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  1. ‘Usual tactics’ means completely dominating the game right?
  2. Powers is fine on the touchline but as an interviewer possibly the most cringeworthy I have ever seen. So the change makes sense. As for commentators, I do hope we’re getting someone new as I don’t think Bill Arthur is good enough for the top job.
  3. They are horrendous and have been for years and years now, as is Angela Powers on the post match interviews. Massive changes needed.
  4. I’d say that’s rapidly moving in the right direction!
  5. I loved I'm Alan Patridge and Knowing Me Knowing You but this doesn't work for me. I don't think Coogan acts it as well as he used to, I don't like the format and it's too often toe curling rather than actually funny. Still there have been enough good moments for me to keep watching. #JohnGone
  6. Toulouse highlights A very fun 6 minutes of rugby including some outrageous offloads and dummies
  7. yes no party leader has ever punished front benchers for defying the whip, this is entirely unprecedented.
  8. Don’t underestimate how big a result that is, considering Toronto may have to meet TO again in the playoffs. Huge confidence knock for them
  9. they’re both like Wembley in comparison with Sheffield
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