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  1. Justin Sangare at TO and Lewis Bienek at London
  2. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    Also heard on RL on RY podcast that New York might go straight into the Championship.
  3. Elite 1 follow-up

    I've heard Pettybourne will play in the back row.
  4. Elite 1 follow-up

    Excellent call. I thought Marion might be shifted to loose forward or used as a utility this season but common sense has prevailed. Marion is such a quality and underrated player and in my view TOs season imploded at the business end of last year because he was moved away from that position to cover Ford and Robins injuries. Should've been in the French squad too at the World Cup.
  5. Offiah was a top player but: 1. He came through the RU playing system. 2. Never played for a London RL youth team or learnt his RL trade in London.
  6. He had a decent game against Widnes
  7. That's just my opinion. I've been massively impressed with this kid and almost certain he'll represent England too. His style and physical stature remind me of Shane Webcke, who was probably the greatest prop I've seen play. This kid will play SL one day and I hope it's with London.
  8. What do Leigh offer Super League?

    My key point is the wisdom of having several teams within close proximity of each other, it doesn't make commercial sense a SL with Wigan, Warrington, Saints, Widnes, Salford and Leigh is a poor representation of the sport and the lesser of those clubs which is Leigh like Toronto or New York, must have a compelling case which makes them impossible to leave out.
  9. With franchises a possibility in 2019 for SL people are pointing to Toronto, Leigh and Toulouse as the main candidates to enter an extended league. I heard it said when Leigh got relegated (again) that they have to get back in as if it were a divine right. In my view they are not a club that will drive the comp to new heights commercially. They have had two shots in recent history to convince the public they can do something at the top level and failed both times. Just a small village in Wigan trying to punch above their weight.
  10. Funny how certain posters on this forum are silent when the truth comes to light
  11. Amine speaks out According to the interview in the link he wasn't sacked from his Castleford trial but he was injured. Also he moved to Palau to be closer to home, he didn't 'walk out'
  12. Catalans signing?

    At one point I thought he would be off to TO but that didn't happen. I think he looks a decent player too but he needs regular first team football to develop at the moment he's just static. Like you pleased to see Morgue with a squad number players like him, Fages and Albert are the future for France at half back. He's really got that x factor about him, similar to a Danny McGuire type player let's see how he develops.
  13. Kato Ottio

    Sad news
  14. Will be interesting to see what happens next. I've heard he's off to France now.
  15. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    Oops wrong forum