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  1. Sneaky tactics.....

    @Little no it all Mate, please, stop hi-jacking other people's posts by veering off-topic at every opportunity in an attempt to steer things towards your own agenda. You've got a beef with the people in charge at the club — fine, that's your prerogative, so open up your own post and say it there.
  2. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Hopefully we'll see a lot of this...
  3. Whitehaven Away

    The weekend's approaching fast and it'll be Sunday afternoon before we know it. Whitehaven away isn't exactly a quiet start to the season but if we're going to be in with a chance of any promotion spots at the end of the year it's the type of game that we have to win. On another note, I set up a Liveblog on the Oldham site. It'll aggregate news in the week leading up to kick-off where it'll then display match updates from both clubs and whatever other malarkey seems worthwhile to put on there. There's a live score bar too, up at the top, although the way that works is a bit clunky so we'll see how it pans out this weekend. You can get to the liveblog from a link on the front page of the site. I'll make things even more prominent on match days. https://roughyeds.co.uk/match-blog/
  4. Gene Ormsby

    @Little no it all From your post and apparent lack of awareness of people at the club, it appears that you haven't been to watch the team for a while. Come down to the Vestacare Stadium when we're at home. It's not Old Trafford for sure, but it's tidy, the playing surface is looking really good, the club house is smart and there was a really good vibe when we played Keighley the other week. Go on, it's fun!
  5. Plastic or Grass

    I'd say pay. The fence down Whitebank Road is a bit too high to climb over and there are stewards all over the place. It's only 14 quid anyway and you get to watch your home town team on a modern fast surface.
  6. Challenge Cup 3rd Round

    The Fev Lions v Thatto Heath game is available to watch here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/rugby-league/42973527 Playing for Thatto Heath were Lewis Foster (played on loan for us), Paddy Flynn (played for Widnes) and Sean Kenny (played for Salford in that Million Pound Game). And they lost. Yikes!
  7. Plastic or Grass

    I'd be grass fan but the surface down at Whitebank is amazing. Admittedly I just walked up and down the touchline but it's like a carpet. The whole experience of the revamped ground was really good to be honest.
  8. 2018 shirt

    Duplicate post.
  9. 2018 shirt

    The two under the collar are these guys. The image was so poor I literally redrew it.
  10. 2018 shirt

    Here's the away kit in all its greeniness. Leisure-wear tomorrow. Tiz nice!
  11. 2018 shirt

    I thought that too! I do think it'll look good in the flesh tho.
  12. 2018 shirt

    Here's the home kit released today. I've had sight of it for a few weeks and it's grown on me. I think it'll look really good when we see an actual shirt and I think it'll look good on fans. Tomorrow's release of the away shirt should be entertaining!
  13. Sunday - Whitebank

    So, if we were to play the same season with the same teams and players 9 times over, SkyBet reckon we'd win it once. Might be worth a sniff if they've under-estimated us and over-estimated Bulls.
  14. Sunday - Whitebank

    4/9 is possibly a bit short for Bradford but is it worth backing Oldham at 6s against them. Whoever priced up the market may have just installed the two relegated teams as 1st and 2nd favourites. The positions look right at face value and will probably move once we've got half a dozen games under our belts. Hunslet interest me at 40/1 if I could find a market somewhere to back them and then lay-off when they shorten; I think they will looking at their new signings.
  15. Sunday - Whitebank

    I could do but anyone who followed the original link would end up on a not found page. I'll get rid of it eventually.