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  1. Bousquet and Garcia only did what burgess and Roby did, France went to play in Serbia this season and will play barla in June,
  2. If tomkins or o loughlin was playing today we would have had 4 extra penalties in the first half for high tackles, they'd have rushed in to push , stop the game and the video ref would have ruled high tackles, it's cheating but that's what teams do. I think we struggled when graham, burgess and Thompson where off at the same time, even though we still looked comfortable for 30 mins in the first half,
  3. barnyia

    2019 kits

    Refuse to wear them especially in the heat of the south of France ! As all English know deodorant isn't available in France
  4. The cup will be at lezignan next Wednesday as the club are doing a celebration evening with all the players from u7 to open age for remi casty and Julien bousquet who came through the lezignan system,
  5. Maybe I didn't understand it properly but that means a kid can be playing against a player 18months older than him now, which goes against the idea of giving younger kids confidence, In France it's 2 year age groups u11 u13 etc but that's just down to low participation numbers, My sons are the youngest and always have a difficult year and an easier year, I coach both of them and notice players moving up an age group so u11 to u13 (the player is really u12) a few disappear for a year until the easier second year,
  6. barnyia

    Elite 2 Update

    I did the plumbing on the new stand! Toilets ok Gordon? The money from the entrance fee went to the flood charity,
  7. barnyia

    2019 kits

    Polyester replica shirts on middle aged men is as bad as Lycra on middle aged cyclists! Cotton is the future. Plus you can wear it more than 2 hours without smelling of sweaty pies😂
  8. barnyia

    Milner yesterday

    His first tackle he landed on his back and after that was struggling to get back onside, probably wasn't given time for his second wind, shame really as I think he's a great player,
  9. barnyia

    Milner yesterday

    Looked to struggle in defence and with the pace of the game.
  10. barnyia

    2019 kits

    The Christmas jumper one was pretty bad
  11. barnyia

    2019 kits

    A bit St Helensy
  12. barnyia

    2019 kits

    Not sure if I like them or not!
  13. France fédération has Just about enough money to organize an under 13s competition.