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  1. To be honest I think many of us are deluded about the game we love , we believe it’s mainstream , we believe it’s the best , we believe we will conquer the sporting world given a chance!! truth is no ones coming to save us and we as a sport are becoming less and less relevant every day, other sports have galloped off to the future with blue chip backers whilst we got stuck with mushy ###### peas!! Ive read all the stories of expansion and hope for 30 years and sadly have come to the conclusion it’s not going to happen.
  2. But I do think it could lead to attracting the wrong people to the game
  3. To be fair that’s not true , but I do wonder if seeing RL fights on YouTube of the old days that people think this is acceptable?
  4. It’s made a lot of headlines in the papers over here
  5. Very bad stuff , think it shows how Serbian RL does not work with each other
  6. We as a game have to get on with it! Of course we can continue, maybe we have to put a quota on how many players England GB uses from one club in the regular season but as a sport we have to see that the game needs to grow internationally just like every other dam sport that is serous
  7. We have to give el presidente things to post about , No England games makes that difficult to get behind something that’s newsworthy on a national scale
  8. You have to benchmark against someone and it’s an interesting valid comparison to use RU
  9. We have missed so many easy wins over the years it’s criminal , tiny snippets of news are gold and we have rarely seemed to bother ! On the BBC website today there is a video clip of a try by a Welsh Rugby Union Lady ....thing is it was a forward pass and the try was ruled out!!! Christ we can’t even get the best bits on never mind tries that don’t count
  10. I honestly blames Woods for this , an accountant running the show with Zero vision for growing the game; society’s demands have moved rapidly whilst he just took a wage packet that the game could clearly not afford
  11. Ray may not have twisted their arm to employ him but in my opinion the game should have appeared more upto date in many aspects of the game. We fell well behind modern sporting broadcasting norms
  12. I was a ref in the North West around Wigan , Widnes area ; I thought I would put something back into the game I loved! What a mistake that was !! So much abuse from the crowd, players and coaches I gave up after half a season.
  13. My experiences have been totally depressing, so much so I had a face to face meeting with Nigel Wood about it ; his reply was “ we don’t do owt cos we make nowt” RL vision in a nutshell I thought
  14. Really thought he held our game back for a long time just like Stevo , we just looked like a backward Northern sport in my opinion
  15. Think wizz air from Luton is the furthest North!
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