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  1. marklaspalmas

    2019 Squad

    You can have 'em. They've both left Fev.
  2. So, after last week's hit out for the kids it looks like Sunday will give a much better idea of our early season possibilities. We will have 1. A coach 2. An international scrum half 3. Two experienced props 4. An international centre for the first time this year. With a new Australian watching and another waiting to come, plus another Papuan, things are finally taking shape. If we are going to be competitive in our early games, we'll need all the newbies (coach included) to get up to speed v.quickly. Halifax will fancy themselves for another strong season, so it should be a really interesting game.
  3. marklaspalmas

    2019 Squad

    Phil Carey played quite a few first team games but didn't show his true form. Whether that was due to injuries or not, I don't know.
  4. marklaspalmas

    2019 Squad

    Yes. An injury update on those names is overdue provided it's not giving too much away.
  5. marklaspalmas

    Leigh Centurions 'Bucket Collection' !!

    Im far from rich but I consider a safari in South Africa to be part of the "real world".
  6. marklaspalmas

    Match thread versus Dewsbury Yorkshire cup

    No Hardcastle. No Bailey. Three players on DR including Ormy & Walters. Perhaps we've seen enough of our own players now? Davies back in after his ban.
  7. marklaspalmas

    Jackie Fennell

    Rest in peace Jackie. A good player and an excellent person.
  8. marklaspalmas

    Travelling to Toulouse ... How?

    And then how did you get to Toulouse from Perpignan?🤔
  9. marklaspalmas

    PNG Hunters players update

    Those Fev lads can't arrive soon enough
  10. Could be that yes, but it was nearly 3 months ago. Must have been quite a serious injury.