500-2000.
  11. If Bradford get a points deduction, they might struggle. If we get a decent start, then go with 7th or 8th. Lacking half backs and a prop, we will need some decent DR players to improve on this.
  12. What was the attendance?
  13. 528 according to Batley Forum. Looked like a few more than that.
  14. Batley looked organised, slowed the play the ball down, kicked well, we didnt look organised, lacked composure at key times and failed to slow the play the ball down. Its been like this for a couple of seasons.
  15. Its because we have no half backs or organisation.