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  1. St George’s Day

    I know everything. I'm everyone's mate. Now leave me alone.
  2. QLT

    If Ian H had the time or inclination to read this forum he'd smile. According to us, every other FB in the league would be better for Fev than him, but 270 games, 126 tries and half a dozen different coaches, he's still there doing a job.......
  3. Major announcement

    You need a p iss?
  4. Listening to all the SKY commentators. Just to be clear, Wigan ARE winning 86-0 right?
  5. Doesnt matter. Still has carte blanche on his niggling c rap so he's well worth a place in the team.
  6. Headline; "Webster tackles Burgess". Just about.
  7. Hicks did give the penalty for offside which is fair enough, but that is appalling cheating from Isa and needs penalising in itself.
  8. Yes. No mention of Frankie there at all. Great to see Thackers and Wheeldon back in the reckoning. They both have plenty to offer.
  9. Your Favourite Ever Rl Shirt

    Purple? This?