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  1. Well done to the dolphins for heading out to the USA.
  2. Park Run

    Try starting at the back , steady away get breathing sorted , relax away you go . Get your time , next time remember how you felt at the start , middle , end and adjust your pace . East Park have pacers running with hi viz jackets on with a finish time on them , usually 24mins (think this is a good pace if your Mr /miss average)25mins , 30 mins etc , seems to work really well . Need the volunteer's who can pace , which might be a problem
  3. The Photography Thread

    Boat looks like an offshore race boat . Ex patrol boat ?
  4. Park Run

    Belter of a morning in East Hull this Saturday . Over 500 people turned out for the East Park Hull - Park run . Great friendly atmosphere , some fast runners leading the way , mainly average runners/joggers/walkers completing the two laps .
  5. Premier division play offs

    Not good
  6. New Teams 2018

    I can see the state off the amateur game just as clearly as you . It will only get worse , see some of my other posts about how young people , parents treat leisure / free time . Youtube, whatsapp , goggle etc etc wouldn't be losing users anytime soon . What areas would you use the RFLs money (what money people might ask )cubs , youth , open age , pitches ? Any sport that stands still will slowly die , allowing young men extra chances to earn some money from the game must be a good thing !
  7. New Teams 2018

    I agree with your last point about nothing changing for the community game . Lots of players in the amateur game would be able to step up a standard or two if they could earn half decent money . Plenty of good players have good well payed jobs that stops them having a go at a higher level , due to poor pay etc I've also seen the amateur/semi pro game in Oz , plenty of young men that could step up a level or two , no problem . Maybe North America will allow more players to earn a wage playing the game . Games got nothing to lose and plenty to gain if things go well in NA .
  8. New Teams 2018

    I thought the Canadians where self funding ? Maybe the North American expansion will give more UK based players the chance to earn a wage from the game . Game needs a shake up in my opinion , maybe this is it . Agree about the RFL not giving a toss about the amateur game .
  9. Canvey island

    Same area - ish different view as ullman
  10. Straight of the motorway. Main road running near to ground . Tram service at the back of the ground 5mins from Meadow Hall . Institute of sport/indoor arena/ ice hockey /hotels /fast food outlets near ground . Lets hope the Eagles can move forward in the game . Everything seems to be falling into place .
  11. Alternative System

    If the bogs don't get cleaned regular the trauma surgeon wont be operating for long .
  12. May's Speech

    Who gives a - - - - - - - - - -
  13. Belfast Eagles Mini and Youth Festival

    Good luck with attracting a few more teams . Plenty of time for teams to get themselves organised . Youth rugby league in Belfast sounds fantastic .
  14. Ok no problem . Just thought it was a good question to ask .
  15. Our new position in the EU

    Maybe someone could chuck a few quid at the Humber ports / roads/rail that might help