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  1. Help wanted

    Not everyone uses FB so all forms of media should be used .I would have thought it’s more likely someone of retirement age would read this forum and the local paper .
  2. Whitehaven... it's Gareth Hewer

    What a load of nonsense .He is from the village and whenever put under pressure his ample rear hits the deck .Being from such an isolated area the family influences are bound to affect decisions in favour of Whitehaven .
  3. Do you like the Raiders?

    Barrow RLFC for me and bring back the old badge ,the flaming ball looks garbage .
  4. final

    Dont rely on the getting ale in the ground ran out last year,good luck and enjoy the day.
  5. Barrow v Widnes

    / Of that i have no doubt but over 200 fans had rooms booked i find hard to believe,i agreed with your anger when the ko was changed last season but lets not get carried away,well done by the way on being league winners this season.
  6. Barrow v Widnes

    Didnt agree with the decision to move the ko last season but did 200 fans really have rooms booked.
  7. Were top on 37 Points

    Agree with you,the league table is the benchmark on how a team performed.
  8. Were top on 37 Points

    Hate that title Minor premier if you finish top which you will i think, its league champions.
  9. Barra

    I don't blame you for being angry and lets hope the steward reports whoever did it and they can be banned.
  10. Barra

    I do ,beaten by a team better in all departments not arguing with that,find it sad that a RL supporter thinks it clever to spout about how hard the fans are pathetic.
  11. great win

    Deserved the win and the result never looked in doubt.
  12. Barra

    Is that because fev had the hardest fans ,as you mentioned on the Barrow forum,some people need to grow up.
  13. Professional trumpet polisher.