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  1. Welcome marra hope you enjoy your time in a town shirt utt
  2. Possibly next season ??
  3. Is that knowledge or guesswork marra???
  4. What happened to our link with Huddersfield ! Could we maybe find a prop down the back of there sofa ??
  5. Let's not forget buffers 300th appearance today, if selected of course. Well done marra. Let's make it a day of celebration all round utt
  6. No howarth tonight, is it injury or as he been kept for Friday?
  7. I think that is right David. That's what I was told down at the offices when I was chasing up my sons hoodie ???
  8. You want to see about that stutter marra !
  9. Are we still looking for more bodies to ad to the squad. Someone mentioned a lad from png . Is that knowledge or wishful thinking. Anyone the wiser utt
  10. Is that right,he just didn't look interested in the two games against us. He's maybe missing his drinking partner dion ??
  11. I think another prop would be handy. If there's any laying about
  12. Nice one marra. Welcome aboard the town party train. Utt
  13. Cheers marra. We could do with 2 or 3 more bodies really then
  14. So how many is that actually signed on now ?
  15. Would we want him.? Who's spot would he take!