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  1. Interesting..... who are yr sources mate.
  2. Steve Mascots seems to think so. Anyone got the background scoop?
  3. Can you read? The question was have we moved forwards? Implying has the sport progressed. The question wasn't have you enjoyed the season. The sports gone backwards in my view and as Sadler noted when the current system was proposed. It appears to be a sport that's stopped believing in itself and lacked ambition. The problem is that the competition or the sport as a whole makes no proposition to the casual viewer and your average Joe bloggs in Milton Keynes, Cardiff, Birmingham or Basingstoke. There is no reason for the majority of people in the uk to spend their time going to a game or watching on tv. The online presence is non existent too. But alot of people seem happy coz Leigh got promoted and Cas and Wakefield are having decent season. Oh well what do I know.
  4. Ben cockayne is an absolute liability, kr will not get promoted with this guy in the team.
  5. Both young players that I rate and could go onto having good super league careers. Is there any reason why theyre now not getting game time at TO? I'm starting to think they're both getting interest from other clubs and it's disrupted their relationship with the club.
  6. sure Halifax will have alot to say about that.
  7. Why? Seems a bit pointless. The UK game needs to quit the obsession with Oz there is a huge european market right here in our doorstep.
  8. It's just a loan move though.
  9. Ugo fits in with the TO style of play so might be a good fit.
  10. Comparing them to Leigh last year, I think Leigh were alot more resillient. They both coasted through the regular season but in the business end Leigh improved whereas Hull performance wise have gone downhill over the past few weeks. I don't see any championship team getting promoted.
  11. I honestly don't believe it. I thought he done a decent job.
  12. What's happened to Marguerite and Maurel. Both been kept off the teamsheet in recent weeks.
  13. Hull KR are going to have to play better against Halifax if they're gonna make an impression in the Super 8s
  14. It's not a shared home Ealing are the landlords and London are the tenants.
  15. But Parky told me that Canadians wouldn't be playing for the Wolfpack for like.... a zillion years.