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  1. Some great coverage on GRMs youtube channel .
  2. Goes back if not deeped hooked , this went back . Most anglers wouldn't keep or anything similar . If I was going to keep one , kill it , bleed and gut , skin and steak it up .
  3. Soon as I can sell a little piece of land I have been working towards gaining planning permission on . Hope the festivities cover the kayaking . Just giving mine a good looking at , see if I can still squeeze into my wetsuit , if I can maybe a trip out this weekend . Some nice Bass been caught from the local beaches . I managed a nice smooth hound two weeks ago , again from the beach . Usually do better from the kayak , hopes are high.
  4. Maybe one way to stop the country disappearing under a mountain of ###### is give rubbish a value . The above idea is a good move .
  5. Just getting near 250,000 miles in my T4 2-5tdi . I can service it myself for not a lot , bit of rust on body panels , no rust underneath . Great mpg pulls like a train , can and do overnight in it , runs on veg oil in the warmer months . Its not just price you need to look at when buying a vehicle . Looking at getting a electric mountain bike some good stuff out there in cycle land .
  6. Enjoyed watching the Wolfpacks home games last season , seems a positive atmosphere around the stadium .
  7. The french unions will have a say on who works on the rebuild . Having said that I have seen good stonemasons at work , fantastic skills .
  8. Good time to be a French stonemason , Carpenter , plumber (lead work)
  9. does the carbon trading scheme allow big companies to keep polluting ?
  10. should this post be in the Brexit thread !!
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