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  1. This we can definitely agree on!
  2. Not forgetting that presumably it would lift some of the affected families out of the universal credit bands, shifting the responsibility for paying a genuine liveable wage from taxpayers to employers. [1] 'Piling it on' corporation tax would merely bring us into line with the rest of the world, still less than much of Europe and any of the other G7 nations. [2] Whilst it's true that they obviously pay the biggest amount of tax, the top fifth of earners pay a smaller proportion of their wage in tax compared to the bottom fifth of earners. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/the-graph-that-shows-how-the-poor-are-paying-more-than-the-rich-in-tax-10353982.html
  3. There are a couple of points I'd like to add to this, the first of which is that people who espouse the most extreme views generally don't want debate. They want to spread their hatred regardless and will jump on any tragic incident as a vehicle for that, the infamous Muslim lady 'walking by' after the Westminster attack photograph which was shared by such bigots in the aftermath as a case in point. There is little to be gained by arguing with a moron who has absolutely no intention of changing their viewpoint even when presented with evidence to the contrary, other than a frustrating experience. Secondly, it depends what you want to use Facebook and the like for, I personally like to keep in touch with old friends/family who I wouldn't otherwise have the chance to and enjoy online 'socialising' like discussing things with folk from work, sharing photos of experiences etc. If by doing that I discover that some are racist/bigots/generally unpleasant idiots then as in real life I'd rather have nothing to do with them. All IMO of course, I do occasionally get drawn in and comment on 'friends of friends' statuses and I understand social media is fast evolving to be much more than the way I use it but I prefer to use it to interact as I would face-to-face for now.
  4. Arndale centre now evacuated, reports of man arrested and shots heard... Awful, awful people. Edit: BBC now reporting arndale reopening so hopefully just a precaution earlier.
  5. I remember when a reporter was trying to bait him into blaming the difficult Ducati for his performance and he just replied "hey, you dance with the girl that you brought to the prom" There aren't many top level bike racers who won't at least hint that the bike is the problem but he was pure class Nicky, a hugely likable guy and a top role-model to boot.
  6. They let him out of his box on Peston the other day and he was just openly ridiculed, it really was bizarre. He was caught on camera looking at the interviewers notes whilst they were talking to other guests and went rapidly downhill for him from there. I don't think I've seen a supposedly important cabinet member treated with such contempt, he tried to claim the infamous £350m was in the conservative manifesto, got batted down on that and then they shot to some tweets mocking him (whilst making sure to switch the cameras back periodically to catch his confused/irate expression) then ridiculed him for his about turn on Trump. I think the media have turned his foppish clown act back on himself and he's just not taken seriously anymore. Stick a fork in him, he's done.
  7. I don't know whether anyone on these forums is a motorcycle racing fan, but former MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden has died after a cycling accident in Italy. A sad loss, one of the true gentleman of world sport, RIP Kentucky Kid.
  8. Assuming I've got your figures correct, when you leave out '000/k from numbers, can you explain how £600 per week over 2.5 yrs is £50k? (It's £78k) Also, to eat up the £200k in a £300k house before hitting the £100k floor would take around 6.5 yrs (not 10 as stated) Did Diane Abbott lend you her calculator?
  9. Thanks, guess I'm a little old school in my TV watching habits... It's HERE if anyone is interested in watching May squirm and refer to 'prosals' 'elder people' and 'olderly people' whilst ignoring the awkward questions fired at her... The astounding thing for me about the campaign so far is that the Tories look like the ones who've been surprised by a snap election. You would assume they could have prepared a thorough, costed, bulletproof manifesto weeks before announcing the election if they pleased and dictated the direction of the campaigns with the opinion polls as they were. Now, either they've tried that and failed spectacularly thus far, or they've gone into it complacently and overestimated the loyalty (or underestimated the intelligence) of their support. I don't know which is worse, but one thing is for sure, even if they get their increased majority, a 'strong and stable' government this is not, and the damage to their reputation may make them rue calling this early election.
  10. BNP on daily politics, it's like shooting fish in a barrel at the best of times but the current leader, whose party have pledged a zero tolerance policy on violent crime, had a conviction resulting in a 6 month suspended jail sentence, for verbally abusing, then chasing 3 children in his car before slashing their tyres with a sheath knife! While he was a teacher!! Lol you couldn't write it!
  11. How did you watch it? BBC 2 cut just as she was about to answer the first question.
  12. The more she stands twitching like a rabbit in the headlights in front of 100 of her own supporters, spluttering and stuttering, the more I think she'd be better to stop comparing her negotiating prowess to that of Corbyn. Could you honestly see her (or JC for that matter, but she's driving this narrative) outwitting a hostile room of world leaders? Also noticed that this isn't a promise of a cap, but a committment to consult on one (unless I missed something in the speech). Do people trust her and her party to follow through when they won't commit to it now?
  13. Surprise surprise, Theresa May has announced "yeah but in the manifesto it said there'll be a green paper and we'll have an 'absolute limit' on social care cost" No surprise that there's no figure on it, like their entire manifesto thus far. There's a noticeable shift away from Team Theresa to Us and Our Party too. A decent figurehead backed by this Labour manifesto, facing the charisma black-hole that is May would have absolutely trounced this shambles. They don't seem to have learnt many lessons so far judging by the tone of this U-turn speech in Wrexham.
  14. Just to say #1 of Padge's York minster collection is very aesthetically pleasing!
  15. If you accept that he has bias when it furthers your argument, then how can you deny that all journalists do? Whether it's personal bias or editorial bias imposed upon them. They are workers at the end of the day and I'd suggest it's naïve to think that they don't come under pressure to toe the company line, or indeed are employed for their viewpoints thus far in their career. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to ring fence certain newspapers according to their political viewpoint, ie right wing Daily Mail and left wing Guardian. That's a million miles away from me saying that ALL media is biased against Labour/Corbyn which seems to be your view of anyone who dares to suggest that journalism isn't a bastion of impartiality. I don't for one minute think that is the case, however when you think about who might influence that narrative at individual outlets I'd suggest that not many of them would favour hikes in corporation tax or the increase in the top rate of income tax...what was the name of that chap who has recently become editor of the Evening Standard?