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  1. North East RL

    This was yr idea?
  2. They'll probably end up at Butts Park where the Bears play if they don't reach a deal and Wasps may need a new tenant to keep the stadium occupied. That's where the Bears might be useful.
  3. Batley Bulldogs by 6 Dewsbury Rams by 2 Sheffield Eagles by 4 Leigh Centurions by 4 London Broncos by 8 Halifax by 10
  4. Reading through this month's 40/20 magazine an article seemed to suggest that Wasps may be interested in Coventry Bears. Doesn't say in what way though. There was obviously some discussion last year that Wasps were one of the entities interested in buying a SL place from an existing club, the idea being that they need to use the Ricoh stadium as much as possible to make it sustainable. If there's any truth to this, as a Broncos fan that witnessed the damage the Quins rl concept caused, it's hugely important that the Bears keep their brand and colours and don't become a Wasps copycat club. Anyone heard any other rumours?
  5. What's the prize for the winner? A trip to the south of France?
  6. I fear that with the recent apparent shift of power from the RFL to the clubs the sport has jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. The sport simply cannot sustain a p and r system with 20 pro teams. Essentially it's a variation of the existing format that requires several pro championship clubs to be nearly as competitive as SL clubs. The sport just does not have that depth.
  7. A proposal has been put forward to cut SL to 10 clubs and the Championship to 10. According to Gary Carter in the S*n. If true a truly ridiculous idea the sport should be expanding its footprint not retracting it. Our sport is run by simple minds, so their viewpoint is less clubs equals more money for them. Also how do you account for all of the American and French clubs that want to join? This would be a bad move. Eddie Hearn is absolutely right, great sport in the wrong hands.
  8. London’s latest rising star

    They are southern developed
  9. London’s latest rising star

    Yep they Griffins started out at Oxford Cavaliers
  10. Newcastle Thunder Academy

    Newcastle really do have everything needed to be a SL club, great management, stadium, youth system.
  11. Great to see Albert getting game time
  12. Toulouse by 30 Leigh by 10 Toronto by 20 London by 16 Dewsbury by 16 Batley by 8
  13. Headingley redevelopment

    Yep. Shame they can't get the west stand developed.
  14. Does anyone have the latest images? In the last pictures I saw they were also developing the North stand, I had no idea this was also going to be done. What will the two new stands look like when complete.