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  1. Limoux v Lezignan Live Stream

    25 Valentin yesa, trained with the dragons last year for a month or so. Was at toulouse 3 or 4 years ago
  2. Limoux v Lezignan Live Stream

    We won 42 to 18. Still raining!
  3. Limoux v Lezignan Live Stream

    Just arrived at limoux for the juniors pre match meal, it's worse than rain it's that fine rain! Everybody in!
  4. They've already beaten lezignan at lezignan, they've two very good imports!
  5. Limoux v Lezignan Live Stream

    Raining again tomorrow
  6. Hull FC - Catalans warm up

    Romano just had an operation,that's not the starting line up just the squad numbers
  7. Catalans Academy 2018

    Thomas lacans comes training with us when he's not in perpignan, excellent player, great attitude and usually makes the right choice, he's hit the weights but give him time he's only just 17. They're looking to play him in the halves but I prefer him at 9, he says he doesn't think he'll get much game time this year,
  8. rfl block minga

    Yes even as an englishman i was classed as as foreign import for the first 5 years, even though I could work here without a visa due to Europe, I think it's still the case for non french Europeans for getting a playing license in france( they're more expensive)
  9. The the first team coaches have rewarded our young 16 year old hooker by asking him to train with the first team over Christmas, as soon as training finished eloi took him to one side to do passing drills with him, he's always great with my kids and even spent ages speaking to them when Leigh rl let them visit a training session andd a stadium visit, he was always at kids rugby tournaments when he was playing for the dragons
  10. Lezignan Won 26 to 24 , 16 to 4 at half time for lezignan
  11. Weather would have affected it by a few hundred maybe, the interest is not there anymore, Rl is in a big hole in France,lots of people trying to get us out but I think we're in too deep! Luckily there is the Catalans but they also are making elite attendances lower, a choice between super league or elite and people choose super league, don't forget rl is all year round in France now, so an expensive hobby if you watch both elite and super league
  12. There was 400 for the pre match meal and heard there was a few hundred more already in the stands when tye 400 arrived, I'd reckon 700 ish, a normal crowd sadly now for a derby game!
  13. The u 19s where a good solid team, I was expecting more from Villeneuve, when pellisier and Pomeroy went off after 60 mins and lezignan left their young forwards play big minutes it evened the teams up a little
  14. Lezignan won 52 to 6 they both made a massive difference to the team, pellisier is wasted at this level,
  15. Next game to be streamed in two weeks, limoux v lezignan the 21St I think, it's on a Sunday anyway,