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  1. Not sure why it needs much clarification. It's clearly not possible to have a 3-4 team professional competition. Damien has communicated my thoughts clearly. You would obviously need 8 teams minimum to form a league and given that interest in forming clubs in New York, Boston, Hamilton, Chicago, Florida and Philadelphia has been reported there is a likelihood that it could happen. This is not pie in the sky, this is actually happening now and has been suggested by Brian Noble who is highly respected in the sport.
  2. The Daddy

    Elite Results

    What about Le Cam?
  3. Absolutely spot on and the powers that be must work night and day to make it happen. It's ambitious but it's absolutely achievable. A 16 World Club Championship with 4 teams from each league is the future. The Champions league is a huge intercontinental comp for football and The Champions Cup in union is a top tier comp which has a significant trickle down effect for the club leagues. Being a London RL fan I noted how much casual interest the sport got in 1997 when the Broncos faced Canberra and Brisbane. This is what fans want, big events, international comps.
  4. The Daddy

    Elite Results

    That's great info as always EH. How's Sebastian Bled getting on he's another player who I think has a bright future.
  5. The Daddy

    Elite Results

    I don't know much about Franco, what's his position and background info? I've seen Brochon and been extremely impressed.
  6. The whole objective of including Toronto, Toulouse, Catalan and New York in the British league structure must be strategic and with the medium to long term aim of those clubs forming local French and North American leagues. The recent challenge cup saga has emphasised that the RFL and the sport in this country cannot afford to facilitate an international league with teams in areas unable to fill stadia for competition finals. I also think the RFL or UK clubs are not modern or even compotent enough to support forward thinking organisations like Toronto or even Catalan. More important than that the sport in the UK is always in a continuous state of uncertainty with no real clear direction and question marks over who is really running the sport. American billionaires or French local councils will have reservations about investing into a sport with no long term plan. My message to the SL clubs and RFL is please put a plan in place for France and America so that a plan for UK clubs can also be implemented. Once we have around 3 clubs or more from each country in the league structure they should then branch off and form local leagues.
  7. The Daddy

    Toulouse sign Vaivai

    Prop, heard he's a decent impact player if he can stay injury free
  8. The Daddy

    Toulouse sign Vaivai

    Paterika Vaivai from Leigh
  9. The Daddy

    Catalans vs Perpignan.

    No. But that's more down to the fact that Union has become such a huge commercial sport in France than USAP's popularity. Catalan will get bigger when RL in France gets bigger.
  10. The Daddy

    Toulouse Stadium

    I don't think this news is as bad as people think. If Toulouse play their cards right they can turn this negative into a huge positive. The opportunity to move to a larger complex like Struxiano and develop a new ground from scratch which can house all of the TO teams and provide a training ground could work in their favour. The most recent design of Stade Minimes was a much scaled down version of what was originally proposed and became almost pointless. In the end they were looking at a 4,000 capacity which is pointless for SL. Now they can start from scratch and go back to a 10,000 stadium. The local government has said that the city needs stadiums of varying sizes including a boutique 10,000 capacity stadium so they have to and will build something somewhere. TO need to maximise this as much as possible now and see this as an opportunity.
  11. The Daddy

    Toulouse Stadium

    My preference would be to develop Struxiano. They need their own ground
  12. The Daddy

    Toulouse Stadium

    Some posters are suggesting on the French site as an alternative that the other site they use Struxiano should be developed. Is this practical? Could that work?