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  1. The ref pulling your winger back was an odd one that we talked about at the match certainly and one to raise. I'll wait until I see the video, but I think he blew the whistle a bit too quickly so the play had to be stopped. A good referee would probably have held off until he was sure an advantage wasn't going to develop. I'm not one to defend dissent in matches. It's hateful infection coming from football and which I rank alongside 'simulation'. Another awful trait which was clearly on view yesterday. Hallas needs to cool it with the mouth, he's young and Toovey needs to check him. On a general point, and it's been mentioned before this season, because we've got a team of kids then we do get targeted for rough play (two extra teenagers on show on Sunday). There have been very many incidents this season where the referee has clearly lost control and it's resulted in violence on the field. This has caused a lot of frustration on the coaching staff, players and fans and spills out. Towards the end of yesterday's game I think it was fairly clear that Scott Moore had had enough and was looking for trouble.
  2. Bitter, childish, pitiful, and undignified.... hmmm. Like that is it, that's quite a list. Your post is quite a contrast to that of Colin's above it.
  3. No he doesn't. Nowhere in that account does it say that Swinton played well. It says they deserved to win. Also, it's doubtful that Parker would even know where Odsal is. 'Streetwise' is a very polite word for how Swinton play the game. You crack on reading your reports mate. I'll go to the game.
  4. Don't need to, I was at the match.
  5. You said 'well played'. Playing well and deserving to win are two different things. They didn't play well and they certainly didn't play well in terms of the spirit of the game. The biggest influence on the result was the ridiculous sending off of Johnny Campbell.
  6. Ha! You clearly weren't at the game.
  7. Don't disagree at all. Toovey isn't suited to this level. In the 'programme' today Graham Lowe - the part owner, called for Toovey to be the next NSW Blues coach. How about reading that as a fan!!! Remember that the owners of the club are RFL stooges. They got rid of the money men.
  8. We've got another whole division to work through yet.
  9. I was thinking more of the defending player diving at the ground with his body.
  10. I was thinking about this the other day and it seems, that the big leap and then the put down in the corner (like the Ethan Ryan photo earlier) seems to be default. I'm now thinking, as an opposing winger, that the only way to counteract the try is not to attempt to tackle the player but to cover the corner on the grass. This way when the ball is attempted to be placed then there is a player on the ground preventing it. You heard it here first...
  11. Bolllox! Surely can't be Sunday again so soon can it?
  12. You played well in a tight game. I said to my lad we need to be 12 in front at half time to account for the slope. No,surprise we lost after that. I hope you enjoyed the atmosphere we brought to go with the two points. It's not all about Bradford of course, although for us it is, what with being Bradford fans n'all.
  13. Sadly that's the problem right there. The RFL refuse to learn. Lets say you go into admin due to lack of funds, you'll be in a desperate situation. What will happen then is, just when you need every penny, the RFL will actually compound your problems by taking more money from you and in addition handicap you and any potential rescuer for the following season as a punishment. People may feel these are just punishments, and they may be. But if the aim of the RFL is to help clubs in trouble then neither of these things will help you, they will worsen your position, and neither will have any 'deterrent effect' elsewhere.
  14. Says more about how far we've fallen rather than how far others have risen.