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  1. Woods gone

    One hopes that there isn't a more local impact.
  2. Who misses professional winter rugby

    Edit: Nothing to see here...
  3. Who misses professional winter rugby

    Some rose tinted glasses here. 'Summer' rugby was a massive step forward for the game.
  4. I take it you all know about the Halifax fans banner that they've had made for the Boxing Day friendly?
  5. Incredibly proud of the club yesterday and I think, even if he sort of already knew, John Kear got a real feel for the size of it when circa 2000 fans turned up for what was basically a shirt launch for a third tier semi-pro club. There were more people there yesterday than some SL clubs get for a top four fixture. And the atmosphere was incredibly positive. Anyone who wants to spin it as a negative story wants their head testing.
  6. Trueman Extends Castleford Contract

    One of our brightest prospects taken by a club that publicly stated they wouldn't look to scavenge when we were briefly in admin. That said, good luck to the lad.
  7. James Graham not sorry for cheating claim

    Interesting. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree . Only a couple of years ago I was watching the footie show and Adam Blair referred to 'darkies'. Oh how Paul Vautin and the audience laughed...
  8. James Graham not sorry for cheating claim

    Don't know, and probably neither do you. And we're not just talking about swearing. We're talking about individual standards that you set yourself together with self control. Would you be happy hearing the Graham phrase being screached across the net at Wimbledon in the ladies final? Acceptable behaviour changes over time and things that were once 'acceptable' are no longer. That's progress. Are there any limits? What would be an unacceptable thing to say?
  9. James Graham not sorry for cheating claim

    I'm neither weak nor offended. But I do object to that behaviour in an England shirt. I also think that it is beyond disrespectful to 'talk' to a fellow professional like that, and particularly someone of Smith's standing in the game. People can explain it but you can't possibly justify it.
  10. James Graham not sorry for cheating claim

    What a depressing set of posts. In case anyone has missed it then it's 2017. Probably the worst thing you can call someone is a C... and the worst accusation you can lay at a sportsman is cheat. So the combination of the two are right at the the top. People say it's passion. Well it is of sorts, manic uncontrolled emotionally immature outpourings. There were 34 players out there equally passionate and only one chose this level of vitriol. To justify this behaviour by excusing it as passion is wrong for me. At top level sport first and foremost you need composure not unbridled emotion. Graham is a terrific player but I'd rather do without quite frankly.
  11. FFS! We were within an ace of winning because we had a defence orientated approach. The reason we've not come so close since 1972 is because of your interpretation of the game has been used. I guess you need to see your club at the top of the sport to really appreciate how it's done. If you think you're going to beat Australia 38-36 or something then you probably need to watch the game a for bit longer with someone alongside you.
  12. Defence wins games. If you don't get that then you don't understand the game at the top level.
  13. Wow! That's some opinion right there. I suspect most won't agree with any of it but I'll comment on Bateman. He did the job he was given fantastically well all tounament. I think he missed one tackle somewhere that led to a try otherwise that channel was dead to the opposition. Will Chambers is a Premiership winning centre playing week in week out for the Storm. How good a player do you think you need to be to get that gig? Johnny boy had him in his pocket. And in stopping Chambers he also stopped the threat from the wing.
  14. Tougher than Origin?

    Agree with this. I always watch Origin, and it's awesome, but I can't remember either the NSW or Q side ever being so far in the red as both teams were today.