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  1. Join club . Go training . Get fitted mouth guide . Pay subs . Have a game .( Run around , tackle anyone with the ball thats not in your team , catch the ball and run for the gaps not at the man , everything else will fall into place .) Have a beer . Recover , hopefully before next game . good luck
  2. Ref should stop the game . Ask the people abusing the linesman(boy) to leave the game or betterstill ask them to grab the flag and run the line . If the person is that youing and the abuse is that bad maybe the police need calling .
  3. Werewolves of London - He was looking for a place called Lee Ho Fooks Gonna get a big dish of beef chow mein .
  4. Stanley Gene and Johnoo Davis books are good reads
  5. No wont be watching it . Will be watching Last Kingdom , Vikings/Danes/Welsh/Scots/English chopping each other up .
  6. Some good points . Open spaces are at a premium , areas that can take a 5k run over one or two laps are a little thin on the ground . East park managed to access a lottery grant more than a few years ago now (millions) this gave the park a massive boost , sadly little by little its starting to look a little bit unkept around the edges . Council have just pulled the plug on a go-tri run/cycle event that took place once a month , bikes(not mine) going faster than the parks speed limit ! Comes down to pressure to many people using the park , could have been worked around but council not interested . Millom sounds interesting , did a parkrun in Cornwall a while back , one big hill , plus lots of smaller ones , found it very difficult .
  7. Who pays for open spaces/parks needs to be in another thread . Its a very important subject. Gets me up and out the door most Saturdays . Now that the better weather is here !!! Im biking to the park , that puts another 20k onto the 5k run . Great numbers , it will only get bigger .
  8. bit harsh not getting lewis lord onto the field good win
  9. Few numbers from todays UK parkruns . 440 parkruns in the UK Today . Bushey Park (London?) had 1414 runners/walkers complete the run . (highest number of runners) Wormwood scrubs had 49 runners/walkers . Millom had 32 runners/walkers . East Park (Hull) had around 560 , me included . Great numbers .
  10. Yamaha pw 80 , great 1st off road bike for the lad . Mablethorpe sand racing
  11. Sounded cool because it is /was cool .
  12. So long as a sensible approach to drug taking/supply etc is near you home and not mine or my family and friends .
  13. Thats not very nice . Playing at 56 he needs a medal .
  14. Its a crime , just call it a crime .