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  1. Our new position in the EU

    Thought the job losses are due to the slow down of sales in Diesel Cars .
  2. Society

    I think today was organised by the inshore rescue boat committee .
  3. Society

    Look right , I see waves . Been out on kayak early today , had a couple of hours having a play in the surf , water was cold around 5-6 . Big beach clean up going on around 20 people walking the high tide mark , good to see . (people getting of there backsides and doing something positive not the plastic ###### they where picking up )
  4. Drop kicked conversion

    St Judes lad at Dockers today missed a field goal (drop goal) under the posts , team mates not to happy with him .
  5. Good place then , if it works well , other places will want to look at whats going on in Broadmeadows .
  6. Blood Pressure

    True , Get a well behaved dog and go fishing
  7. Darcy Lussick

    Should have been - Live in Hull , problems with the sound knocked that on the head .
  8. Good to see a club playing out of a good facility , playing some nice rugby and a good online presence . Nottingham Outlaws getting themselves a long lease are things looking up a little for the amateur game , weathers looking ok for weekend as well ,
  9. Blood Pressure

    Get a dog , take it fishing with you .
  10. MotoGP 2018

    Watched the highlights , enjoyed it ,great action . Marquez went slightly overboard with a few moves . Good to see Suzuki racing at the front end of the grid .
  11. Great news , been to Greetland a few times , good facility , money will be welcome .
  12. Why not go for the head , if your hunting with a bow you must have some responsibility to end the animals life as quickly as possible . Im going to go and find me some deer meat to give it a try .
  13. No problem with that . I've never have but would give it a go .