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  1. It was a confidence booster Leeds needed ,but Salford had a man sinbinned and it cost them the game apparently
  2. fieldofclothofgold

    KR's South Terrace

    So what's more preferable needing binoculars on KR`s south terrace or an Umbrella on Headingleys western terrace?🤣
  3. fieldofclothofgold


    Ha. Ha he's still winding you up 😛
  4. fieldofclothofgold


    It was started as a joke by a Leeds fan ,just a wind up just like Bails TMFMISL=The Most Feared Man in Super ?league LOL
  5. fieldofclothofgold


    Ryan Bailey has announced his retirement 6 SL Rings 2 CC medals 3 WCC medal 3 LLS over 300 apps for his hometown club . Say what you like about him ,Pantomime Villain ? Maybe but he played his part well .Remember that GF against Wire and a group of Wire players lost concentration and forgot thy still had a slight chance to win and went chasing after Bailey? Game Gone ,Job done . happy retirement Bails another member of the golden generation finishes
  6. Everything goes in Cycles and Sinfield and Furner are stressing that it will take time . Although I would have thought they needed a confidence booster by playing a couple of home games in February .
  7. fieldofclothofgold

    Delaney retires

    ran his blood to water and last few years had other injuries ,I hope he doesn't have long g term damage . Now working for Leeds foundation and taking g coaching badges . Best wishes Frogga
  8. Wigan have 2 points to pull back , but it wont be this game . saints by 8 . I wonder why they missed out on a WC game HMMM ?
  9. fieldofclothofgold

    World Cup venues announcement

    Elland Road present capacity 37K which is adequate for a semi, but I know there are Leeds United fans who come on here and if they win Promotion and establish themselves in the EPL are expecting ER to be redeveloped to provide a larger capacity .
  10. fieldofclothofgold

    World Cup venues announcement

    21,062 ,is that the official capacity of Headingley ? I thought it had been reduced to less than 20K