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  1. iangidds

    RL community fund

    Let’s hope clubs take up the scheme, how much funding is available overall?
  2. iangidds

    RL community fund

    I bet there would be a lot of people out there who would do this if the RFL reached out a little
  3. iangidds

    RL community fund

    Just picking up on the point earlier, if clubs are not applying for funds is their anyone out there helping to point them in the right direction or assist with applications? It seems crazy that these grants are not been taken up
  4. iangidds

    RL community fund

    ahh Do you you think it’s a non starter?
  5. Colin Kleyweg of Red Star would do a great job, good businessman with a unwavering passion for RL
  6. iangidds

    RL community fund

    I was thinking of helping as many clubs or individuals with small individual donations, it amazes me how we cannot make something like this work?
  7. iangidds

    RL community fund

    Wow we are a funny bunch! I wonder now social media is more prevalent would it work better?
  8. Happy New year to you all, having tried and failed to cut my ties with RL I thought about an idea that may help RL in general. my thought is that a group of people passionate about the game set up a face book group that gives financial assistance to clubs or individuals wherever they are in the world! As we know we are tight arsed people but I was thinking of a minimum amount of £50.00 per year to a maximum of £500.00 , the choice would be down to the individuals where they give their donations, it maybe for kit, travel , injuries etc etc etc . Requests would come directly to the page from where we can choose to assist or not. its our way of helping people in the sport we love , I am happy to run the page probably alongside a few others if anyone is interested please get in touch. Regards Ian
  9. Maybe it’s time for the RFL to write an open letter to its fans ? Let them tell us they got things wrong and how they propose to fix it? Let them reach out to us and engage us , let us be a tight knit sport once again where we all work for the greater good of the game? state that if we buy a ticket for the Challenge cup final a fixed amount will go to a part of the game of our choice? Maybe we could select grass roots, pitch development, coaching , etc etc etc . as it stands it’s clear to me the RFL has lost its way and we are not prepared to back these people anymore
  10. iangidds

    RFL petition

    Rimmer gets paid 250k a year plus benefits , maybe he has inherited a broken business model from Woods: either way the game and the RFL are in a mess and the game needs solutions and quick
  11. iangidds

    RFL petition

    Ok I understand, but try understand people are passionate about our game and may not express that too well. The banks will probably pull the plug on the RFL because I can see nothing but losses ahead
  12. iangidds

    RFL petition

    At least the person wants to do something rather than moan on a forum .
  13. iangidds

    New Beginnings

    Maybe they finally get what you have to do to promote a sport these days😂