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  1. Red star membership

    Interesting to be involved from the beginning in a great thinking club, hope a few of us can get involved?
  2. Balkan Super League

    Ok , I hope so too; I heard it from one of the players here who is my former member of staff ; so it’s a very good source
  3. Balkan Super League

    I’m in shock , Montenegro are putting a team in the comp; can’t wait for this to kick off
  4. Andy Burnham

    I have sent my ideas to Mr Burnham, I am not a fan of talking shops and I hope that some of what I have sent to him could be implemented; it’s about a range of issues that effect our local communities and Rugby League. I can only hope I am knocking on the right door. there is no need to be negative or cynical and I think we all need to see what we can do to make our game survive and grow
  5. Andy Burnham

    Think your right, if it was purely an RL matter I could understand the comment; it is far more than that
  6. Andy Burnham

  7. Andy Burnham

    I see , I have some ideas about grass roots rugby that have a political take on them; I would like to reach him if possible rather than send it into the atmosphere
  8. Andy Burnham

    Does Andy have an RFL email address that I could write on him on? Could see nothing on RFL website
  9. Draper also leaving the RFL

    Really dissapointed , I thought Draper was the future
  10. I suppose I have put 2 and 2 together... but Woods pay increased whilst participation levels and development officers fell; that does not look good to me.
  11. When you have a drop in funding do you pay yourself more and get rid of the footsoilders? That’s what Woods did; the development officers drive up participation and in turn the grants are higher.
  12. Balkan Super League

    They have had an invite but not sure they can raise a team, interesting if they can; I have heard a lot of the Union players from the capital are not interested in league. There are no league teams here or any players that have played it that I know of
  13. Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Club

    Hope he goes well, can’t think I have seen him run with a ball in anger yet ! im in Melbourne deranged drunk guy for a few weeks ! Do you originate from the uk ?
  14. Balkan Superleague

    Well if it is bs it’s not mine 😳 this is their proposed wage structure for next season I understand , they want to give it a really good shot with attracting high level local and international sponsors