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  1. Awful performance from Cas. Didn't give ourselves a chance.
  2. Cheers. It may be the passes that cut out Bateman that will be the ones that catch Lo out anyway, I understand he has a tendency to get sucked in. Marshall certainly has the pace and timing to punish us if that is the case.
  3. Apparently, Garry Lo to make his Cas debut. Probably not the ideal game for a winger whose defensive capabilities appear to be questionable. Although I'm looking forward to seeing how he goes in attack. Who is likely to play right wing for Wigan? (That might well be tonights 1st try scorer bet)
  4. Yeah I'm fully aware of the history. Although, the recent escalation of the rivalry started with Luke Dorns last minute winning try in DP's first full season and the celebration it sparked. I'm told the Wigan players didn't accept defeat gracefully and (putting it politely) acted like spoilt children post final wistle, sparking an even more raucous dressing room victory song and some wind up comments from the Cas twitter account following the challenge cup draw. The challenge cup win and an even more raucous victory song rubbed some salt in the wound. As you say a number of other 'issues' followed this.
  5. Wane still smarting over the 'none text' from the dastardly Mr Powell probably.
  6. Brough will be pleased with the ban coming. It will stop pesky rugby matches getting in the way of his boozing for a few weeks!!
  7. I'd disagree regards the kicking. Gale was placing them perfectly, caused plenty of repeat sets as well as the tries. Can't remember a single Cas attacking kick going dead. With a kinder bounce of the ball could have had a couple of 40/20's too. I do agree that Catalans atempts to field them were woeful though, makes the decision to play Mead at centre (and pick Thornley at all) seem even odder to me. Gales kicking game had to be good to ask the questions, Catalan atempts to answer them (or none atempts in some cases) were pitiful.
  8. Cheers for the highlights Hvy wg, they say more about the game. Cas looked good. Powerful in the forwards, exceptionally good close range kicking game, solid defence. Gale, Mcshane, Millington, Holmes and Young Trueman all superb. Catalan look a mess to be honest. Firstly selection, In Mead they have a very good attacking full back, who played at left centre. Cas have Webster, Roberts and Wardle as the inside defenders to were Mead was attacking he was never going to get much joy. Didnt get any better when the game kicked off. Dominated in the tackle, barely troubled in attack and an absolute inability to to defend any close range kick (although to be fair Gales kicking was brilliant). Catalans undoubtedly need McNamara gone ASAP.
  9. Likely to be a good atmosphere (providing the hangovers arent too bad) as most Cas fans had a win today on Tiger Roll (except me, I backed Pleasant Company, Tiger Roll won't get the big Aintree fences and that 😔). No doubt most Cas fans will fancy another win tommorow. Could be folly to under estimate Catalans though, showed last week they have the personell to be a dangerous side. Could see it been another tight game.
  10. Credit to Huddersfield, massively depleted, very nearly pulled of a fantastic come back. Only a superb Millington tackle prevented Hudds getting within two points and likely going on to win in my opinion. Mixed thoughts regards Cas. - Terrible second half's and letting letting leads slip seem to becoming habit. + We are still capable of delivering the characteristic knock out hot spells during games anddespite not hitting our straps we are finding ways to win.
  11. Not for long. Off injured again!
  12. Gregs back! Get the champers on ice Arthur.
  13. The last one struggled counting to six.
  14. In response to Oxford (quoted text deleted by accident) I wouldnt call describing Gausch's tenurship at Catalan as inept an attack! Bet your a sensitive soul (pain in the buttocks) at work! He's made a series of bad decisions over a prelonged period which now means Catalans are finding things hard.
  15. I think the point most are making (which seems to be lost on you) is that it's not an anti Catalan bias holding Catalan back as claimed by their president, it's the ineptitude of the president himself.