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  1. Where do we start, what should have been a good game on a lovely evening was ruined. Rugby League is losing fans week on week, If tonight had been my first visit to Craven Park it may have been my last and not because of the players, but because of the idiot with the whistle.. By the way we won by 26 - 10
  2. Well, a win is a win 28 - 6. On a lovely Spring day in front of a bigger crowd, perhaps Sunday is a better option, we could have watched a good game but the man in charge seemed determined to spoil it and in the end it was difficult to watch and probably even harder to play. On a positive note we were again outstanding in the defensive effort and I'm certain when I watch the video the Keighley try was not a try. Roll on the next round
  3. I got up this morning, turned on my computer and expected to see a huge number of people rejoicing in an outstanding and dominant performance. For those who didn't turn up last night, and yet again there was too many we won by 82- 0, yes that's correct 82 - 0 including a number of special tries. Stand out performances from Declan Hulme, Dalimore and the wrecking ball that is Brad Brennan, fully supported by the pack. Pleasing to see was the efforts of young Johnston, he is a gem and if he carries on developing the way he is I suspect he will be scouted by many other clubs. There were two disappointments, Carter took a knock for which he had to be taken to hospital, fingers crossed he is OK, and again a poor attendance, it looked like the worst for some time, perhaps someone can give the exact figure I've said it before but I firmly believe this is a direct result of Saturday evening games. I think we should mention the Hemel team who, despite being hammered gave it their best until the very end, and didn't resort to dirty tactics, well done Hemel.
  4. 2010, Castleford lost to Barrow 28 - 34. Winning try in final moments by Ned Catic, former Cas player
  5. I prefer to use the full title for York, that would be York City Knights NIL, lol
  6. The first half showed again we are a solid team but, disappointingly and not for the first time went in to cruise mode in the second half, we have to be far more ruthless. I agree with Michael York were not that good and to be honest I thought they were lucky to score nil. Does anyone know what happened to Danny Morrow who is our stand-out player at the moment, he was taken to hospital with his arm in a sling. Now, the crowds, I spoke to several people last night and not one was happy with Saturday nights, without exception they wanted to revert to Sunday afternoon, so unless the BOD has a plan or has based this years finances on smaller crowd ( I don't see that) we could be taking a backward step.
  7. My typing is far too slow
  8. My good lady took one look at this and has decided I'm not that bothered.
  9. Me thinks he does protest too much.
  10. Thanks John, it's sorted itself out and is working just fine
  11. Is there some maintenance going on at the moment, for some reason I am not receiving notifications/messages it says these have been "Disabled by Administrator", anyone got an idea or a suggestion.
  12. Retired? What chance he turns up at a Rugby Union game sometime soon.
  13. I think it must have been the Oldham scrum half, I thought he was in our defensive line in that last play. On a brighter note even with the unsettling effect that comes from swapping and changing in a friendly I thought we looked alright today and the new lads seemed to be fitting in well. I'm sure Cresta will have a better night sleep that the Oldham coach, if that's their best effort then I think they will be in for a long hard season, we let them off the hook in the last 10 minutes of the first half and again in he final seconds, for me we were hands down the better team for the majority of the 2nd half. Well done Shane Toal, 4 excellent tries but sadly we missed the kicks, where is Hankinson when we needed him. All in all a promising start to the season
  14. I'm actually replying to myself, a miracle has occurred and out of the blue it appears to have corrected itself. Many thanks to whoever sorted this problem. I did notice the last post on the original Forum Upgrade suggests I wasn't alone Brooza, I've just spotted your question, I use Internet Explorer, I think but also tried Micro Edge
  15. I have big issues with the new format, the first is the reason I have had to communicate via a new topic. I cannot reply to any topic as there isn't the facility to post comment nor the "Quote" under posts referred to by others having problems. I have tried, unsuccessfully to send messages but it will not allow me to access the message facility, it will allow me to fill in the name box and the subject box but stops there and will not let me type in the message. I don't know if this is relevant but under my user name in the top right corner there is a menu, when I open this I see the section "Settings" (not account settings) is permanently highlighted. Has anyone had this problem? How did you resolve this? I am a complete computer buffoon so if you have a solution could it be in simple, idiot-proof English.