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  1. iangidds

    London Skolars

  2. Can anyone help put me in touch with the Skolars? I have sent a few emails via there webpage but have had no reply. thanks in advance ian
  3. iangidds

    Fantastic Maketing Plan

    It all feels ominous for Salford, it feels like they will drop off the RL map in the very near future
  4. iangidds

    Barrow nearly folded this week

    We have to get ready for this , without serious change we as a sport are going under; no one but ourselves gives a toss about RL
  5. Got me thinking the other day where they are , anyone have any idea?
  6. iangidds

    Malta v South Africa

    Looked decent that
  7. Bennett is correct in my opinion, we need to expand or we will simply carry on been less relevant on the local and global stage
  8. Looks like we can say there was a lot of positives in America , do the NRL take the first origin game there? That will hit the Americans right between the eyes I’m sure
  9. iangidds

    Modern game

    That’s why we need top level international RL , who would have thought they would have seen that in their life time?
  10. iangidds

    Modern game

    Wow still sends tingles through my body !
  11. iangidds

    NRL on track to smash $45 million surplus

    It just makes me cringe more about Nigel Wood announcing 25,000 pound profits! He was running off with 400,000 pounds!!! I suppose that’s better than the usual losses but this highlights once again how are game has gone back in the UK
  12. think we all need a rest for a minute
  13. We have different players in the market these days with Toronto, Toulouse and potentially Red Star Belgrade, we need to keep the drawbridge open to let these (and others) in to grow the sport and revenues . we have a number of fading clubs that show little or no sign of revival and we need to find many ways to envigorate the game at all levels, going away from previous thinking and actions seems the only way.
  14. I want to fight for the survival and the revival of the game at all levels, I’m pro expansion (Executive member of Red Star Belgrade) and pro all levels of RL. Thing is we have been on the slide for decades and many of us on here have been shouting it loud and clear(Maybe too much like Arthur Scargill) . Hetherington spoke up as a businessman who oversees a very successful club both on and off the field , maybe he spoke up to protect his profit making company whilst the others are speaking up to lessen their losses?
  15. Just a pointless personal opinion but when I see Brian Berwick on the BBC website he looks like what he is , yesterday’s man taking cash from the game for not a lot (if anything ) in return. The RFL have been shocking for a long time and My personally would rather the game go down with a fight rather than the current situation of death by a thousand cuts