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  1. Who Trusts Labour?

    I have been a union member paying political levy for 30 years now. a few years back I joined the full labour party, just to vote against Corbyn in the last leadership election. Whilst I totally understood where he wanted to go I though that he was too much too soon, and we needed to gradually bring the psyche of the country back to a more fairer deal for everyone. However after the last election - yes he didn't win, but he has changed the direction of the politics of this country, in the the tories have realised that they need to try to appear to care. For me Corbyn has done a lot even in opposition in that he has reset the position of our politics.
  2. If you care about what happens to our birdlife, then please sign this the illegal killing of raptors on Driven Grouse Moors is a ecological disgrace. It is not anti shooting, even the BASC are starting to question this. here is a peer reviewed report on what's happening to Golden Eagles in Scotland. They disappear on Grouse Moors.
  3. Those nice tories

    Labour get in, start spending money and improve the lives of the less fortunate and enable people on middle income to be better off. After a this has been achieved these same people start to enjoy the benefits of these labour polices, and become more affluent. They now start to want to a maintain their limited affluence and aspire for more affluence, they become enamoured with the tory ideal, vote tory. The tories get in by seducing new voters by scaremongering that their lives will revert back to what it was (under the last tory government). They keep these people by making life worse for the less fortunate, increasing the fear of slipping down the social standing.
  4. England team For France Match

    Whilst I agree with you about improving players, do you think Powel would be given the time with the England players to achieve this. The situation is that the current set up just throws players together and doesn't care for their well being etc. Oh and by the way for everyone bigging Bennet up as a coaching genius, that last game was like watching Saints under Cunningham.
  5. Magic Good News

    If the rumours are to be believed, then the Iranian billionaire at Everton wants to build a 50+K seater on Trafalgar dock,(just to the north of the the Liver Buildings and about 10-15 min walk from the centre. If this goes ahead (and the pitch is the right size) the I can see this being a regular stadium for RL, and Ideal for Magic (By Ideal I mean Ideal for me)
  6. Those who can, do. Those who can't teach.
  7. Rant thread

    Anyway after Ragnorak, the earth will arise again and a human couple Lif and Lifthrasir will step forward from the branches of Yggdrasil. Life will begin afresh without the taint of evil. This is another concept that Christians have stolen from the true religion, along with Yule celebrations for 12 days( when the sun stops), and Eorster for the arrival of spring.All the Abrahamic religions have the traits of a Loki trick. Come on tell someone to sacrifice his only son, then just say only joking. The trouble is Loki always took a trick too far and always stands in the way of the other gods who want to bring order and calm. But Loki is a poor God to follow if you think of the triats of the Abrahamic god the more Loki fits the discription.
  8. Football problems

    Oh well I think they should both be kicked out and let their previous opponents take their place
  9. Hillsborough Inquest update

    You should always choose your battles carefully
  10. The NHS Strike

    Let's face is these doctors are on £100,000 a year, and work ~60-70 hours a week, but they are just being greedy, they are just taking money from the country. Where's the wealth that they create, were are the jobs that they create(on mimium wage obviously). With this work ethic they have they should be running companies and creating wealth and jobs, not wasting time saving the lives of benefit scroungers, making old people better, They do not contribute one penny to this country, indeed by making all these people better, it puts more strain on schools, infrastructure etc.
  11. Liz

    It just goes to prove, the good die young
  12. campaign to stop tackling in schools rugby

    That is one cancer causing thing away from a full house
  13. campaign to stop tackling in schools rugby

    I think this is a very good summing up of the issue In this the writer does not argue for a total ban on tackling in junior rugby, which let's face it the letter doesn't either, the suggestion is to ban it in schools. If we let the clubs, with the properly trained,insured and affiliated coaches to teach tackling etc, this is they way forward. This way playing tackle rugby is a voluntary option. The issue is that in school the P.E teacher will probably only have the basic level of rugby coaching and they will not have the personnel to look after any suspected head injury. All this 'rugby creates character',' it's good for you rhetoric' is just smoke and mirrors. The issue is banning tackling as part of the school curriculum, where people may not have a choice (or peer pressure may remove that choice), not banning tackling in the junior level of the game at clubs.