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  1. It's difficult to be anything other than pessimistic about anything that involves CYC. Note that the article says building SHOULD start in October, not it WILL start. I'll believe it when I see it.
  2. 3 players and a member of the coaching staff have been charged by the match review panel: Davey Dixon (Keighley) Grade A High Tackle Brendan Rawlins (Keighley) Grade A Striking Brad Nicholson (Keighley) Grade C Punching Neil Cherryholme (Keighley – coaching staff) Grade A Foul language towards a Match Official. As spanishknight said - a bunch of thugs.
  3. Officials for Sunday's game: Referee: G Dolan Touch Judges: S Ellis T Scott Reserve Referee: Alex Cameron M Com: B Lilley
  4. Great to have Ry back but no surprise, I seem to recall reading a while ago that he was back in training with the Knights.
  5. As far as I'm aware Lancaster was offered terms but didn't accept.
  6. Hats off to both teams for serving up 80 mins. of nail biting entertainment in blistering, energy sapping heat. And well done to both sets of fans for creating a fantastic atmosphere. Absolutely gutted we couldn't knock over one of those late penalties to get a draw but c'est la vie. After conceding 2 tries early in the second half giving Haven what turned out to be a wining, lead the commitment and effort shown by the Knights to get back into the game was remarkable. Proud to be a Knights fan and really looking forward to a win a Keighley next week.
  7. Once the first half of fixtures are complete and the top 8 split of I believe the formula for the remaining fixtures (for the top ) is as follows: 1st play 2,3,5,6 home- 4,7,8. away. 2nd play 3,4,6,7 home- 1,5,8. away. 3rd play 4,5,7,8 home-1,2,6 away. 4th play 5,6,8,1 home- 2,3,7 away. 5th play 6,7,2 home- 1,3,4,8 away 6th play 7,8,3 home-1,2,4,5 away 7th play 8,1,4 home- 2,3,5,6 away 8th play 1,2,5 home- 3,4,6,7 away. So assuming Toronto finish top we need to finish 4th, 7th or 8th to avoid a second trip to Canada.
  8. According to RL Express both Salford and Wakefield are interested In signing Ed. Like all Knights fans I'd be sorry to see him go but good luck to him. The fact that young players can come to York and get the proper coaching and development to prepare them for Super League is a great advert for the club and reflects well on Fordy and the rest of the coaching staff.
  9. For those not making the journey to Cheltenham the match is being streamed live on YouTube.
  10. Cup

    For those interested the full draw is: Hull KR v Sheffield Eagles Swinton v London Skolars Bradford v Featherstone Toulouse v Batley Oldham v Haydock University of Gloucestershire v Doncaster Whitehaven v Oxford York v Rochdale London Broncos v Toronto Dewsbury v Newcastle Halifax v Hunslet Barrow v Keighley
  11. For those interested the full draw is: West Hull or Thatto Heath Crusaders v Whitehaven Hemel Stags v London Skolars Fryston Warriors v Keighley Cougars Gloucestershire All Golds v North Wales Crusaders Newcastle Thunder v Workington Town Doncaster v Myton Warriors Siddal v Toronto Wolfpack Barrow Raiders v Rochdale Mayfield York City Knights v Egremont Rangers South Wales Ironmen v Oxford Hunslet v Coventry Bears Wests Warriors v Haydock.
  12. Yes, he suffered a ruptured knee cap in a pre season friendly.
  13. Isn't he still under contract to Cas?
  14. The way I understand the report in the Press CYC have an agreement/contract with YCFC to use Bootham Crescent every Sunday for rugby. If that is the case why aren't they enforcing it? Guildford appears to be right about CYC, they are not to be trusted. It seems to me that they have some form of hidden agenda.
  15. I believe the playoffs are as follows: Top 5 play off Game 1: 1st v 2nd winner gets promoted loser gets a second chance. Game 2: loser of game1 v 5th Game 3: 3rd v 4th. Game 4: winner game 2 v winner 3, the winner gets promoted. In games 1, 2 and 3 the higher placed team gets home advantage. Depending on where we finish we may have to travel to Toulouse again.