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  1. I think it will be a struggle ,but Leeds to clinch by 4 .
  2. hopefully Bradford now have good owners and its right to help out what is still potentially a big club in a large city
  3. How wonder how much longer all this will go on? Surely not for four years
  4. Sean Spicer apparently described the judges decision yesterday as 'outragous' then he deleated it
  5. He also said during his prayer 'Oh to H33l with it'
  6. People very uneasy over here right now.
  7. Eagles , but only because I live in Philly
  8. south Leeds ? Tell that to someone with a Hunslet heritage
  9. was planning permission or lack of it the cause of the development being cancelled? Because all we've heard from GH is that it's off ,nothing from LCC .Could it be something else?
  10. It's about time RL had a Kighthood and Billy Boston should be that Knight
  11. He's a great talent ,hope it goes well
  12. I really do want more names on the Super League trophy , but I how big the crowd would be if two teams were in the final who were not from say 5 or 6 teams
  13. 70k is good
  14. Obviously because of my location I've not seen the game yet ,so we'll done and congratulations to SL champions Wigan and commiserations to Warrington I'm sure your time will come
  15. I really am neutral just want a great game ,but if at the end Isaw Bailey dancing around with another ring in his hand it would amuse me