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  1. henage

    Australia vs Tonga

    Its a bit like England v France on Wednesday , crowd , atmosphere wise .
  2. OK in the UK Farmduck . Not sure about technicalities but im watching via NowTV on PC . Picture quality is very good .
  3. Didn't have a clue Bradford was/is the capital of punk .
  4. Love live music , good luck . Original punks will be getting on a bit . Dont forget about putting postcards in shop windows highlighting what your doing . Might just be me but i have bought more than a few items via shop window advertising . Including tickets to see live music . Flyers in the independent coffee houses/vintage cloth stores/Record shops /barbers etc
  5. henage

    Our new position in the EU

    Saintslass is correct this thread is an echo chamber . Lets hope the UK and the EU can be grown up like Spain/ UK seem to be over Gibraltar .
  6. It can hard going when you are struggling to make ends meet , even the sum you mention can be hard to find some weeks .
  7. Good think about tech is I can turn it off .
  8. Its a powerful tool ytube . I can view just one clip (even for a very short time ) doing this seems to fill my recommended section with some very strange clips . Everyone seems to have a voice , good , bad im not sure .
  9. Fox News Ben Shapiro - this fellas got a lot to say about a lot of things . American Patriot Tucker ? he is on fox news ? Big fella gets in the middle of protesters and starts interviewing random people usually protesting about trump . , deleted link yesterday no name , Im sure it will re appear soon .
  10. henage

    The Photography Thread

    Walking the dog 4 Looking west again , salt end jetty with P&O Ferry behind , berthed in the Estuary because the old dock lock gates are not large enough to allow the ship into the dock . The stack looks like its close but it must be 3/4 miles away . Plus the dog
  11. henage

    The Photography Thread

    Walking the dog 3 Looking east with my favourite boat in the picture . The view towards the turbines will most probably disappear in the near future . ABP want to develop the area .
  12. henage

    The Photography Thread

    Walking the dog 2 Looking west towards the Humber Bridge .
  13. henage

    The Photography Thread

    Walking the dog 1 Paull Village with new glass flood wall and old sunken barges , across the Humber Estuary , Immingham .
  14. Quite a few channels on ytube talking Trump up .