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  1. If they can understand the Newcastle and Scottish Accent , A Queensland one should be straight forward .!!!!
  2. Cod

    I will have to disagree with your last post . Most of the regulations introduced by the EU and UK government's didn't save one fish , unworkable mostly . Infact under EU Stewardship lots of the bigger (more damaging) boats ended up overfishing inshore / offshore stocks that local African inshore fishermen fish for . You would like to think small scale (lets call them Artesian fisherfolk ) would be first in line to be protected from industrial sized boats . Sadly this is not the case . If you look at the Yorkshire coast shell fishery , which is an high value , low (ish) impact , well policed fishery that sees the local authorities and lobstermen work together to not only protect stocks but improve them with size limits , V notching , escape panels etc . You will see a possible blue print for the way forward with stock , environmental protection . Some paper pusher sat in an office in Brussels /Strasburg /London sending out directives cant be the right way .
  3. Cod

    Up until quite resent(maybe still do ) the fishery scientists used data from towing a trawl at the same points at the same time of year , everything the same year after year . Even a poor fisherman knows you have to be very flexible to be a viable boat . Some massive factory boats have been built with help from EU/UK government's over the years . These targeted mackerel /sprats in massive quantities (Cods and other fishes food) . Under reporting of total catches was wide spread , transferring catch to third party ships at sea was a problem . Fishing boat owners/factories owners have been through the courts and fined many millions of pounds . Shetland seemed to be at the centre of this miss reporting .
  4. I thought the UK Tax payer and power suppliers customer's gave a nice helping hand to alternative (wind/tidal/wave)power generators . Not saying that's a bad thing .
  5. Good honest post , hope they can carry on and hopefully move up the league .
  6. Cod

    Skippers that want to maximise the value that comes out of the cod end will have developed square mesh panels(escape panels) and developed other areas of the fishing net to allow unwanted species to escape before the net is hauled . Doing this cuts down on the work required to sort grade/clean/ice catch . Bigger mesh across the net also improves fuel consumption . Escape panels etc have had imput from Government scientists but I think I'm right in saying until recently joined up thinking - ideas - information wasn't shared freely . Fishermen gives data to scientists about catch , area fished ,method he could (would) find this information used to cut effort from individual boats . This cant be the case now as most seem to be working towards the same goals . It will be interesting to see if the explosion of wind farms in the North Sea will benefit fish , shellfish stocks , I think it will .
  7. some points scored in pool B
  8. this happened in the NCL game I watched on Saturday . Could not believe how the ref changed
  9. Cod

    Fishermen not catching cod when they are spawning . Technical measures to fishing gear - square mesh panels , bigger mesh . I'm not 100% sure as I have not been involved in commercial fishing for a good number of years but I think fishermen have to land 100% of what's in there nets . This makes them target larger sized fish allowing smaller ones to breed . Improvement's in the number of sandeels / sprats / whiting etc gives them a good food supply .
  10. Cod

    You might says its an environmental nightmare , I would say what a fantastic resource the North Sea is . Things can always improve look at the Lobster fisheries , well run , good markets , high value . Maybe the cod fishery will go the same way . Its in everyone's interests to work towards stable , well run Fisheries around the UK Coastline .
  11. Cod

    Don't think pillaging is the right word . Give fishermen (or whoever ) a stake in something and they will work towards a common goal . One fishing boat helps with local employment ie - gear supplies/fuel/oils/bait/insurance/engineers/sparkies/joiners/painters etc etc . Also provides employment in some of the most remote communities in the British Isles .
  12. Cod

    Rules and regs would have been introduced by authorities from the UK and EU . These would have been unworkable . Fishermen would have pushed the rules to the limits for various reasons . Fishermen get themselves organised ,mainly scotishboats I would imagine . Get imput into the facts and figures the scientists put out . Fisherman tell the scientist when and where the cod breed , suggest ways to work around this . Fishermen keep within the new rules(as most would have done before they had any imput) . Stocks start to build , lets hope they get it right as the worlds population is growing and will need feeding . Don't forget the UK/EU gave massive amounts of grant aid to certain sections of the fishing industry , which made catching capacity and available catch a little out of balance . Then decommissioned vast amounts of boats . So in a word yes fishermen reduced effort into the cod fishery.
  13. Cod

    Not saved the cod that's certain .
  14. chuntering - Great word
  15. Good luck to all the teams , great experience for the players and supporters .