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  1. New Leeds Captain

    Give yourself an uppercut
  2. Canada RL partners up with Keighley Cougars

    Oh I believe in DP
  3. Discord: How will Nigel Wood be remembered?

    Although I’ve absolutely no doubt I could do better I also know that I’m not good enough for the job, or at least I hope I’m not good enough.
  4. Discord: How will Nigel Wood be remembered?

    A weak willed Baffoon with zero vision or commercial ability imo
  5. James Graham not sorry for cheating claim

    "you go out there to hurt the opposition" - Jamie Peacock. Part of dominating someone is the verbal and pyscological war. Up and down the country from under 6 to open age coaches talk about being loud and aggressive in defence, that the major part of RL. If i'm taking the field and literally putting my entire body on the line i reserve the right to say whatever swear words i want. I'd swear at the opposition halfback all game and i'd swear at my forwards if they weren't doing their job. The line i'd draw is racial / homophobic although you will still hear plenty of the "smash the fat ****," "hammer the ginger ****" on any playing field this weekend. In regards to the future fans, well the public love the bad guy, they go to games to shout at the dirty oppositon player, lets not sterilse things past what they already are, remember a lot of people used to go to Ali fights just in the hope he'd lose.
  6. James Graham not sorry for cheating claim

    Was it necessary ~ yes!
  7. Why no mention of Ryan Atkins

    I once saw Watkins laugh at him whilst he was passing Atkins for the third time in the game. His defensive discipline is average at best.
  8. Should Bennett Stay?

    The players play for him. We all acknowledge they’ve gone up a level, why on earth would we not want him to stay.
  9. Never voted, never have I been a fan of Corbs, don’t like Twitter. That guys getting my vote next time no question.
  10. Just saw a promo and screamed "come on England" when i'm by myself in the room. I'm not 100% sure WTF is wrong with me but by god do i want us to win.
  11. O'Loughlin and Hodgson out of final?

    SOL is probably one of the most underrated players going. Although he gets his injuries he's absolutely granite in defence, it's easy to see that people do not like been tackled by him. IMO if he'd have gone to the NRL 6/7 years ago he'd be more revered than Morley or Ellis.
  12. Waynes going up the middle. We went with a lighter bench in the first game andnwe lost it to the two convict props. I can only imagine he wants to address this, not saying i agree but that must be the reason especially if there's questions over SOL. Glad to see they got their aussie ref - what a joke !!!
  13. I've asked the wife to leave the house next Saturday. If we win I'll be a raving lunatic, if we lose (which I accept is more likely) then the dogs at risk of going through the TV. Either way I can't be responsible if I'm around other humans.
  14. does anyone think that not bringing Tompkins and by now basically having to play widdop @ 1 instead of 6 it's bitten us in the backside a little?
  15. Captains

    He's a freak, i geniunely believe he must have mutant lung capacity like some swimmers do. There's something genetically different about him. God i hate the ######!!