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  1. Think it could be a problem too, somehow the rest need to keep up with them or a pathway is found quickly for Red Star to play in the UK comp
  2. I think the cricket pitch at Michael holdings old school has been dug up for football !
  3. I agree football has got such a strong grip and they want it all too, Rl needs to innovate and invigorate itself and quick otherwise the overall decline in numbers will have inevitable consequences
  4. Jimmy Keinhorst

    Never thought he was anything but a stand in until last night
  5. Rugby league gave me brain damage

    Sorry it was not meant to read like that, it was meant to be an invite to all others who had not seen it to seek out the footage; it was perfectly timed and legal in my opinion
  6. Rugby league gave me brain damage

    Probably the best tackle i have seen and it was legal
  7. Rugby league gave me brain damage

    The Mick Cassidy tackle is why most of us love RL , if you have not seen it you should
  8. Rugby League - man's game!

    I think we should watch Nigel dance semi naked at the grand final for his 500K, I think I may feel better about the whole situation
  9. Rugby League - man's game!

    Yes I agree , I actually complained to the RFL about the standard of Cheerleading/ entertainment at an international event and they said it reflected their roots in the community; whilst not trying to be overly harsh I don’t think that putting untrained people of all shapes and sizes in front of the cameras and crowd is good for our image. i maybe totally wrong that we need to be more inclusive by doing things this way but me personally I think it is wrong
  10. Rugby League - man's game!

    Society is changing again as it always does, getting older means that I am a bit slower every time in catching up! There is always a counter argument to anything which in turn leads to further counter arguments etc etc etc
  11. Rugby League - man's game!

    But the grid girls love it too