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  1. Considering Leeds (understandable) team selection: Great for Cas LLS shield chances. I'd be slightly annoyed as a Wakefield or Salford fan though I'm terms of the battle for the top 4.
  2. Your a couple of days too late to get decent odds!
  3. Think you doing Wilkin a disservice. Most people love to see him turn out at half back - especially opposition players, coaches and fans.
  4. The old risk alienating current fans, in the hope that if you pick a big enough city more fans and rich sponsors will suddenly get interested arguement... Imo the London experiment failed and became an embarrassment to the sport. Why would it be any different now? Additionally why rush Toronto, it may take them a few years, let it. Test the appetite of the backers and fans, make sure it's not a transient whim rather than escalating them artificially. Similar Toulouse do they have the backing? The player pool? Resources? Good to go for superleague? If so they will find their way in the next few years. Why should they get an automatic SL place of Hull KR, for example. What about financial stability? Introducing 3 new clubs at once, spreading the TV money another 3 ways, with the new teams providing no away support revenue and increasing expenses for existing clubs. Is that sensible? I don't have a problem with these clubs getting to SL but fast tracking clubs to SL for expansion has failed time and time again.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised by that. Just think the GF is probably a bit beyond them as it would need a dip by a couple of the current top 5 and Hudds to outstrip both Saints and a Wigan points wise to even get a shot at the semis (probably an away game vs Leeds or Cas). That said a win against Hull at the weekend is perceivable (especially if Hull have one eye on the CC semi) and would maybe give them a shot at nicking fourth. All in all though the 33-1 available for Hudds to win the GF is one of the least tempting bets available (Especially when I could get Wakey for 50-1). Cas at evens been the other least tempting! (far too short plus I'd never tempt fate by lumping on the team I support!))
  6. Based on the league position and likelyhood of beating enough of the the other contenders Hudds aren't a realistic propersition for the GF IMO.
  7. I would be fairly worried as a fan of Leigh or Widnes. I fancy Hull KR over at least one of them based on a quality coach, a much less physically taxing season so far and some good recruitment (especially if Masoe joins this week). Should certainly be interesting.
  8. Runners and Riders as I see it, with chance of wining rating (out of 10) Cas (8) + Consistent best team so far, Opportunity to manage squad fitness (no CC and could wrap LLS up within a few games), likely home semi final tie. - conditions in play offs may not suit, question mark about big game performances. Leeds (7) + big game experience (although no Sinfield or Peacock this time), look to have hit form, probable home semi final. - still playing in cup possible fatigue. Lost last 7 meetings vs Cas. Salford (6) - Class side, the 'beast' could provide some x factor to rejuvenate. - possible cup hangover, form has dipped significantly. Not forced to make semis based on current form. Hull (7) - Have the class to beat anyone on there day, Big powerful side could use weather conditions to advantage. - potential CC hangover, inconsistent. Wakefield (5) + playing very well, can rest players CC weeks. - possibly lack the class/stars of some other teams in contention. Still have a tough task to make top 4. Saints (6) + Look to have found form, have some classy players in their ranks and Ben Barba to come in. Can rest players CC weeks. - Work to do to make top 4, Jon Wilkin may be picked to play halfback back again at some point. Wigan (5) + Big game experience, look to have their almost strongest side available. Class side with players fit. - Big ask to make top 4, CC may become main focus.
  9. I think I probably missed Gibbs out because he was at the extremes of my memory bank! Your description definetly reinforces how I remember him!
  10. My Cas team (only including players I have seen live - so post late 80's): Hardaker St John Ellis Richie Blackmore Michael Shenton (Dare I say) Denny Solomona Tony Smith Luke Gale Kevin Ward Paul Mcshane Lee Crooks Tawera Nikau Mike McMeeken Adrian Vowles Daz Clark Dean Sampson Junior Moors John Joyner Tough call between Graham Steadman and Hardaker for FB, but think ZH has a more complete all round game. Could quite easily have paired Gale up with Mike Ford, Danny Orr or Brad Davis in the halves. Kevin Beardsmore probably should be in but I only saw the last few years of his career and he doesn't stand out in my memory. Australian Ronnie Gibbs had a reletively brief spells with us, would probably have been in had he stayed longer.
  11. By the stringent application of law of the game the VR was probably right. That's sometimes the issue the VR looks at things in zoom and slow motion and apply the rules precisely without the allowance of common sense (in this case that Welhams actions were instinctive and probably didnt effect the outcome of the incident). The application of the obstruction rule the season before was a good example of this (Cas suffered on the wrong end of it a few times that season).
  12. I don't know, I saw it back a few times on screen at game and called for obstruction (although in blind hope as much as anything else). Welham does continue to hold onto him even after its clear he doesn't have the ball - although the fact the VR had to watch it back so many times in slow motion probably tells me Salford could feel harshly done by!
  13. There is certainly plenty of investment available from the African sub continent. Just the other day a nice Nigerian gentleman contacted me and agreed to pay me a huge sum of money for helping him transfer some money out of the country. I sent him 5k to help but will receive 20 times that shortly. I will contact Nigel Wood with he details.
  14. Penalty for tackling Hardacre without the ball/obstruction. Quite similar to Edens disallowed try vs Wakefield (I think it was the Wakey game anyway). Salford player knocks the ball out, it goes back, however he then tackles/drags Hardaker who doesn't have the ball preventing any further involvement whilst his teammate picks it up and scores.