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  1. Dave woods

    Think I was in a bad mood yesterday , sorry for not reading correctly
  2. Dave woods

    If we want sponsors and broadcasters attracted to our game we need a high profile and RL been RL we have to work for that unlike other sports that have it handed to them on a plate. so simple things like keeping up to date web pages and interesting pictures and stories that raise the profile of the World Cup and the player profiles are essential in my opinion.
  3. Dave woods

    Thing is I used Dave's name as the headline rather than the BBC for the umpteenth time! Not really having a go at Dave but who is responsible for the webpage? 'Today many many hours after their only warm up match there is no mention of the result never mind a report! Would any other mainstream sport allow that? surely someone at RFL headquarters needs to monitor very basic things like this? We seem not to generate any news worthy Items, even a silly picture or two of the boys training or eating a bloody kangaroo would help!
  4. Dave woods

    If If what is on the BBC website satisfys you so be it , I personally find it underwhelming; and for the record I am a fan of Dave Woods I was asking wether his extended job title should influence the website ! If not who is it? as a game we settle for pathetic drivel when if the game and its stakeholders put some effort in we could have something worthwhile .
  5. Dave woods

    Ok but surely promoting an upcoming World Cup is feasible?
  6. Dave woods

    I am talking about our greatest spectacle not snooker ,ceefax etc every other main sport would be promoting their respective World Cups like crazy... ours I am afraid is just the very bare minimum. Maybe not Dave's fault I know but who is answerable?
  7. Dave woods

    Ok but he his head of RL at the BBC? So he should be influential surely
  8. Dave woods

    That's right Woods has a far greater role at the BBC than just a commentator; he was given a far bigger role. i am a fan of Dave's but keeping a webpage up to date and vibrant does not seem that difficult?
  9. Dave woods

    Is that not Dave's job to help get things on there? Surely there is a mass of great stuff that will inspire us and the kids to tune in?
  10. Dave woods

    Had to start somehow 😊
  11. Dave woods

    Is this under Dave Woods brief?
  12. Dave woods

    As the RFL representative for the BBC should the BBC website be flooded with info and pictures of the boys in Australia? What an opportunity to show the players training on beaches, player profiles , venues etc etc etc etc as far as I can see there is nothing there, what a waste of a huge marketing opportunity, there at least should be an official RL publicity team taking photos and videos and passing them on to the BBC; we need to inspire the next generations and think bigger FFS it does not take much does it??
  13. Well with 1.85 million for a squad could anybody be on more ?
  14. I believe he is terrible front man for our game, if he was leading from the front and we could see vision and progression everything one would be fine ,but the only thing going forward is his salary and I cannot understand how? We have all seen or been part of Gravy trains and this lot may just well be on one!!
  15. I was wondering is Nigel the highest paid British Rugby league man in History as either a player or administrator?