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  1. All playing really well so far this year. It's nice to see new names doing so well and not the usual Aude teams. All three have stated their intentions to join the English league system so their improvement is much needed. My question, which of these clubs should be the next to step up? Avignon have a ready made SL quality stadium, Albi seem to be well organised and have alot of impetus behind them, Villenueve have been given a boost by the return of Dave Ellis, they would probably rebrand as Aquitaine and play in Agen. Is there an appetite for another French team? Which of these clubs have the right management to cope in the UK lower leagues?
  2. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the pictures this morning
  3. Very interesting....this could be me putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5 but this appears to be some form of prep for them coming into SL under licensing.
  4. Elite 1 follow-up

    Why do they keep talking about being one then? Let's also not forget about Marseille and Toulon who also appear to be ambitious
  5. Licensing

    Always the voice of reason
  6. Elite 1 follow-up

    Lyon Villerbaune-Rhone XIII keep saying they have big ambitions, they really need to step up to the plate now and stop talking.
  7. Toulouse 2018 thread

    He looks like a real class act does Morgue. You can tell he's an extremely confident young lad who has that x factor.
  8. Why no mention of Ryan Atkins

    I favour Jake Connor or Liam Sutcliffe
  9. Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal & Vancouver If RL can have successful clubs in each of these markets it's best place to really get a strong foothold in the Canadian market. Hope the powers that be can make it happen.
  10. What now for England ?

    Jake Connor or Liam Sutcliffe at centre deserves a shot
  11. What now for England ?

    Got to bring in Sneyd for his game management
  12. Lacked the composure in the end really missed O'Loughlin
  13. The halves were the difference, should've picked Sneyd for game management