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  1. 12,000, as it was for Kiwis vs Scotland in Christchurch, and as it was for two Kangaroos home games.
  2. Monarchy

    I show my principle whenever I debate monarchy or if I am ever given a choice to remove them via a referendum. But life is too short not to prioritise and I just think there are far more important issues that have far more explicit effect on people's lives.
  3. and Canada just got their biggest ever rugby crowd for a game against the Maoris. people underestimate their appeal, especially if you can promote things like the Haka and make a big event of it.
  4. Monarchy

    I think they represent everything bad and more, but are such a minor concern that they're hardly worth worrying about
  5. except their support was on par with Australia and considerably bigger than Tonga/Samoa when you leave the Auckland region.
  6. left the room at 20-0 assuming game over... I should know better by now!
  7. 2018 Series v NZ

    brilliant news
  8. it's a World Cup semi final, the participants don't matter. we scheduled ours at Wembley without knowing who would be there. just about everything in this tournament has been thinking small time, so we continue get what we deserve (ie. ambition rewarded by huge success in 2013, negativity rewarded by a feeble backwards step in 2017)
  9. well you would hope so. actually assumed the final would be sold out by now. NZ semi should have been held at Eden Park, but that would require something resembling ambition...
  10. the venue should have been swapped with the England game. BBC viewers will once again be treated to a 25% full stadium with no atmosphere. Darwin would have been a perfect size for it given the ticket sales so far...though I have no confidence in the Kangaroos to draw a crowd anywhere either
  11. a 12,000 capacity stadium sold out (only on the day) for the home nation in a World Cup quarter final isn't even the bare minimum, it's pathetic. you damage our sport more than anyone 'whinging' with this ridiculous underselling of our biggest international tournament
  12. oh wow, should we all be impressed ? England sold out group stage walkovers in quite large stadia against Ireland and Fiji... Aus are struggling to sell out Darwin for a quarter final
  13. RLWC 2017

    for me the most disappointing crowd, by a distance, was the opening ceremony. That's the game people will remember over all others, and it looked so small time
  14. RLWC 2017

    read the original post, it's a thread for 'ongoing impressions'. I gave my views on the opening round of fixtures, which very often sets the mood for the tournament. I am happy to look on the bright side of the 2013 tournament which, though far from perfect, was ambitious and largely successful. to pretend this opening round has been a success in off-field terms (besides the magical PNG game) would be, in modern terms, propagating *fake news*.