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  1. jayemm


    On Look North tonight..
  2. jayemm

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Good sportsmanship from the Haven team, for staying on the pitch, to congratulate the Knights. Also, well done to the Haven fans, noisiest fans we've had all season.
  3. jayemm

    Sunday - York away

    Tremendous effort from your team today. If they had put as much effort in as the supporters did ,they would have romped home. Good luck in the play offs.
  4. jayemm

    Bookies corner

    Forget the bookies, let's just go out and smash 'em.
  5. jayemm

    Team for Whiehaven

    Rain, Hail, Snow or Shine, I'll be there! Also, I know a few people who are attending tomorrow, who don't usually go to watch the Knights,so expecting a big crowd.
  6. Oooh you're such a tease Gav 🤔
  7. Post of the season. Bloody hilarious.
  8. jayemm

    Bookies corner

    Bradford were 4/6 favourites at the start of the season.
  9. jayemm

    Bookies corner

    I put a fiver on us to win the league, before the season started at odds of 12-1 .
  10. jayemm

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    TV host and comedy writer Denis Norden, aged 96.
  11. jayemm

    Cup final on Sunday.

    That'll be you barred for life then. 😁
  12. jayemm

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Paper round?
  13. jayemm

    Haribo to invest in Super League?

    Mushy peas are Yorkshire caviar!
  14. jayemm


    Well, lets get there in huge numbers and cheer the Knights onto victory.