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  1. not if somebody turned the power off.
  2. Enjoyed that , apart from the result . Good to see England's forward go toe to toe with Australia's pack , some big defence from both teams . Hill did well ran at the gaps and showed good footwork /strength . Good to see Burgess give the oz number 7 plenty to think about . Enjoyed the world cup , hopefully costs have been covered and a profit posted . Plenty of family and friends have travelled to support the teams , big effort from everyone who made the journey .
  3. The Ref will give the game 100% , straight down the middle . Like every game (just like the players) he will get some decisions wrong but most will be correct .
  4. Tukey's Season starts

    Turkey to anyone in the UK = Going on holiday or frozen xmas dinner at the local super market
  5. Key area is not giving a penalty away on 3rd/4th tackle .
  6. If the people that run rugby league cant build on todays game (plus others) then well I will be very disappointed . The skill , speed , aggression , commitment and that's just the crowd . Always thought England didn't have enough points in the bag , didn't expect that in the last few minutes , maybe the games finest few minutes ? The atmosphere coming out of the TV was fantastic , the Hyms wow , can league apply to copyright them
  7. 120,000 children

    Do it , work around what's stopping you . Get things in place , start the process . Always pull the plug down the line .
  8. 120,000 children

    Think you need to move mate .
  9. Plastics in the ocean

    Would it be possible to take serial numbers ? from the medical waste and trace back to suppliers . Is anyone in authority interested if this could be done .
  10. Plastics in the ocean

    I would hope the cruise industry not only saves its rubbish to dispose of correctly on land , but advertises the fact to its customers .
  11. Plastics in the ocean

    Was beach fishing on Sunday . If you change the rock for sand its the same picture . I always take my rubbish home plus anymore I walk/come across .
  12. Plastics in the ocean

    I have a friend that fishes for carp and works with the local association as a bailiff . One of associations lakes is along the banks of the Humber Estuary (saltwater/brackish/fresh/tidal) a few years ago the area had a tidal surge . Humber burst its banks and effected the local lakes , luckily the salt content just stayed below the level that would have killed the fresh water fish . Big clean up was required , after many weeks of work from volunteers over 5 tonnes of plastic was removed from the lake and surrounding banks . Something needs doing but wont be holding my breath .
  13. Media Watch World Cup

    Noticed yesterday that the New Zealand v Fiji game was trending on Facebook . Not sure what that means , could be a positive .