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  1. Where did they say that? That's not true.
  2. The Daddy

    RL 'fans' putting the sport down

    Theres a difference between having an opinion and wanting something to fail.
  3. You know...... looking through Twitter and reading this site I wonder why some so called RL fans even watch the sport. I'm actually disgusted by some of the things I read. We complain that the UK media and broadsheets misrepresent the sport and have an agenda to kill off RL but the most dismissive statements I see are from people that claim to be supporters. Back in the days it used to be London that were solely on the receiving end of the paranoia. Now I'm pleased to see that the negativity has shifted onto other clubs. As a London supporter I always used to hear: 1. London don't deserve to be in the top flight, Keighley were robbed 2. People in London only watch football 3. Yr moving the game away from the communities that care about it 4. We're just a bunch of Aussies and we have no kids Attention was then shifted onto the French clubs TO and Catalan 1. French RL is dead 2. Make them start from the bottom 3. The crowds won't come RU has taken over 4. Don't bring away fans Then the Wolfpack became the target 1. It's pie in the sky 2. I'll believe it when I see it 3. No one cares about RL in NA 4. Eric Perez has a hidden agenda 5. They don't bring away fans 6. We should concentrate on Cumbria Toronto fans will be pleased to know that before a ball has even been kicked, Liverpool RLFC are the new whipping boys. Some of the negativity I've read on them has already reached astronomical proportions. It's unbelievable, what the F is wrong with people? So far I've heard. 1. Better not have red or blue as the kit or club colours they'll alienate half the city. 2. Scousers only care about football. 3. I hate Koukash and that Backhouse fella I hope they fail. 4. All the other Liverpool rl clubs were unsuccessful so this one will be. 5. If Scousers don't watch Saints, Wire or Widnes games why would they go and watch these lot? 6. I asked my mates at work and they said they wouldn't go. 7. If the ground is based in (insert name of Liverpool suburb) no one will go, it's not really in Liverpool 8. What has Koukash done at Salford? 9. Their Twitter account is rubbish 10. Scousers don't watch rugby 11. If Koukash wants to throw his money down the drain it's up to him I mean, seriously come on people. Do you want this great sport to flourish? Do you want more sponsorship? Stop being negative, stop putting the sport down. Or here's a suggestion just watch another sport. Alot of RL fans just want to keep the sport in small towns and villages and will be the first to talk down anything that helps the sport be competitive on a national basis. We need to do better.
  4. Sport is all about storylines. The bigger the story the more you can engage journos and potential new fans. The people promoting the sport haven't exploited this. Everyone in the UK loves an underdog story, a giant killing etc. Look at where London were a few years ago, look who they beat to get to SL. Are you trying to tell me the SL people are maximising this for all its worth?
  5. I've heard Robert Elstone interviewed several times in the lead up to this year's SL. Maybe I missed it but not once have I heard him talk up London Broncos, not once have I heard him stress upon the significance to the sport commercially of having a London team back in sl, not once have I heard him see the return of London as an avenue to gain greater exposure to sponsors and it's commercial benefits. RL down south has had more exposure from sports writers now London is back. Doesn't that say something? Do the people that run this sport even understand how Rl can benefit from this?
  6. Nice to see RL fans on this thread have confidence in the sport and the on field product 🤔
  7. Why do people care how this impacts the athletics service. I'm a RL fan and I only care about the development of our sport. Luxembourger has confirmed that the athletics club has moved somewhere else so as far as I'm concerned this is not an issue. On a 44 acre site a mini track or some other type of facility can be built to compensate.
  8. Are you a RL or athletics fan?
  9. I'm over the moon about the extra investment coming into London rugby league via the London Skolars. The most exciting thing to come out of this is the potential development of the New River Stadium which is a huge site. It could potentially be the only modern venue outside of the heartlands where RL is the key tenant. Potentially they could also take ownership of the ground and make it the home of RL in the south. My big ask though is that when the stadium is developed the athletics track is removed and the distance between the stands and the pitch is significantly reduced. Watching RL at a ground that has a track just does not work and really hinders the matchday experience. I've never known a successful club that played at a ground with a track. This must be taken into account in any development.
  10. Disagree. I don't see what's wrong with the name Skolars at all it tells the story of the club's birth and history. Do Souths still slay rabbits? Does Harlequins have anything to do with Rugby? No. I would certainly modernise the logo to include the club's core colours red and black but focusing on the name would be suicide. Seriously it's not as bad as you think.
  11. As a London Broncos fan I would highly advise the club to keep the name exactly as it is. Continuity is the single most important factor to the club's identity. Please do not change it!!!
  12. God no!! They should at very minimum keep London in the name
  13. The Daddy

    Widdop - Wire

    Is that for the 2019 season?
  14. The Daddy

    Elite Results

    How are they doing in relation to their aim of entering the English league structure?