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  1. Happy new year.

    Happy new year townies where ever you maybe.
  2. How many more?

    Well that was worth waiting tor marra lol
  3. How many more?

    Are they not gonna try his knee in pre-season ?
  4. Not bagging anybody, just saying how tough it is for teams. 😜
  5. Off topic and talking of extinction, I see haven have avoided another high court winding up order over there tax
  6. New kit?

    Can you put it on here when they get back to you marra plz. Ta
  7. How many more?

    Could be marra, suppose we will find out soon enough ?
  8. How many more?

    Don't take it as gospel, just what I heard
  9. How many more?

    Someone mentioned he needs an operation which could lead to him being sidelined for months?
  10. How many more?

    Believe there's 2 to 3 more good signings to come ??
  11. 2018 Squad

    He's going the same way as Tee.
  12. 2018 Squad

    Fear not the buffer will be here next season utt
  13. 2018 Squad

    All the rumours on the haven site , they are on the way to town ??
  14. 2018 Squad

    Thanks pal
  15. 2018 Squad

    Is anyone aware of anymore announcements this week? Gary??