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  1. Big ask , not impossible . Quite a few average teams around super league at the minute .
  2. Maybe the people involved should take some responsibility .
  3. Looks like some close games took place .
  4. Do you mean Toronto lost a game of rugby against London , thats sport .
  5. Ford are offering jobs to the people in the factory closing down , not ideal , well done Ford .
  6. How is it possible to spend £100 on a food shop .
  7. Just uploaded Strava onto phone . Impressed with it . 6.8 mile walk with dog this morning . 8 mile ride on bike last night . Keeps telling me i can try and beat other peoples times over certain sections of the ride, interesting .
  8. If your not doing it i'm withdrawing as well .
  9. Its a hard slog at the minute if your a labour supporter .
  10. My shares are doing quite well . Got a wide range of businesses covered . Been up and down over the years , long term is the key .
  11. Caught most of the stuff on that plate , people would be surprised whats swimming about of the Yorkshire coast
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