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  1. Semi AWOL

    Wrong code
  2. Sport accord petition

    He'd do a great service to the game if he did!
  3. Australia vs Tonga in Hawaii

    One thing is for sure we should focus our efforts on Hawaii IMO.
  4. Ukrainian restructure

    Sounds very impressive. Wish more clubs, especially NRL clubs would get behind other nations and clubs.
  5. India RL is very exciting. I agree with two years for anothr ENWC, because we have some catching up to do.
  6. Super League here they come. Looks great.
  7. Post-World Cup blues!

    Well there is some hope that it may return then!
  8. Post-World Cup blues!

    They need to livestream French Elite One.
  9. Latest World Rankings

    Can't tell you how happy and proud I am to see Hong Kong debut at #45!
  10. New Women's RL rankings

    England had better get on with it because Australia is taking womens rugby league very very seriously.
  11. Post-World Cup blues!

    Im missing the World Cup big time. But Im glad I got a good piece of the action. You know they are releasing a Rugby League Live 4 World Cup edition on PS4 and XBOX, but in true tradition it doesn't come out until 18/12 I think!
  12. Red Devils reject to sign for NRL club?

    No thanks, we dont need this guy back in the NRL
  13. Sport accord petition

    Perhaps we need to target the board members and the shareholders, not their media department.
  14. Wonderful and will have an impact. If only each NRL club had an IRL strategy.
  15. It' sure can. Welcome to the family Cameroon!