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  1. Ok so the cup final has been uploaded to YouTube and I've had a chance to watch the whole game. My thoughts...What a special talent Salabio is. I don't think I've seen a French forward with that much talent in a long time. I'd be very surprised if he wasn't in the Dragons 2020 squad. The other player that stood out was Mathieu Cozza who I haven't seen much of before, he looked very strong and difficult to put down. Paul Seguier looked decent in the back row. If he wants to play top level he should look for a club in the UK coz it doesn't look like he'll get opportunities with the Dragons.
  2. I think he can fill out as he gets older. I know of a few English forwards who were really slender at Le Cam's age who later bulked up. Hock and Crabtree were very skinny and later became bigger.
  3. I was impressed with the highlights I saw of Valihen. He's a big boy too and size counts for a lot if your a prop.
  4. Seguier is now playing in the back row. I think that is the best option for him coz he has tons of ability. I just don't see him as an out and out prop that's gonna cart the ball up the middle. He plays better out wide on the edges.
  5. They're sending out all the right signals. They've brought Adel Fellous and Sebastian Martins onto their coaching team. According to their Wiki page they'll be playing at the 6500 capacity Stade Sabathe and aim to be professional within 5 years. Exciting stuff.
  6. Sounds like a very exciting project across the channel. I'm short on information and would appreciate a rundown from anyone in the know. They've gone out and signed a bunch of players but what league will they be playing in? They want to be in Elite 1but what chance is there of that happening?
  7. How do you rate France's crop of young up and coming forwards. There's plenty of potential there. At international level in recent years France has struggled with the size of their pack. The positive signs are that this bunch are a big and athletic bunch. Can't wait to see how they develop. Justin Sangare (TO) Lambert Belmas (Catalan) Paul Seguier (Catalan) Barthelemy Rouge (Catalan) Florian Vailhen (Catalan) Hugo Salabio (Catalan) Corentin Le Cam (Catalan) Sebastian Bled (Catalan)
  8. Whats the deal with Montpellier Sharks are they serious and what's the state of play of RL in this city?
  9. Has it been confirmed? Also what's the format of the play-offs?
  10. Sounds like Cas gave him an offer he couldn't refuse and he wanted to go
  11. Confirmed for 2020, plays prop and second row. What do Cas fans think of this signing?
  12. Woohoo!! Big win for us. We're not out of SL yet by a long shot.
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