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  1. That's actually quite a few changes there.
  2. You know that's two different seasons?
  3. Yes. Parcell yellow. MaGuire red.
  4. Bit harsh on warrington's hooker that
  5. No need to say Im no Cas fan, but if Fev had had that chalked off I would be LIVID.
  6. Tagg and Knowles are fringe? Compared to Walters?
  7. So, out of my list of nine possible new faces, we've got Lockwood back for Aston. Surprised not to see fresher legs like Tagg, Knowles and Cooper. Unless they have knocks....
  8. Good detective work on John Davies. surely matty wildie is an ever-present too?
  9. 19 man squad announced tomorrow. Obviously a short turn around, so It'll be interesting to see who's in and who's out for a crunch match. All 17 could be available (none of the 3 DRs are in Leeds 19) Also available: Knowles Tagg Cooper Lockwood Briggs Aston Plus also maybe (not sure on the injury updates): Briscoe Duckworth SO depending on energy levels, we look ok.