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  1. Rugby league seems to be getting stronger and stronger in PNG . Great to see.
  2. henage


    Massive amounts of young people never going to have a stake in a property in the next 15-20 years .Long term Work is getting harder to find . I can see the UK leaning towards the French way of getting governments attention . Fuel protests caught the government off guard , few years ago now , was Blair in charge . Even a big rise in interest rates would make people less tolerant of the way governments run the UK . Interesting times .
  3. henage

    Yorkshire Cup

    back pitch needs a little work on it before next game .
  4. As someone who goes to work on my bike I can see the argument for increased public transport use etc . Its not going to be free . Go to any school and watch the cars pull up to drop the kids off , a big number will be within a 5/10 min walk .
  5. henage

    Great RL Photos

    The ones covered in mud are Australian , the bronze statue outside Wembley are from the British game . Look up Steve Winterburn he is the artist that created the bronze
  6. Most people dont give a flying f------ . Everyday I take dog for a walk , 5/6 places around the local area , everyday I remove a bag ###### from these areas . Day in day out . Must be adults dropping this litter as most spots a car is needed to access the walks .
  7. Its all ###### mate . Population growth is massive . Until this gets sorted the human race will continue to destroy what supports life on this planet .
  8. Wonder if Jim fly's around the world reporting on stuff like COP24 ? wonder if he uses electric to get his tweets out into twitter land ? maybe he buys energy from green sources only , produces it himself maybe
  9. just about to put headphones on , not been here for a few weeks , could be a late night .
  10. I dont trust any politician , not the ones in power , not the ones waiting in the wings . I dont trust the power brokers within the EU . Which is a shame .