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  1. Just checked on Wikipedia, the main stand holds 1757 and the David Longhurst stand holds 3062. A total of 4819.
  2. If there is a lot of pay on the day fans, are there any contingency plans to open another section of the ground?
  3. They must have been a brave lot. Did the van have a rear machine gunner on it?
  4. You might want to try these for size.
  5. Bring it on! Can't wait for this one.
  6. Wimbledon fortnight. Grunting female tennis players. Tennis commentators talking bulls hit. Tennis.
  7. Every player knows, every game matters.
  8. Love his pickled onions.
  9. Well worn and well polished, just as they should be.
  10. Doc Marten brogue shoes in black and cherry red. Doc Marten brogue boots in light tan, black and cherry red plain, which I still wear regularly, plus about six pairs that I cant bear to part with. A pair of Fred Perry leather and suede brogue boots. A pair of Delicious Junction leather soled tassel loafers. Several pairs of Vans shoes. 2 pairs of Lambretta casuals. JCB boots for work.
  11. Welcome back Ry, can't wait to see him back to match fitness after such a bad injury.
  12. Thanks to both teams today for the performance that they put in. Don't really agree with the criticism of the ref. Thanks to all the Haven fans that I spoke to, they were really knowledgeable about the state of affairs at the start of the season.A great set of fans who obviously go great lengths to support their team away from home. Best wishes for the rest of the season, unless we meet you in the play off's.
  13. Really looking forward to this game. It just shows how far we have come, from nearly not having a team, to hoping to get a result against the better teams in the division. Well done to Fordy and the owners for creating an exciting team.
  14. John G Avildsen, director of Rocky and the Karate Kid, aged 81.
  15. It will probably be Bob!