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  1. If that did happen how do you think DB would react to that? In terms of his continued commitment to the club.
  2. Not RL but 'The Mighty Waltzer' is a wonderful read if you're looking for a sporting semi-autobiographical book. Beautifully written by a superb author.
  3. You've got a lot of hate going on there Phil. What are these memories and taunts that are behind your hatred? Care to share?
  4. As expected at Fev today. The boys gave it real good dig and won the second half despite being smashed in the first. Average age of the team today was just turned 21. Super proud of the effort with a standing ovation at the end. Life isn't great for us at the moment, but watching these lads putting it in is magic. Only two props - Kirk (20) and Magrin (22) Ryan and Oakes played centre the rest below are forwards. 8 academy players 20 Ryan 20 Oakes 18 Bentley 20 Kirk 23 Vila 18 Wilkinson 18 Hodgson 18 Tomlinson
  5. £2 for a cup of tea! You've got some front down there. I'll be astonished if we win. We can't even name a full squad of 19. We've got some cracking kids though so watch out for those..
  6. Expecting a shalacking but looking forward to seeing the continued progress of the game's next super stars... Everything you need for an away day at Fev.
  7. Yeah, agree with that. The long and short of it is that we know that we can't win games with a pack full of kids and, despite a massive effort from them last night, the Fax pack are full blown big hard blokes. No wonder their props could stay on virtually the full match when they're up against teenagers. They are are good solid team with probably the best half back in the division. We did shoot ourselves in the foot as well mind. Held up twice and twice 'dropping' the ball over the line. What did make me smile was the disproportionate levels of celebration by the Fax players. It really is their cup final.
  8. Looks like they're playing silly games... Timing of their statement was about 5 mins after the announcement by us so make of that what you will.
  9. Blowing teams away throughout the season is poor preparation for the middle eights. You'll definitely need to address the issue when the time comes.
  10. Now wouldn't that make for a fun debate if it happened. Maybe our mysterious new owner will take up Michal Carter on his offer. Or, perhaps we could replace Catalan. Speaking of which, is it 12:30 yet?
  11. No-body 'wished' to be relegated, but many felt it was the right thing at the time. We are where we are and playing the hand that's been dealt. I think the great support each week would have remained pretty much the same whichever division we were in. A lot of folk are getting carried away with this start, there's a long way to go.
  12. !!!!!!! The butterfly effect hits us again. Gonna be a beaut is Oldezki.
  13. I think we've already found a winner for that.... calling me a girl cos I like to wash my hands after a piiss. I'm outraged a tell thee!
  14. Indeed. I would imagine you hold it a lot.