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  1. He he had already stated in the star, he had no interest in going anywhere else after haven. Likely just playing us off against haven ?
  2. We spent over 220 quid. The hoodies not as good as last year but the jackets are mint. Think the best for a long time
  3. I would like to wish all townies. Board members and players a merry Christmas .and a prosperous and. Successful new year. And not forgetting our friends down the road .hope you all have a have a good one. All the best utt
  4. Two brothers by any chance ?
  5. Hiya Gary. Might we be getting some Christmas prezzies hint hint wink wink ?
  6. jeez sorry marra, hope I have'nt spoiled it for you
  7. Was there any mention of any time scale for the new kit for Santa .??
  8. . Thanks very much ginock 1 for your reply marra
  9. I take hope there was no mention of dr tonight or was there
  10. Really encouraging news well done to all concerned utt
  11. Excellent news utt
  12. Hiya Gary could you confirm if there will be a new kit in time for Xmas" thanks marra
  13. There's a thread on the main total rl forum site. Saying they have a winding up petition against them .??? Time will tell
  14. . It's on sky channel 980 marra
  15. The wire. Just to see that arrogant face of wanes.