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  1. SJD

    8's fixtures

    Thanks very much Jane.
  2. SJD

    8's fixtures

    Does the season ticket cover these 3 games?
  3. SJD

    Joe Bullock

    It's a sad day for Barrow as big Joe has signed for Wigan and will leave us at the end of this season. The lad has given us some great moments since he joined us and I can only wish him all the best as he looks to further his career in super league.
  4. SJD

    More injuries

    I believe it's an issue with the concussion he suffered a few weeks ago.
  5. SJD


    Sussino also went off with a neck injury and Bullock played the 2nd half with an ankle injury. I thought today, in energy sapping heat was one of the gutsiest performances I've seen from Barrow. Ryan Duffy had to do big minutes and was my m.o.m, his tackling was immense, well done boys that was a very good result
  6. SJD

    GENE ORMSBY ........................

  7. SJD

    Glen Riley

    If I asked for you to put some meat on the bone, would I be on the right track?
  8. Do you know I'm struggling to put the TWP in the same sentence as "level playing field".
  9. SJD


    There is a Weatherspoon (Furness Railway) just 10 minutes away, right next to the ground is the Killone and the Ambrose. The loyal rugby fans should of course use the Raiders Bar inside the ground. It's been a long time since we welcomed Fev to Barrow, look forward to seeing you.
  10. SJD

    Challenge Cup results.

    Let me interpret, no he's not coming.
  11. SJD

    dean parata

    Has anyone told Murph?
  12. SJD

    2018 shirts

    Have you never seen the ships being launched ? It's a much better kit.
  13. SJD

    Glenn Riley

    With all respect to Ollie he has been a real bonus for us this past 2 seasons, but given the option of a 38 year old or a hungry young 25 year old it's a bit of a no brainer ( I heard Ollie was a little optimistic in his pay negotiations). Sorry to see the departure of young Dan, a really good young and exiting player, I also hear we may not see Brad Marwood as well, he too has been very good for us in the few games he played. Does this mean we can expect another hooker?
  14. SJD

    Toronto and Toulouse packages 2018

    I hope this isn't favouritism and the same offers apply to the many hundreds of Canadians rushing to Craven Park, no ground issues here.
  15. SJD

    Moving the Club forward with your help

    The 200 club is a belter, I'm up for that one