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  1. Seriously both Widnes and Huddersfield at this point in time look like dead ducks and lambs to the slaughter. The way that they're playing the top championship teams must really be salivating at the prospect of playing these two. Right now I fancy Hull kr to turn either of these two over and get promoted more easily than Leigh did last year. If Toulouse can finish high enough to get 4 home games then they will fancy their chances too.
  2. Looooooooool!!
  3. Albi is another club with big potential, especially now that the RU team aren't doing too well. They could essentially become the RL club which represents the Tarn region which has a populous of 400,000 plus. Would be interesting to see how they go.
  4. Liban? Is that a new country or something?
  5. What are their plans and how far are they towards making it happen?
  6. Yes Simon forgot about him, I would include him in the squad. Maria I would have as a starting prop, when he's fit he's one of the most influential French players. I don't see that it makes a difference that he starts it's all tactical, some players are just suited to coming off the bench and having an impact.
  7. Not ahead of those mentioned
  8. Spot on. It rankles me when people say there aren't enough players for this and that or we should drop from a 14 team SL to 12 coz of this reason. As you quite rightly point out the problem isn't whether there's enough good players but whether there are enough well run clubs, because well run clubs have good coaches, administrators, systems etc that is the biggest problem in both the NRL and SL
  9. Plenty of potential in the current crop of French players, so much so that I think good players will have to be left out of the world cup squad later in the year. The squad players show how much depth the team now has. I really think they're turning the corner with some of the young players that are coming through, the key to the development of the team is to play as many games as possible especially against the top three. You need those games to develop the combinations and team spirit etc. A tour playing some Pacific island teams would be useful. 1.Escare 2. Duport 3. Gigot 4. Marguerite 5. Minga 6. Fages 7.Bosc 8. Maria 9. Marion 10. Casty 11. Garcia 12. Julien 13. Bousquet Replacements Perez, Springer, Pellisier, Canet Squad players: Albert, Robin, Ader, Maurel, Yaha, Boyer, Peuch, Da Costa, Milhoudi bros, Cardace, Bonnet, Navarette, Baitieri
  10. And what's this I'm hearing about a national training centre being built in Carcassonne?
  11. The tide does seem to be turning, Rugby Treize and Catalan in particular seen to be getting more mentions on tv and in the media, this is just one example. The Easter game attendance against Salford another despite the Dragons having an average start to the season. It probably helps that the union team have been so poor recently too. What would be a major turning point would be Toulouse making the top flight and the potential for a live game in France every week on BEIN sports.
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if he tries to sign some of the players.
  13. Is it a full time league?
  14. If TO reach the Top 4 essentially they'll be two French teams playing in a pro comp in World Cup year. That extends massively the number of options the France coach has to pick from. Marguerite looks top draw and a quality SL player in the making, Puech looks like a beast and doesn't get many raps coz Boyer and Canet have played so well but he's got great potential. Exciting times for French RL.