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  1. I think it must have been the Oldham scrum half, I thought he was in our defensive line in that last play. On a brighter note even with the unsettling effect that comes from swapping and changing in a friendly I thought we looked alright today and the new lads seemed to be fitting in well. I'm sure Cresta will have a better night sleep that the Oldham coach, if that's their best effort then I think they will be in for a long hard season, we let them off the hook in the last 10 minutes of the first half and again in he final seconds, for me we were hands down the better team for the majority of the 2nd half. Well done Shane Toal, 4 excellent tries but sadly we missed the kicks, where is Hankinson when we needed him. All in all a promising start to the season
  2. I'm actually replying to myself, a miracle has occurred and out of the blue it appears to have corrected itself. Many thanks to whoever sorted this problem. I did notice the last post on the original Forum Upgrade suggests I wasn't alone Brooza, I've just spotted your question, I use Internet Explorer, I think but also tried Micro Edge
  3. I have big issues with the new format, the first is the reason I have had to communicate via a new topic. I cannot reply to any topic as there isn't the facility to post comment nor the "Quote" under posts referred to by others having problems. I have tried, unsuccessfully to send messages but it will not allow me to access the message facility, it will allow me to fill in the name box and the subject box but stops there and will not let me type in the message. I don't know if this is relevant but under my user name in the top right corner there is a menu, when I open this I see the section "Settings" (not account settings) is permanently highlighted. Has anyone had this problem? How did you resolve this? I am a complete computer buffoon so if you have a solution could it be in simple, idiot-proof English.
  4. When it first became active it was fairly simple to use and much quicker but as it keeps updating it's becoming somewhat confusing. Like others mine keeps freezing when I attempt to change page. I'm getting old and prefer simple.
  5. IF is a huge question, I'm pretty sure the RFL already has different ideas which do not involve Barrow. I don't think we are even close to competing at the next level at this moment, had a decision on Bradford been made a couple of months ago, when it should have been made, then the appropriate preparations could have been put in place. There appears to be great emphasis placed on the actions of those in charge at Bradford and how unfair it would be on the club, the players and the fans should they be relegated as a direct result of those actions, but it doesn't seem too long ago this club were the victims of that punishment, in some ways we are better off as a direct result and thanks to the efforts of the replacement BOD we are far more secure financially, perhaps Bradford would benefit having to do the same. I would like to see us at the next level up but for me Whitehaven, in the interest of fairness, should be the team offered a place.
  6. Stevo sticks with his retirement. Phil Clarke completes a sentence without mentioning Wigan. Barrow Raiders win the Challenge Cup (optimistic I know)
  7. As a young boy, in the early 60's, I was traumatised by Barrow losing to Featherstone in the Challenge Cup and didn't see much RL after that. About 1972 my chemistry teacher, a little angry man by the name of Tom Brophy who some of you may remember, gave me a complimentary ticket to watch Barrow play against the Australian touring side here at Craven Park, we put up a great performance such was the standard of Barrow back in the day. It was a Wednesday floodlit game and Tom, who was all of 5ft 5ins, had a discussion with a huge Aussie second rower, needless to say he lost the discussion and arrived in school on Thursday morning with the black eye received during that incident. Now, 40+ years on I still stand in the same place I did that night, unfortunately there is no complimentary entrance, Tom left a year later but I will always remember his free ticket got me interested in Rugby League and for that I will always be grateful
  8. Thank you Jane.
  9. Anybody?
  10. Do you think either of them know about the Early Bird Season Ticket?
  11. After the slight problem over the Early, Early Bird Ticket, is there going to be the normal, regular Early Bird, that would be the one where the wives are able to find the suitable Xmas present for the men who have everything, and is usually available about now.
  12. Interesting story in the local rag over this signing, it says Tom will be working alongside Bullock in the community, and will be living here in Barrow. It begs the question, what is happening to Josh Ward, has he been let go, personally I found him disappointing in the couple of games he played last season, he was certainly noticeable by his absence.
  13. It didn't make much sense the first time At the risk of getting into a long-winded discussion on supporters being misled, let me say this, I have just looked back at the advertising and promotion of this Early Early offer "to rival no other", it's on here, on Twitter, Facebook and the official web-site. It was a promotion designed to create a frenzy to get a bargain for next season and on the face of it there was absolutely nothing wrong with this, the club has repeatedly had the best support for many years and it at first glance was a great gesture. But, there is always a but, not one of the adverts mentions or even suggests a change to game day and I'd be prepared to bet when Phil K and any of the others went to the shop to purchase the tickets they were told of any change, actually that is obvious as Phil wouldn't have bought his. So, by omission of all the facts those taking up the offer can rightly feel misled, and the decent thing to do would be to offer a full refund to those who cannot attend on Saturdays, or those who by choice do not want to attend on that day.
  14. This may seem like a simplistic idea but, as in Phil's case, why not offer a refund, after all those who bought the Early, Early tickets were misled, whether unintentional or not.
  15. It's a near on perfect description of this season, from what I can see on a selfish stance is it will be pointless buying a season ticket for this year, the club will need to be either very inventive or very disciplined in the management of this years finances, running a rugby club has just got harder for those at our level.