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  1. Great news , let’s hope we can move forward again
  2. Should Bennett Stay?

    Thing is when you get a new job you try see what works, all he did was 5 drives and a kick ! Thats not my type of Rugby
  3. Should Bennett Stay?

    My feelings are Bennett should go, after seeing England v NZ last year I was truly appalled at the style of rugby; admittedly we did better than I thought in the World Cup but we were very limited in reality. hand the reins over to Powell and let us build on the great defence and pack but I like creative halves and attacking backs too; that will entice and inspire our youth and development too.
  4. Thought we were amazing today , sat in my house today in montenegro with headphones on screaming like i was 17 again ! Problem is im 47 ! We are definately getting there and as much as this will rile some Mcnamara must not be forgotten too
  5. The touchy stopped as soon as Widdop threw it
  6. Proud to be a League man today, lets stick together people; we have a great game
  7. Sorry if this has been said but play had already stopped for a forward pass
  8. Media Watch World Cup

    Do we even have a media department?
  9. BBC Promoting RLWC final (not)

    Sorry to get political , just giving an example of what we have to do
  10. BBC Promoting RLWC final (not)

    Look when Labour came to power, they had to win over the majority of print media in the uk with spin; they did it and managed 3 terms! I suppose Corbyn is doing it through social media but I get no real sense we are having any influence anywhere
  11. BBC Promoting RLWC final (not)

    I agree , from my dealings with the RFL i just don't think they get it or have the resources to change it
  12. BBC Promoting RLWC final (not)

    If union can get 2-3 days front page news for some amateur players knocking over some posts surely we could get some decent coverage?
  13. BBC Promoting RLWC final (not)

    What do we do Dave? Do we have a supporters group focussed on this or leave it to the likes of the parliamentary committee? its a disgrace how we are ignored , no wonder we struggle for sponsors and fans; even the fans the game has have to go looking on some obscure channels to find games!
  14. BBC Promoting RLWC final (not)

    As I said in my post Dave , they appear not to be....they might be sending great stuff back to the Beeb and it's just getting ignored ? Maybe we don't have a dedicated team with the required resources? Maybe Nigel has cut them in favour of his own wage rise??