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  1. Pre season matches

    Gav, when you've recovered from the man flu have a list of pre season friendlies. It might be worth getting the Knights fixtures added to that.
  2. 2018 Squad

    Hopefully Fordy can motivate him. He's a real handfull when he puts his mind to it.
  3. Bradford ?

    After being on loan with Donny and Leigh last season it looks like Nick is back with Hull. He's listed on their website as a member of the first team squad.
  4. Bristol RLFC

    Oxford and Gloucester have merged and are on the list of teams for 2018 as Gloucester. The plan to move to Bristol is for 2019.
  5. Pubs showing Grand Final

    Don't know about Clifton or Acomb but the Bootham Tavern and the White Horse on Bootham are likely to have it on and the Terrace in the town centre will definately have it on.
  6. Ben Cockayne

    Good signing. Ben's an excellent player and brings a wealth of experience to the Knights. He'll be an asset both on and off the pitch.
  7. Worky on Sunday

    removed by poster
  8. This is just the start!

    Similar piece from the Yorkshire Post:
  9. Knights 26 Wolfpack 16

    In answer to your second question, apart from 3 players that was Toronto's first choice team.
  10. It's difficult to be anything other than pessimistic about anything that involves CYC. Note that the article says building SHOULD start in October, not it WILL start. I'll believe it when I see it.
  11. Keighley away

    3 players and a member of the coaching staff have been charged by the match review panel: Davey Dixon (Keighley) Grade A High Tackle Brendan Rawlins (Keighley) Grade A Striking Brad Nicholson (Keighley) Grade C Punching Neil Cherryholme (Keighley – coaching staff) Grade A Foul language towards a Match Official. As spanishknight said - a bunch of thugs.
  12. Hemel at home

    Officials for Sunday's game: Referee: G Dolan Touch Judges: S Ellis T Scott Reserve Referee: Alex Cameron M Com: B Lilley
  13. New signing

    Great to have Ry back but no surprise, I seem to recall reading a while ago that he was back in training with the Knights.
  14. New signing

    As far as I'm aware Lancaster was offered terms but didn't accept.
  15. Today's game

    Hats off to both teams for serving up 80 mins. of nail biting entertainment in blistering, energy sapping heat. And well done to both sets of fans for creating a fantastic atmosphere. Absolutely gutted we couldn't knock over one of those late penalties to get a draw but c'est la vie. After conceding 2 tries early in the second half giving Haven what turned out to be a wining, lead the commitment and effort shown by the Knights to get back into the game was remarkable. Proud to be a Knights fan and really looking forward to a win a Keighley next week.