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  1. City of York Council have today won a High Court case against Vue cinemas. The Judge has awarded costs to the Council and refused permission to appeal. Hopefully things can now get back on track.
  2. I think she is from the ever growing population of Chavland.
  3. Two more players signed. Matty Downes,another local lad who played for Acorn and was previously at Bradford academy, also represented Lions u/18's. Also 22 year old Josh Kittrick who was a Wakefield academy product and played for Newcastle last season.
  4. Knights are playing at Bootham Crescent for the next two seasons. Surely the new ground will be built in this time. What could possibly go wrong?
  5. id guess you're thinking about ash robson? Cant believe this hasn't been mentioned on here anywhere yet. Ash Robson has signed, was confirmed at tonight's meeting. We seem to be putting a pretty decent squad together.
  6. As widely rumoured, Joe Porter has been given a trial at the Knights.
  7. Ed Smith has been made team Captain for the 2017.
  8. 84 cup semi-final v Wigan is available to view on u tube.
  9. Great news that KISS will be working with the new owners of the club and also raising funds for squad builder.
  10. Winger Nev Morrison, former captain James Haynes,Ben and Adam Dent, Brad Hey and Adam Swift signed up.
  11. Two more players signed, winger, David Foggin -Johnston who came through the Warrington academy and Tommy Brierley a centre or full back who came through the Leeds academy.
  12. Harry Tyson-Wilson and his brother Bobby both signed on a one year deal.
  13. Ha. Bloody predictive text!
  14. Got to agree with Simon's comments. I find it worrying and can't understand why the other members of the consortium have not been named. It's sad that the fans feel this way but we have been in this situation before and won't be satisfied until everything is clarified.
  15. As posted by Spanish, Tim Spears has signed from Fev. Other signed on players are, Ed Smith, Pat Smith, Jonny Presley, Tommy Saxton and Danny Sowerby.