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  1. He better not want hobnobs, he's not worth hobnobs, digestives maybe but not hobnobs
  2. I hate Chris Caisley which made me hate Bradford, but then I'm from keighley so I'd naturally hate Bradford anyway, the council took our Christmas lights (so my mum says) and in turn we've never forgiven them. But, Bradford should have an RL team, it should b in champ 1 where in turn they can be stuffed by the mighty Cougars (we could have a race as to who can go into admistration next) and be made to pay for the Bully Bully ###### they inflicted upon us for years. sticking them in championship just prolongs a never ending agony which I suppose I should be happy about. I'm pretty sure all readers will release that this post has no relation to the thread.
  3. I hope they go back to standard P&R with a top 5 playoff and focus on the he international team rather than the circus that is SL.
  4. Scums bags - absolutely bent
  5. Although i've no love for Bradford i think it's great that a new club can form without the anvil of debt around it's neck. On the other hand if this "NEW" club is effectively promoted staight into the championship then i'm done with RL and it's half baked shady leaders. I don't care what's happend in the past, let Bradford start afresh with their helds held high in C1.
  6. This might be me being dumb here but why doesn't the RFL just "buy" the bulls and sort the club out over the next 12 months to make it a really viable project for a new owner. Hasn't something similar happened in the NRL before? Surely keeping the club alive makes more financial sense to the sport than dragging its corpse along like this? They could even liquidate the current company and set up a new one to start afresh.
  7. Too similar to be classed as completely different
  8. Too similar to be classed as completely different
  9. Keighley took a chance and rebranded with the Cougars. Cougarmainia made so much noise and we're posting bigger crowds than many in the 1st division for a few years so the bigger boys copied, its that simple
  10. Bradford - maybe they could sell the name LOL
  11. Who is this fella? Seriously I've no idea. Fingers crossed it's not another oxygen thief that's on the take
  12. I don't like Leigh as a club (pretty much Tim Streets fault) but I can't argue with this. Well done
  13. Just the truth - tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. Let's not throw some figures out there so the powers that be can justify their existence. Is the truth so much to ask for?
  14. 80,000 It's just lies, try to word it however we want but in reality it's just lie upon lie by incompetent small minded parochial leaders whom I personally wouldn't employ to organise my daughters birthday party. I actually blame ourselves for allowing these pariahs to continue to run the sport.
  15. I second the scumbag comment - I have worse to say but I would probably get into trouble by comparing him the to Nazi loving Vichy party of yesteryear so I won't. Instead l'll just privately hope he gets gonerrea