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  1. saintspete83

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    Just to compare to the pre super league days in the last ever full season 94-95 Saints played Wigan 5 times. 2 league fixtures with attendances of 18k and 26k , 1 regal trophy early round game 23k, 2 x challenge cup ties 16k and 17k. The challenge cup games was 4 days apart and the regal trophy game was only 2 weeks after the boxing day league clash. Had Saints not lost to Leeds in the Premiership semi final then they would have played a total off 6 times. All had great crowds (5 games was a combined attendance of 100k!!!) and proves repetitive fixtures are nothing new since the creation of SL. But granted there was double the amount off competitions back then with the playoffs being for the Premiership and the regal trophy being contested to.
  2. saintspete83

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    Probably will be an issue then.
  3. saintspete83

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    With most city's hosting marathons theses days how many out of the 20k runners will actually need accommodation? I'd imagine 75% would live withing 15-20 miles of Liverpool anyway. I could be wrong but accommodation wise it might not be to bad. Personally I have not looked at hotel prices as I will get the train if I go. Has anybody searched for accommodation yet?
  4. I really do not like the RFL....... But I do like this. There is a lot of people working hard at lower league clubs so to give them and the players an opportunity to enjoy the big stage is a great idea. Up and comming clubs like Newcastle, York, Donny...... Along with traditional clubs Swinton, fev,... could really benefit from appearing at one of these finals. It could also genuinely add a few thousand onto the attendance and get more people in the ground earlier on. My suggestion would also be to anybody who buys a cup final ticket to get free admission to the 1895 rounds and semis (although this may be difficult to do due to how tickets are now sent out and distributed) I think its definitely a worth while experiment.
  5. saintspete83

    PLease sign this petition

    Just tell the kids to carry on playing the ball.
  6. With Nigel Wood being the CEO this is the likely outcome although the NRL Peter Beattie is very pro internationals. I just have little faith due to that parasite Wood.
  7. How about the kangaroos play the league leaders. More incentive to come top and a bumper gate.
  8. saintspete83

    Who Do We Select?

    Some real depth in this squad now. Can we not cancel the loop fixtures start the season later and play the convicts next feb ???
  9. saintspete83

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Anything lower then last time (oz, kiwi) is a failure especially 15k+ lower. The Saturday has certainly made a difference. I was all set to go the game then a night out possibly with a group. Now only 1 of us went. I think it would have touched 30k had it been Saturday what is basically not good enough either.
  10. The knights need to play the likes of France, Fiji, Samoa, png even maybe the USA (I know it would be 50+) these sides need to be exposed to regular games against a good standard without complete wipeouts from tier 1 nations.
  11. saintspete83

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I typed "rugby league" on the Twitter search and it was full of positive comments about the game from people who don't watch super league or any club games. This is why internationals are so important the reach can be huge. The domestic reach is limited. The international game can break barriers. We just need the correct leadership to take it forward. Get rid of the RFL dead wood asap and let's go forward.
  12. To be fair with 25k there has been a boycott. Its just not officially one.
  13. A little to easy that.
  14. Get that upper tier out of view and it's OK. Right game time. I'm going for a New Zealand backlash. Nz 34 Eng 16 setting up a Leeds cracker in front of a full house.
  15. saintspete83

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    You will be happy about that if the temperature drops or a Megan fox lookalike sits next you you.