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  1. Should he not be named. And let the club deal with him ?.
  2. If your waiting for a response pal. You need to post it on barrows forum
  3. What exactly are you getting at Big Mac? I know Steve is on the sick with is hand. Are you saying they are conning the club and us??
  4. NE pressure then ! Town by 30 utt
  5. Great idea, but down to pound notes as usual and not easy to come by, as we all know we can live in hope though
  6. Gutted he's gone. Thought he would be massive for us, all the best pal
  7. Any chance you could enlighten the masses marra ??
  8. Ye it was on the front of the times and star last week. Would that mean a few sheckles for town or I s it nowt to do with us ???
  9. I see there's scaffolding round the scoreboard. Dare we dream that I we've paid the tinkers a ransom. And it's finally co,I got home!! Lol
  10. Welcome marra hope you enjoy your time in a town shirt utt
  11. Possibly next season ??
  12. Is that knowledge or guesswork marra???
  13. What happened to our link with Huddersfield ! Could we maybe find a prop down the back of there sofa ??
  14. Let's not forget buffers 300th appearance today, if selected of course. Well done marra. Let's make it a day of celebration all round utt
  15. No howarth tonight, is it injury or as he been kept for Friday?