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  1. Elite 1 Round 13

    They beat villeneuve in the last round 16 all but villeneuve had a yellow card, carcassonne have had the easiest road so far cavaillon and st Martin now Toulouse 2. We beat Toulouse away and Albi at home , baho beat Avignon and Toulon away!
  2. Elite 1 Round 13

    Under 19s cup semi final draw, to be played the 6th may in limoux caracssonne v Toulouse 2 baho v lezignan
  3. France call up squad!

    Pellisier ?
  4. Elite 1 Round 13

    They do have access to the academy players who are origanally from xiii Catalan, the academy had a few injuries so the Catalans juniors wouldn't have had as many academy squad players in their team,
  5. The Simon yellow card was definitely won by Bateman ! He put himself in a very dangerous position winning the penalty! Simon lifted his legs but not that much!
  6. Olympique-Dragons

    They're offering entrance at 5 euros for everyone with a French rugby league licence!
  7. Elite 1

    I believe they have an under 14s 19 s and first grade
  8. Elite 1

    The u 19s over is just a club team not a selection of the best like academies, toulon first team want to go to elite 2, a few of the players could play elite 1 now, Toulon is a surprise as league and union seem to get along, I'm not sure if it could work in other cities as the union clubs seem to have a different mentality.
  9. Elite 1

    I agree with you about size. I coach the under 12s too and they are very skillful I even make the big Kids pass before the line as I know they'll give up when everyone catches them up if they don't have basic skills and ball handling ! But as the Catalans Academy look mainly for athletes to make into rugby players, size seems to be important at the higher levels!
  10. Elite 1

    As I said if they where taught rl tactics they'd win the league ! It's their first season of rl. It's a team that's never played rl until this year so not doing too badly!
  11. Elite 1

    The second game of the season at their ground they beat us 28 to 24, we played the last week and we won 29 to 18 they received 4 yellow cards during the game!
  12. Elite 1

    Yes they're quick and technically good ( pass, step, leg tackle) they are just raw in rugby league terms and in need of a good coach and to work on their discipline !
  13. Elite 1

    If you're looking for size get some French union players! Look at tye difference between toulon and my team in the under 19s