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  1. There gonna really need to push the boat out on marketing next year to get the crowds up. Said it for years that the club became lazy and were just happy to have 15-17k attendances. Marketing is non existent and as you say we have zero presence in the city. Was a massive mistake not to move out for a year and was very arrogant that they thought everyone would just come back especially with massive ticket price increase. Should have done some cheap offers on half season tickets for when the ground fully opened.
  2. Good luck to him, if he gets back his pre injury form he will be great. But GC really is the knackers yard.
  3. All we need now is to somehow get Samoa and Tonga over here outside of the WC
  4. I agree his form has been a worry since his injuries, although funny enough he had his best game once he said he was off. But it is the same old nay sayers on here who said Bateman couldnt handle the NRL
  5. The most obvious decision is to put Toronto and Tolouse into SL next year. But no doubt our game won't bother.
  6. Just my experience although I have to say I have much more experience of the US. But I did make a living serving alot of Australians around the Med. I have made no comparison to the British who are probably equally ignorant in alot if respects.
  7. Australia is a strange place, they are a very progressive society but also have alot of casual racism which would not be tolerated here.
  8. Americans and Aussies live in very insular world and fantastically ignorant to life outside. I lived in the US for thrrr years and the amount of ignorant comments made towards me were astounding bit I never took it as an insult. Same with the Aussies I served while working on cruise ships. They have no idea black people live in the UK.
  9. Is probably a bit of an overreaction but I suppose it's how things are done nowadays. Honestly apart from a few people on twitter the vast majority of the RL world would never have heard about it and next week it all would have been forgotten. Like has been said, he probably would have sacked an employee if a complaint was made so it is good he holds himself to the same standard. I have to say it was a strange remark but not racist just a common ignorant remark that alot of North Americans and Aussies seem to make. They live in very insular worlds. Honestly most Americans have no idea Black people exist in European countries . I know Argyle is Australian but they are just as ignorant in my experience. I lived in the USA and the amount of ignorance towards the UK and Europe I got was astounding. But I never treated it as an insult.
  10. On another day some of those bombed tries by Wakey may have stuck and they would have won by 20. I am happy with Leeds effort, Newman is fantastic. Watkins tells everyone he is leaving then goes on to have his first good game of the season.
  11. I agree that I wish we were playing Aus this year.
  12. DCE captain of QLD is scraping the barrell for them.
  13. Yep he was an elite athlete. Thats what made him an great player. I do hope he gets back to his former abilty. But the club shouldnt break the bank for a player who may never come good again.
  14. I will be always thankful to Kallum for his efforts and will always be a legend of the club. It is a shame about the surroundings of his depature. But in reality he has looked a bang average player and a shadow of what he was. You also have to bear in mind that the club see him in training everyday. If there was a even the slightest chance of him returning to his former abilty the club would be moving heaven and earth to keep him. In boxing terms you would say he is shot.
  15. Well he went from the next great of football to a bit part substitute scoring 7 goals a season, albeit a decent player but nowhere near where you would have thought watching him at 20 getting golden boots and challenging for world player of the year.
  16. Injuries can easily do it. One of the best known cases is Micheal Owen. Also just look at Andy Murray from World number 1 to hardly able to finish a game at 32
  17. Unfortunatly he looks completely shot after his injury. He looks the slowest man on the pitch. The lad deserves a pay day, and as one of Englands best he was due to get one. But sport is a business. I hope he gets to some where near his former ability. But at the moment I stand with the club you can't throw big money at someone who may be shot.
  18. It made it a harder competition overall for everyone. We could make the CC a group stage until knockouts. But problem is we are supposed to be reducing the amount of games.
  19. We also still only have 14 pro clubs there are only going to be so many games and even if you start everyone at rd1 where is the excitement of 60 point drubbings until you get to the later rounds which will still be populated by SL clubs.
  20. As I said before its up to the clubs to get better like Warrington did not for the top clubs to get worse. Salford, Wakey, Huddersfield for example all have teams that can beat the top clubs who do win silverware but can't do it in the big games. What can you do you can't manufacture a result.
  21. Well last post on this because its not a soccer forum. But it got much harder to win because the 3/4 top Spanish, Italian clubs makes for a harder competition than the champions of Bulgaria.
  22. Of course getting to the cup was difficult but the actual competition was pretty easy.
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