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  1. Sticklebricks

    Jam eaters takeover

    Not even if he paid for me new beach towel😂
  2. Sticklebricks

    Beach Towels

    Thanks marra
  3. Sticklebricks

    Beach Towels

    Was there enough interest in the towels, or was it not viable does anyone know ?
  4. Sticklebricks


    Not everyone’s on a downer over your post Mara, I for one will miss your posts on training, anyway I’m sure it’s not that bad I’m sure the kids will bring the balls back if asked 😀
  5. Sticklebricks

    Ben morris

    Thanks Mara utt
  6. Sticklebricks

    Ben morris

    Where’s he from marra
  7. Sticklebricks

    Whitehaven Shortfall

    He will be endearing his self to the shopkeepers of Whitehaven then. Doh
  8. Sticklebricks

    Whitehaven Shortfall

    As usual a proper ray of sunshine, it was only the other day they gonna have to close the ground,so what’s next we getting wound up
  9. Sticklebricks

    Were is everybody

    Theirs some delicate flowers on here, air fresheners it's not football
  10. Sticklebricks

    Beach Towels

    I'll have one marra
  11. Sticklebricks

    Were is everybody

    What sort of improvements are they marra
  12. Sticklebricks

    Karl O

    Congratulations marra hope all is well
  13. Sticklebricks

    Town training.

    Cheers trouty. Always a interesting and insightful read
  14. Sticklebricks

    New signing

    I think he was quoting another poster on our average
  15. Sticklebricks

    Town v Newcastle part 3

    Maybe folk are getting sick of the same old ######