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  1. We've changed to the English age limits this year with a lot of upset to our younger kids! School years are still Jan to December 31 as are all other sports apart from Rl where it is September to August to fall in line with the English, so my sons under 12 team is made up of last year primary school kids, first year at high school kids and also second year high school kids, in France we don't do single year age groups as we don't have enough players, my kids have gone from one of the youngest in their team to one of the oldest as they're born in November and December, but next year their mates they've played with for years and their school class mates move up to under 14 and under 12 but they stay in under 12s and under 10s the academy as been in line with England since the begining,
  2. french players at english clubs

    Bite is a word for penis in French
  3. Catalan Dragons 2018 Thread

    They asked cardace to go back this year when Mc namarra arrived and he said no. I heard aiton has signed for 3 years,
  4. Missed the flight? Did he spit at a player last night in the little brawl? as I saw pellisier look at him and pretend to spit and then shrug his shoulders !
  5. You managed to finish it! I couldn't carry on after 3 or 4 chapters, it was like a bad interview without the" you know " like" errrrr "errrrr" like you said" etc !
  6. France team to face Jamaica

    Bonnet out of the world Cup, rouch has a had a couple of great seasons with limoux, so good I thought he was one of limoux impressive imports when I saw him play against lezignan. I only realised last night when I saw him in the French team.
  7. Been told the English dragged the French player over the line to hold him up in the dead ball area and he managed to get the ball down for the winning try!
  8. Score and teams anyone? My player phoned on Wednesday to say he wasn't in the team and didn't know why,
  9. France team to face Jamaica

    7pm kick off French time,
  10. France team to face Jamaica

    Herold is good! Even if hé is in elite 1 goes the stand out French prop in elite1
  11. France team to face Jamaica

    Its on France o , on French free to air tv
  12. Scotland squad

    To upst some people who get annoyed with country swapping! The Bentley brothers still only have New Zealand passports!
  13. The 7 for France and all the team defensively, the big English forwards took some stopping!
  14. I think the second game will see England winning by a bigger score, like England v the Aussies! They can raise their game once but twice is very difficult! Hope not! Also luca Albert will be playing a part for the French adult team and not the juniors on friday