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  1. Can Rugby League ever succeed in Wales?

    Probably the same sort of fellas who were paying rugby players in the north of England . By the comments you are posting Coff you seem to be claiming that this sort of behaviour didn't happen. It most certainly did. How about Scott Gibbs who stated in his autobiography , "What really grates is people calling me a rugby prostitute, when players were being handed cash after games all the time in Wales". A friend of mine who was , at the time, a Welsh international switched from Pontypridd to Neath. One of the 'incentives' was 'travelling expenses'. They doubled it and he lived a hell of a lot closer to Neath. One of the issues that the RFU had with the Welsh authorities back in the 1900's was that players were being 'poached' from one club to another with 'incentives'. All these issues are well documented in the many books that cover this era of Welsh Union/Northern Union history. It did happen.
  2. Can Rugby League ever succeed in Wales?

    They were playing virtually the same game as up north, it was just a different governing body. Shamateurism was rife in Wales for the entire history of the game there. I should know. The WRU and the WFU before them practically encouraged it to prevent players going North , or switch to Northern Rugby Union sides set up in Wales. Google Arthur Gould. Also get a copy of the book Tries in the Valleys, it's on Amazon. Very enlightening book regarding the history of RL in Wales.
  3. England or Great Britain?

    As a matter of fact, the captain who lifted the trophy was Welsh. So I don't know why the RFL are claiming it as an English victory.
  4. I recall a conversation that I had with a ceo of a fairly local Championship club who obviously had contacts in the game. I asked if we could get the man in question to promote our community club to the local Asian community. I was told that, in his opinion, he would do nothing unless he personally benefitted from involvement. That told me all I needed to know about the man. I don't think he has the best interest of the game at heart.
  5. How do we make Bristol a success?

    Is Bristol happening? Have I missed an announcement somewhere?
  6. Don't know. Does it matter though? They all qualify as Scottish whatever their qualification, whether it is place of birth, residency, parents or Grandparents . Who is to say one player is 'more Scottish ' than another?
  7. And that's where you let yourself down. You obviously do not understand the criteria for qualifying for International teams. You are trying to perpetuate the myth that the players have loose connections with the country they are representing. We see it many times.........."Their Mum once went camping near Loch Lomond, their Dad had a trip round the Guiness brewery, their Grandad had a caravan in Aberystwyth etc, etc." All the players who qualify for Scotland do so under the criteria currently in place. They do not rely on 'Great Grandparents, if that' , because that is not allowed. So your argument is weakened by continuing to peddle the notion that they are not 'Scottish' because they have tenuous links. Whether they should be at the World Cup, because of the lack of development domestically, is another argument.
  8. Red Star Belgrade to join League One?

    And you know this, how ?
  9. Sport accord petition

    Signed. Great to see such a diverse array of nations represented by the signatories.
  10. You been called up ?? All the best.....
  11. Wales World Cup Squad

    says nothing about Dudson being injured in any report I've read. Just says unavailable!
  12. France team to face Jamaica

    have you got the stream back ?
  13. France team to face Jamaica

    Anyone know the Jamaican lineup?
  14. France team to face Jamaica

    Where can I find it streamed ?