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  1. Seen a couple of shout outs for Vesta products. I clearly remember Curry, Beef Risotto and Paella. Probably the first food I ever "cooked".
  2. To be fair, we've signed Igbinedion and Brooks. Cording is in training. We will have Baldy Ormy and Walters available on DR. Plus any other players Leeds may allow us for the duration. That's 27 players even allowing for the departures of Aston, Knowles and Day.
  3. I forgot about Sam Brooks. He might be in line for a debut.
  4. It's only right and proper that the fans vent their spleen and offer their tuppence worth at what has been a surprise move. We've got to thank Jon Sharp for his efforts over two years, and welcome John Duffy to the club. Come the weekend, we put all that behind us, get the show back on the road and give Toulouse the runaround. We owe them from earlier in the season. We owe the fans for travelling over their in arduous conditions and crazy euro lager prices to support the team. Get some momentum going for the playoffs. Also, we owe Fax too, so lets have them in the playoffs.
  5. Well, it's been a boring week so far on planet Fev. Nowt much has happened. Jolly to France on Saturday for a big game for them, and what looked like a dead rubber for us, but has now taken on a whole new perpective. Baldy and Ormy is a supposedly injury-hit Leeds team with nothing to play for v WIgan. Walters injured, so it could be our squad only. Davies has picked up a knock, as has Iggy. Briggs doubtful. Ulugia's shoulder sounded bad. Chance for Cording? Recalls for Briscoe, Knowles, Cooper? Let's see.
  6. NOt a clue what constitutes "cool" or "uncool" food, but in the spirit of the thread.....crab sticks.
  7. Quite a few names missing off that board when I looked at it.
  8. Ah. I appear to be back.....
  9. Just to save anyone from outside the town typing it, yes. The creme de la creme of Featherstone can still be as rough as you like. Charlie stood for no nonsense neither.
  10. I like a pint of Sam's. You don't get much of it here. Im not sure how you enforce the swearing thing in pubs. Listen to every conversation? Making sure you don't say "Give us an effing pint please luv" to the barmaid, unacceptable surely in most places, including the White House. For the record, Ive not heard Robin swear. He was dragged up proper.
  11. It's a good (and important) debate. But by that logic, ex poster Cas Vegas would be bigger than Jesus Christ.
  12. Yeah fair play to him. Not really a player I admire, but still, some achievement. However, if Eddie and the boys start c-rapping on about this all night long, it'll tick me off no end.
  13. For me, the next two games will be an important indicator of how we will do in the Middle 8s. YEs, we have top 4, probaly 3rd though 2nd is unlikely. But I think we need to win these games, keep up the good form and take it into the eights where we really do need a minimum of two wins from 7 to get decent 2018 funding. Most of the squad appears fit apart from Duckworth (who Im not sure would get in anyway) and maybe Mariano. Perhaps Tagg too is injured though I've heard nowt. I assume Misi was rested. Baldy & Jack are in the Leeds 17 for Friday, though not forced to play. Walters is not, so I assume we will be with us. We actually have a pretty strong squad there without DR.