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  1. Not come on here to gloat, as I for one was not expecting that at all. Just come to say thanks for the friendliness of your welcome at the ground to us for the last two weeks. It's a bloody long way to come, and the way you looked after us off the pitch made it worthwhile.
  2. According to Facebook Keighley's Emmerson Whittal got his jaw broken after being kicked in the head by players and fans(through the fencing) after getting separated from team mates while trying to stop a punch up.
  3. Just to confirm the All Golds v Crusaders match is a 14.00 kick off.
  4. Having met the guys behind the Raiders in CLS games last year, I found them to be ambitious but also level headed, the two don't always go together. They have a superb set up down there, with scope for improvements as time/money allows. They also appear to have been "based" in the community, both in Llanelli and wider, from the outset which can only help in long term stability. I wish them all the best, and hope that the demise of the CLS does not hinder their plans at all.
  5. Lamont Bryan has returned to Skolars after a year at All Golds. Josh Allinson is an Aussie who was also at All Golds in 2016.
  6. Other opening fixtures include a bye for Barrow Raiders in week one. The reason for the bye week in League 1 in 2017 is that the York City Knights are not currently included in the 2017 Fixture List. The RFL is currently liaising with the Club in relation its ownership structure and, subject to resolution of this, the RFL hopes to be in a position to confirm their participation in Kingstone Press League 1 in the next few weeks. Regardless of the outcome of these discussions, it is the RFL's current intention that League 1 will be a 16 team competition in 2017. Above just taken from the RFL website, not sure what the last bit means if York do not get to starting line.
  7. Double header in Cheltenham tomorrow. All Golds v Crusaders at 15.00 then at 17.00 approx All Golds CLS v West Wales Raiders in the Conference League South.
  8. Thunder deservedly won at All Golds, though that pains me to say it. Hope your journey back home went ok.
  9. Yes Moscow01 confirmed by player postings on facebook and twitter. Also depends on how you describe best, but definitely three very influential players.
  10. Also on the Oxford Irish contingent, Callum Mulkeen signed for them from the All Golds, but returned to Gloucester last season, he is now trying his luck in Australia. Graham O'Keeffe joined All Golds on loan midway through last season, and signed in this close season, though is currently recovering from injury.
  11. Counting the Ipro that is two cup games where we have not played to our best and won. Some other teams will be shocked this season.
  12. Nobody is taking anything for granted, or would dream of taking anything away from Nottingham Outlaws. From the games I saw last year, they were worthy champions. All Lionel said was that the All Golds will be using the team to give competitive game experience in an open age setting to young professionals, as well as amateur players. To an extent professionalism is an attitude and way of doing things, not just the paying of players, and in this the Outlaws with their superb website are a good example of a club with professional standards, albeit without paying players.
  13. Looking forward to being kept busy both Saturdays and Sundays this season...
  14. Spent some time on loan at All Golds last season. Know you can not tell much in a few weeks, looked like he could impress but never really did, if that makes sense.
  15. and for us... Looking forward to another trip to that friendly club that is the Bears.