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  1. Major problems at Leeds now .If they're really strapped for cash with the rebuild ,is it going to last for 40 years till its paid off ?
  2. Can't see Leeds getting beat ,but this season anything can happen Salford 6 Leeds 24
  3. fieldofclothofgold

    Brian Bevan

    I was a 14 year old boy and me and my mates shook hands with him as he was walking up to the dressing rooms after the 1961 championship final
  4. fieldofclothofgold

    22 Jul: SL: Wakefield Trinity v Hull FC KO 3pm

    Leeds are exactly where they deserve to be
  5. fieldofclothofgold

    22 Jul: SL: Wakefield Trinity v Hull FC KO 3pm

    Was that the first innings ?
  6. fieldofclothofgold

    20 Jul: SL: Leeds Rhinos v Widnes Vikings KO 8pm

    Leeds had to hookers on the field for much of the game and it worked well . I thought Dwyer had a good game and Crosby gave Leeds much needed go forward ,I wonder where he will be playing next season
  7. Leeds will put on a better effort and may win 19 16
  8. fieldofclothofgold

    What is happening at Leeds

    The successful period the Leeds have just had remends me of the era started by the great Roy Francis in 1964 .it carried on well into the 1970s .it was basically bringing on home grown young players and a few signings it had great team spirit .The late Graham Murray who is still revered at Headingley started the latest successful period , he made ordinary players look very good .We had a blip after him with Dean Lance it Murray's legacy was still there for Young coach Powell to bring in the young ones for TOny Smith to take to next level.That's what Leeds should be aiming for a coach to build a culture like Francis and Murray
  9. fieldofclothofgold

    What is happening at Leeds

    So he's gone I expect Eaton and Burrow to take the coaching till end of season .I also took note of Hetheringtons statement when he also blamed the players for lack of performance.
  10. fieldofclothofgold

    What is happening at Leeds

    Well basically its nowdefinately the end of an era ,its how they hands it is the thing .We don't want to go back to the 80s and 90s . The players who have left will be difficult ,impossible to replace ,the club must try t o remain competitive ,we have just been through a special era ,but remember the Team was being written of since 2008
  11. fieldofclothofgold

    McDermott Gone (Merged Threads)

    After Hetheringtons statement he also blamed the players for lack of performance .I wonder there will. be a player cull too?
  12. fieldofclothofgold

    Ryan Hall and Carl Ablett.

    new nickname Loiner Lite
  13. fieldofclothofgold

    Cas stadium plans!!

    cmon Wakey your turn next .Cas have just moved into the lead
  14. fieldofclothofgold

    Briscoe off to Leeds...why?

    he'll be at Hull KR next season
  15. fieldofclothofgold

    Where to stay in Wigan

    when I had experiences of Wigan away from the game it reminded me of Pudsey and Morley were quite few years ago friendly much different from area's of Leeds