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  1. Exactly. The reality is that the very athletic nature of players means none are actually fat in real terms and have better physiques then most (excluding former Cas legend Dean Widders!), it's hardly likely to truly offend! I remember most of the South Stand chanting at Carney in his Cas days his response was to laugh and lift his shirt up! It became a bit of banter. Racial abuse is something completly different and simply crosses a line of acceptability in any walk of life or situation.
  2. If true I wonder what Carney own team mates, including those of various ethnicities make of it. Also I was under the impression (although could be wrong) Carney dad was also of mixed race. Seems an odd choice of 'insult" (as does fat to be fair considering Carney isn't the most slender of players). That said, I remember playing alongside a lad who was fairly rotund, in the heat of the game he shouted fat 'B.......' an opponent (slightly slimmer) which sparked a very bizarre and rather childlike argument about who was the fastest much to the amusement of both teams!
  3. What a silly comment. If Gale was 'milking it' he wouldn't have stayed off the field (and Cas would more than likely have won the game). He failed a head test and wasn't able to return.
  4. The more I see it the more I think red was fair. I just don't see much movement in terms of Gales head height between the time when Watts rushed towards him lining the tackle up and the point of contact (I am viewing it on a smart phone though). I don't think it was particularly malicious but it was certainly clumsy and probably avoidable. That said Gale doesn't seem to be holding any grudges:
  5. All that shows is that contact was made with the head. The red or not issue is based around timing and at what point Watts committed. I'm not entirely convinced either way but I would point out that Gale didn't drop suddenly - his head is low when Watts starts towards the tackle and doesn't go drastically lower between then and point of contact.
  6. Plenty for Powell to work on before next week. For me, hw we start games (almost always going a score or two behind) been one of them. I suspect had the sending off incident not have ended Gales game we would have nicked it against 12 men Hull, just needed a bit more composure anfmd his goal kicking! Annoyingly, we have played all season with Chase on the bench - trust him to be injured again this week. Credit to Hull for hanging on. Exceptional performance. We need a big response next week, or i do worry the wheels are starting to loosen, big ask facing week and likely without key man Gale.
  7. Gill had to persuade the board and Fulton to appoint Powell so deserves some credit.
  8. To be fair more then 10k watch Cas if you include casual viewers, irregular attendees, etc! Although he was probably referring to regularly attendees in this broader context I'd doubt it's overestimated.
  9. Could see this making The Jeremy Kyle look high brow! In fact, maybe that could be our next jaunt into reality TV - 'Has my wife been sleeping with my friend, Brett? - Lie detector results next!'
  10. Hope he is planning a big night out with plenty of booze on Saturday night to celebrate! You know it makes sense Albert
  11. Think the RFL have probably decided Widnes need all the help they can get
  12. If it was on Jon Wilkin Cas ought to have been awarded six points.
  13. To be fair, as much as I rate Webster I'm not sure his performance yesterday is the most reliable marker. Not to take too much away from Percival yesterday (he was extremely good), I was amazed to see Webster in the Cas lineup yesterday he was pretty physical vs Wakefield and isn't the type of player who should be playing twice in 3 days. I doubt he was physical anywhere near his best.
  14. Throw Minikin into that mix in a couple of years too.