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  1. Mate, I was 3 when GB last won the WCF. I am chuffed we have a chance to win it back next Saturday. But all this '"great result" stuff? We were in total command for 70 odd minutes and came within a spit and a fart of conceding 24 points in 7 minutes to lose. In a World Cup semi-final.
  2. Why start a new thread ???
  3. Yup. No problems at all. We walked it.
  4. No, but it's an 80 minute game. When will england learn this?
  5. It's an 80 minute game. He switched off and it nearly got us knocked out. He wasn't the only one. Bad misses.
  6. We are very very very lucky. A large number of England players need to look at what went on in thier heads in the last 8 minutes. Sheer panic. AFter 72 minutes of controlled football, sheer blind panic. Tonga are very unlucky with that last play.
  7. Enjoyable first half, worth getting up for. I thought Tonga were going to sucker punch us when we failed to turn 12-0 into 18-0 in those repeat sets in the last 5 mins, but they didn't. We need to score next to get back in the driving seat.
  8. Thought about doing the 3rd day of the cricket from 12 to 5 then the RL but binned that idea. Up at 4.55.
  9. 2018 Kits

    Fev have gone for a non-trad design for the 2018 home kit, so they have done a heritage shirt for fans. It's selling well apparently......
  10. Very good at this time in the morning mate. Cutting edge humour.
  11. RU level skills from Gillett. Terrible.
  12. Huge. He's the one who scored five tries in the quarter final, right?
  13. The first man in Spain?

    A new book. There are few finer smells.