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  1. Pop Concert

    Sorry Murph but by not giving a simple straightforward to Richie's question you have unwittingly created this "pish". The new fact stating you were actually working one of the bars means it was so easy to say, yes the club's outlets were open and we did well
  2. Pop Concert

    Murph you are taking this all too personal, as Scrumhalf has said you've just posted. If you are prepared to post when asking Raider fans to help out or to share posters, anything to support our great club then you shouldn't be surprised when long standing supporters ask you reasonable questions, don't forget it's those people that have kept the club going for many a year, and hopefully for many more, this partnership goes both ways.
  3. Pop Concert

    It's nice to be nice.
  4. EGM

    It will be on the 4th October in the Raiders bar.
  5. Playoff Semi

    You got it, the more you bring the better the deal.
  6. Playoff Semi

    Yes, but it only costs twice as much if you bring a friend.
  7. It's Newcastle

    Captain, Barrow is a very small town in the N West of England, as the old joke goes it's the longest cul de sac in the UK. This year a gate of 1007 is pretty good but no where close to the numbers required to fund a successful club and unlike TWP we don't have a sugar daddy, our Commercial Mgr does all he can to promote the club without reward. With average attendance this year, at a guess, around the 800 I would suggest was far less than predicted, not helped in any way by the awful fixture list, we only seemed to have the less supported clubs at Craven Park, the home derby matches which do attract more didn't happen, for example we played Haven away twice and of course travelled to Canada twice. Ask the RFL to give us a marquee club in the first round next season, I think in time Captain you will come to realise the RFL doesn't go out of it's way to help clubs like Barrow. Just a few years ago we were riding high in the Championship, beating one Super League club and coming very close to winning against two others, but achieving that success came with a high price, we had all of our points deducted and on the back of that were relegated to where we are now. So in 2012 a new Board came in and realised the club was in a serious financial hole, it has taken a massive effort from all Directors over the past few years to reduce/eliminate that debt whilst at the same time put out a competitive team, they have done wonders. Right now I suspect we are facing a difficult moment, it would be worth looking at the situation with the Bradford Bulls, one of the biggest names in English rugby, they were relegated to the Championship and in their efforts to regain their place in the Super League spent a huge amount of money and when they didn't get their promotion they have paid a hefty price, they have been in liquidation on more than one occasion and as direct result of the most recent liquidation will find themselves in League 1 next season, this with much support from the RFL. Take a look at the recent signings for TWP, David Taylor with a 3 years, $1m deal, although I don't think for one minute he will be with you for the 3 years. Hull KR who have succeeded in gaining promotion have spent a huge amount of money, well over the million pounds, we are not in any way able to find these sums of money which puts us at a disadvantage. If Toronto stay around for a number of years you will start to understand the difficulties facing clubs like ours. End of lecture, soap box back in the garage
  8. It's Newcastle

    In early July there was a topic on here called "Trouble at mill", due to a couple of potentially libellous comments it was removed by the Moderator. It gave me no satisfaction raising the issue but at that time I had been informed the club was in no position financially to be promoted, after todays outstanding performance I hope it's not the case, can we afford not to be promoted. Good luck to the board, led by a very astute business man in sorting this and making the correct decision.

    Well Mike that clears that up, there's been a fall out . I hope Dave Robinson's wife Hazel doesn't find out about Heather.

    That's a good question, it was only a few days ago he appeared in the local rag telling us now he has retired and he would be giving far more of his time to his role. Curious>
  11. Toronto take2

    There is a fascinating story in the Mail on Brett Carter, it shows yet again getting a visa isn't straight forward. Brett hasn't gone.
  12. If Barrow do bring a big upset it will be one of the biggest ever. Yet again work commitments mean a number of first choice players will not be on the plane, it has been suggested 2 players who haven't played a league game this year due to long term injuries will be thrown into the mix. Last week I was able to watch TWP, against Haven, for the first time, what I found the most interesting was something the commentator said, saying every team that had made the journey to Canada this season suffered fatigue as a result of jet lag allowing the TWP to run wild in the second half, this was always going to happen especially with part-time players who have full-time proper jobs, it would have been interesting were TWP asked to do the same rather than having the advantage of games played in 4 week blocks. Excuse the pun but it hasn't been a level playing field.
  13. Sorry but I think you may be in for some disappointment.
  14. Semi & Final

    We are now 4 points clear of Haven with a considerable points difference and so unless something extraordinary happens in the next two fixtures I feel confident we will finish in 2nd place ensuring the home draw.