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  1. saintspete83

    Barcelona record crowd?

    Are tickets available yet?
  2. Decent game so far. Think this will be a close one. One thing thou, everytime I watch hudds at home I always wonder why they don't close the away fans stand and stick them in the main stand to look better for the TV cameras.
  3. 1. Ben flower is knowhere near the top 5 front rowers in the game so he can only dream of playing for GB. 2. He should be very proud of his country and wanting to represent them helping the current/future Welsh boys achieve all they can.
  4. That is what 1 chairman has hinted at on twitter. The fact that the RFL are holding back on the summer bash details meaning clubs (who keep ticket revenue) are not able to sell tickets whilst the RFL are doing so is denying clubs much needed £.
  5. Looks like some chairmen are doubting the efforts made by the RFL and reading this it's no surprise. Some very alarming news especially for the summer bash in 2 months time. "There is also no sponsor for the Summer Bash and not one piece of ground advertising has been sold. This is a big event in the Championship calendar. All of the clubs' representatives in the room could have sold some" "I do know things that directly affect our club, like there is no TV broadcast agreed for the Summer Bash. This is delaying the production of tickets for the clubs to distribute because we haven't agreed kick-off times. We take in all the money from our own sales, but the only ones currently available are on the RFL website. Please hang fire if you intend to go and buy them from the club"
  6. 2 months to go and still no tickets are on sale. I really don't understand why they did not release the tickets the day it was announced (over 70 days ago) There was so much hype and promotion on the announcement it would have been a perfect time to initially boost sales. I'll predict about 22k when I originally thought it had the potential to be 30+
  7. saintspete83

    Challenge Cup 4th Rd Draw

    Personally I think it would be far more dynamic to put SL teams in at this stage. Lots of scenarios could happen SL v SL meaning more chances of smaller clubs going further. With this current format it means many clubs will miss out on a payday as they will be out before SL even enters. I had some great cup away days as a kid watching saints. Been to the likes of Whitehaven, Swinton, Keighley..... This current format needs changing.
  8. This game is so bad I think its already knocked 5 million of the 2021 TV deal
  9. saintspete83

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    Apologies I see there is already another thread on this.
  10. saintspete83

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    2nd time lucky and no doubt many more airmiles to come for Nigel.
  11. Gb for tours and ashes, home nations for WC....... Problem solved
  12. saintspete83

    RFL marketing

    Just come across a job advert for the RFL head of marketing paying 45-55k per year. Considering the role includes the flowing responsibilities listed below isn't this salary very low? It's unfair to compare companies but glassdoor has the average "head of marketing" at 68k. Considering the salaries of Barwick, Rimmer and previously Wood this seems nowhere near what is needed to get the right candidates for the roll for a job this. Pay peanuts.......... You know the rest. important and vital to the game. To lead the planning and be responsible for the delivery of the RFL’s Marketing Performance and Programmes, unlocking the marketing potential of Rugby League. To plan and deliver the annual marketing plan that will lead to the development of the sport at all levels, through increased ticket sales, revenue generation, membership acquisition & engagement and participation to maintain organisational sustainability. Management of the RFL, Great Britain RL and England RL brands. Together with Membership Manager develop and deliver the strategy and annual plans of the Our League Membership Scheme. Work with the RFL’s key partners and sponsors to deliver value. Oversee the communication between the RFL and its customers.
  13. According to thegamecaller. Has anything this guy has ever said been factual??
  14. I see the gate was 800 down on last year's game around the same time of year. New begginings?
  15. saintspete83

    Widnes problems

    Seeing Gelling sat with that young lad covered in widnes gear and now maybe not being able to watch his side again is upsetting. Surely Widnes with its history, stadium and community game close by is an attractive package. I really hope someone comes along.