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  1. Hong Kong Rugby League

    HKRL & HKTag Chairman Neville Metcalfe updates us on some of the exciting events coming up. Places still available in the 'league' teams for both women and men so email us now at info@hongkongrugbyleague.com. Stay tuned for more details on training, team previews & see you at the Nines !!!
  2. Balkan Super League

    500 spectators is impressive. Keep up the good work.
  3. Well done Victoria. Helps make up for all the support QLD and NSW gives AFL.
  4. Many NRL clubs have massive fanbases in SEQLD. Dragons, Warriors, Manly, Bulldogs and Souths come to mind. Hopefully people travel for this too.
  5. I also believe that NRL ratings are high because we are more willing to watch games involving other clubs beyond our own.
  6. I donated to this cause. Good luck Cameroon Rugby League!
  7. Titans now the best side in Queensland?

    Bow down! But in truth, our fans are delighted with the way things are going, the local juniors coming through as well as the coach.
  8. NZ Warriors sold!

    Sad that Auckland RL didnt get it. I'd like to see games in Hawaii though.
  9. Hong Kong Rugby League

    Hong Kong Thunder will travel to Tokyo to face Japan on June 16 for the East Asia Cup. Hong Kong has a heavy focus on the Emerging Nations World Championship in Sydney later this year. The Hong Kong Super League (13 a side) will kick off later this year, after the Nines. We will also have an Origin game, Hong Kong Islander vs Kowloon and New Territories.
  10. Hong Kong Rugby League

    HKRL 9s TEAM ANNOUNCEMENTS http://www.hongkongrugbyleague.com Joining reigning champions Diamond Chiefs, HK Charlie Bears and Oreana Storm in this year's 9s include founding rugby league club Wan Chai Warriors, Pacific Toa, Coastal Cobras, a first rugby league outing for Wavewearers and a community development team from Tonga! And we expect more teams to confirm their participation in the coming weeks. The HKRL 9s now in its fourth edition will take place on Sunday 27 May at King's Park. Tonga will take part in their first HKRL 9s and join other overseas teams from Papau New Guinea and Australia continuing the development of the 9s into an international tournament. We know little about the Tonga team but expect them like all Tonga RL teams to be big, fast and strong. Wan Chai Warriors return for their fourth HKRL 9s and despite containing HK international test players Lawrence Tuck and Jason Yip face a tough day at the office with a number of players switching allegiance to play for Pacific Toa and Oreana Storm. Pacific Toa primarily made up of Pacific Islanders head into the comp as one of the favourites with HK internationals Tavita Tanielu and Hogan Toomalatai leading the charge. Pacific Toa versus Tonga is certain to make the hairs on your back stand up. Coastal Cobras return, led by captain Conor Cairns and are looking for players, if you are interested please get in touch. Good luck to all teams as they battle it out for the James Hall trophy.
  11. NRL strategic plan

    Anyone actually seen the strategic plan and not just the bullet points?
  12. Notice the photo in DT is of him at a Sydney Swans AFL match. What a surprise.
  13. Tweet this punk on @mrjoeaston and tag @FinancialReview and hashtag #NRL. Also contact AFR to threaten to cancel your subscription. I also have one.