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  1. How do I subscribe to Our League, is there a cost?
  2. When you've been a London Broncos supporter for so long it tends to have certain side effects.
  3. He actually confirmed this week that he had signed for Toronto so I'm not sure where this has come from and whether there's any truth in it.
  4. Is doing the rounds on Twitter. Would be a decent signing for us if true
  5. Anything to get Bradford in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Seems like the current structure might only be temporary. I think 14 clubs is best for the sport.
  7. One down three up or just two up.
  8. It's a possibility in the next round of tv negotiations according to Christophe Jouffret.
  9. It was confirmed last week that Bretherton signed permanently from Wigan
  10. I've heard that Centrone has left or is leaving
  11. The Daddy

    Rovers Rebooted...

    I don't understand......were you expecting them to win SL after being in the Championship?
  12. Can anyone confirm what Planas' next move is. Is he joining the TO coaching team?
  13. I was surprised that Justin Sangare didn't get more game time