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  1. If they do rl in France will be even weaker! Avignon are probably the fifth best team in elite and if they leave it will mean there's 4 good teams left ! 3 in the same region and the Catalans an hour away! If Avignon go the aude team needs to go over to England too and have a competitive but average league( it'll be elite 2 becoming elite 1)
  2. Walid is not very big but solid with good footwork and good defence reminds me of Farrell at wigan but not as good yet,
  3. The same Lyon who's coach has just quit and who's players turn up when the feel like it? Maybe the football team will get involved!
  4. He was running around and anyone who fell to the ground got a kick off him!
  5. Well all sports with access to the ref, as he showed no remorse and I believe he still doesn't
  6. We had one before Christmas in the under 20s one player kicked three of our players in the head whilst they where on the floor, he got 6 matches to serve and 2 suspended! Young fiery Catalans eh heavy winger, The player on the video has been given sine die thankfully! Probably just go and play union now!
  7. It was 12 all and 30 mins into the match when it happened, it's toulouse v St esteve in the under 20s cup semi final , St esteve play in the division below match was abandoned and toulouse play in the final next week v avignon, Benjamin the ref has been trying to keep a low profile and asked to have the video taken off the French Internet sites but now it's on English sites, he asked rugby league fans on Facebook to take it off but they won't, He says it gives league a bad name, he has pressed charges and is back reffing this weekend at the magic weekend where they're using the two ref system, Luckily he just has a bruised jaw but he could have killed him! Is this what the aussies call a king hit! Benjamin had his arm in the air and the other on the whistle in his mouth!
  8. I can't see it happening just before the semi finals! Can't see the coaches releasing their players the week before the semi final, if it's lezignan,limoux, Carcassonne and St esteve in the semis there won't be many top players left!
  9. We play albi in the juniors this weekend and no matter what happens they'll finish first as you get one point for a loss ,2 for a draw and 3 for a win, albi will finish first with Avignon second then carcassonne third with lezignan, Catalans and baho fighting it out for the last 3 positions all 3 can finish either. 4th 5#th or 6 th
  10. The best player in France elite is Remy marginet he's unbelievable to watch! He is unplayable at the moment in elite with lezignan,he looks like he's unhappy or not interested all the time but he really is a genius at this level and it's a shame he's not at a higher level! Maybe the way he comes across as angry and nonchalant is why!
  11. Catalans are doing really well but in the time I've been over here elite1 has never been in such a bad state, Catalans are keeping rl going in France and killing it at the same time(through no fault of their own) the kids coming through are the tv generation! The first kids having access to top level rugby league on tv and it shows in the skill levels! hopefully the kids coming through will stick at it and hopefully manage to save the game! The under 20 league is struggling big style, but the Catalans have under 19s academy a under20 team in elite juniors and st esteve (who play in the cup semi final v Toulouse today and are in the 7 team national division,) plus teams like baho (also Perpignan) who are in the under 20 elite division carcassonne are putting good things together and Toulouse are turning the corner!
  12. Was impressed with the commentators in the panthers game, the ref made a mistake the commentators pointed it out and one said everyone makes mistakes when the ref admitted he was wrong but couldn't change the situation, then it was forgotten and they carried on commentating the game and didn't mention it again,
  13. Not sure as it's the magazine that comes with the paper, but on rugbyforumxiii there's an extract,
  14. What do you think of the article audois? I've only read the part posted on the French forum, a little too much of mine is bigger than yours against Union for me, I suppose as most people don't know what rugby league is in France they need a comparison , also there's a part about the number of English fans coming over but are now staying in Spain! (My opinion) If the local businesses, bars and hotels etc hadn't been so greedy at the beginning maybe more people would have appreciated and more people would have stayed or come back to stay in Perpignan, I know the businesses can't do much about the prices due to the tax and staff prices but they have now started to make an effort! I'll buy a copy later if I remember!