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  1. I feel like Salford are getting done over by the refs here
  2. has anyone got a job for steve mcnamara?

    Bulls are going well. I’d like to see him back there.
  3. NCL Free Sports Coverage

    Wouldn’t know - don’t watch it, would rather watch grass grow - not exactly relevant to my question
  4. So it got called off - big deal - these things happen
  5. NCL Free Sports Coverage

    This is nuts - how on Earth are they still playing?
  6. “Leeds just wander around looking like they’re doing nothing” - lol
  7. I’ve no idea how Leeds are in this never mind winning
  8. Why is Walker still on the bench? Why is Walters on the bench?
  9. Ukad agent at the side of the sky camera and Barba is jumpy and nervous - coincidence? ;-)
  10. Rugby League legend who has never lost his way

    The mans a hero.
  11. 8 Mar: SL: Leeds Rhinos v Hull FC KO 7:45pm (TV)

    Off topic but has anyone seen a worse forward than Walters? I’ve never seen a forward constantly hit around the legs and lose the ruck so often. He genuinely couldn’t dominate a Big Mc.
  12. 8 Mar: SL: Leeds Rhinos v Hull FC KO 7:45pm (TV)

    I like Leeds - but I’m wondering how much they’ve paid for this match
  13. They’ve already sold one rubbish half to Leeds, two would be taking the *****
  14. Did they prefer playing Rugby League or Rugby Union?

    You can play till you’re mid 40’s and still get over £100 a game playing union.
  15. Genuine question - can he defend and what’s his pace like, England need centres and I don’t see him and a stand off tbh