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  1. fieldofclothofgold

    Will Odsal ever get redeveloped?

    Considering it took Leeds an awful lot of work and help from LCC to get funding for the two stands at headingley £40,000000 on a 40 year mortgage it doesn't hold out much hope for Odsal . Unless Bulls and Avenue could get together and get funding for a community stadium and move away from Odsal .
  2. fieldofclothofgold

    New Grounds.

    I was thinking the same when this news first came out .Parkin was always mentioned IN Leeds United for sale talks were on
  3. fieldofclothofgold

    New Grounds.

    So people sat near pitchside in the northstand could get wet ?
  4. fieldofclothofgold

    Widdop wants UK return

    Looks like Leeds are exploiting this "will he wont he situation" saying ' wait for December 1st when we have big news .watch this space ' Not fooling me its the release of away shirt .
  5. fieldofclothofgold

    Widdop wants UK return

    Why live in Brum ? They dont have a SL club
  6. fieldofclothofgold

    John Mantle

    RIP John Mantle great player very athletic and fast
  7. fieldofclothofgold

    New Grounds.

    There are rumours that talks about the WT are ongoing ,but that's all it is ru ours
  8. fieldofclothofgold

    New Grounds.

    With respect I did say purpose built Rugby League Stadium ,built and being paid for by the Rugby League club
  9. fieldofclothofgold

    New Grounds.

    Can you tell me about an all purpose RL ground that is to rave about ? Its still retained its character ,its not a souless screwfix cheap box or bowl
  10. fieldofclothofgold

    Leeds New Signing

    if this is true lets hope for much activity this week
  11. fieldofclothofgold

    Is Elland Road Sold Out Yet?

    I always thought it was because some of the memberz of the Dingle family in the soap speak with an accent that some people identify with the Burnley area
  12. fieldofclothofgold

    Is Elland Road Sold Out Yet?

    I think the fans of Leeds United refer to Burnley Fans as Dingles . I think its something to do with the family in the soap opera Emerdale
  13. fieldofclothofgold

    Is Elland Road Sold Out Yet?

    It might have been a "Dingle "
  14. fieldofclothofgold

    Is Elland Road Sold Out Yet?

    Surely they flattened the old Lowfields stand ,it was like the Carnegie end at Hdadingley it was soil and rubbls banking and the incline is different too
  15. fieldofclothofgold

    furner speculation

    Yes and Ive told you before .NO. COMMENT 🤔