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  1. Gates1

    What is left to play for?

    To be fair the alternative is hardly a breeze (Saints away). Especially for Cas who never win vs Saints at their place... Wigan are undoubtedly the form team of the four but I'd give us more chance than Saints away to be honest.
  2. Yep thought one i saw the two squads the size of the Cas pack would be too much. Big efforts stopping Moors, Watts and Co clearly took it's toll later in the game. Credit to the Hudds coach though plenty to build on next year. Roberts put in a strong performance today and this season has been huge for Truman's development, he too was very good again - That been said I for one will welcome Gale back for the run in!
  3. It was obvious he'd made his decision before then (about play continuing) as he made no attempt to move down field and follow play.
  4. Or he was sure it was a try or a ball steal but was undecided between the two.
  5. Haha nice 40/1 winner on the in play next try scorer market! Was fuming with the disallowed one. Or what actually warrants a penalty try then?!
  6. Nice try considering the complete abandonment of the offside rule!
  7. If ever you want to highlight the daftness of the on field 'decision' rule
  8. Looking at the squads I'd hope we will dominate them in the pack to be honest.
  9. Done similar numerous times since joining Cas though. Granted one of his quieter games tonight but still looked the best prop on the field imo.
  10. Think he has offered more though. Controlled aggression vs Wire was a key component of the win. Shows flair and skill every game- Offload which Millington fumbled tonight been a prime example. Add that to the workload (62 tackles the other week for example) and i think he's one of the form props in the league to be honest.
  11. Interesting view on Watts. I'd disagree. Phenomenal work rate since joining Cas. Comment attached is from YEP RL journey Pete Smith in a recent article relating to his MOS votes.
  12. Recording off that's next on the agenda
  13. Hull showed some spirit, Cas going through the motions. Even as a Cas fan I found it a pretty boring game. Cas simply too well organised and too strong in the forwards for a dupleted Hull.