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  1. Who said you could go on holiday? Part-timer. 😁😁
  2. marklaspalmas

    M.O.M. Fev V Swinton (A)

    John Davies back to his best.
  3. marklaspalmas

    Rugby League World - Quickfire Q & A

  4. marklaspalmas

    Rugby League World - Quickfire Q & A

    My current issue has not arrived yet. It's normally here by now. Any delivery problems this month?
  5. I think this will be harder to win than the Bradford game back then. Half-back is a worry. Perhaps even Aaron Smith might be tried there? Hopes to see Ridyard back are surely wishful thinking?
  6. marklaspalmas


    TBH Nines is not for me. But as Scotchy points out, it's not for the likes of me. it's to attract a new crowd. Could work if done right. (And just to save the cynics' time, I could ask what are the chances of that?)
  7. marklaspalmas


    Now you're talking. Bring it on!
  8. marklaspalmas

    Toronto v Fev for those of us not going

    Would fill the club-house this, surely??
  9. marklaspalmas

    Well done Ian lad

    3rd top try scorer in the club's history behind Don Fox and John Newlove. Also, only the 5th player ever to score 100 tries and kick 100 goals for Fev.
  10. One match ban. Hock & Wheeldon & others will be up before the beak this week.
  11. marklaspalmas

    Toronto and visa's

    Fairburn ings. Eight miles from Post Office Road.
  12. Nice and early this one. Our biggest match since we beat Bradford in July 2016 to secure a Qualifying 8s spot that year. We know we will be without Matty Wildie (plus Ridyard, Holmes, Farrell and Ulugia). That leaves us with 18 of our own (including Thornton). I assume Hock will be available as any suspension will start the following week at Toronto. No news on Lockwood, Brooks and Knowles who all missed Swinton. We could do with those three back. Given that just two are hookers/half-backs (Thackers & Keal) we need some back up. Aaron Smith for starters, he's here a month. As stated elsewhere we must win this. Fax losing too would guarantee Top4. Otherwise it could be down to points diff or we'd have to get something in Toronto too possibly. Let's get the win and see where we are on Sunday evening.
  13. It'll be live on Premier sports at 6.30pm saturday. How about putting it on in the clubhouse??