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  1. Tommy Voll

    I always think of that try whenever that great player is mentioned . I remember marveling at it seeing it on Movietone news at the cinema
  2. Kylie Leuluai to Wire

    best wishes Kylie
  3. Leeds era of dominance: How does it compare to the past?

    Wigan assembled a great side and remember Leeds tried to emulate them without success .Both clubs ran into financial difficulties ,but Wigan can look back on that period and point to the trophies and the great side they built
  4. Leeds era of dominance: How does it compare to the past?

    I think Leeds have a knack of coming through after being written off and they play that card perfectly its worked time and again
  5. Owing to Headingley being redeveloped Leeds Rhinos are unable to host a homecoming ,so Leeds United have invited them to parade the SL trophy around Elland Road. I should think that will be uncomfortable for Leeds United supporting Cas Tigers fans especially those who left Old Trafford early.
  6. Will Castleford be back next year?

    Nice to see the Leeds appreciation society is still going strong .I have noticed no adverse comments from KR fans about Magsy .
  7. Cas last night were like Rabbits staring into the headlights ,they seemed mesmerised by Old Trafford . It was like St Peter being told even he could walk on water then lost faith and started to sink .
  8. Thanks for the updates guys . I feel sorry for Cas and their fans especially with what happened this week, but as a Leeds fan I am allowed to be pleased .
  9. The Bar staff in Casey's are definitely not cast Iron ! beautiful girls
  10. Grand final sell out

    so its a sellout then ?
  11. well I hope for some great updates from some of you lot tomorrow .Exiled Wiganer is probably the most sporting and Old Frightful is very humourous . I want to walk into Caseys Pub in a celebrity mood and try to enjoy that awful slappy beer .Funny enough what ever happens I wont be drowning my sorrows because Castleford have played good stuff this year and Powell is a good coach .
  12. rumour going round now that he might now play