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  1. gutted for Swift, finally fights his way back into the team and looks like he's crocked 😕
  2. JonNgog

    Where to stay in Wigan

    both are good but Cricketers is a better 'pub' in every way. also quite an achievement to turn a boarded up boozer in a run down back street of St Helens into what it is now.
  3. JonNgog

    Richie Myler

    As a Saints fan I like watching Richardson and he obviously has a bright future. But don't feel like he's anywhere near ready for international rugby.
  4. amazing isn't it how we magically become 'professional milkers', cheats, grubs etc. as soon as we are a half decent team playing good rugby again.
  5. deliberate late tackle on a player without the ball. but you know that anyway
  6. another one making themselves look silly
  7. two problems with this, 1) a knee to the head isn't minor contact, 2) a direct punch to the head is a red card the 'RL is a physical game' is just a soundbite that means nothing, it's a physical game with a set of rules that protect safety and the vast majority of players prefer to have them. the first yellow card is designed to protect players from serious neck injuries and the second to prevent concussions.
  8. not sure how anyone can complain about either sin bin. making yourselves look silly.
  9. Ratchford not in the 4 for MOTM?
  10. Hewer shouldn't have sent that upstairs.
  11. what a soft try to concede so early on