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  1. Ive had enough of RL , a game and people i would have literally given my life for ! Its going down the pan at an alarming rate ; the lack of vision and leadership is criminal.
  2. It seems alot of us have lost all faith in the RFL, it feels like we are on a serious downhill slide and Mr Rimmer is offering us no assurances it feels! It feels like to me that they are keeping their heads down and taking big salaries with very little in return ? Plan B Ralph?
  3. What is your plan mr Rimmer ? Where , when and how are you going to take the game forward?
  4. iangidds

    Spain v Serbia Live Stream

    A lot of people were saying it was a distraction! I personally can’t think of anything better for raising the profile of the game, two of Serbia’s tries should not have been allowed ; so you have to say the score line flattered them really
  5. iangidds

    Spain v Serbia Live Stream

    Was at the game , no one seemed to notice the guy having heart compressions! No composure and words of unrest in the camp
  6. iangidds

    Ideas thread

    There has been a great response from some very committed individuals, I will reply after the weekend as I am heading to the Serbia Spain game in Belgrade .
  7. iangidds

    Ideas thread

    Thing is a few teams are doing well and it’s easy to pick out Leeds and Warrington but you are conveniently forgetting the rest, we are stagnating at best in some areas but going backwards in others. our lack of focus over the challenge cup been one prime example, I for one think we need professional focus groups to assist in the game growing rather than contracting as it has been for a number of years.
  8. iangidds

    Rugby league expansion meeting

    The agenda is to provide a number of studies on how we as fans can assist in developing the game in existing and emerging places. it feels to me a sensible fans focus group is required to take a number of well thought out initiatives to Sl, RFL and The European federation. for too long this eternal talking shop has generated great ideas but I feel it’s pointless unless we progress these ideas, we have to look beyond our club loyalties to help grow the game rather than stand by and watch it wither.
  9. Morning All, im wondering if I can get a group together that are interested in talking about the expansion of RL and the promotion of existing teams? I was looking for an early winter meet up to discuss how we as fans can constructively help to take the game forward. i will travel from Montenegro so I am looking for committed people rather than idiots ! PM if you want to discuss further. regards ian
  10. iangidds

    Ideas thread

    https://www.nswrl.com.au/origin/blatchys-blues/ great ideas are so easy , we really do sweet FA! I have only ever seen Bradford bulls put on a show in my 35 years of following the game
  11. iangidds

    Ideas thread

    This is the job of the RFL but the guy in charge seems to want to give it to the hearns whilst still taking his salary....cake and eat it spring to mind! On the flip side we might actually get more bums on seats and reverse the decline we are in
  12. iangidds

    Ideas thread

    God all I can think about is meeting Nigel Wood after I complained about the corporate hospitality at Huddersfield for an England NZ game two years ago....”we don’t do owt cos we make nowt really” top words Nigel ; what a way to lead the sport
  13. iangidds

    Ideas thread

    Theres so many things that the game can do , im just about finished with the game . I hope somebody can do something quick as the game is becoming less relevant in the uks sporting world
  14. iangidds

    Ideas thread

    See its not hard is it
  15. iangidds

    Ideas thread

    Throw in some tag rugby and a food and drink event at a local amateur club for example?