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  1. every week that passes with McNamara still in charge is a week wasted, winning against a dire Huddersfield doesn't change that
  2. if he's good enough for England Knights they'll be lining up to sign him I'm sure
  3. then he should go and prove himself in Super League
  4. energy and determination? how low are our standards? no, it's woeful, as usual
  5. TO could easily have had 40+ points, sublime attacking team. But gutsy from Toronto to hold on
  6. if McNamara stays after this, they deserve to go down.
  7. taking the two the first time they get a chance to attack, absolutely dire, no wonder the crowds are dwindling fast
  8. it's actually not the same old story, it's much much worse
  9. just give it and spare us this tedium
  10. haha Tez actually thinks they have been inspired by a 'half time talking to'... from Steve McNamara ??
  11. 'we've not seen much of Ben Barba yet' yeah except making both of the tries...
  12. when will someone tell Terry that Catalans don't play in a place called 'Catalan' ?
  13. worst reading of the team line-ups ever?