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  1. Is there a radio station I could hear this on (living down south!!)
  2. I’d put Goulding at 1 sutcliffe at 3 moon in the halves (no other option) Ablett on the bench
  3. northamptoncougar

    Plan 'B'

    Balls to the above - the CC final attendance shouldn’t be based on the finalists. I've no marketing background but it’d take me about an hour to come up with a “Everyone’s a Dragon,let’s make history strategic plan,” this would galvanise the Wire support and create a seige mentality. It’s an event, create the theme, people love events, I mean people go to union matches for God’s sake.
  4. northamptoncougar

    which leeds players need to be shown the door 1st?

    If you’d have swapped Myler and Maguire this year I honestly think Leeds would be about 5th/6th and pushing for the top 4.
  5. northamptoncougar

    French Players who would make the England set up

    I like Casty but he’s no where near as good as around 10 of our props
  6. Jimmy Lowes has had two first team coaching roles to my knowledge. He has been below average in both. How has he got the gig here?
  7. If sinfield has anything about him not only would he sub moon he’d book him a plane ticket now.
  8. Are the Giants coached by the Aussie version of Alan Carr?
  9. See - no running game
  10. Sarginson blew it there
  11. northamptoncougar

    It's Ralph

    He’s as useful as an ejector seat on a helicopter.
  12. this game shows the limitations of Tompkins. Wigan need a class half and someone to take the game by the scruff, he doesn’t offer a running game anymore and should really be putting himself closer to the action rather than letting a kid do it.
  13. Tautai, nice fella but a bit rubbish. You want a prop to scare the opposition not someone who plays like he might cuddle you a bit too hard
  14. northamptoncougar

    Nottingham Outlaws Publish Open Letter

    The midlands conference is a joke, exiling 2 teams and causing them to fold because they were “too good” when the reality was that the others were so poor and being able to get away with it is beyond criminal.