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  1. You would be surprised - having modern stadia with terraced stands is a real asset to our game. Even the lower leagues of football are phasing them out. Football fans I have taken to matches at Saints and Warrington have all been impressed.
  2. Leeds crowds seem to have plummeted since they started redeveloping the ground and no sign of fans coming back now it’s complete, bit worrying?
  3. so it's basically agreed now that Hull's players just can't be arsed to turn up every other week?
  4. It was 30,000 - sorry to disappoint you
  5. Westerman drops a simple pass and everyone is so busy sulking about it that they let Huddersfield break up field. Shocking
  6. Please. Can we stop reporting anything Mick Gledhill says.
  7. if you like simple down to earth boozers there are literally dozens of them within a short walk of Anfield. If you want better pubs/real ale/wine bars head for the city centre.
  8. what has gone wrong at Avignon? quite the fall from grace
  9. ...why would you not wish him well?
  10. giving Gledhill the oxygen of attention should be an instant ban
  11. Sad news, David Mead stretchered off with another serious looking injury
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