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    As an avid collector, I hate that newspaper thing.
  2. The Fall

    Hit the North. Class.
  3. From a squad of 23 with Walton & Ulugia out for months and presumably Hardo, Moore & Misi, the 3 vets, rested, then we've got the same 18 that played Cas.
  4. Mark Campbellā€™s suggestion for Nigel Woods old job

    Hearn said "no ta" so that's a non-starter. The 12 SL clubs have taken over the running of rugby league in the UK.
  5. A polite request: Trolls

    Fair do's boss. It's not an easy job. Ta.
  6. A polite request: Trolls

    Ive been on here since the year dot but Im rubbish at spotting old posters when they come back on with a new name. And trolls. And multiple personalities. I sometimes wish we could have a heads up from the mods about this type of thing, but actually naming names, to save us wasting our time engaging.
  7. The TV Thread

    Many thanks to whoever gave me the heads up on Detectorists. Loved it. Next?
  8. Darrell Griffin

    It's the name on Griffin's phone. So it was spelt by Griffin not Duffy.
  9. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    I'd love to see a game from the Mill Pond live on BBC.
  10. Nigel Wood

    Many fans glad to see the back of him. I'm not too sure. Im no fan at all of NW, but I think any fan who is not a supporter of one of the big SL clubs may well come to wish we had him back in a short while.
  11. Brilliant article. 1,200 words to say "Too early to say".
  12. scrumdown

    Ta for that memory. Scrumdown was cult watching though.
  13. League Restructure 2019

    You know aht you did and it's poor form to do it. as i said before, Wigan, Leeds, Saints, Hull, Wire, Les Catalans, Toronto, Cas, Hudds, So 9 teams then for 2019. Please explain the value that Hudds & Cas offer over the other candidates.
  14. That is a blow, for the player and the team.
  15. League Restructure 2019

    Ive got: Wigan, Leeds, Saints, Hull, Wire and Cats. Who else have you got? No, what I said was hogwash is this of yours: I do find misrepresentations tedious.