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  1. Very daring to stick his head up and say something for 250k a year!
  2. Oh ###### on reading that lot I’m afraid I’m still going to have a serious amount of anger for Nigel , the playing figures standout for me above all the other negatives; think Nigel should have donated his payoff to an RL charity or as a gift to fund development officers; he has taken a lot and it’s become apparent he’s left us in the brown stuff
  3. Reading about RL is often a hardship rather than a joy and I often despair at the situation we are in ; this generally leads to middle age anger and sadness as I look back through the Rose tinted glasses! I come back to the main man in charge who appears to have walked away from the game after collecting a huge wage for 10 years as well as a handsome payoff and a new job probably very highly paid again! Did Nigel achieve any real good things? Or are we just focusing on the negative aspects of his regime?? (there are a lot) I know Nigel is for expansion of the game but can anyone place a positive spin on his tenure? I would like to place my grumpy old man syndrome somewhere else !!
  4. Thing is I just coached a team with 13 players in Bosnia , I was terrified a couple of them were going to have a heart attack ; RL is a brutal game with nowhere to hide especially when your playing way above your level!. So in this case I would say there is a duty of care albeit I think we hide behind that term a bit much
  5. iangidds

    New league structure revealed

    We are going back to winter and turning amateur once again
  6. iangidds

    New league structure revealed

    The votes in ...
  7. Rightly or wrongly I really despair at the state of the game and the top brass implementing ###### poor plans; I have nearly walked away from the game on numerous occasions and I used to think if you cut me in two it would say Rugby league on the inside! People will not keep popping up and volunteering if they meet negativity and no support, there is lots of things to do in life these days; it’s the same when we lose stars such as Jason Robinson, Owen Farrell others ; people say oh well we will make another ! No we won’t because the stars inspire the future generations into our game , we need to be ruthless in all levels of our game as no one will ever do us any favours. if RL is survive and thrive we need real plans thought through and managed correctly not like the last decade of complete rot that a certain group of men presided over
  8. Absolutely agree , having games meaning a lot is what pro sport is all about ; that’s why we pay to watch either on tv or in person. We need more money in the game for sure so it does ruin the club that try’s and fails because in sport there are always losers
  9. It would be wonderful to hear Roger Drapers view on life at the RFL and Richard Lewis too
  10. Without knowing the ins and outs it certainly feels like miss management on a monumental scale to destroy all that good work in your tenure as the CEO of the RFL
  11. Is there enough of us to really care to force through change or is that just what the SLE are doing? The RFL run many key aspects of our game and we can all see where we are heading.
  12. Wow what an absolute disgrace, I’m sorry but how can people hold their heads up after this?? The game has gone down the pan with people appearing to put their personal gain in front of the games needs. You have to look at the man and his team who oversaw this unfolding disaster , He gets rewarded with a huge payoff and another highly paid job whilst the RFL is probably not far off bankrupt.
  13. iangidds

    Grand Final band

    Get them on the pitch for sure , it’s mental sticking people in a corner
  14. iangidds

    Grand Final band

    I still have nightmares about the Eng v NZ game at Huddersfield a couple of years back , it was truly horrifying
  15. iangidds

    Grand Final band

    Dave, I’m horrified at the pathetic international scene with regards to entertainment; I hope new people bring new interesting ideas to the game