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  1. I am a bit disappointed wire didn't re-sign Pomeroy as I thought he did okay for us last season when he played. He did say to me in the wire club shop though when i asked him about staying for 2018 that his kids were settled in French schools so maybe he didn't want to uproot them. Good luck for 2018 Ben!
  2. Gary Schofield!!!!!

    True, but there was a vast improvement last night on what I've watched for most of the season !
  3. Gary Schofield!!!!!

    Dear Gary, I just want to say a massive THANK YOU for the video you made giving the Warrington players a very public rollicking! It certainly worked, you fired them up last night, I think a lot more than Smith and Agar have all season!!!!! Please can you make a video ripping them to shreds every week? ??????
  4. Warrington aren't playing that well, but for a team not playing well to have won 4 and drawn one of their previous 5 games we have to be doing something right!
  5. The bubble has burst it seems?
  6. To be honest the knock on given against Toby King which led to the final hudds try wasn't s knock on. Hudds defenders tried to tackle him in goal but he had his hand on the ball in the field of play so where on earth Thaler got a knock on from is anyone's guess? Justice really when that last seconds conversion attempt missed as hudds should never have had the possession which allowed them to score in the corner in the first place!
  7. You blatantly broke the salary cap as well with the Dobson and Fielden signings!
  8. Chris Sandow Training Regime

    I was sad when he left wire, but i think we had a lucky escape really!
  9. It's a win. I can't really say anything else ! Play like that in semi final....I hope you enjoy your day at wembley, Wakefield!
  10. 70-10 . Train crash after all! And no revenge for the OFFSIDE Paul lord in 1990!
  11. I think this game will be similar to the batley v catalan game . Oldham will give us a tough first half. Wire to pull away second half.
  12. Briers signs up for another year

    At least one more season from the master of craftiness! Great news!
  13. Tetley’s Challenge Cup semi-final details confirmed

    Yes i've seen kick offs, drunks arguing etc.
  14. Tetley’s Challenge Cup semi-final details confirmed

    Yes,and i've seen plenty of drunks at those games too!