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  1. Agree with this. Potentially our right side looks weaker than previous years (Minikin and Claire at present). Eden will be getting plenty of ball in attacking moves.
  2. Jordan works hard and he does appear to be your marque signing this year, but I can't have him for Man of Steel. Good luck though.
  3. Watched the new footage, basically 2 drunk young lads getting a bit lippy, worst I really saw from them was more of a shove, cant really see a meaningful punch tbh and in no way justification for any of what followed. Certainly the lad who was subject to prolonged attack didn't do much at all. Two wrongs dont make a right and all that..... but the genital wart with the kidney punches at the end undoubtedly deserves a right good beating followed by a bit of free porridge.
  4. Do you understand the concept of reasonable force? Regardless of what has gone before the 'attack is indefensible. Both lads could have simply been restrained at any point instead the doorman choose to affect a prolonged assault.
  5. Strongly rumoured Ikahifo to Cas with Wardle returning to Hudds in a swap deal. If its true, im very happy with this as a Cas fan. I Iike Wardle (have done since he punched Carl Ablett ) but his 1st season with us was disappointing (although hampered by injury). Behind a number of players in the 2nd row pecking order at Cas, not convinced he's a centre these days and rumours of him not settling at the club. Been a huge fan of Ikahifo since he came to super league, always looks a handful and would finish our pack of nicely. Watts, Millington, Ikahifo, Moors, JSL, Clark, Massey and Cook would look pretty beastly in terms of punch, depth and quality in the middle of the park.
  6. MOS I've a few quid on Richardson at 26/1. Hate to say it but Hardaker at 14/1 might be a decent bet. Mcshane would enter my calculations but not sure 10/1 is enough value. Jackson Hastings at 33/1 might be worth a punt (good players in unsuccessful teams have won it a few times in recent years, Chase and Clark at Cas for example). Top try scorer Eden is short at 6/1 but if he Gale, Matauti and Shenton stay relatively injury free still a good call. Looking for value ew shots id pick Percival 20/1+ or BJB 33/1). Charnley at 8/1 is a safe EW bet.
  7. Gates1

    capturing a player

    Saw the title and thought Zak had, had another running with the law already...
  8. Gates1

    Ken Sio signs for the Red Devils

    Shame, was hoping Cas would get him with Minikin moving to centre next year. Good player.
  9. Gates1

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    Assumedly the five pages of posts are a mix of they should stand by him, maybe it will be different this time and he's had too many chances already......(I've not read them). Reality is Wigan have made a business decision, is he good enough to be worth the risk? and decided he is. Historically: Bateman was, as opposed to Mossop (who, coincidentally is gash) J Tomkins (who's also gash ) wasn't either. Don't blame Wigan for making the decision or the standard 'he needs support' line they have rolled out with it! Just a bit of spin that everyone with any common sense can see through. Will he mess up again? Probably Will his on field performances justify Wigans business based decision in the meantime? Possibly Is he a knob? Definitely;)
  10. Gates1

    Superleague is becoming boring.

    Saints the obvious choice, although Catalan at 16/1 look a decent bet to me.
  11. Not sure about that. Repeat incidents with Salford and Widnes for example in the last few years.
  12. Wins, not loses. Big achievement either way though. Well done Ull.
  13. You mean the last time they won the league, thought you meant their last league win
  14. Told you I didn't have a calculator to hand. Although: 2018 - 1895 =123 (years). Rounded up to 124. /2 = 62 1895 + 62 = 1957
  15. Ive not got a calculator to hand, so don't want to call you out. But are sure they haven't won since 1957?