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  1. I like the thought process of that they’ve been rubbish for 3 months but surely it’ll be different this week !!
  2. They need to take Watkins out for a month. He’s obviously not right, yes it’s a serious injury but many others have recovered from such a thing, this looks mental.
  3. This is some serious BS. The obvious thing to do is have a minimum quota of X amount of UK clubs in SL not the other way around. That way you could add the number of teams to SL not restrict promotion earned on merit.
  4. I’m positive I’ve heard Conor say that he doesn’t play structures and just what he sees, the problem is that everyone at Leeds does that.
  5. Great player but he’s not what they need. They need an organising half not another runner.
  6. I’ve no problems with Wakey and I like the way they play but the ground is an eyesore and needs sorting, they can’t keep playing the same tune they have for the last 10 years.
  7. If what he’s saying is homophobia then is the bible homophobic? Are therefore all Christians that believe in the bible as the word of god homophobic? Is it not just a point of view that some agree and some disagree with? I nicked some penny sweets when In primary school so I might as well who I’ll be knocking about with in the afterlife.
  8. Hell there’s NCL half’s that could improve Leeds by just organising them.
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