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  1. You can re-read, I'm not talking about the product itself, but about the image and the communication that we make on this product. The articles talk about what: a cannabis product!
  2. as long as we communicate about cannabis, it contributes to a certain trivialization of a product that remains a drug. I do not think it's an image we have to associate with a sport. In France, a rugby union club was sponsored by a famous pornographic site, the federation has stopped this partnership.
  3. I do not agree, the point of view really does not judge the crowd. The photos taken by spectators during the match seem to me more precise and neutral. We have entered an era where the manipulation of information is everywhere. TWP has understood the interest of having strong images. The communication of this club is exemplary and is for me a great success! If it works with the public it's great but using it to legitimize the project seems to me not to be honest. I want to clarify that I have no interest for or against this "project".
  4. I have been following Toronto's affluence for quite some time. Because the leaders of the club use them to legitimize their project. Here are some pictures of the match we can find others on the social networks.
  5. Canadian propaganda is back! just go on the social networks to see that the stadium with a capacity of 9600 seats was not full! But it is still a great affluence! Moreover the places were free! cf Ticketmaster
  6. You do not need that! Just place the cameras and have good communication. With this joke, we see that this question raises a problem for the Toronto club. Their project is largely legitimized by these exaggerated crowds.
  7. I heard that the agreement between the To and Stade Toulousain could go even further than we think. Even more HUGE News might soon come out ..
  8. no problem, but it is a program that can be really good to do and if English fans are interested I can give them some good addresses. Because in France we are sorry to see the English fans do not stay in France or do not take the opportunity to visit the region which is very beautiful with many products and typical places (wines, foods, castles, abbeys etc)
  9. There's the magic weekend in Carcassonne 13 and 14 april. I f you want to come to support Hull FC. Theres's flights Manchester to Carcassonne (200£) (departure friday and return monday) You will arrive friday just to eat a cassoulet and visit oldtown by night. Saturday you go in Perpignan to Brutus. Sunday you could come back in Carcassonne, on the road you can stop, visit and eat at the abbaye de Fontfroide. (wonderful place) Sunday afternoon magic week-end in Carcassonne. Monday come back in Manchester.
  10. We must also stop with the heritage players who artificially mask our weaknesses and really make development.
  11. you never talk about the French league! But our championship proved that it was not so bad to discover, formed and grow players! If our championship improves and structure a little more to get closer to the level of championship, France will be more competitive. The problem with the Dragons and Toulouse is that they vampirize Elite clubs, our supporters think only Dragons, the federation has become less powerful than one club that does not even evolve in its championship. This is not new (I had said a few seasons ago during a Rugby Leagu World report). As our championship is less and less attractive, we attract less young people and the base of our pyramid is smaller and smaller! it's a perverse effect of the development of the Dragons and soon Toulouse.
  12. Perhaps because it is difficult to motivate players for a long trip during the holidays to play a game lost in advance? There is a real problem with this Villegailhenc team, which has a superior squad at many Elite1 clubs and in particular professional players declared as amateur.
  13. 9211 with few huddersfield fans (but very friendly). They came with a flag in honor of a player from the local rugby union club; One of these Englishmen wore a beret in the colors of the rugby union club. They were photographed with this flag and this to launch a little controversy on the part of fundamentalists treizistes
  14. French rugby league has missed important stages like profesionnalism, television etc. Some clubs in major cities like Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille or Paris' have not managed to stay at the highest level because their sponsors and financiers have disappeared. There are only small towns with a strong Treizist culture that are fortunately financially supported by local mayors. but when they disappear or are not elected (like Pia): they collapse. The French sports system is very far from the Anglo-Saxon model, the public authorities own the stadiums, give grants, choose programs on the public TV channels. The Treizistes now have no networks and connections with the world of work and money. There simply should be more Bernard Guasch, everywhere.
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