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  1. Nothing's set in stone, is it? It's sport. All sorts can happen.
  2. Righto. I didn't hear that. If that's the case, it might be useful to give him a run there this week or next. Just to see like.
  3. Who covers IH at full-back? 2nd choice right now is Kyran Johnson, I'd say. Not sure anyone else can fill in there.
  4. Pretty much agree with all of TPH's original analysis. Im not sure how Ulugia, Walton and Misi all fit in the same 17. And Im sure JS is really happy that Wildie appears to be a genuine half-back option. Grinder's is a valid point too. JS has often gone for 3 starting props and two on the bench. If you need five in your 17, we only have 4 in our 21 man squad to date, so we already need Jackie O or Baldy on DR to cover that option. I'd rather not count those DR chickens before they've hatched, but I think we look ok at this stage.
  5. IIRC correctly James Lockwood got a 2 year ban in March/April of 2015. Do the math as Americans say...
  6. Final score 46-4 and the last try of the match to Hardman.
  7. Half-time 26-0. Tries from Walton 2, Duckworth, Briscoe and of course Ian Hardman. Three goals from Briggsy.
  8. Teams are in. A few changes from last week....
  9. Looks like Briggsy's back... Strong side out again.
  10. Not sure if this thread is the right place, but..... The article that LTSS quoted was a piece I wrote about Featherstone familes some years ago. This is a longer obituary
  11. Sad news. Very good player. Rest in Peace.
  12. Rovers 52 Hunslet 6 final score
  13. Interesting. There was more solidarity between clubs in Lancashire? Perhaps also this led to a greater 'wastage' as more fledgling NU clubs seemed to disappear in Lancashire rather than Yorkshire. Perhaps not. In Yorkshire, are you saying that this push for P&R came pre 1895? I thought the RFU wanted nothing to do with any sort of 'league'. Or do you mean the NU? This whole period just seems to be an absolutely vital one in terms of the growth and development of RL. Obviously many mistakes were made by people & clubs working at cross purposes without really understanding what they were doing.
  14. Great lists. Thanks. What happened in Yorkshire in 1897/98 season?