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  1. I speak fluent Canadian.
  2. Did you play Gateshead on a Saturday or a Sunday?
  3. As Swinton are currently struggling financially and are in pretty serious trouble it seems it could be true. A bit like the Tory party we seem to have found a money tree.
  4. Well, we won!
  5. Nor for posting ill-informed nonsense on here
  6. I must be thick for not understanding the visa issues, if Moi Moi and Bailey couldn't get theirs sorted for a number of weeks and their applications were being looked after by Toronto WP, who I believe are apparently a Canadian team, then what chance us thick northerners.
  7. I'm sure I heard this somewhere, or I might have made it up. In recent weeks several members of the Toronto coaching staff have been spotted spying on Barrow and picking out our most effective players, then they go back to Canada, send a list of names to the border control and low and behold "sorry no visa for you my lad". Never mind we may be able to put on a better show in the return fixture at Craven Park, oh wait a minute there isn't one. The BBC's Panorama will investigate and expose this dark conspiracy.
  8. Ron, I remember when the announcement was made on the inclusion of Toronto in League 1. At that time I recall you were very much in favour of this move where as I had my doubts, with the benefit of hindsight and the problems facing English based teams do you still think it was a good idea. This weeks clash with Barrow is looking like an anti climax with the visa issues and Barrow looking like they will only have 14 available players, it's becoming a farce.
  9. I think that is only for Super League, at our level it's a week on Tuesday
  10. Perhaps Rangi thinks drinking Canada Dry is a challenge
  11. I thought for a second you said Toronto were a Canadian team, perhaps a quick look at the official TWP website might help. 1 Australian 1 NZ 1 Tongan (with visa problems) 1 USA 2 Canadians Nearly forgot 20 UK plus 3 more on the coaching staff. So unless they all have Canadian grandparents it's an English team, there isn't enough local players to make up the water boys.
  12. Surely this is one of those issues the RFL should have taken in to consideration from the outset, especially as TWP is an all English team. Now, if any team visiting Canada cannot pick it's first choice squad then it seems only fair and reasonable they cannot be expected to make the long and expensive journey and as TWP is an English team there would be no problems for them to play those games here in Blighty. Talking about criminal records, can anyone remember Max Bygraves Deck of Cards, that was a criminal record.
  13. Does Canadian health insurance cover the cost of getting a head from out of an a***, what an obnoxious man.
  14. That's a pretty good description of last nights performance, I thought in the 2nd half we "put the cue on the rack" and allowed S Wales to score, we have to be ruthless. Yesterday Toronto beat Oxford 62-12, a similar score to ours and as the season draws to a close points difference may be important, I'm starting to believe we have a team capable of upsetting the RFL and beating TWP but we have to play for the full 80mins
  15. Difficult to disagree with previous comments, in the first half we were pretty average, too many mistakes which gave Oxford the opportunity to score, a bit more concentration and we could have nilled another team. The second half we woke up and our superior fitness and the efforts of our dominant pack took its toll on Oxford at which point the flood gates opened on we looked like we score every time we had the ball. Bullock, Brennan and Stack were outstanding, Stack for me being mom. On a negative we did look a bit disjointed without Dallimore's influence and game management, a lot of our kicking game was poor, yesterday proved just what he does for the Raiders and the sooner he is back the better. It's been a long time coming but let's enjoy fish and chips on Blackpool prom, oh and don't forget the final.