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  1. Just watching on demand. Are we serious about head contact or not? He just hit Grace's head with his shoulder from behind. How did Lineham stay on. I'd love to hear the ref's explain that.
  2. Watkins looks the slowest man on the pitch at the moment. A real shame but losing your pace can happen after injury and never come back. Just look at happened to Micheal Owen.
  3. There has been no racism here. Go be outraged somewhere else.
  4. Must be some underlying issue that will come out in the wash. I've known of people on work visas and stack shelves.
  5. I got a large and is definatly more like a XL which I don't mind but the neck opening makes the shirt look very baggy. Would have been a little dissapointed for £50 but is a good deal for 12 quid
  6. Id say yes. We have talked before about Elland Rd being available for a pittence circa £10 million a decade or so ago, I thought that was a missed opourtunity. It would be great for the RFL to have a venue in which it could collect all proceeds. As im sure they spend alot of money on rents.
  7. Yeh I'm anywhere between M - XL in rugby shirts
  8. I always felt they could build a couple temp stands like the do at Bath RU ground and what Leeds had last year and it would look 10x better. Surely that wouldn't cost that much.
  9. They see themselves as the Australian NFL and have decided to follow exactly what the NFL have done in this regard. It beggars belief as the NFL have really struggled and had plenty of pundits,fans and officials saying it is not the right way to go.
  10. I bet Hummel and Dacia are well happy to be attached to England RL. One 3 game series then dissappear for 2 years. Probably got the GB rights for nothing.
  11. Me too will do nicely for me holiday to Scarborough in the summer. Who said Yorkshire folk are tight.
  12. Happens every year in club sports. Buy my Leeds shirt for a tenner every year. Same in soccer, NFL, F1 any sport you can think of.
  13. Watch out if he starts saying Dayboo.
  14. The Super 8's were a complete disaster. Which everyone thought they would be apart from the guys making the decisions.
  15. Who would have thought Josh Hodgson would become one of the top hookers in the NRL when he left ?
  16. I know it is bitter sweet, but you do have to marvel at the current Wigan youth production line. I think our young English players are better than they have ever been. Good times ahead.
  17. Toulouse. Nothing against TWP but Tolouse are a proper RL club and a French derby in SL would be a massive event.
  18. It would also mean touring fans could take in more games. Its a long way too go and expensive for just 1 maybe 2 games. Unless you have the cash to spend 5 weeks over there.
  19. Dissapointed there are no midweek games to include more Welsh,Scots,Irish as if we are playing tier 1 nations we need to pick on merit so in that case every starting player will be English.
  20. Are we sure it is going to be a triple header in the same stadium or just three games on the same day? I don't read it as the same stadium ala magic. Ive heard the Aussies use triple/double headers to describe several games over a day in different stadium.
  21. Got the call right first time. Saints have been given alot of gifts.
  22. I know im biased but you have to give the benefit of the doubt to the attacking player there. Talking about the Leeds no try.
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