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  1. Regional leagues 2018

    This is just a rumour but I have heard that there will be no CLS leagues this season. I have been told that Hemel 'A' (basically Hemel second team) have applied to play in the London Premier in 2018 with a third team, a Hemel community team, playing in the East Premier. Apparently eight teams have been invited to play in the East Premier league this season. It had been suggested that each team play each other once then the league splits in two with top four/ bottom four playing each other again, to give more 'even' games. A regular season of ten weeks, plus league cup, and play offs would give a club a season of about 14 -16 weeks.
  2. I doesn't take much for some people to change votes. My aunt, mid seventies, was going to vote remain, then saw "... that ****** Geldof sticking two fingers up at fishermen ..." so she changed her mind and voted leave.
  3. Same here, not one person I know has said they would change their minds. In fact quite a few have become more entrenched in their remain/leave views since the referendum.
  4. London and South East RL

    The rugbyleague.com websites for the regional leagues are woeful. Last year in the East region they had the wrong scores shown for some games and even now show the wrong points/details for the 2017 league tables, and no local club news etc. When I mentioned it to the lad from Bedford Tigers who 'supervises' the East League, he said he had questioned the standard of the website he been told that all the rugbyleague.com websites from superleague right down to the regional/junior levels are run by one chap based in Wigan. I always think that if someone wants to get involved in this game at a player or volunteer level they will look at an individual clubs website and the area or league website they play in. And at this level it does not give a good impression.
  5. Our new position in the EU

    Bit of good news from the City AM site - " Britain has been crowned the best country in the world for business in 2018 for the first time ever, even in the face of uncertainties around Brexit, according to Forbes' annual ranking. The UK took the top spot out of 153 nations and jumped up from fifth place last year, scoring particularly well on technological readiness (fourth) and the size and education of its workforce (third)." http://www.cityam.com/277807/uk-has-just-been-named-best-country-business-2018
  6. Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale is to appear on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!. The MSP will reportedly head to Australia to take part in the reality TV series. Labour MSP Jenny Marra tweeted: “Election to parliament is a privilege to serve and represent people. It’s not a shortcut to celebrity.” Wasn't Nadine Dorries suspended by the Tories for appearing on this show a couple of years ago. What will Jeremy do?
  7. She has just been on local (down south) tv here. When pushed, she said she was just using someone else’s words, but couldn't say who's. She then said that "If he was offended by me repeating what other people have said then I apologise." So it seems she was sorry if he was offended him but not sorry for making the remarks. Jeremy Corbyn then appeared and gave a piece to camera. He isn't going to pursue the matter and then said something about being careful what you say as it could hurt peoples feelings !!!
  8. Old news but being reported in todays papers - 'Labour MP Emma Dent Coad faces race row over branding black Tory activist a 'token ghetto boy' https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/kensington-mp-emma-dent-coad-accused-of-racism-over-token-ghetto-boy-remark-a3689786.html
  9. Jeremy Corbyn has handed a job in his parliamentary office to a Left-winger who admitted in court that she registered scores of fake voters. Marsha-Jane Thompson has a criminal conviction for fraud after submitting 100 voter registration forms that she filled in herself, complete with forged signatures. Now the Momentum campaigner has a parliamentary security pass and a chair in the Leader of the Opposition suite at the House of Commons. Thompson has the title 'Campaign manager for the Labour Party'. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/jeremy-corbyn-gives-job-as-campaign-chief-to-leftwinger-guilty-of-voter-fraud-a3684296.html
  10. Another mass shooting

    It seems that the shooter was interrupted by a neighbour who started shooting at him, and then another passer by with a gun chased the gunman in his car. Not sure if the gunman killed himself or was shot by the passer by, but this scenario seems to have brought out a lot of the 'a good man with a gun will stop a bad man with a gun' being spouted on social media already.
  11. Our new position in the EU

    Talk about muddying the waters, The Guardian is reporting that the Germans are making contingency plans for the collapse of Europe. A leaked document to Der Spiegel says that the German government are so worried about the way the EU is going that they have outlined several scenarios that could possibly happen before 2040. The 'good' scenarios give a Europe where, in various degrees, there is no turmoil and no wars, where everyone lives in harmony. The 'bad' scenarios talk of the US and China locked in an economic war with the EU, more countries leaving the EU and some east European countries joining Russia in a kind of East EU. It also reported something I never heard about, that since the EU ordered the mass privatisation of Greek assets, Chinese money has poured into Greece, buying the whole container port of Piraeus and in August signing billions of euros worth of investment deals with Greece. One Greek MP even said that Greece's future is now with China, and not the EU. Just found a link to the online version of this article - HERE
  12. Catalan Referendum

    BBc's political reporter Kamal Ahmed just been saying that this is worse than Brexit for the EU simply because there is no rulebook for a country leaving the eurozone, not just the EU. He explained that if Catalonia were to go it alone, as an independent state, then Junkers plans for the EU would collapse. He also said that Catalonian GDP is bigger than Portugals and if GB and Catalonia both leave the EU then the EU would struggle to fill their budget hole.
  13. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    On the 'Everything Rugby League' page on Facebook, there is a long article on this story, but what caught my eye was the second paragraph..... "Down in the south west of England, where rugby union is very popular, the University of Gloucestershire All Golds and Oxford RL are merging, to form a new semi-professional club in Bristol. Hemel Stags will also no longer compete in League 1. They won’t play in League 1 next season, though they are aiming to be ready to compete back at that level in 2019. In many ways, this is the typical rugby league expansion story. Set up three clubs in non-heartland areas, then watch as they fail in different ways, and end up with one club in a completely different city. " There is nothing on the Stags website. Anyone that can confirm or deny this? Or just another rumour?
  14. Swearing and morals. I think the average person from 1917 would be shocked at the common place 'hard' swear words that you hear nowadays, from kids on the streets, pubs, tv, films and most other forms of life, and the amount of swearing that the modern young woman does. I'm not saying people from back then didn't swear, they did, and frequently, but they seemed to be governed, in general, by kind of code - not in public places, not in front of women and children, that sort of thing. And as for morals, god knows what they'd think of 'entertainment' when the sole object of a show seems to be for narcissists to meet and have sex with a stranger, then boast about it on tv. I think thy would be quite confused.
  15. May's Speech

    I am one of these strange people with no political party leaning. When an election comes around I vote for whoever I think will do the best job for me, my family and the country. I agree with John Drake when he says "Has the UK ever had a worse collection of leaders across the political spectrum than it has right now?" No it hasn't, and none of the three 'major' party's leaders speech's has done anything to change that. There MUST be some potential leaders in waiting out there, but, as Bob says, no one capable seems to want to lead at this moment in time.