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  1. Does this guy ever stop with the Elstone bashing? Look at this rubbish he tweeted today along with numerous anti-Elstone tweets. Funnily enough he didn't mention his name with the improved betFred renewal.
  2. Wire have done a top job at promotion of their games this season with real out of the box thinking and Karl fitzpatrick has been a positive driving force behind it, if I'm being honest saints just plod along but to be fair they did have a great incentive the other week for community groups and school kids and this delivered a solid crowd against catalans. Hopefully they learned from this and deliver more.
  3. In 100+ years the game has never had the right marketing team so I don't have much hope with regards that. Saints efforts to promote the club are way short of what they should be. Our recent game with wire ended up with all the games promotion being done by the away side.
  4. Go to 14 teams is the best answer. (hopefully toulouse, Toronto) drop loop fixtures and bring all SL teams in to the cup at the same stage instead of SL bottom 4 problem solved.
  5. If I went I'd genuinely watch the saints game, catalans and depending on the opposition the Wigan game. 3 games max but that's just my personal opinion. If people go magic and watch all 7 then fair play.
  6. OK let's try it then. Serious question How many over the weekend do you think would attend.
  7. I completely agree with your post. Unfortunately having less games and trying to attract more is probably considered to much work by most SL clubs. It's much easier for them to just have more games.
  8. Even 20,000 from the UK his a high number of flights needed. As mentioned the airlines would have a field day price wise. Add to. This costs for families, I'd imagine it would also hit catalans as fans would pick the MW over the league game in perpignan. Barcelona is as I previously said an absolute non starter.
  9. I'd rather they had not put that middle picture in the report. As excellent as the attendance was people in that area are use to seeing abit more occupied then that.
  10. I have lost count of how many times I have seen people mention magic for barcalona, its an absolute non starter for me. Let's say 60k is needed over both days, at least 35-40k would be expected to go from the UK. How on earth would that number of people get there?? There is absolutely nowhere near the capacity on flights for that. To fly that number of people on a 737 (what Ryanair operate) would need roughly 280 flights from the UK or using A320 (what easyjet operate) would need roughly 215 flights full of only RL fans There are options to get there via driving and stuff but unless superleague planned on getting its own charter flights then to suggest MW in Barcalona is just unrealistic.
  11. That's pretty much the idea, but play to strengths at first and keep them local. On the Rd was tried in 98 or 99 and was OK at best.
  12. Right I'll admit I'm not a magic fan to be honest but I don't want to talk about why I don't like it. What I do want to talk about is an alternative and it might help justify 1 of the loop fixtures if they are here to stay. My solution would be scrap magic and have "Big One events" clubs should be issued the challenge to have a crack at the attendance record. Instead of the magic weekend when all fixtures are crammed in, there should be big games spaced every month with fixtures like the examples below Saints v Wigan or maybe Warrington @ anfield or goodison or etihad Hull v Hull kr @newcastle Cas v Leeds @elland Rd (yes again) These are just examples but I think they would serve the game better then MW and it would mean no fan burnout in regards too watching 4 games in 1 day as that is to much for most. I'd play them on Saturday afternoons/evening so it gives travel time for the general fan to attend. Saracens in RU average about 10k a game but can get 60k+ to Wembley. Even relegated Newcastle falcons who average 8k attracted 27k to St James Park against Sale who average 6k. Done well this works. Today's stand alone fixture in Barca shows how these events work. Wigan took far more fans today to Spain then they did to Saints in Feb. I'd definitely attend fixtures like these.
  13. I had a battle on twitter earlier with a non expansion fan and asked him. The following Its 2021 you have 2 options. 1. Toulouse and Toronto are added to SL with a new improved SL offer from sky tv 2. SL stays as it currently is and sky offer no TV deal. What do you pick??? And yes he picked option 2!!!!! He then went on to claim that the sport being part time would not make any difference. I gave up then.
  14. Logistically as in getting enough fans over there I don't think possible due to seat capacity flying wise.
  15. I'll be disappointed if it is 23k considering Catalans v Wire attracted 18,150 is a less desirable stadium with far less marketing and media 10 years ago. 19k was the figure quoted before barca started to push the game so if only 4k has been sold in the last 2-3 weeks then it looks like barca fc influence has been minimal.
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