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  1. Andy Bostock retires

    AB has been a terrific player for Fev. Im sad to see him go. Thank you for all your efforts Andy.
  2. Finny rolling back the years. He's been a good 'un.
  3. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    Didn't know that. Ta. Certainly lends MOS more credibility than the LT, notwithstanding my still strong feelings against individual awards in a team sport.
  4. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    Where else would I post my feelings about MOS? Pull your head in.
  5. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    Yes, Im aware of that. It's the emphasis on individual awards that I find a bit anachronistic. It's so often a naff/uninspired or just wrong call. Perhaps the winning player gets just 5% of the vote, such could be the spread of players nominated before being whittled down to 3. Just don't like it. But hey.
  6. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    Good contribution. Well done.
  7. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    I find individual awards in rugby league ridiculous. The Lance Todd Trophy prominence has always bothered me. It's as if the winner won the match alone at times, when so many decisions (The votes of 20 journo's) are arbitrary and contentious. Ditto the Harry Sunderland. MOS is even worse.
  8. 2018 Squad.

    Newly updated.
  9. NIp and tuck at Fev at the moment 26-0 after 22 minutes. if you don't fancy grandad Ray French, this is a breath of fresh air...
  10. Downbeat Tony Smith?

    And? Still comes off as sour grapes from a bloke who's done well out of the game. If he's been mis-represented by the meejah, he should know better after 20 years.
  11. HKR line up = we dont care if we win or lose? Let's see.
  12. Downbeat Tony Smith?

    It's not a single quote. He's taken quite a few swipes at the sport that he's made a good living out of. Some direct quotes from him could not possibly be the answer to the question 'Are you seeking a quick return to coaching?'
  13. Downbeat Tony Smith?

    "Ive just been sacked and ive decided to have a big old whine about different stuff." "Ive decided to leave and offer some candid comments on the current state of things." Delete as per your own views on RL in 2017.
  14. Yes indeed. Thank God for the VR. Now every decision is the correct one.
  15. Im not sure of anything Colin. He was in the 19 last week, and didn't make the 17 as Duffy chose only three pivots to incorporate an extra forward.