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  1. Are people seriously 'underwhelmed' by a record attendance at a League One game (and higher than the home crowds of numerous established Super League clubs) in a country in which the sport has never been played professionally and the team has existed for less than a year ?
  2. First time we have been top story on the Mail online since the Huddersfield Salford fan violence. (spot a pattern?) Still not important enough for them to cover any matches or even give us a page on the sport site, though.
  3. how bad does the dissent have to be to warrant a red card? either discriminatory slurs or questioning integrity of the ref I'd imagine ?
  4. Haha, as if they needed to waste time last night. They were well in control throughout the game despite the numerous injuries inflicted.
  5. Leigh score a great try after a flick pass from Hock. Terry O'Connor then explains Leigh's success, "the forwards don't look to pass at the line, they just took it under their wing". Sigh...
  6. TO used to upload all Broncos games on YouTube but alas not anymore!
  7. his point about democracy was spot on though.
  8. Yep. apparently, if a decision doesn't go your way, you can just punch someone in the face so the referee looks at the screen and gives you a penalty for 'first offence'. what a farce that was.
  9. the sound on this broadcast is horrendous. can barely hear the crowd yet the referee is deafeningly loud.
  10. Christ that's very very harsh, unduly harsh in my opinion. You mention the missed tackle and ignore the massive runs he made in the first half. In fact, he basically carried our pack. He hasn't reached last season's standards yet, but 'shouldn't be anywhere near an England shirt'?
  11. What exactly have Catalans done to Phil Clarke... his incessant negativity is driving me mad.
  12. is that really a surprise? 1,700 is more in line with what Toulouse have on a regular basis and is still miles above what any of the other clubs in this league get.
  13. Rugby Premiership attendance figures are on here - quite interesting for comparison's sake anyway. On topic, I think the SL attendances this weekend were very good... lets hope for more of the same