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  1. henage

    USARL Round 3

    Rhinos v Axemen looks like some attacking rugby was played . Same for Copperheads and Mayhem
  2. henage

    The Photography Thread

    Hull Dockers v East Leeds
  3. henage

    cronulla v brisbane

    Ball gets passed Ball caught 2 metres in front of the passer of the ball = forward pass
  4. henage

    Manchester Rangers kit goes to Poland.

    See parkrun thread , im going to Gdansk for a few beers and parkrun , might get some surfing as well , good times ..
  5. henage

    Park Run

    Only going for a long weekend , probably just stick to a few beers lol
  6. henage

    Park Run

    Gdansk Poland for me September , looking forward to heading over . Might even take my wet suit bit of a surfing vibe going on there . Plus amber on the beaches , who doesn't like a bit of fossil hunting .
  7. henage

    Park Run

    Agree about it been a positive in society .
  8. henage

    Free sports TV coverage

    Ukrainian international or NCL player ? At this point in time I would say NCL . Hopefully this might change as the game puts roots down in the Ukraine . Some first class players in the NCL as im sure your aware .
  9. henage

    Free sports TV coverage

    Or maybe the standard of Milfords players making the Ukrainians work for a first tyeam spot .
  10. henage

    Tommy Robinson

    Hope he wet wipes the saddle when he puts the bike back . Why are they naked ?
  11. henage

    Our new position in the EU

    If money can be made , someone will be doing it .
  12. henage

    Hull league 2018

    That could be one of the reasons clubs have come and gone , no facilities , no juniors , just surviving week to week , season to season . Hull and district area had the biggest Saturday football league in the 80s outside of London , they played in some rubbish weather in the winter time . Doesn't exist now , few teams play at a higher level and travel out of town for games . Times have changed , maybe at some point a few more clubs will be able to secure grounds on long leases and secure funds / put down roots / expand even . East Hull seem to have a decent piece of land would imagine its rented from local council (open age ) youth run out from St Richards School . Been down and nearly out but building again . Holderness Vikings have a long lease , two good pitches , lots of junior teams but no open age . Two clubs that seem to be building for the future . Few other teams who play NCL have good set ups . The rest are on park pitches , local council facilities ,nothing wrong with that but its hard to grow a club without a few assets .
  13. henage

    Hull league 2018

    Maybe if someone talked to the other leagues / clubs around the local area things might be a little better . Just dropping winter and starting a summer league just seems silly .
  14. henage

    Dear Diary

    Mates just finished another night session fishing for Carp . Didn't catch again (o how i laughed) Its big here in the UK /Europe , biggest he's caught is 47lb . Im sure he will break his duck next session ! When he goes he puts up a bivvie gets rods etc sorted , baits swim , cast baits out sets rods in place , gets chair out sits down and says '' And Relax ''