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  1. Wigan probably couldn't find the extra cash required.
  2. Gates1

    Surviving on Two Quid an Hour

    Not read the article but I'm guessing it's Jon Wilkin winging again.
  3. Gates1

    Jackson Hastings.

    Certainly 'one in the eye' for their opponents.
  4. Gates1

    BJ Leilua to Wigan

    The Sargmiester trying his hand over the pond again?
  5. Agree, the games definitely better without the constant penalties. I think it was 25 minutes or so into the game before the 1st one yesterday. I thought the players of both sides helped the ref yesterday. Behaved extremely well around the ruck, i saw very little messing about and play acting for penalties (which surprised me a bit in that heat - an extra 30 yards is a god send!).
  6. Gates1

    Blake Austin signs for...

    It's Mitch, and it's Dewsbury Moor.
  7. Poorish first 25 or so minutes from Cas, not clinical enough and opened up too easily down the middle. From then on the Cas pack dominated, some huge efforts. Watts, Millington, Moors, Massey and Clark (looks like he could be a find) all impressive. Trueman was outstanding MOM by a mile. Good to see Eden back too, looked very sharp. Leeds looked okay early on, certainly put some nice plays on, but very poor second half. Problems look deep rooted to me. Major personel changes required and i'd also be having a look at the strength and conditioning at the club. Also, very impressed by the ref today, didnt penalise unnecessarily and let the game flow as much as possible. Hope he gets more SL games.
  8. Gutted. I was united with most Hull KR fans hoping Peacock would be the returning legend.
  9. Nice performance from Hudds. Great attitude in defence and some young players performing well. Thought Brough had one of his better games that I have seen for a while. Sounded like the Hudds fans were pretty vocal, was it a decent attendance? Anyway keeping it short and sweet as I'm heading over to Amazon to see if I can get my hands on a copy of 'Now That's What I Call Cowbell'.
  10. Hopefully he gave it his final answer today..
  11. Came for a trial at Cas at start of season. Apparently it lasted a couple of days, not entirely sure why (sounded like Cas ended it).
  12. Gates1

    Gadwin Springer

    You sure? He might be Toronto bound! I think he looked like he was starting to hit his straps early last season, then his form dipped and then he has had various injuries since. If the Gadwin of the first 5 or so games of last season was the norm I'd be happy keeping him, unfortunately he doesn't appear to be able to maintain that level consistently.
  13. Gates1

    Gadwin Springer

    TBF he has been hampered by injuries for the last few seasons but my thoughts on Springer are: He's capable going forward but not consistently effective and not as effective as a guy his size should be, his ball retention has improved dramatically since joining Cas and he actually seems to do okay in terms of passing the ball when he is involved in set plays. His defence is a worry. It's better than it was but his positional decisions aren't the best and I've noticed he seems to have a bad habit of joining tackles as the 3rd or 4th man when the wrestle has already been decided, if the ball is played fairly quickly he is then struggling to get back to the line leaving a gap. Just seems to be a judgement issue and part of his overall decisions. He doesn't get much game time when selected which hints at a lack of trust from coaching staff. I suspect he got a decent contract at Cas due to his potential, which he hasn't really realised. Certainly not providing value. Still has the potential to develop into a good SL player but needs more game time than he is likely to get at Cas if he is going to do so. Sensible decision to release him for both parties all things considered.
  14. 3/1 favourite now..