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  1. Ross Baarkley and Joey Baarton. Wish they had been playing Wolverhampton.
  2. Adam Dent has been released by the club. Played a decent game for Heworth on Saturday.
  3. Sorry to see that you're down on your luck at the moment. Try your local library for free computer and Internet access. Keep in touch with your many friends on this forum. Chin up pal and wishing you all the best for the future.
  4. I'm a walking miracle. Apparently I should have died 1.36 years ago after recalculation. So I shall carry on drinking and smoking to excess now because every day's a bonus.
  5. Ha,me too and I would probably have felt better the next day if I had drunk the bleach mixture.
  6. Put a couple of capfuls of bleach, and a drop of washing up liquid into a spray bottle, top up with hot water, shake the mixture up and you will end up with a cheap and effective weedkiller.
  7. Nick Rawsthorne signed on a months loan from Hull, a goal kicking centre or fullback.
  8. I wish you well in your new venture. In a similar way, I too was made redundant at the end of 2015 when my employer closed up and found myself out of work for the first time in my life (nearly 40 years since leaving school).After multiple job applications and doing some voluntary work, today I was offered a job.
  9. Just had a look at the new site.Go to the heading 'The Club' and click on 'Players'
  10. Knights v Barrow
  11. They'd be struggling to identify half the guests who have appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show.
  12. Deano, haven't you seen the artist's impression of the new community stadium? It looks quite good. Then again, if I get my crayons out and draw a picture of the current Knights team holding aloft the challenge cup at Wembley, does this mean that it will actually happen? NURSE!! I need more medication!!!
  13. Really rate this player. Saw him play in the amateur game and think he will become a top player. Dual reg or not, although he is still a young lad, he is a player who can bring along our less experienced players.
  14. I think you might change your mind when you see this lad play.