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  1. Certainly be harder for Eden this year, but Solomona scored even more then Eden on the left edge the year before. So although Eden may have been a suprise success last year Cas's left edge attack certainly wasnt and teams weren't able to effectively defend it.
  2. Bradford Rumors

    Could be interesting, assuming Koukash is as wealthy as reported it's really not beyond the realms of possibility. Club would be easy to run as self funding following the (albeit big) capital investment.
  3. Week 1 - Starting Lineups

    Roberts Eden Shenton Webster Minikin (if fit, Lo if not) Ellis Gale JSL Mcshane Massey McMeeken Holmes Milner Trueman, Moors, Millington, Wardle Although wouldn't be surprised to see James Green who has been massively impressive throughout pre season nick a place in the forwards.
  4. Bradford Rumors

    I actually think Bradford are an easily problem to solve if you are willing to chuck a big enough lump of capital at it. Provide a new ground and you are half way there..
  5. Price becomes a bit irrelevant on top try scorer though mate when you get down the list to players like Williams and Moon. Might as well be 1000/1 in my opinion (although Cuthbertson might as well be 10000/1!). Last season 7 of the top 10 including the top 4 were wingers. Reality is modern tactics are heavily focused on creating space for wingers. Cas left edge is always a decent call because of the attacking style hence us providing run away top try scorers for the last 2 seasons (surprised I found Eden at 8/1 to be honest). It's hard to imagine a scenario, other than Leeds winning numerous games by big margins and a freak epididemic of long term injuries to wingers that a half like Moon would even make each way money. Re Mos, I can see why Fifita might be worth a small punt, limiting factor with him is just his lack of minutes imo. Personally, I think Purcell at 20/1 probably offers better value than Cuthbertson. TBF I'm usually wrong though so you might want to lump on Joel Moon for top try scorer!
  6. Yeah like a good bet myself mate. Looks to be some decent markets this year, like players to make it into the dream team by position and a few bookies doing top try scorer by team. Annoyingly though you can't use these markets in multiples (was hoping to do a couple of 'dream team lucky 15's' and try scorer lucky 15's) Agree Barba is best player in the league if firing but I also think the way in which the MOS is selected could lean towards Roby (talented but with a phenominal workrate and leadership, type of player other players love playing with). Plus he offers a bit more value. A few more bets I quite like but haven't played yet: Albert Kelly @6/1 to make dream team half backs Reagan Grace 6/1 dream team winger Stevie Ward 8/1 dream team back row Jack Walker 8/1 Albert GoldThorpe rookie of the year (assume he's eligable) David Fifita 16/1 dream time prop Bit of a shortie but Justin Carney @ 7/4 to be Hull KR's top scorer (failing injury or repeated suspension) looks a good thing.
  7. Ive placed bets on all 3 markets as follows: Top try scorer Greg Eden @ 8/1 Seems by far the most likely winner, biggest risks are arguably injury or playing full back... Tom Johnson e/w @ 20/1 Wakey look fairly strong these year and I think Johnson will be the go to finisher. Will also get a few wonder tries to boost his tally.. Man of Steel James Roby @16/1 Thought he was immense in world cup. Predict a huge season for Saints with him as a key component. Albert Kelly @22/1 If Hull have a big season Kelly will. At his best he's unplayable and if he can be more consistent probably won't get dar away. Regular Season Winner Saints @ 9/2 (I think) The Saints top 17 looks immense to me. I think the coach will continue to eek out improvement and just can't see them losing many games. I've also backed them to win Grand Final @ 5/1 and a 16/1 request a bet ' Saints to be top and Widnes bottom after 23 rounds'.
  8. Rookies to watch in 2018

    They will have to catch him to bash him about! In all seriousness he needs game time so unless Powell is going to throw him in dual reg in it seems likely. I remember Powell saying he wants him to work on being more vocal during matches and will need game time to do so as well as developing the more obvious skills. If he's as good as its been suggested he potentially could be he is going to be targeted throughout his career so developing his toughness in the Championship might not be a bad thing. Richard Marshall is a good coach and Murrell has plenty of nous and experience so Halifax seems a decent option for him to develop to me.
  9. Rookies to watch in 2018

    Yeah Trueman is a half, played stand off for the 19's I think. With Roberts moving to Full Back he'll be aiming to climb above Ellis in the pecking order. Could see him getting some time from the bench to start with, like we did with Chase at the start of last year before we sacked him. (Ellis can always stint at 9, which helps if carrying a half on the bench).
  10. Rookies to watch in 2018

    From Cas Obvious one is Jake Trueman, showed his potential last year. Hopefully a break through year. Extremely highly rated. I'd also hope Cas find a season long deal at a full time championship club for Egodo who seemed to impress in Championship 1last season to continue his progression with a view to last year. At good chunk of Cas u19 grand finalists are still eligible for u19's this year so hopefully will be pushing for the 1st team squad next year.
  11. Luis Johnson

    35k. To be honest that's 80k from 2 promising players, but players that may have struggled for game time to develop into superleague players. Cas have a very strong back row and with Trueman seen as the better half back prospect I can see why the deals may suit all involved.
  12. The things we know after the tournement... Despite been written off we matched the Aussies today in the biggest and but for a few dodgy decisions, losing a few important players and a tiny slice of luck (the finger tips of Douglas for example) we would be world champions. With that in mind the OP seems ridiculously over critical.
  13. Be great to see him reach his potential over there.
  14. There will also be a few left fielders that play their way in. Be interesting to see how Savelio goes in the NRL. Wardle could have a big season at Cas. Wigan have a few young talented backs. If Jack Walker keeps developing at the pace he has so far he is almost certainly a future England full back.
  15. By interesting to see how many of the England squad may be wooed by NRL teams I'm sure if Mcgilivary, Watkins, Hill, Walmsley, Roby or Currie wanted to try their luck they would have suitors.