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  1. Oh oh you better don your tin hat marra lol
  2. Pains me to say it, but the best team won, they wanted it more than we did, but we get back on the bike and go again utt
  3. I think it’s better left to the club to say ye or nae on this occasion
  4. That cracked it David ,thanks marra.
  5. I’ve tried refreshing for about 20 mins,could someone repost said post would be much appreciated
  6. Is it just me or is there a problem with the previous page it won’t load for me ???
  7. Saints put 40 on super league title contenders , Leeds double it against a team two leagues below not great but puts it in perspective a bit, or am I just grasping at straws lol, utt
  8. Good luck tonight lads play for the badge and the jobs right, everybody have a safe journey ohh and no injuries please utt
  9. Apparently if we lose next Friday against the jam he’s gone, will he jump or will he be pushed we will all have ask the great oracle that is in the know on the jam site, love it utt
  10. Was he not originally on loan for a month, maybe it’s been extended coz of ells alleged injury ???
  11. Maybe he’s been on his holidays as well
  12. Maybe in for ell,as I think Caine is wasted in the centres and I know it’s needs must but you want Caine more involved than he has been, but what do I know utt
  13. Heard that too, just got to hope it’s fake news
  14. We have all had them days same up the road, but you just got to put it behind you look to the next game, and hope for improvement s#@t happens utt
  15. Penky on his hols, would think they taking no chances with ell ??
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