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  1. Dave Naylor

    The new programme

    Last year's programme wasn't my creation. Roger and I collate the content using our own copy as well as that from contributors, but the overall design wasn't in-house. There was a suggestion to change to a downloadable production only and I got all excited about an increased number of pages and a load of funky stuff, but we've ended up sticking to a print version with the same layout we had previously with a few tweaks here and there. There are a number of new contributors however and the written content is really good. The designer has changed this year. It's still not me.
  2. Dave Naylor

    Try of the Week

    Vote now for AJB in try-of-the-week comp CALLING all Oldham fans . . . now is the time to get on the OuRLeague app and vote for Aaron Jones Bishop’s second try against Workington on Sunday in the Championship and League 1 try-of-the-week competition. Read full article
  3. Dave Naylor

    Round 1 — Workington Town

    I'll put the full game online later this afternoon. It's already uploaded, I just have to wait for Vimeo to do its thing.
  4. Dave Naylor

    Round 1 — Workington Town

    And here's a still...
  5. Dave Naylor

    Round 1 — Workington Town

    Denied by disallowed try in dying seconds NO matter which team you think played the better on the day and deserved to win, the fact remains that Oldham were denied at least a draw — and possibly a win —- when they had a try disallowed for offside in the dying seconds. Read full article
  6. Dave Naylor

    Round 1 — Workington Town

    Thanks, I appreciate you saying that.
  7. Dave Naylor

    Round 1 — Workington Town

    If you look hard you'll find them. One of the issues has been waiting for the arrival of the playing kit. I wanted to run a drip-fed social media release with the players wearing their new kit bearing 2019 sponsors and correct squad numbers. All that doesn't come together until Saturday morning when I'm doing all the players' headshots and Murgy is doing the group and team shots. After that it's a dash home and some post-processing before a release on social media, probably on the morning of the game in all honesty.
  8. Dave Naylor

    2019 season tickets

    Season-tickets update FANS can now pick up season tickets and scarves from the club office inside the Vestacare Stadium from 2pm TODAY and up to 5pm. Times for the rest of the week are amended to give supporters an extra hour. Thursday: 10am to 5pm Friday: 10am to 5pm Saturday: 10.30am to 1.30pm Merchandise is currently in transit and is due to arrive tomorrow (Thursday). As soon as it does people will be informed. Fans collecting season tickets and, ultimately, merchandise that was pre-ordered, are reminded to have receipts or online confirmation with them.
  9. Dave Naylor

    2019 season tickets

    Season ticket collection arrangements Season tickets and new club scarves, which form part of the season-ticket purchase deal, will arrive at the club at some point tomorrow (Wednesday). Read full article
  10. Dave Naylor

    2019 Squad and signings

    Young prop joins Oldham on loan Titus Gwaze, a young prop of whom Wakefield Trinity expect big things, has joined Oldham on loan, initially for one month. Read full article
  11. Dave Naylor

    Challenge Cup

    Confirmed now. We're playing Haydock.
  12. Dave Naylor

    Challenge Cup

    A very strong Maybe.
  13. Dave Naylor

    Challenge Cup

    Well, maybe not. It all depends which way up you look at it.
  14. Dave Naylor

    Round 1 — Workington Town

    Town sign tough-guy Hopkins AHEAD of their opening game in Betfred League 1 against Oldham at the Vestacare Stadium on Sunday, February 17, Workington Town have signed another big-name forward in Welsh international prop Sam Hopkins. Read full article
  15. Dave Naylor

    Round 1 — Workington Town

    Not sure. I'll see if I can get some info on that.