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  1. Well played Widnes
  2. Not Tony Smith's style
  3. I was once coming out of Headingley after a comprehensive defeat by Widnes and a silly Leeds fan shouted something like 'Scouse sos and so' and the Widnes fan chased down Kirkstall lane shouting 'don't you call me a Scouser' .I gathered then there is no love between Liverpool and Widnes
  4. Leeds , but Widnes will give them a game
  5. which ever team turns up and ive stopped guessing with these two .like above post I just don't know
  6. Wigan need to start a winning period I think they might pull this on off and win by 12
  7. I expect a wire reaction , but I still expect a Salford win by 6
  8. Ive read the fee was 4000 pound plus Fred Smith a winger who starred later in a great Trinity team
  9. Just read that Don Robinson former Wakefield ,Leeds CC ,Championship ,Yorkshire cup and Yorkshire league winner and GB and world cup winner has passed away.RIP Don Robinson
  10. which ever team turns up , I think it will be close . Leeds by 6
  11. MLB is not an Olympic sport either ,neither is NFL.
  12. There seems to be a lot of scores like this in SL this season .
  13. I've heard Galloway and Garbutt won't be playing