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  1. Hope he doesn't meet up with his ex Catalan team mates who are now at Leigh and Wigan very much!
  2. All on you tube usually!
  3. Don't know how to copy it, but you liked a post I made about Marseille trying to move forward using salon de Provence as a feeder club
  4. 3 hours sleep in 3 days and lack of food and push ups in the river, surprised the fitness coach allowed it!
  5. Biarritz is only about 4 and a half hours drive from Perpignan, they can kite surf in Perpignan/ leucate, dive near port bou in the protected natural reserve and the icing on the cake is aqualand is in st cyprien lol, theres the new man made canyoning place near by as well as the jump park where it's massive slides that send you real high in the sky and you usually belly flop,people have uploaded Inu's videos of it onto the French forum, hiking in the Pyrenees, skiing, mountain biking, but then again the players contracts probably wouldn't allow them to do half the stuff!
  6. Me too I'm origanally from the north of England , I'm not knocking it, I'd say it's more of a weather thing! Living on the beach facing the sea, with 300 days of sunshine and training on dry pitches, also probably more money and less hassles for their visas if they've been naughty boys before!
  7. I think the chance to live on the beach, be in Europe making it easier to visit and travel around especially to Spain, The good summers and mild winters and the foreigners seem well paid,
  8. Definitely not! Employers pay the same to the government as they pay the employee so 1400 euros costs the boss another 1400 in tax and social security etc. Then the employee also pays tax and some national insurance! Then taxed again at the end of the year on the money you've paid some tax on! don't know how it works in sport though,51 percent tax for business from the first euro, great health cover, sick pay and if unemployed 80 percent of your wage on the dole dropping every year by 10 percent. Dan Carter had 6 months of his wages paid by the government when he was injured playing for usap.
  9. In salon de Provence there is a pole espoir ( center of rl excellence ) where they combine school and rugby league training, salon and Marseille are working together and the junior under 20 team called Marseille is playing in the the elite under 20s division, they alternate their matches between salon and Marseille, they have some very good players but a few who are from Marseille or salon go to play for the Avignon juniors, There is talk of salon pushing to move up to elite 2 and using this as a stepping stone for the Marseille juniors to move up a level, then hopefully in a few years time salon step up to elite 1 but under the name of Marseille and use salon as the reserves with also a junior team feeding both teams, they seem to be trying to put a strong base in place not like a few years ago when they were fast tracked into elite 1 with a money man promising curtain raisers at the stade velodrome etc,the team didn't finish the season, hopefully this can happen and we can have a big city playing high level rl!
  10. I've not seen many hairy ones for a good few years! Their love of lingerie is a good thing too!
  11. There's activity, they've not many players but players with massive potential, very strong physically just lacking in technical ability, we played a team from Paris and if they'd been coached from young and with a game plan they'd do very well in elite1 !
  12. Oui hygiène de vie in French so life hygiene translated! But how would we say it in English ? Lifestyle ? Like fill in his body instead of fill out his body,
  13. It's on the site, 46 route minervois 11000 carcassonne,
  14. It's mainly aimed at businesses so the boss buys them for his staff, the ffr 13 site is quite difficult to navigate, it's on the front rolling page and says staff supporters,