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  1. The students have been out and got themselves good coverage , lets see what they back it up with . They got themselves out in big numbers , lets see if they can get out in big numbers to help with the clean up . Having one big splash on the tv/ media doesn't change anything . Hope your right about the leaders making efforts , from what I've seen its not a massive effort . Something needs doing as we are disappearing under a mountain of ###### / crud and
  2. You think Pan National action helps , sorry I feel the people at the top are not bothered . Like I said lets see what the students do over a year or two .
  3. I remove this amount of rubbish every time I take my dog for a walk . Its about 100m from a small village primary school , some parents drop kids off take dog for a walk , leave the dogs waste , empty the rubbish from there SUVs , cars , just dump it . Waste bin is in the parking area . This is adults day after day doing this . Its terrible
  4. Lets see what the students have been doing in one year from now . Not going on holiday in a plane might be a good start . Walking to school/collage , maybe go on bike ., that would be good . Maybe use public transport . Maybe turn the heating off and put an extra hoodie on . Maybe they could contact the local MP and ask for the 20% vat on Insulation be removed .
  5. henage

    The Photography Thread

    Squid/Lug worm cocktail .
  6. henage

    The Photography Thread

    Bankside area (Hull) looking towards Siemens wind turbine facility on the banks of the Humber
  7. henage

    The Photography Thread

    Humber Estuary taken from Paull village looking south east ish .
  8. henage

    The Photography Thread

    Cottage on one of my dog walking routes . Just about a total ruin .
  9. Hopefully someone will follow a few of the students across the next year or two and see if they knock flying on the head . Stop using petrol/derv powered cars to get around . See if the thermostats are turned down on heating systems . Good to see the students with concerns getting them out to the wider population .
  10. henage

    Junior Refereeing abuse

    I reffed for half a dozen games(maybe a few more ) more than a few years ago , open age was great , the young ones horrible due to the parents , older youth was fine . Not a big lot of experience true .
  11. yes she made a good recovery thanks . Off duty police officer sat in the road for the full 3 hours to give her some protection from the traffic .
  12. henage

    Rugby History Thread

    Can clearly remember heading down to London with what seemed like hundreds of other kids (probably was) Hyde park , Wembley , show , tea , train home . good times . Cutting is from years ago ....