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  1. You sound like the employer in the novel The RAGGED Trousered Philanthropists
  2. So what does that tell you about the stature of Leeds ? Still the club even though they're struggling the two clubs from anonymous small. Towns aspire to be
  3. One million pounds per year repayments for 40 years
  4. His job was is Head of Player and Coach Development whatever that means.I dont suppose there was anyone else available to step in temporally .He doesnt want the job permanently hes found his comfort zone Head of player and Coaching Development
  5. As they could well do they look like and are playing like the poorest SL team
  6. Yes I dont think as a Leeds man I could carry on but I would if they went down .Although as I said I wonder if they would be in financial difficulties
  7. Leeds could be in a critical state if they went down .Mortgaged up to their eyeballs ,they wont have budgeted for Cbampionship Rugby either . London are playing with great spirit compared to Leeds best of luck to them . Maybe Leeds should give young Wardy a ring and say please come back all is forgiven
  8. I love the grand final at Old Trafford, but what about taking the CC final for one game ? RL needs a boost
  9. I'm the worst tipster out of 9 grand finals I got it right twice 2007 and 2009 .yes its serious now and Old Frightful is a very entertaining poster
  10. I dont think it's the threat of relegation that's the issue reading between the lines
  11. Well they will have budgeted for not fighting relegation and lower crowds . If they had opened the stadium 4 years ago it would have bee. Full . They're heavily mortgaged to pay all this off
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