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  1. French Magic Weekend

    Pun intended.
  2. Have they asked for permission from the NRL and RLPA
  3. I thought Jussaume was a centre? TO are bringing through youngsters at a rapid rate, well done to them. How do you rate these two?
  4. London Broncos by 15 Toulouse Olympique by 4 Featherstone Rovers by 16 Toronto Wolfpack by 16 Halifax by 24 Leigh Centurions by 40
  5. Jussaume and Lima named in the 19 for TO. Does anyone know much about these two, what positions they play etc? Great to see young players being continually blooded for Toulouse.
  6. France call up squad!

    The French need to build the team around Marion and Goudemand. They have all the attributes of players that make up a strong spine of team.
  7. Remember they still didn't replace Kuni Minga
  8. Is that a signing in time for this weekend? Great signing, TO and Bergal are a perfect match.
  9. Lucas Albert dropped

    How is it that Maria plays week I'm week out for Leigh when he's fit, was one of their best players signs for the Dragons and he gets demoted to the Elite one league.
  10. Lucas Albert dropped

    Perez, Albert, Goudemand, Maria should all be playing regular first team football
  11. Elite 1 Round 13

    But it sounds like it's almost certain that Toulon will go up to Elite 2. How does that work?
  12. Elite 1 Round 13

    Somebody on here said Catalan are hoarding French players and that seems to be the case.