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  1. You can't really link the ball entering play to the ball hitting the ground or every time a player caught the ball on the full from a kick off it would be a penalty. Therefore there has to be an imaginary 'plane' 10m from halfway and once the ball passes through it, the ball is in play and what happens after that is immaterial (similar to the legal pass being blown off course as mentioned by Dave). That is fairly difficult to officiate though whereas, when the ball is leaving play the much easier option is to link 'out of play' to hitting the ground (or a player stood outside the pitch) as it has to eventually.
  2. I'd be more confident if it were just Brown and Runciman, but there is also Bridge, Marsh and White on the list of absentees. That's 3/4 of our starting outside backs out, plus the obviously important Brown and they've been huge in enabling us to play the game we have this season. In particular, having 2 centres with a good attacking game has been a revelation and the threat out wide opens teams out defensively. I'm hoping we can get a couple back soon as we seem to have great confidence and belief in the squad and a few defeats could kill that. Having said that, the Wire game wasn't a disaster considering the absentees and disruption to the bench, so hopefully the youngsters can step up again. Plus Saints aren't in the form that Wire are so keeping it competitive going into the last 10 would be a good result and then you never know...
  3. I haven't seen it no, it was something I'd seen in tennis that seemed to work well. The restrictions you mentioned were exactly what I was thinking, take the whole process (and the associated pressure of over/under use) away from the ref and let him get on with refereeing the game.
  4. This is why I'd like to see the referral of decisions taken away from the referee, because as someone has mentioned, they're slated for using it too much and lambasted if they back themselves and get a decision wrong. More often than not the players from the defending team involved know whether a try is good or not, but currently they surround the ref trying to pressure him into referring it upstairs in the hope of the (often pedantic/puzzling) video ref finding fault. I don't think the refs call deals with this satisfactorily because now he's forced to guess if he's not certain and he can still over/under use the system regardless. I'd love to see something like 'captain's challenge', 2 referrals per team, and let the ref just concentrate on refereeing the game and giving decisions in real time, which can be challenged if the defending teams captain think it's worth it.
  5. Is Kevin Locke such a crock that he has to go on that list twice?
  6. You expect to hear stuff like this from partisan fans on a debate forum, but I was genuinely surprised to hear Shaun Wane on Boots n All say that Flower had cost his team mates a GF win, the surprising bit being that he added 'we'd have won by 30 (with 13 men)...everybody knows that'(!) Not sure why I was surprised tbh, he's always come across as a classless oaf so it was true to form.
  7. Having seen our squad for this one, I'm just hoping we can be competitive really. We've a few players out who, whilst not individually massive losses to the team, collectively when added to Brown missing, our structure may struggle to deal with their absence. Our squad is quite loaded with backrowers and utility forwards and light on wingers and backs outside the first choice 17. The only winger in the 19 is Owens and I hope we see Denis try Marsh on the other wing rather than Craven or, as I've seen suggested on another forum, Isa (did they never see his edge defence!) IMO one of the biggest improvements the vikings have made in our time in SL has been our edge defence, Flynn in particular now makes great choices regarding coming in to cut out the play or hold his position, and against Leeds' stellar backline, this is where I suspect we'll struggle tonight.
  8. Widnes away kit, video not quite as good as the home launch but still a good effort and another good looking kit IMO
  9. Widnes Vikings 2015 Shirt Launch sponsored by Par…: Very professional launch video and nice kit to boot!
  10. Matt and Jay will be extremely disappointed that the 'Dogs didn't even register on your radar -_-
  11. I'll take your BOAB and raise you 3owls! I'll be cheering the pies, as much for a different final as anything else
  12. Do I detect just the slightest hint of sarcasm there KT?
  13. #1 - The mighty Chemics #2 - Always had a soft spot for Saints, admire the brand of rugby they play (and their dominance over Wire is the only thing keeping me sane during Warrington's recent resurgence!) Aus - Broncos or Tigers, love watching halves with genuine flashes of genius (Lockyer and Benji) Amateur - Burtonwood Bulldogs (which explains the name) where I coach a junior team. I get as much enjoyment out of the 'dogs as all of the above combined.
  14. As opposed to Anglophobes like your good self who are, unfortunately, permanently on show
  15. I think you're clearly doing the man a disservice. As anyone associated with the club will tell you, the way the club is now run is like night and day compared to the old regime. Whilst his money is exceptionally important, it is NOT the only thing the club needs! After all, he's not a lottery winner, he made his millions by building a successful business and has brought that business acumen and leadership to Widnes. Change the record....