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  1. The day I give up on Rugby League in London is the day I give up on the sport and accept that it is just a dying northern English novelty.
  2. "Not even Branson could make it work" What a damaging quote. Just a cop out for quitters.
  3. I really think that our sport needs London and that perhaps we all need a stake in it. Especially getting it stablised and being a focal point for Rugby League fans in the capital. I'm an aussie and I believe in putting my money behind London, that is why I am a global member. Surely London can benefit from more coordination when it comes to getting away fans down there. Remember Melbourne Storm were owned by News Ltd up until recent years.
  4. DlEHARD

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    It's hard to keep up, you keep changing your logo and kit. It's the white t shirt now right?
  5. DlEHARD

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    British people should just do what the NRL tells them. You are the Lions.
  6. I am sick of being on English club death watch. We need to get our act together as a game.
  7. DlEHARD


    Saw this Yahoo video earlier today and retweeted it on my twitter accounts.
  8. DlEHARD

    usarl live on youtube now

    The new website is a great idea that nits together what everyone is streaming, Well done.
  9. DlEHARD

    Malta v South Africa

    Always a shame to see so few locals. But perhaps an Australian arm will help South Africa live up to their potential. We need to sort the issues with the government first though.
  10. What an emotional and moving story. I wish Darren and his family all the best in the future. Life has been so hard for them over the years. But I'm delighted to see him back active in our game and to see how much it means to him. PDRL is tremendous and I've been following it for many years when it started in Sydney. I'd love to get my friend involved in wheelchair rugby league but atm it does seem like a high barrier to entry. I hope there are some opportunities for beginners to get involved, even if just in skills and fitness based around rugby league. Thanks for sharing. These arms of our game deserve our support and respect.
  11. I can attest to this, when I attended the QLD Cup Grand Final in Brisbane last year. Their level of support, in numbers, colour and passion was like being in PNG.
  12. You cant follow a team like the Dragons. Called St George who was a dragon slayer yet their mascot is inexplicably a dragon.
  13. DlEHARD

    Pacific Tests TV coverage

    AFL can't dream to offer this.
  14. DlEHARD

    Pacific Tests TV coverage

    Love watching Hayne get smashed. Go PNG!