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  1. What was Palanques suggesting?
  2. There are huge areas of London which remain untapped and I think RL has had a bit of an obsession with West London and parts of Surrey because that's where there's a large union fanbase. I've just moved to Bromley and in my view this area is ripe for the taking for a pro sports team and the right market for RL. The borough itself has a population of nearly 400k and has the highest density of green belt land in london with swathes of open spaces, perfect for developing a RL facility. Even better is that land is cheaper out here than in other parts of London. Another big untapped area is Greenwich. I wonder if the Broncos or RFL take a strategic approach to these type of things.
  3. According to Peter Bird in this months edition of Rugby League World. And about time too, Avignon alongside Toulouse and Perpignan are the holy trinity in French RL and it would be great to have all of them in the English system. Let's see how league one plays out with Manchester Rangers and a few others vying for a spot and Hemel struggling.
  4. No Milhoudi brothers or Ugo Perez?
  5. What's the back story on Lyon getting promoted then?
  6. What does Dayan have to do with all this. This is the chap who wanted to launch the Super 13 concept.
  7. work on some sort of project at FFRXIII. What on earth is going on at the French federation. Seems to be a lot of politicking going on. It looks as though Marc Palanques is set to make an announcement at a press conference with the leaders of TO and the Dragons. Could our French RL pundits keep us up to date with news from the announcement?
  8. France should win but it depends on whether JA's heritage players are available as to how close it will be.
  9. From the championship I really rate Richard Marshall. Always does a great job at Halifax despite having minimal resources in comparison to other teams.
  10. Seriously both Widnes and Huddersfield at this point in time look like dead ducks and lambs to the slaughter. The way that they're playing the top championship teams must really be salivating at the prospect of playing these two. Right now I fancy Hull kr to turn either of these two over and get promoted more easily than Leigh did last year. If Toulouse can finish high enough to get 4 home games then they will fancy their chances too.
  11. Looooooooool!!
  12. Albi is another club with big potential, especially now that the RU team aren't doing too well. They could essentially become the RL club which represents the Tarn region which has a populous of 400,000 plus. Would be interesting to see how they go.