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  1. Both sets of forwards and the ref had to stop the game as they were laughing so much
  2. Boobs beginning with T
  3. I can see why he sent him off but he may have miss heard him, i was with Adam Fogerty the other week and he was telling me a story of him been done by the News of the world regarding him and a stripper. He was playing for saints the following week and he called Lee Crooks an old C... And they were having severe verbals and they were looking forward to seeing each other at the next scrum!!! Just as they were about to pack down Crooksy said " listen foggy I dont mind having a fight with you but dont be playing with me #### in the scrum" do we want to be without this?
  4. I am of the opinion that this is part and parcel of our game, its best in my opinion when its right on the edge. its a matter of opinion where the edge is, but to see players giving the verbals and a real confrontation about to happen has made my spine tingle for decades. i dont want to see the game further bastardised and we end up with five drives and a kick! Im not into racial abuse of course or Homophobic abuse but if we cut out the sledging altogether I would not be a fan.
  5. problem is I keep reading about the El classico and keep watching the El onesidedo !
  6. I recall going to I think the semi final at headingly?? as a nuetral it was an amazing experience; running onto the pitch with the Fax supporters even as Leeds fan was something that will stay with me for a long time. ( it was defo at headingly but they went two years running'?)
  7. Get off at the Machester airport turning, hop on a flight to Belgrade! Easy...i have been here for 5 years. The league is amatuer , I keep saying a relativly small amount of cash would go along way here
  8. 60 k a year for a few days a month, more than a good RL player makes! What does he do for 60k
  9. My job is a groundsman and I came across a job that sounded perfect ! Looking after state of the art facilities in York with new sports pitches; the only problem was it was backed by the Rfu ! Hence I did not apply ! But I have just spent the last half an hour trying to find any reference to it and found non! Maybe it was a bad dream or fake news😱😔 so i will throw those stupid pictures in to hide my embarrassment! long live the Knights
  10. Its not about forgetting about the games heartlands as that is where we are entrenched , we need that forward thinking approach as at times we cant seem to move more than a few miles away from our traditional areas. Toronto are bucking this trend but they need our support all the way .
  11. Its about professionally supporting the kids and structures whilst keeping the top of the game healthy so the kids continue to aspire to reach the top.
  12. State of the art facilities , player pathways to greater wealth and fame ? Parents been shown those kind of facilities will be far more impressed than taking the kids down to some council owned dump! The special talents have that choice to make and in my opinion they would choose the Union model rather than the League one
  13. I suppose there are 2 arguments, one is we we are not been paid enough and have to find new revenue; the other is try something new with a relatively low level match to test the waters? I do believe we need terrestrial tv but we need cash too!
  14. Thats right , I was just wondering if the decisions we are making today will be of benefit or the detriment of the game in the future? one thing for certain is I dont think Wayne Bennetts 5 drives and a kick will do anything for our long term benefit!