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  1. As much as it's great to have Toronto, Montreal, Jacksonville, NY and Boston in the British RL system I think it now just makes logical sense especially now with the USA and Canada hosting the WC in 2025 to have a separate North American league I don't see how we can cater for all of them in SL and the Championship. Long term they can play against English teams in an extended World Club Series.
  2. The link doesn't work for me, any chance of posting the article onto this thread?
  3. Which teams would be involved in this comp? It's refreshing to see a French team go back to playing champagne rugby and not attempt to mimic the prevalent Australian style one up percentage football. Also good to see so many young players getting game time and playing so well. There's potential there with some of those players.
  4. Don't be surprised if these two teams face each other in the qualifiers.
  5. Highlights Is it just me or do the Toulouse team look much bigger than last year?
  6. Well done Toulouse. I like the fact that they're building a club within their means and on solid foundations. Actually giving young French players and chance by improving their skills and tough training. Not just trying to solve everything by signing NRL rejects.
  7. Lots of Ifs....bit too many for my liking
  8. Announced on Koukash's twitter feed
  9. What a great guy to have involved in our sport and a great city to have a RL team. Looking forward to having Canadian derbies.
  10. Can one of our resident frenchies shed some light on the situation regarding Marseille? Several of the France U16's are from Marseille, there is also a centre of excellence in the city, but there is no Elite club. I believe Marc Palanques mentioned that he wanted a Marseille team back in the Elite, is there a time frame for this? How would this work and are there any backers?
  11. I read something recently which said the federation wanted to get Marseille back into the Elite comp.
  12. Sleep deprivations a bit harsh though, if anything it's proven that lack of sleep negatively impacts training and sports performance.
  13. You can add Draper to that too.