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  1. Aside from the awful AoB decision at Fev he's done brilliantly. He's changed the whole attitude of the squad, got rid, and brought in some very good players. The way he's behaved since November has been special and I think an awful lot of the players will miss him badly. Whoever comes in now will suffer within the playing rosta for not being Rohan. And that's another step backwards. I was very much looking forward to that team playing. I think it would have been superb in this division. At the end of the day the new regime obviously couldn't afford him within their new budget. Reminds me of a car dealership group that went bust. The newco sacked the best salesman because he was the highest paid.
  2. Remember this when we go bust in 2018.
  3. FFS man! Are you better now? My mate won a signed Edwards Bulls shirt in a raffle at the time and he couldn't put it in the bin fast enough.
  4. Not sure if you missed it but my post is about the academy. Of course pro players need to look after themselves and will go to other clubs, but I'm talking about the academy being raided two days before a decision on ownership that will secure the club / end the club. Surely the RFL have a duty of care to the club and its continuation and impose an embargo on other clubs taking the academy players for two effing days! Two days! It's scandalous Johnny. How are we supposed to build up from the bottom when certain clubs (who I can't even bring myself to type) are raiding those foundations at the eleventh hour knowing that in two days the opportunity might be gone. I've said many times before that timing is everything. Here we are again where the foot dragging, and undoubtedly knuckles as well, is having a huge effect. The club went under in November. It is now the middle of January and literally nothing has been achieved except the best players leaving, the academy now being raided, £230k added to the debt, the Administrator announcing that we're in liquidation, but apparently we're not. Did I mention that it's scandalous Johnny? Because it is. No-one that I can see with any influence in this debacle has the interests of the club as their primary focus. If we do survive then what sort of crazy Frankenstein's basket case will be created with half a rosta, reduced funding, probably a ban on imports, no academy to fall back on and a 12 points deduction.
  5. According to the other place half the academy have gone. Hard to see a future now. We won't even be able to grow a club. If true then it's an absolute disgrace that the RFL are allowing this scavanging only a day or so before decision day.
  6. I'm not sure I fully understand your question or what you mean by 'supporters club'. This isn't about reclaiming VAT by the purchaser, as none would be transacted, but more about the VAT status of the product. As I wrote several months ago, see Jaffa Cakes for details. Memberships don't attract VAT but season tickets do. I suppose there will be rules surrounding descriptions regarding a product sold, but the HMRC's concern is probably around tax legitimacy rather than marketing speak. The club seemingly attempted to gain a 20% retained revenue advantage through masquerading season tickets as memberships. All well and good in the drowning man scenario, but actually qualifying as a membership as defined by HMRC requires more that just a name tag. For example.... If I were to call you a dick, then under HMRC rules you would have to fulfill certain criteria to qualify as a dick, it wouldn't be enough for me to just call you a dick. I'm absolutely not calling you a dick by the way. As you're 'pretty certain', and as a Leigh fan, tell us what you know about the intricacies of the HKR memberships regarding their declared tax status.. I'm not so sure I could even name a starting 13 for HKR (Bailey, Fitzroy, Shannon, Malin Etc ) let alone be 'pretty certain' of their tax affairs.
  7. Memberships come with voting rights.
  8. I've said this before, but I'm prepared to defend MG up to a point. He came in and tried to do the right things. He looked to build a business to support the costs of the club and that saw investment in revenue generation, He put people in place that he believed could deliver on the rugby side, and relied on them. Had we won the £1m game (and we blew it) then I don't think we would be in this position. Had we qualified for the top 4 last season then I don't think we would be in this position. Both those games were lost on the pitch not in the boardroom and the financial consequences were devastating. In the end I suspect he was left fire-fighting on his own. The last straw on the camels back was the HMRC decision on the membership/ST tax. A last gasp desperate attempt to keep costs as low as possible. Again, I suspect that he's relied on someone else to deliver the detail on that and they haven't. It doesn't matter what business you're in, if you've got good people round you who are honest, diligent, knowledgeable and detailed then you'll do well. If you haven't then you'll fail. I suspect, but don't know for sure, that the RFL recommended Ferres was probably the one that was the real problem employee. Most likely a hard working well intentioned likable professional appointed to a position way above his abilities. Jimmy Lowes had it right at the end of the MPG. His incredibly passionate outburst was borne of him fully understanding what the future held against a backdrop of what he personally feels for the club. I've intentionally stayed out of this thread pretty much until now but will say this. Righty or wrongly, just or otherwise, it seems that the RFL are about to repeat again a series of actions that have precipitated three previous administrations. Unless something remarkable happens then I FULLY EXPECT us to be in Admin again in 2/3yrs time. And I'd point out the clause on the Odsal lease that expires in 2019. Here's the old joke: Man 1: Excuse me sir, I'm lost, can you tell me the way to Dublin? Man 2: Yes. But I wouldn't start from here. By the way, I've not seen the MG article.
  9. Point of order without wanting to divert the thread... It's more of a distinction than you might think. Memberships don't attract tax whereas season tickets do. So if you're a smartarsed club owner trying to dodge HMRC then you'd better do it right.
  10. But the facts do agree with me Parky. In 1997 the results were massively in favour of the Aussie teams. Later on that trend was reversed with SL gaining the upper hand, and now it's reverted back. Are you really saying that when the Aussie teams win its because they're better, but when we win its because they can't be aresd? My argument is that the reason the NRL is such a stronger competition than SL is because the governing body has led it very well. They have successfully overseen huge revenue growth, sporting dominance in the nations media, expansionism and a competition so even handed that every single club has either won or played in a GF. Now, if you take that to be true then how does the governance of the SL compare within the same time frame?
  11. I don't think playing RL in Australia in summer would be a good idea. I'm surprised you're suggesting it. Was the SL average attendance only 5.5k in 2014 that doesn't seem right? You mention the Storm, Warriors and the Cowboys in passing. But these are massive expansion areas. There were also quite a number of mergers in Australia but there were no mergers over here of course. Weak governance. The NRL has achieved stability and dominance in their domestic sporting consciousness, which equals money to invest and strengthen further against the competition. They have expanded massively beyond NSW + Brisbane. And, probably most crucially, virtually every club has either won or contested the GF. They've also got televised second tier competitions. All that exposure delivers interest and that's where you get the kids on board. What does RL look like today below the top tier in both countries? It all comes down to how much money can be generated, because that's what will shape the game now and in the future. If you think that the SL has somehow progressed comparably to the NRL then you probably need to look again.
  12. At that time, the standard of play, yes absolutely. There are too many apologists for NRL losses in the WCC who don't give the UK clubs the credit they deserve.
  13. The weak governance is in the inability to capitalise on a great start and gradually revert backwards to where we are today. You quote defeats in the WCC in 1997. Another fantastic concept borne of change and yes, Sky. But it was early days. I notice that once the UK SL competition had taken hold, around 4/5 seasons in, then the English teams more often than not won those contests. It is only in recent times that the NRL sides have strided ahead. Although it might be truer to say the standard of SL has dropped and is dropping. You might want to look at our friends in the other code on how a governing body made dramatic changes to its sport 20 yrs ago and made it work for the long term. They've stuck to their plan, developed it by taking elements from us, and have a very successful sport. 20yrs ago we had visionaries in charge, now we've got Nige.
  14. The plan was sound. Mergers, bigger teams, franchised licences, rebranding, expansion The NRL is a fantastic competition and they did all of this around the same time. Look at them now. We got off to a good start, but we failed because of weak governance and a vision for the game that wasn't shared. 20 yrs later the game in the UK is back peddling and there is no vision whatsoever. In 1996 the governing body led the game, now it just manages it (badly).
  15. So long my friends... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4ZipKdI1sY