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  1. Catalan Dragons 2018 Thread

    Thats great news and can only be good for the national team. There are still decent players not signed by either TO or the Dragons. As I've mentioned in the thread Rouch, Bonnet, Anime Milhoudi and Cardace are just some players who i think could play SL level. This is a good move. Fear not.
  2. Great to see so many new posters on here from Canada. More evidence of the impact of the Wolfpack. Look forward to seeing more Canadians join when a Montreal and Hamilton team joins the structure.
  3. Yeah we can see that already. They're worried North America will become a RL market, already they're talking about having teams in Super Rugby and the Celtic league or whatever it's called these days.
  4. Ok that's fair enough, he does have significant knowledge of USRL and in particular in the New York area. He ran the Glen Mills Bulls who were the premier RL team in the states for some time. They would be naive not to have a discussion with him, what's important is that he has no day to day involvement in the club, is not an owner or board member. False alarm. They do need to replace that rubbish logo/club badge though, it's nowhere near as slick as the Wolfpacks
  5. Really important to have a strong north east team, they've made huge progress off the field and have a really strong off field structure. Would love to see these guys in SL. Ok so thus far, Jason Payne has been confirmed as the new permanent coach. Ben Pointer has signed from London Broncos and this morning they've announced the signing of Mo Agoro.
  6. Jon Sharp to London Broncos

    Your right, not sure how to change thread titles, but I have clarified in the thread that it had only been discussed in the radio show.
  7. But nobodies a dressing the 'But what if Sports England pull out' point. That would set the women's game back years. A league based on a single source of funding from a body that is known for withdrawing funding from sports is not solid ground.
  8. Catalan Dragons 2018 Thread

    Lewis Tierney signs permanently to the Dragons.
  9. Or U19s. Yes I know the league is being funded by Sports England, but is it really sustainable? What if Sports England withdraw funding as they've done before, what then? It's an admirable idea, the concept of a pro women's league but the men's game needs investment before we even start another pro league. Sorry but I don't see this working.
  10. Villeneuve aims for League 1 2020

    Thanks for the reality check. People really need to get a grasp of how bad the Elite was before Catalan was bad, most teams barely even had French players in the teams. There was no tv coverage at all not even a highlights show. I can say with confidence that without the dragons and TO, French rugby league would be almost non existent.
  11. Larroyer to Leigh

    So the potential signing of Gareth Hock brings you no comfort?
  12. They have formally submitted a bid.