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  1. Kevin Locke, Frank Pritchard, James Segeyaro, Chris Sandown All big names signed by English clubs
  2. Not doubt an aggressive, athletic, skillful, relentless meter maker like Danny Tilse will have his pick of NRL suitors.
  3. 1 Cas to win SL! 2 Final confirmation that it is going to happen and major works to start on new Cas ground! 3 Greg Minikin to be SL top try scorer 2017 (I have a fiver on at 150-1).
  4. Was a surprisingly strong starting lineup maybe a few players in need of game time and a few who didn't play that much last year been eager to get started. Most of the 1st team Cas players came off early ish in the 2nd half/to mid 2nd half. As you'd expect pretty one sided until then (think we only converted about a third of try which kept the score down a bit).
  5. Summers day Sunday afternoon Cas vs Hull or Cas vs Leeds takes some beating for me (but I am biased).
  6. Huddersfield/Salford may be your best bet. You won't be squashed and apparently you can get really close to the players, infact Some Salford fans even got to interact with some of their team this season.
  7. Quite fancy Kelly for MOS (worth a punt at 20/1). I've not much credibility in predicting this though I went for Danny Maguire last year!
  8. I notice Betfred have done an early coupon for Magic Weekend not noticed any other bookies doing this. A couple of predictions for that weekend seem to have been given decent odds: Wakefield to beat Widnes 7/4 Cas to beat Leeds 11/8 Not a bad little double.
  9. Make sure they all have a food poisoning like virus and are in dire need of the toilet for most of the game helps if what I was told just after said match is true!
  10. Typical Wigan arrogance. "We only need 12 players"
  11. At a pro rl club young players in tend not to be involved with the club until they are a bit older (than football clubs) and often less vulnerable. At a pro level this reduces on its own will reduce the risk.
  12. If hes fully fit good signing. 3 years potentially seems like a long contract though he's been playing pro rugby for a long time and it seems to me that he has a fair bit of ongoing wear and tear.
  13. Kevin Brown isn't God.