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  1. Why do RL clubs fold?

    This needs to be looked at from two different angles, professional and amateur. Amateur clubs fail generally because they are in poor catchment areas. The faults of poor management are sorted by new blood on committees and coaching staff, the pro game is far more complicated and the management plays a bigger part.
  2. Toronto

    Some SL clubs have these set backs every season, so need to worry. I do think Brian Noble is not what the club needs at the helm. I wish someone like Tony Smith would oversee the development he is good at setting the foundation requirements for all aspects.
  3. Toronto

    Good post, the Canadian way should be suited to RL, the general British fans are like a family, they bicker and fallout amongst themselves but will defend the game against anyone who calls it. The Toronto club will have ups and downs along the way but hopefully in the long-term succeed.
  4. Week 1 - Starting Lineups

    Akauola definitely out for the Leeds game, Roberts should be fit.
  5. Week 1 - Starting Lineups

    Warrington guardian quoted he was not fit. Patton has a hamstring problem but I agree on Livett he will be pushing some of the first choice players, he is going to be a star. Yes on Roberts and Akauola, would have preferred to see them in a warm up but expect them to play.
  6. Week 1 - Starting Lineups

    Looking forward to seeing Roberts, with Brown pulling the strings he looks like someone who plays on instinct, we have been far too predictable recently. Crosby won't be fit, with Philbin and G King possible bench players. Mitch brown might shift one of the wingers.
  7. Warrington had a back line 1to7 who all scored 20 plus tries under Smith and the team scored averaged 39 points per game with also the best defence. A mute point, I played in the pack when scrums were contested in the 70s which shows I am not young.
  8. The 85 final was exciting at the time but the gaps between the defence and attack was huge and today's players are better organised and fitter so the space you see on that match would not be there today. And I am fed up of hearing how Powell reinvented the game last season, yes they were good to watch but they were not the best attack in the last 15 seasons not even close. And if you look back at most games that were televised in the 70,80,90 it will still paint the same picture (micron have quite a few). So I don't say that it is perfect now but to keep saying it was better years ago is what all old men(or women) say.
  9. I have been watching footage on YouTube of old finals and how people look back and there is no comparison, the games in the 70,80,90 were slow, with no organisation, often thuggish and if we brought back the 5m rule the game would be one dimensional at best. We need to take off the rose coloured glasses.
  10. The Revolutionary Code

    Top article, shows how brave the code has been and hopefully will still be.
  11. Well I certainly would not be back at wilderspool, dump of a ground, the HJ is what grounds should be about. To much Is made of it was better in the seventies, only because you were younger and would naturally be excited about attending matches, but the stadiums were dumps with toilets that were just an upgraded wall, poor views and plenty of gangs meetings outside the grounds, I was brought up in Leigh and after games with Wigan Street fights went on all the way the away fans went back, buses go into to Warrington being rocked by hundreds of home fans. Better then, not in my opinion.
  12. Super League predictions 2018

    I think you are incorrect with regards to wire not decimated by injuries, they were hit as bad as Wigan or any other side. But I agree that was not the sole reason and that is why Smith went. I hope we will be up there this season but the last two seasons have shown that you can't always predict so easily now.
  13. The reply to your post was about the statement you wrote about no clubs fully utilising their areas in the development of junior and schools rugby. I pointed out that you are wrong, I have seen first hand the improvement in what top level clubs do and I am sure others as well as Warrington do, I know Wigan, saints and Leeds work hard with junior rugby and probably others as well. there will be areas such as you show in Doncaster but that is a RFL problem not other SL clubs.
  14. Couldn't be more wrong, I worked in junior and schools rugby in the eighties and nineties in Warrington and the work done now by the pro club is massive compared to then. They go into all the schools and are working with all the junior sides. The only thing that happened when I coached was each school had a chance to visit the stadium and see a game, no coaching, no visits to junior sides unless you knew a player. Each club has designated matches to raise money and two players attached to the club to do coaching and other requirements. I always thought the problem was the transfer of players to open age from junior sides.
  15. I think that's the problem he forgot it.