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  1. henage

    The Photography Thread

    Great walk with the new dog this afternoon . Wood cruiser sterned old fishing boat not got long to go before the reeds / mud swallow it up . Last old boat down the haven , will never see open water again . ABPs new container cranes , just need someone to build a road to get the lorries in and out of the port /city . New dog .
  2. henage

    West Wales Raiders

    Via Sheffield , Dewsbury Celtic
  3. henage

    Not a bad start

    Maybe a cant lose game for Rovers ?
  4. henage

    Not a bad start

    Talking to a big HKR supporter at the Dockers game Saturday . Not impressed by Rovers against Salford , not impressed with Carney , he is worried about the Wolfpack game . KRs loss builds the pressure on Rovers heading over to Canada , should be a great match , hope the crowd reflects the pace , power , big tackles etc etc thats going to be on show .
  5. henage

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    Got two tickets today , going to be supporting Catalan , just hope its a good game .
  6. Not sure if this will add to the thread , we will see . On holiday in Cornwall (photo thread to see picture)two weeks ago . Sunny day beach packed surf up , family on beach lady had her face fully covered , just her eyes showing . Talked to her husband in the sea he was paddling I was just coming out of the water with my bodyboard , I said he needed a wet suit if he wanted to stay in the water for any period of time . Talked about the weather , my wet suit etc etc . The distance between this family and most other people on the beach was quite large , exclusion zone ? Later in the day we had a walk around to the harbour , great area . Even a beach in the harbour , leisure / commercial boats loading , unloading , families having ice creams on the beach . Sat on the harbour wall having an ice cream , people watching as you do . Five minutes later a big group of Jewish people walked onto the harbour , strange beards , black cloths , little black caps on . Again they seemed to have a large amount of space around them as they walked around the harbour , exclusion zone ?
  7. henage

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    Partners a wizz at getting the best deals for accommodation / travel etc Discounting goes on for most stuff in todays on-line world . Some great bargains over the years .
  8. Probably the best reason to go to a game . Hope game is a good hard no prisoners type game with handling skill / pace on show .
  9. Enjoyed the game , referee did well , London always looked more dangerous to me . London looked a lot better with James Cunningham at 9 . James came through the East Hull Juniors and finished his youth rugby off playing some fantastic rugby down at Holderness Vikings .
  10. henage

    Plan 'B'

    Hull schools use to fill a train , go to hyde park , game , tea , show , all travelling around London on the underground , train home , into Hull about 11.30pm . How everyone got home i will never know
  11. henage

    Our new position in the EU

    You can do a scuba dive over/between two separate tectonic plates in super clear water .
  12. henage

    Our new position in the EU

    Looking to get more from your £ on holidays , try Iceland , Russia , Argentina , Brazil even Switzerland . Next doors been to Argentina a few times , they love it .; I fancy a visit to Iceland (not the shop )
  13. Dont think good is the right word .;l
  14. henage

    Our new position in the EU

    Not sure what you mean . Farmers must look to future years to try and second guess whats going to give them best returns for least outlay . Spending big money on big machines seems to me they must be confident going into the coming years . Some will get it right some will get it wrong . Maybe not the best business to use due to the amount of public money that heads towards large land owners .
  15. henage

    Our new position in the EU

    Never said they are wrong , just posting what I see Locally . Something a little different from someone posting a tweet or link to another poll/ survey . They will be winners , losers nothing changes in that respect .