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  1. I'm almost lost for words. An utter embarrassment.
  2. JonNgog

    Coventry Bears #ForTheNext

    If Coventry can keep going like this they can give the sport a serious presence in the midlands and the whole League One expansion project will be at least somewhat redeemed. Fingers crossed
  3. JonNgog

    Empty seats etc

    and Knowsley Road was usually more than half empty
  4. JonNgog

    Empty seats etc

    how can there possibly be 'boredom' about a knockout semi final. that's just bad marketing
  5. have we already forgotten NZ - Fiji just last year !
  6. he could have made that decision in 10 seconds, tedious in the extreme
  7. Toronto don't deserve promotion to be honest. totally mediocre
  8. JonNgog

    Try of the season?

    Chris Centrone. Definitely some questionable 'tackles' in there but remarkable all the same
  9. I reckon literally anyone on this forum could come up with a better analysis than O'Connor. every bit of good play is just down to 'turning up with the right attitude', utter drivel to listen to