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  1. DlEHARD

    anyone taking time off to watch ENWC?

    Can't wait to see these games. Looking forward to barracking for Hong Kong.
  2. DlEHARD


    I'm really shocked by this, especially by the timing. Interested to see how the squad reacts.
  3. DlEHARD

    Team names on forums

    To me they will always be the Toulouse Spacers.
  4. DlEHARD

    SL Club Attendances 2018

    I guess with Salford's figures so poor and the absence of Bradford, it'd gonna have an impact.
  5. Our game needs Toulouse. 👨‍🚀
  6. DlEHARD

    The RFL sinks to its absolute lowest

    Gee these are unforgivable sins.
  7. Well done Fev. Ill go watch this game on Wolfpack TV.
  8. DlEHARD

    Grand Final Ring

    Harsh but fair. Otherwise it loses its value.
  9. DlEHARD

    Chinese investment in Salford?

    I'd welcome their involvement.
  10. DlEHARD

    Chinese investment in Salford?

    It'd be great to see Rugby League finally get some Chinese money. They also seem to be individuals and not a faceless company. So it'd be great if they are lovers of the game.
  11. The day I give up on Rugby League in London is the day I give up on the sport and accept that it is just a dying northern English novelty.
  12. "Not even Branson could make it work" What a damaging quote. Just a cop out for quitters.