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  1. Warrington have announced daryl Clarke has signed until the end of 2020 season and turned down offers from the Nrl.
  2. I guess it not the Wolves year
  3. It is mentioned in the mail in October underneath the grand final. The daily Star gives a full breakdown of when,who and were the games are being played.
  4. The reports about schools are that more play than ever before. I use to volunteer for two junior schools in the 80s as well as help in the town team and apart from a few schools the game was not played in most schools. Now I see reports were with the help of the Wolves foundation every junior and senior school has coaching going on. They report that they encourage the children to join local clubs. The pro clubs should be proactive in their own towns and areas and then enough older players would be coming through to support academies and then we can stop the talk of regional sides especially in the heartlands of the game,I can see the need outside of the traditional boundaries.
  5. It's interesting you state it is easier to score now yet all try scoring records were achieved under the five meter rule. I played in competitive scrums in the 70s and 80s and the pro game was not as exciting to play in or watch as much as people say. We have to accept the games moved on and won't return to any of the version's played in previous decades.
  6. I stated super league because they receive the largest amounts from Sky and the last round gave them enough to cover the first teams money, the club's below that receive far less income but I do see that as a minimum for teams in the top league and for those who wish to play in that level,certain teams are not even treading water they are dragging the whole competition down with them.
  7. If more children play now than at any other time the club's have a responsibility to give a pathway into the professional ranks. When clubs have seen the problems of not running a reserve side for one season on their impact on the league it beggars belief that some clubs want to go the other way.The Rfl should show some backbone and put it as a minimum requirement for Super league side's to have reserve and academy teams, the increased sky money was said to have covered first team wages yet clubs still moan and some of these have also received revenue from transfers.
  8. I see what your saying but if that was the biggest influence reducing the interchanges would only let these skills happen later in matches as players tire, the skills people yearn for were shown all through the matches and fatigue played a minor part.
  9. The biggest change has happened because of the way teams defend, the type of tackles and speed of the lines nullify lots of the skills people are quoting. The pool of talented top line player's is smaller fewer overseas talent due to the reality of a shrinking cap in comparison to other comps, a total dry up of union player's (and no matter what people say the games poorer for it). That said I still watch and love the game.
  10. Cannot see anything coming out from our sport,at junior level I coached for 15 years and the parents were always involved. I could not see the environment or time were the children under your supervision could be at risk.The environment in football is different with people put at risk in life changing environments.
  11. Some people who worked or work at Warrington were glad to see him go, because he challenged the status quo. If they refused to change he forced the issue so they changed or left. The work he did at Warrington was for the benefit of the fans and club.He will not be held back by the people in charge.
  12. He is on holiday and deal will be announced on Friday as the fee was all that needed agreeing between the club's.
  13. Just another in a long list Warrington are interested in,(Williams, carney, dobson and now Barba). Sandow leaving freed a lot of money and they will spend it but no one can accuse them of ignoring junior's as they are developing and pushing them in higher numbers than ever before.
  14. The first step is for the club's to maximise their own area's the schools and junior clubs. When I first moved to Warrington thirty six years ago the club had little or no connection with the schools or clubs, I was involved with both for the next twenty years and very little changed. But I look at what the club do now it is improved with both sections, all schools receive training and help, players are encouraged to join junior clubs,clubs have designated players and are given matches to raise funds as well as other match day experiences. The foundation is given targets to reach in participation levels. If clubs don't start in their own area's everything else is irrelevant.
  15. The picture you paint isn't carried across all clubs, Wigan have a production line of junior's who come through their ranks, Warrington are now down to two Aussies and played half the season with Simms and Gidley (Sandow had two lengthy spells out). The top four sides only Hull had a number of overseas players who bypassed the quotas.