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  1. Thornwick Bay looking North towards Bempton Cliffs . Pictured with a Gopro .
  2. You have a garden in Shepards Bush (joke) More than a few years ago now i had been in Walkabout having a few beers , went outside to cool down . I could not believe how busy it was , went back inside for a few more beers .
  3. Everyone should have access to clean/warm/secure housing . I also think house prices are over priced , this helps the people in power to control the masses .
  4. True , Im keeping my eye out for Bilgi Badgers .
  5. Hornsea Beach two weeks ago , sun, fog ,sun-fog . No fish , good few hours, fresh air and the dog enjoyed it . Picture taken with my alcatel mobile phone .
  6. Gentle swell . Scarborough North Bay . Summer 2016 . Picture taken with an well used/ old Cannon 400D
  7. About 35 years ago my local youth club team went down to London for the cup final , we had a game against Pecham u15s (I think) I think we played on Hackney marshes , changing rooms were like prison cells . Seemed like a massive area with hundreds of football pitches and one rugby . Some big lads playing for Peckham . Camped near Chigwell ? Great times . Is any of the above near scholars base .
  8. Think you will be getting a ban if you keep posting stuff like this . Seems like lots of positive stuff going on around the London area .
  9. Lads just walked in after shift and said wind is producing 18% as he left work(UK) . Thats not very good in this wind .
  10. Anyone looking for a weekend away and maybe fit in a parkrun ? Have a look at Poznan in Poland , good flights out of Donny , stanstead . Good value and plenty to do around the local area .
  11. Its not easy dealing with local councils. People on the ground can see what needs doing and spending . Then you come up against the local council that cant organize a bun fight in a bakery . But can produce that much red tape it makes your eyes water .
  12. Not the North Of England , Towan Head Cornwall . In the 60s some oz and south Africans that were working as lifeguards around the area , paddled out when the now famous Cribber wave appeared (only happens when ground swell hits the reef at a certain angle) No wet suits , no jetskis brave people . Somewhere I have a short film with interviews about the early surf scene .
  13. You would think the council/planning would be bending over backwards to give you a lift . Lot of hard work , well done .
  14. Beverley has got a youth hostel .