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  1. Well they announced it today.....were they two weeks late too?
  2. Good move from TO to broaden its catchment area. Plenty of fans from Albi attended the Catalan v Hull KR game in Toulouse a few years back and I can see plenty from Albi turning out when they reach SL.
  3. What happened to Carlisle RL club?

    Any chance of a return to the league structure for Carlisle?
  4. Bradford Bulls and RFL settle dispute

    Not good for people hoping the RFL would be ripped to pieces and exposed by court proceedings.
  5. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    It's Leyton....isnt that his dad Barry?
  6. Those are big wraps from Powell. Bradford have single handedly developed the best UK RL players.
  7. According to Phil Caplan on the RL on RY podcast. What the significance of this is I have no idea but I think he would make a great owner of the London Broncos or Skolars and the type of owner one of these clubs needs. I don't see him as a RL administrator at the RFL cos I believe it's vastly different to what he does so well at now. He's really helped take the sport of boxing forward and if all of that energy could be focused on creating a successful club in London that's where I see his benefit to the sport.
  8. Was watching an old league table from the 90s and I saw a club named Carlisle rugby league club. Anyone know much about them and what crowds they got? While some people call for a Cumbria SL team, is this not more evidence of the sport not being successful in the heartlands?
  9. Toulouse 2018 thread

    Marcon has a bright future
  10. Toronto

    Anyone know the background story?
  11. Toronto

    Well when you sign Dave Taylor and Ryan Bailey your only gonna get trouble
  12. I'll go back to my source and check but this is what I was told. Haven't got the foggiest about OFCOM regs.
  13. Toulouse 2018 thread

    No he was picked for France and then got injured.
  14. Toulouse 2018 thread

    Off to Hull KR
  15. I was told by someone in the tv industry that The NFL pay for their coverage on the BBC. I've also read on this forum that RU pay Channel 5 to screen the Premiership. If so then the RL must as a matter of priority do whatever it takes to get improved coverage of the sport on a major channel. I hope this is considered by the new administration.