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  1. Decline in TRL Messageboard use ?

    If you could have mastered this technique 30 years ago my formative years would have been much less frustrating!
  2. Not that I'm defending his figures (they sound pretty dubious) but he said 100 more people graduate with a politics degree than medical ones, not 100 times as many and again, 1000 more with media than nursing. While that could have been interpreted as a ratio of 100:1 or 1000:1, I don't think that's what was meant. I could be wrong though (it wouldn't be massively surprising!)
  3. He didn't, it was Corbyn (as it says in the article) however, it wasn't an outburst. Corbyn had made a point about land-banking in the area and houses standing empty for long periods, Peston asked whether he (Corbyn) was suggesting permanently claiming the properties back, and this was (part of) his reply that there are several options that could be explored. That was my point to Martyn, it doesn't particularly matter how he decides to interpret an out of context quote, Saintslass was telling porkies with her original 'storming' remark.
  4. Not sure what was difficult to understand, but to clarify, you said pointing out the lies (contained in Saintslass' post) wouldn't fall on deaf ears in your case, and yet you ignored the quoted lie being pointed out more than once. Presumably because it was indefensible.
  5. You were quite happy to argue about the validity of a metaphor being classed as a untrue, and yet when the obvious lie quoted above was pointed out more than once... ^ this didn't seem to be the case at all. Weird.
  6. This first scenario sounds likely I think, if it goes well she gets to gracefully retire and if it doesn't the Tories have their scapegoat. If the second part were to happen (and I don't think it will for a second) it would be an absolutely indefensible affront to the democratic process.
  7. I thought it was obvious that they foresaw stormy waters ahead, but in the shape of brexit and this election was a mere coronation and 2 extra years to recover from the potential backlash. Now however, she's stumbled badly at the starting gate never mind the first hurdle and I'd very much doubt she'll be allowed to lead another election campaign. The one thing going for her is if she clings to power they might let her remain there to be thrown under the brexit bus should it go as badly as feared. I don't agree that Boris is daft enough to become PM now though, he showed when he had the perfect opportunity to take it that he either doesn't have the stomach for it or he realises that his brexit career enhancer will actually be a career destroyer now it's going to happen.
  8. Mayweather vs McGregor

    There are a couple more downsides for MacGregor, firstly he's a big fish in a comparatively small pond, MMA is still relatively new and doesn't have the depth of talent that boxing does so the top echelons of boxing aren't necessarily the same standard as those in MMA. Secondly, I reckon the gloves in MMA massively exaggerate punching power. For example, can you imagine anyone taking a clean shot off a top boxer with those pads on instead of gloves and staying standing?
  9. Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    See what? If you Google the refurbishment you can easily find out that it was done by an English company, Rydon. Whoever they employ as contractors, the buck ultimately stops with them if there is found to be a problem. Also, it has nothing to do with your ridiculous comment about foreigners doing 'foreigners'. It was nothing other than a cheap and entirely predictable (judging by your previous posts) pop at immigrants.
  10. Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Those bloody eastern European scoundrels! Coming over here avoiding tax and undercutting local builders by doing cheap, cash-in-hand jobs! The good old honest Brits never did stuff like that... Try not to let your rampant xenophobia cloud everything, it's much better for your blood pressure that way
  11. I knew I should have changed my holiday money before today, sterling already dropped against Euro based on a bloody exit poll! ?
  12. The problems with this policy were numerous, almost everyone who owns their own home would be affected, it is a lottery based on which illness you're unfortunate enough to be struck by and yes, the lack of a cap meant that the most wealthy had most to lose, hence the U-turn. The problem which still remains is that the Tories refused to put a figure on the cap, instead showing how poorly thought out it was by saying they'll consult before deciding, if they set it at £150k it would have the same effect (I'd imagine most don't rack up bills that high anyway) but protect the most wealthy. Again, I'd imagine most people would agree that Branson, Sugar et al shouldn't be getting help to heat their homes, but the refusal to put a figure on the threshold makes people who do rely on it (rightly) nervous. The closest we got to finding out was Hammond (or was it Hunt) saying 'all bar the very poorest pensioners' would cease to get it. Hardly going to settle the nerves of vulnerable elderly people is it?
  13. I hope so, I guess I was thinking more of underestimating the underdog as in brexit and the American election and expecting the polls to widen again come results day, rather than the last GE. The amount of young people registering to vote has clearly caught yougov's eye IMO (was it ½million on the last day?) whether they turn out to physically vote is the unknown.
  14. I'll be voting Labour, I'm probably most aligned to Lib Dems or even Greens in terms of policy, but I like the direction Corbyn has taken Labour, even if I don't agree with the magnitude of the shift. I guess my various career paths have shaped my political outlook, I've worked with people who experienced Murdoch trying to break the unions backed by the Tories and who have seen (and felt) the force with which the police were deployed in those disputes. Sadly, I can see distant (thankfully not violent) echoes of this starting with the Southern rail disputes backed by the dft and I guess my biggest concern for the next term under the Tories is the assault on worker's rights which is looming. In the new manifesto they have promised to negotiate minimum service levels during industrial action and if these can't be negotiated, they will decide and implement them anyway. I'd almost certainly be financially better off under the Tories, but if all I have to worry about some extra tax on the top of my earnings then I haven't all that much to worry about, although I'd rather not see the railway renationalised as I've worked in a school and have a wife who works in the NHS and I'd prefer not to return to the public sector! Having said that, I've put that I expect a Tory majority by 50-99. I guess I can't shake the idea that the pollsters are chasing an answer to their previous failings and they may be overcompensating so I'm expecting a bit of a damp squib.
  15. General Election thread

    It's been done to death but, this government has introduced rules surrounding referenda already, for a ballot regarding industrial action to be legal requires at least 40% of all eligible voters to be in favour. So for you to be able to legally withdraw your labour when defending your terms and conditions (for example) that is the minimum (plus a minimum 50% turnout) but for withdrawing the United Kingdom from the EU, 37% will suffice!