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  1. The lack of vision and short sightedness from the RFL amazes me. They say that they lack incomes, they can't get competitive games for England without negotiating with Australia and New Zealand, yet they have had for years an opportunity to build up France, help them improve by giving them more fixtures. Why haven't they built up a rivalry? As I keep saying on this site they will get beat badly to begin with, but the long term objective of creating revenues and building the England brand is worth the short term pain. I've now read an interview with the head of French Rugby League Marc Palanques in Forty20 magazine who has confirmed that the RFL only want France to play England Knights and not the senior team. What type of vision or strategy is that? Where is the leadership? Where is the planning?
  2. Either Craven Cottage or Brentford's new stadium. It's been a great fairytale story so far this season and amazing to be back in Super League. I still get the feeling that we are not being promoted well by the sport in the UK and our story isn't being told. We should be shouting from the rooftops about London. Taking at least one game to a soccer stadium will help raise the profile of the club and broaden it's supporter base. Trailfinders is a neat little ground but I'm not convinced that it's what should be defined as a SL quality ground.
  3. It's early days. I don't think we've seen the best of either team this year and I think Widnes, York, Leigh, Sheffield and Halifax will be in the running at the business end of the season.
  4. In regards to how they've played on the field they've gradually improved over the past few weeks and look like a tougher, bigger and faster outfit than last year. I just hope they can get Vaivai fit and playing good football. His go forward in the pack could help open doors with their expansive play.
  5. Yep there is some discussion on the French forums that an agreement has already been reached for them to play at Stade Ernest Wallon. If they were to reach SL and play there I believe they would already become one of the biggest clubs in Europe crowd wise. I can see them averaging 10,000 to begin with. Playing at the stadium which is in the centre of town will raise the profile of the club and help them with their bid for a new stadium.
  6. This is a four pointer. London are formidable at home and you have to think that if Huddersfield don't win this they're in trouble.
  7. What's the technical biological difference between a Stag and a Deer?
  8. Forgot about Naverette. Good shout and I would definitely include him.
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