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  1. The Daddy

    Inspired By 2021

    Seems like they've learnt their lesson this time
  2. The Daddy

    Elite 1 Play Offs

    Great news on the Toulon front, looks like things are really taking off over there and from the grass roots too.
  3. The Daddy

    Elite 1 Play Offs

    Can't see Pia agreeing to be a feeder club to the Dragons somehow
  4. Actually why don't we have a 4 team league and everyone plays each other ten times a season or maybe 12 times each to increase revenue.
  5. The Daddy

    Elite 1 Play Offs

    So they'll both go up?
  6. TO 16 Leigh 14 squeaky bum time.
  7. Toronto Wolfpack by 45 Toulouse Olympique by 7 Batley Bulldogs by 20 Featherstone Rovers by 32 London Broncos by 26 Halifax by 26
  8. Not as bad as first feared then. How are Rapira, Robin and Marcon getting on with their recovery?
  9. How long is Rhys Curran out for?
  10. The Daddy

    14,480 at Stade Gilbert Brutus

    Is there any further news on who will be staying and going as part of the changes to the St Esteve team and anyone in with a shout of getting first team football? I think Seguier, Belmas and Albert should get more first team football.
  11. The Daddy

    14,480 at Stade Gilbert Brutus

    How many was at TO?
  12. Well done to Jake Connor for making the England squad.
  13. How long will Curran be out for? Bouscayrol looks impressive a real live wire.
  14. Rumours in the french press that George Williams is off to Catalan. After McIlorum and Tomkins signed for them. Wane gone too, their form is poor and all sorts of discussion that other players might be on their way. What is the underlying cause of the unrest?