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  1. SJD

    19 fit men

    Hell fire Ron, did you have any spare time to watch the game.
  2. Tuigamala, (Inga the winger), Wigan
  3. SJD


    Someone told me today he has asked to leave, the reason given is he is homesick. I hope it's wrong, he is definitely the pick of the three
  4. SJD

    James Duerden

    It clears up the rumour as to why the lad wasn't playing. It's a shame he had great potential, perhaps the pressure of playing in a higher grade than he was used to forced him to take the wrong step.
  5. SJD

    Squad numbers and name.

    I would have thought they would be on the Raider's official website but, it doesn't seem to be available for some reason. I'm sure someone with the know-how could explain it in simple English.
  6. SJD

    New Signing

    We can go back a few years, Tongan Bob Tuavi ( Tuava ?) and his younger brother who's name I can't recall. I believe they both sadly died at a young age but made a great impact for Barrow. (Sorry if I have spelt their surname correctly)
  7. SJD


    Matt was partner with his brother at Knightsbridge Motors but I believe they have decided to go separate ways, Matt has opened up in the old Stokers car sales by the Strawberry. They have sponsored the club before, Peter Milligan was provided with a car. Good bloke and big fan.
  8. SJD

    Pre Season Matches

    Michael, try not to worry about it, I'll send you a letter. 😊
  9. SJD

    Paul Rowley

    Wonder if I can cancel my season ticket.😒
  10. At the risk of coming across as thick, am I right assuming this brings an end to the 'Early Bird'?
  11. SJD

    8's fixtures

    Thanks very much Jane.
  12. SJD

    8's fixtures

    Does the season ticket cover these 3 games?
  13. SJD

    Joe Bullock

    It's a sad day for Barrow as big Joe has signed for Wigan and will leave us at the end of this season. The lad has given us some great moments since he joined us and I can only wish him all the best as he looks to further his career in super league.
  14. SJD

    More injuries

    I believe it's an issue with the concussion he suffered a few weeks ago.