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  1. They will be glad to be away from a Serbian winter!
  2. Just seeing if i can respond now
  3. But i was reading that it cost 1 million dollars to make and took 12 million at the box office!
  4. Yes it seems very poor film
  5. Just watching it for the first time , I was wondering who saw it and what were your thoughts? Was it better as a play?
  6. Please keep in touch and I will come up to Belgrade, hopefully my film will be made next year and I will need plenty of Rugby players for the action shots
  7. My feelings too, we dont need to give much really to get rich rewards from Serbia.
  8. Great stuff Vladimir,I come to Serbia alot as I live in Montenegro so let me know when you are playing next? I am also making a film next year about Serbian RL , so PM and I will let you know the details
  9. Thats the fella, top bloke him! Thanks so much
  10. I agree it would not take much effort, good opportunity for all really
  11. Thansk but no thats not him, nice biff though!
  12. Hi , Hoping someone out there can help , I played for Mirfield 25 years ago and we had a player coach who was in his forties then, he was a very good fella nicknamed Hughy . Think he played pro for Fartown before that, anyone have a full name for him?
  13. Dont worry its nothing like that
  14. Its a roadtrip comedy about 2 english Ru players who end up in Belgrade and they end up playing RL to pay there way home, needless to say they fall in love with RL and the Balkans. It does however poke fun at RU, RL, north and south of England as well as the people of the Balkans but dont worry everyone is a winner in the end!
  15. Thats good to know, I need someone who understands Rugby thats for sure