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  1. barnyia

    Call for refs to rule om forward passes

    They'll have to get the old sky crane and camera out for a overhead shot to check on forward passes, but will the momentum rule come into play then😁😁 or new idea the satellite camera !
  2. Don't know the score but I reckon if Alex chans middle son teki chan played a few English lads will be sore this morning ! He plays for xiii Catalans u16 and juniors,
  3. They play the Catalans under 16s tonight but it's not streamed!
  4. Carcassonne are looking to do this but haven't found anyone, Albi are twinned with Leeds and a few players went to Leeds for a month last year, the French no6 fabre is supposed to be going this year. He is quality ! Would be great if lucas Cuellar the hooker could get a chance in England for a few months !
  5. 22 to 6 for France 25 mins to go
  6. Delayed by a few minutes on French TV! My kids where impressed when I said Julien will score next!
  7. barnyia

    Toulon and Pia

    Villeneuve want to stay in elite 2 as the reserves of carcassonne
  8. All the players where 16 and under at the beginning of our season in September , most are under 16s
  9. Lucas Cuellar my very talented hooker!
  10. Named in new recruits for ceret rugby union ! Maybe just for the beginning of the season as elite 1 doesn’t restart until early December,
  11. Even in division 3 he'll be earning a lot more than at st gaudens!
  12. And probably earning 4 times more money!
  13. barnyia

    Lezignan stadium fire

    Disappeared in 1 hour!
  14. I coach four of the players in the French squad so no comment !