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  1. northamptoncougar


    Something of nothing really, a bit crude but cannibalism is / was practiced until recently so he’s not technically wrong.
  2. northamptoncougar

    Sean O’Loughlin to Leeds

    Leeds needs a; 2 props A centre A half A second row SOL is none of these
  3. northamptoncougar

    Henderson to Widnes

    Don’t see the point in Henderson making this move. He left a champ club to go to the Wire so why go back down? If he sticks in his current role he could be the head coach of a strong SL side in a season or two.
  4. Literally the hairs on my legs are standing up
  5. northamptoncougar

    NZ v Australia

    Who’s our left centre? The kiwi right one is immense.
  6. northamptoncougar

    Grand Final Crowd

    This is a complete double bluff as I know for a fact that the pudding mines are in The North Yorkshire dales and are easily defendable by our own secret airforce and army.
  7. You can’t say that the Toronto supporters don’t have passion.
  8. northamptoncougar

    Is Lineham good enough for England?

    Anyone named the Flying Pig has my vote.
  9. northamptoncougar

    Toronto Wolfpack Viewing Party Attendance

    There’s people at the other side of the world packing out a place to watch the game all cheering and high diving afterwards. I think we need to wake up to the fact that their onto something.
  10. Myler just isn’t a top level super league half the amount of times Leeds are clueless on the last tackle is testament to this.
  11. northamptoncougar

    ‘League 1 South’

    Its not the worst team ever. It’s probably the worst team in 20years.
  12. northamptoncougar

    MPG lineup Toronto v London

    How would you know that already?
  13. Someone teach the art of tackling please