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  1. James Child is the embodiment of the snowflake generation. Late contact with the head and a yellow? Give yourself an uppercut Child!
  2. northamptoncougar

    Kieran Foran on his way to Super League?

    Hasn’t Sharon Woods just the joined the club? Didn’t they ship off Graham for him?
  3. northamptoncougar

    Are Leeds in danger of slipping into the Middle 8s?

    Whats the situation with Moon, I’ve read he’s leaving but in my eyes he’s been exceptional for Leeds over the last few years.
  4. northamptoncougar

    Your England picks to play New Zealand in Denver

    I might be missing something here but I’ve read a lot of team lists and can’t see SOL in them. Is he still the England captain? I didn’t think he’d retired. If he Is he’s a 100% starter for WB.
  5. northamptoncougar

    Lamport Stadium

    IF Lamport is to be upgraded sort the toilets out first pls, they make the lavs @ mount pleasent in the mid 90’s look practically regal.
  6. In reality Leeds have lost 5 legends in the last few season and have seen their new captain removed for the majority of this season. What would concern me is that these 5 guys have in no way been replaced. No disrespect to the recent signings but they wouldn’t have come close to the starting 17 of the last few years. My question is why have these new signings been much cheaper / inferior options? You’d have thought that Leeds could afford to go and buy a few ready made leaders.
  7. northamptoncougar

    Chris Sandow returns?

    Genuine liability - we all know it! It won’t work out, we all know that!! My question is - how do all these mercs end up in playing in teams that are associated with Brian Noble, does he have shares in a certain sports agency?
  8. Make him prime minister - it’s todays society that have created the Jake Conor’s of this world. I can only fantasise of what would have happened if he’d have mouthed off at a Joe Grima or Dean Sampson. Bring back some biff ffs, the people want it!!
  9. northamptoncougar

    Kallum Watkins out for rest of season.

    Peteru has barely played - Leeds are unlucky or do they like all clubs struggle with S&C? In salary terms we’re light years behind other sports in what we pay people in this area.
  10. northamptoncougar

    New Rugby League Conference

    Forced out they competed in all 2 team league between themselves during last season as no one else would play either side.
  11. northamptoncougar

    New Rugby League Conference

    Whom ever is responsible for the running of rugby league in the midlands area need to be reviewed. Northampton and Coventry Dragons we’re forced out of the Midlands league because the other teams refused to play them as they thought they were too good. They therefore tried the London league to survive but logistics just don’t allow this. Whomever let these lesser sides call the shots and in turn allowed them to devastate 2 clubs many years of hard work is criminal. Can anyone actually name a person / office who actually has this responsibility.
  12. northamptoncougar

    Kyle Eastmond

    If his contract is about to end I can’t see him not already having something to go to, that just wouldn’t make sense.
  13. northamptoncougar

    Kyle Eastmond

    I think that’s a really solid argument mhm only counter argument is that traditionally when a league player goes to union and comes back he doesn’t seem to be as good
  14. northamptoncougar

    Can Toronto become the new RL heartland?

    Oakville? Come on now, that’s the equivalent of setting up an RL side in Mayfair or somewhere else very posh that I don’t know of. I think they have a Union team there and may have tried a league side a few years ago but I’ve no idea where you’d find a squad of 30 guys in Oakville to play RL.
  15. northamptoncougar

    John Bateman

    Bateman is a real grafter. The Aussies like this. I hope he gives it a real shot rather than like a few who run back after 12 months