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  1. Lots of Ifs....bit too many for my liking
  2. Announced on Koukash's twitter feed
  3. What a great guy to have involved in our sport and a great city to have a RL team. Looking forward to having Canadian derbies.
  4. Can one of our resident frenchies shed some light on the situation regarding Marseille? Several of the France U16's are from Marseille, there is also a centre of excellence in the city, but there is no Elite club. I believe Marc Palanques mentioned that he wanted a Marseille team back in the Elite, is there a time frame for this? How would this work and are there any backers?
  5. I read something recently which said the federation wanted to get Marseille back into the Elite comp.
  6. Sleep deprivations a bit harsh though, if anything it's proven that lack of sleep negatively impacts training and sports performance.
  7. You can add Draper to that too.
  8. Kind of a spin off of my other social media thread. With the Bradford Bulls saga in mind I think there's communication opportunities being missed to use social media to update the fans and also for senior representatives of the RFL such as Rimmer and Wood to connect with the fans and armchair supporters. Look at how Trump uses twitter to promote and get his point across. The recent upturn in popularity of boxing can largely be attributed to the use of the sports senior figures such as Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren's use of Twitter and YouTube vlogs. They understand its power and are connecting directly to the fans. RFL should be turning a negative bulls saga into a positive by streaming live updates on Facebook live, you tube or twitter. We need to get the leaders of this sport to embrace this medium more in order to promote the sport. RL'S online presence is diabolical.
  9. Surprised to see a few from Marseille there too.
  10. Great to see young French players get game time. France do need a bit if size in the pack. If he's gone straight into the first team he must have something about him.