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  1. barnyia

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    I probably watch more nrl now than super league now,
  2. barnyia

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    Thursday night games? I forget all the time to watch.
  3. barnyia

    Drinkwater leaves Catalans

    Don't think he'll be much of a loss, he's just an organizer with a decent kicking game who never attacks the line and always passes 5 metres before the defence.
  4. barnyia

    French Scene

    Albi is worth a visit, as for the selection east v west, Thomas Lacans is in the squad but never played elite yet and is only 17 and just back in training!
  5. barnyia

    French Scene

    They will,play at the stadium, just waiting for the rest of the roof to be taken away and a clean up, news is they may put a temporary cover on the opposite side for this season, our first games of the season in the juniors will be away from home to give a little time to get things sorted. The first team only start late November,
  6. barnyia

    Carcassonne plan for SL

    Last time I spoke to their president he said the local union clubs had swooped and taken quite a few of their better players but they will still have a quality team.
  7. The Paris teamed trained and stayed in the south and traveled tO Paris for the games,
  8. barnyia

    French Scene

    Elite 2 the 23 September and elite one in November
  9. barnyia

    French Scene

    Struggle due to numbers and the problems of being the carcassonne reserves and carcassonne not having as many players this year,
  10. barnyia

    2019 kits

    It was announced mid season, what I've seen from O'Neils the off field stuff is not the best designs, Catalans usually have some good looking off field stuff,