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  1. I'm happy with the signing. Replacement for Mitch Clark (although may play back row rather than prop), probably on half the money Clark would have wanted to stay and just as importantly doesn't use a quota spot (unlike Clark). Looks mobile, agressive and pretty skilful and could see him been a good fit for Cas. An interesting 'project' player for next year.
  2. Far from a thriller. But a relieving win in the end. Watts very impressive again Cas. Odd use of interchanges Mitch Clark made a 5 minute cameo before appearing to get the shepherd's crook - wouldn't be surprised to see his move to Wigan happen sooner rather than later. DP never seemed to trust Gadwin Springer in tight games and seems to have a similar opinion of Clark.
  3. Jake Webster (had a similar injury to Watkins when he joined Cas from memory) Tbf Watkins doesn't need to get better, finds 90% of what he was and he's the best centre in Super League.
  4. He's not going to kill anyone. He's just a chunky lad from Elsmere Port.
  5. I'm drinking a two pint flagon of 20/20 to try and shut this game out.
  6. If he's recovered properly he will be the 1st name on the team sheet.
  7. He's contracted until the end of 2021 so if Leeds have offered him a contract it's with Cas's permission (so unlikely Cas will offer more). That been said I have heard a few rumblings about him signing for Leeds so wouldnt be suprised if it was true. Cas putting a lot on young Trueman if Gale goes and no-one is lined up to come in - he's nowhere near Gales level yet, we'd be a much better team next year with a fit Gale and Trueman. Risky for Leeds, paying a fee and a big wage to a player who has barely played for 2 years. Sign of desperation? (Although could end up bèen a masterstroke if he comes back as good as ever).
  8. His father in law has been Ill (his wife and kids went back for a while not long since). Sadly I'd guess his condition has worsened based on this.
  9. I was going to put Shaul or him, but I could spell his name to be honest (although doesn't look that hard to spell now!)
  10. Wondered about Walker and Golding just couldn't remember seeing them in full flight in open field.
  11. I'd have Eden as the quickest at Cas (excluding the young players anyway, Lewis Carr looks quick). Was a best guess about Leeds. Could well be Briscoe or even young Newman.
  12. Of the current players (1 from each SL team I'd guess to be the quickest) Saints (Grace) Wire (Charnley) Cas (Eden) Hull (Shaul) Wakefield (Caton Brown or Johnstone) Catalan (Broughton or Tierney) Wigan (Marshall) Hull KR (Shaw) Salford (Evalds) Huddersfield (McIntosh?) Leeds (Handley) London (Dixon) My money would be in Dixon, with a cover bet on whoever Wakey sent.
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