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  1. barnyia


    Toulon are struggling in the juniors due to the way the fixtures where set up at the beginning of the season, alot of their players returned to union as they played only 2 games between September and Christmas, They've been playing most games with 12 or 13 players
  2. barnyia


    Just read the second montpellier club are looking for players and under 19s they're to go direct into elite 1. Still not convinced it will happen, but if there's alot of money it could happen,
  3. barnyia


    They've not made a team or been accepted, it's probably never going to happen, hopefully it will, When I played for Montpellier we had a massive player turn over as we managed to attract the foreign students, even an Irish légionnaire, Every year the team would change, we had a good set up and built slowly, then all the original volunteers got pushed out by business men and false promises, then the team disappeared, Then they got forced to back directly into elite 1 and the club died again because of in fighting, politics and mines bigger than yours attitudes. Even when they played elite no-one new àbout the team and there was hardly anything in the local press, In Montpellier there is football, union, handball, basketball, baseball, American football, ice hockey, field hockey, and quite a few more sports before rugby league is mentioned,
  4. barnyia

    Rugby League in France

    They only have leagues in the categories under 15s , under 17s under 19s and open age, in under 13s they play around 6 games a year with thirteen players and the rest in 9 a side tournaments, the under 7s play 5 a side, under 9s 6 a side and under 11 s 7 a side, the 4000 junior games must include the 6 or 7 matches each team plays in the tournaments which are around one a month or less. im not putting french rl down its just not many people realize how small participation is in French rl. in the under 19s comp Toulon are playing most games with 12 or 13 players max , as are albi and this is in the elite division, carcassonne have dropped down a division as they've only 18 players in total.
  5. barnyia

    Rugby League in France

    The 700 teams must include all age groups, there are 24 under 19 teams in total, in open age there are 10 elite 1 teams, 11 elite 2 teams then I'd reckon around 30 lower level teams,
  6. barnyia

    The shot clock.

    You are only allowed 8 substitutions this season, as for the shot clock the defending team is always going to be the slowest team to form the scrum as they're going to defend and the few extra seconds help recover a little,
  7. barnyia

    The shot clock.

    So glad they've brought this in! No more water breaks and team talk by the water boy at every scrum, no more injuries at every drop out!
  8. barnyia

    Catalans Preview

    In tomorrows catalan edition newspaper.
  9. barnyia

    Match ticket prices

    They should have couples reductions and family reductions, to go to the game with a mate paying 27 pounds isn't expensive, going with my wife at pounds 54 becomes expensive, add the two kids at 15 pounds each plus a drink and a program it becomes a 100 pounds for a couple of hours.
  10. barnyia

    Lord Derby Cup

    Elite 1 elite 2 dn1 dn2 federale
  11. barnyia

    Elite Results

    Catalans v Toulouse is around the 25th January Its the same as elite 1 just change Toulon for st gaudens and there's no game the 18th January due to the catalans friendly v elite so the games move ba k a week to the 27th so lezignan go to Albi the 26th not the 19th
  12. barnyia

    Elite Results

    They played simply in freezing windy conditions, lezignan was leading at half time when they where playing with the wind, Lezignan bombed a try at the beginning of the second half and villeneuve scored three tries straight afterwards, villeneuve have good foreign players solid French players and a couple of impressive 18 year Olds, the weather played a massive part as did injury, suspensions and illness for lezignan but villeneuve definitely deserved the win. I'm impressed with the standard of elite 1 this year and especially the number of young players doing well in elite,
  13. barnyia

    Elite Results

    Godinet is making it easy for the young goffin, goffin hits the gaps and Godinet finds him perfectly, and as Godinet runs the ball well too the defense is always in two minds!
  14. barnyia

    Elite Results