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  1. Elite 1 follow-up

    Lezignan is the city of the department which won the most population and became the third city of the department. there is a lot of work and new businesses. Lezignan also benefits from its proximity to Narbonne and the support of institutional partners. Carcassonne is less dynamic, competing with other sports and had a very bad presidents To be optimistic, the new direction looks more realistic and the rugby union club will probably leave Pro D2at the end of the season
  2. Elite 1 follow-up

    the deficit is 140 € or 125 £. The budgets announced in the newspaper were fanciful. The budget of Lezignan largely underestimated Like that of Limoux for several seasons
  3. Elite 1 follow-up

    Very ban news in Carcassonne : 125k £ in debt Players have not been paid since the beginning of the season Chairman says that there is not enough private sponsors and he's trying to build a financial plan to save the club https://www.ladepeche.fr/article/2018/01/11/2719555-as-carcassonne-vers-un-plan-pour-sortir-de-la-crise.html
  4. Complete list of broadcasts
  5. Ryan Bailey

    Shameful decision. The club should send him back
  6. Elite 1 follow-up

    Some players went to the FCL XIII (or other Elite clubs) before returning to a Championship, Super League and even NRL club: Boudebza, Pomeroy, David Fifita and Vaha Pulu in Lezignan. (Damien Cardace also had several proposals but refused them) I think that the FCL is the perfect club to revive Eloi
  7. Hard to say. ELite clubs have money because they are supported by their municipality. A unified team would not have this support and should ask for money from the city where the team is based, the department and can be the intermunicipal one. Departments are out of money and have fewer and fewer skills. it is the intermunicipalities that develop and have the money but in the aude they are economically weak. other places in France seem in better positions. for example, salon de provence is at the center of an agglomeration of 150,000 people, almost as much as all of Aude's intercommunalities!
  8. Limoux and lezignan must have a similar budget of about 900,000 euros. Toulouse already had a budget of 1.3 million euros during their last season in Elite.
  9. Cologni, Janzac or Guigue could have had the same result with so much money. Do not forget there's a lot of money in Toulouse with the remarkable work of the Oval table. There is more solid foundation in Lyon than in Paris. There is a good job done among young people now and a Elite2 team. What is missing in France is mostly leaders with networks and many volunteers
  10. This is an example to show that the Elite1 can have a good level. Do not forget that some players coming out of Elite1 are very competitive.
  11. Theres already 3 academies like that : pole France in Toulouse, Pole espoir in Carcassonne and Avignon. It is necessary above all to widen the base of the pyramid and to develop the practice locally. First by upgrading the Elite1 clubs and their work. We do not have a magic wand to create structures with volunteers who do not exist in big cities;
  12. still a consequence of these eligibility rules. Ireland has to play all year with these same players and really develop rugby league in this country
  13. You speak of the result but you forget the causes of these defeats: First of all France to play without a large number of these professional players. (Casty, Gigot, Escaré, Duport etc). It is therefore normal to see some Elite1 players play: Cardace is a player with a superleague experience, The Dragons wanted to get it back just before the start of the World Cup. Boudebza (who added a little injured last game), Pelissier have nothing to envy to Marion. Marion is widely put in competition in TO, he is pushed on the bench by Bouzinac who is a hooker who played "only" in Elite1; Cologni is not alone in the French team since Janzac (Limoux coach) is his assistant. Their level of requirement, technique and experience is much higher than that of Houles. After yes there are choices that have been made: replace Bonnet by Marginet, no Canet, Ader center position etc but I do not think that these are the reasons that have lost France against Lebanon Do not forget that France will not play the quarter finals because the eligibility rules have boosted some teams; besides, I am impatient to see England being beaten by Tonga to see your reactions ..
  14. Cardace play centre since rugby school and tries dont come from his side ! (Ader - Bergal ) Bernard Guash try to get back him to the Dragons last month Boudebza comeback from injury ans was much better than Bonnet. Bouzinac was an option like Marion. Marginet is not a hooker but he proves That he has better kick game than Fages. Other player are missing for me (Canet for example)