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  1. saintspete83

    RFL petition

    Just come across this ha ha. Remember when.............
  2. Ideally yes but the playing standard isn't what it should be with 12 teams. Adding 2 more teams will not help hence why there's no option but to have loop fixtures as the clubs need the revenue from the extra games.
  3. saintspete83

    RFL petition

    Not read the petition link yet but the Nigel wood petition got 5.5k signing it and was mentioned on various RL websites and publications. It's obviously not the reason why Wood was eventually ousted but it does show that people are not happy.
  4. saintspete83

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    Nigel still to report on his NYC jolly
  5. saintspete83

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    Great result from the England lads, full credit. The only thing that stops me getting too excited is that this England team is from the academy sides that is just 1 level down from first team SL sides whilst the aussies are picked from the school boys and not the holden cup comp what effectively is 1 step down from NRL. Please correct me if any of this is inaccurate.
  6. saintspete83

    Catalans v Wigan in Barcelona?

    Surely Barcelona benefit if the attendance is bigger. Hopefully they will show more interest in selling the event compared to Denver Broncos and Liverpool effort for this year's tests. Liverpool did do some promotion in the week leading to the game but that is too little to late. This game needs to be sold to the public from tomorrow.
  7. saintspete83

    Catalans v Wigan in Barcelona?

    I think a few are underestimating the potential of this fixture. Back in 2009 Catalans whilst still in their infancy attracted 18,150 to the Olympic stadium in Barcelona. With 10 more years behind them and a challenge cup final win this alone will have created far more awarness about the Cats compared to what there was in 09 but the biggest selling factor for this game is the name of the team "Catalans dragons" that will be playing in the Catalonia capital in region of people who are deeply patriotic and proud of their Catalan heritage especially more so after recent political unrest. This needs tapping into and needs to be the big selling point. I am not aware of any other team named after the Catalan region but I may be wrong. Instantly this gives the locals a instant interest and an emotional attachment to one of the teams unlike what we seen in Denver where the curious locals turned up to watch what was a neutral game to them. I also imagine a game in the city of Barcelona is just as appealing to the southern French RL fans just as much as it is to us English. The fact that it is an event happening at an iconic global stadium alone is a selling point. You might even get a few ex pats living on the costas willing to travel to the game. Not sure how many are aware of this but the world record for a club rugby union game was set at the Nou Camp not to long ago in 2016 when 99,000 watched 2 French sides (non named catalan). I have tried to find a break down of the individual tier capacity but to fill the bottom and respectably populate the mid tier must be the target.
  8. saintspete83

    Rochdale hornet recongised

    We was asked to prove it as it was 130 years ago but luckily a family member had all the birth certs from jonnys son up to me. We then had to get a solicitor to sign off the proof. I'd imagine there is some value in the cap especially being from the first tour and a heritage number as low as 10 put of 800+ (not that I would ever sell)
  9. For those historians amongst the group I today received a British Lions cap from the RFU in recognition of my great, great grandfather John Nolan who went on the first ever lions tour in 1888. John played for Rochdale Hornets and is the first ever hatrick tryscorer for the lions as well as the top tryscorer from the tour. The majority of the side who went was from clubs that less then 10 years later become the northern union. Represented on the tour was Rochdale, Swinton, Bramley, Halifax, Batley, and Salford. It goes to show that even though some of the sides are not Super powers in the game today they still have a rich valuable history and we need to make sure that is never lost. I am so pleased that 130 years on the British lions still recongise these men despite being from the breakaway clubs. If you are bored tonight have a search about the 1888 lions, its a cracking read.
  10. saintspete83

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    Just to compare to the pre super league days in the last ever full season 94-95 Saints played Wigan 5 times. 2 league fixtures with attendances of 18k and 26k , 1 regal trophy early round game 23k, 2 x challenge cup ties 16k and 17k. The challenge cup games was 4 days apart and the regal trophy game was only 2 weeks after the boxing day league clash. Had Saints not lost to Leeds in the Premiership semi final then they would have played a total off 6 times. All had great crowds (5 games was a combined attendance of 100k!!!) and proves repetitive fixtures are nothing new since the creation of SL. But granted there was double the amount off competitions back then with the playoffs being for the Premiership and the regal trophy being contested to.
  11. saintspete83

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    Probably will be an issue then.
  12. saintspete83

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    With most city's hosting marathons theses days how many out of the 20k runners will actually need accommodation? I'd imagine 75% would live withing 15-20 miles of Liverpool anyway. I could be wrong but accommodation wise it might not be to bad. Personally I have not looked at hotel prices as I will get the train if I go. Has anybody searched for accommodation yet?
  13. I really do not like the RFL....... But I do like this. There is a lot of people working hard at lower league clubs so to give them and the players an opportunity to enjoy the big stage is a great idea. Up and comming clubs like Newcastle, York, Donny...... Along with traditional clubs Swinton, fev,... could really benefit from appearing at one of these finals. It could also genuinely add a few thousand onto the attendance and get more people in the ground earlier on. My suggestion would also be to anybody who buys a cup final ticket to get free admission to the 1895 rounds and semis (although this may be difficult to do due to how tickets are now sent out and distributed) I think its definitely a worth while experiment.
  14. saintspete83

    PLease sign this petition

    Just tell the kids to carry on playing the ball.
  15. With Nigel Wood being the CEO this is the likely outcome although the NRL Peter Beattie is very pro internationals. I just have little faith due to that parasite Wood.