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  1. One Game almost got called because of spectators using flash photography, the Wales team said they'd leave the arena if it continued as they had a player who was sensitive to flashing lights, they warned the spectators a few times but France and discipline don't go together lol
  2. Ah rugby man! You like rugby, yes rugby league! Ooh it's physical ! Did you watch toulon v brive ! Quelle match, my typical conversation when I work outside the aude region and everyday when.i worked for a company in beziers!
  3. You'd probably have a elite2 game as they start early October, choice between Villeneuve minervois, villeghailanc, ferrals,
  4. Just been released,
  5. The France v England replay is on the ffrxiii Facebook page,
  6. They're showing games via Facebook or the federation I believe. 2 able bodied players per team I think, it's supposed to be very physical and they really go for it, my mate is reffing in the world cup, He enjoys it more than 13 a side games,
  7. It's lezignan under 19 we finished fourth in the league last season, but age groups have changed so building a newish team our season starts in October so would like a friendly and something different/exciting for the players, I know it's a long shot due to us playing winter etc, Thanks
  8. As the title, any teams fancy a weekend in France in September to play a friendly versus my team, will help find accommodation and help with airport pick ups etc Any interest pm me Thanks
  9. We used to have great nights with the basketball canadiens and Americans and the women's volleyball team! the union boys didn't like us much though!
  10. Sorry to say but it's not realistic! I played 3 seasons at montpellier and the in fighting inside the club and turn over of people in the city is massive. They're working hard as they always have done but with only small success! Each season we had to work hard to drum up support from the students, a few locals were interested but not many, in montpellier they have a team for almost every sport going including baseball and American football! Lyon is a massive city but the league team cant break through and Marseille is football and football ! Even established teams are struggling to get over a few hundred supporters. Even in lezignan where rl is a religion! The amount of locals leaving to work and the number of northern people retiring down here means people who leave the town are league people and the people arriving aren't!
  11. Carcassonne aren't against foreign players but they have to be the right ones, someone who can help the team and help develop the younger players, they don't want to take foreign players just for the sake of it, they don't want one taking the place of a young French player if the foreigner is not that much better than the French kid,
  12. He's sick of the traveling, I suppose it's worth it in super league, at Toulouse they're not really full time so it must be difficult combining work/studies and rugby , you can't really work full time and play at Toulouse which means you can't have a work career, at least with super league you're full time and better paid,
  13. Some really good things going on at carcassonne, they're becoming a real club with young French players, they've signed up with my old club villeneuve minervois to use them as a reserve team in elite 2, all the first team squad not picked will play there with a few villeneuve players and all the under 19 juniors that are now too old, canet is staying at Toulouse for another year to push for super league and if they don't make it he's going to carcassonne, goudemaond is holding out for a super league chance but if nothing happens he will sign with carcassonne, i think they'll be pushing for championship 1 in a couple of years along with Avignon and. Villeneuve sur lot, either alone or as the cathares with limoux and maybe lezignan but I wouldn't hold my breath!