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  1. Pre season matches

    H.K.R. 28 Knights 6 Harry Carter try and Ben Cockayne conversion.
  2. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I was given a jar of pickled walnuts, I know exactly where it is. It's been collected by the bin men later today!
  3. Pre season matches

    The remaining friendlies are. 7th January away to H.K.R. 3pm 21st January Fev away 3pm 28th January Hunslet home 3pm
  4. Tonight's game

    Matt Chilton m.o.m.
  5. Tonight's game

  6. Obituary thread 2017

    Heather North, the actress who was the voice of Daphne in Scooby Doo aged 71.
  7. Rant thread

    I get this problem all the time. People that know me know that I am not racist. In fact I hold no malice with anyone, except the small minded idiots that accuse me of being a racist. If I happen to go to places that people may not know me I find a shirt like this usually helps.
  8. Bradford ?

    Don't you just love it when our noisy neighbours start to get all uppity.
  9. New Signing.

    First I knew of this signing, was reported on That's York TV. Seems to be another good addition.
  10. Jeremy Kyle Richard Osman Jo Brand Barry Simmonds (Eggheads) Gyles Brandreth Clare Balding Jamie Oliver
  11. Obituary thread 2017

    Just heard on the radio that he has sadly passed away at about 5:30 am U.K time.
  12. Ginnels

    That's how we would describe them in York. I don't know anyone who uses the word snickelway, although we have a pub called The Snickelway Inn.
  13. Obituary thread 2017

    Lady Lucan, the wife of Lord Lucan.
  14. Haven game

    He'd never pass the stupidity test!
  15. Season Review.

    What a roller coaster season. The despair at the beginning of the season that we may not have a team. The nailbiting end of season game that saw us come within one point of reaching the promotion final. Many thanks to all the people who made this season possible. I'm already getting excited about next season.